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The Belly Fat Cure: No Dieting with the NEW Sugar/Carb Approved Foods
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The Belly Fat Cure: No Dieting with the NEW Sugar/Carb Approved Foods

3.4 of 5 stars 3.40  ·  rating details  ·  344 ratings  ·  70 reviews

Drop 4 to 9 lbs. a week without dieting! For years, experts have told you that you’re overweight because you eat too much and don’t exercise enough. They were WRONG. The truth is that you are eating foods packed with hidden sweeteners that deliver a belly-fattening Sugar/Carb Value. This simple guide makes smart eating effortless and affordable. It includes more than 1,500

Kindle Edition, 336 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2009)
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I practically inhaled this book in search of a cure for my fat post-pregnancy belly. The book started off with interesting information about how awful sugar is for our bodies and how it causes belly fat. The “cure” is really simple. Eat only 15 grams of sugar and 120 grams of complex carbohydrates a day and you are guaranteed to lose 4-9 pounds a week. I believe it will work but 15 grams of sugar a day is nearly impossible for me, especially when a half cup of my favorite ice cream has more than ...more
Brett De
This diet really does work, in kind of an insanely quick way. Good luck living on 15g of sugar a day for more than a week or two, but if you need to lose weight fast, this diet does the trick. I was astounded (I originally wrote "It freaked my shit out," which is probably more accurate) to see how much weight I lost in two weeks. Note, though, that I did combine that with exercise, despite his claim you don't have to exercise. And, like I said, you'd have to be a lot more disciplined than I am t ...more
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Jorge Cruise is a cottage industry waiting to happen, or perhaps is happening as we speak. His top selling books (‘8 Minutes in the Morning,’ ‘ The 3 Hour Diet Cookbook’) combined with his many appearances on shows like Oprah, The View, Good Morning America and others have made him the go-to guy for systematic weight loss for those he calls “too tired to diet or exercise.”

His latest book, ‘The Belly Fat Cure’ is a spiral-bound food substitution guide illustrating (and we do mean illustrating) ho
My husband and I have been regulating our sugar/carb intake after reading this book. It's amazing how sugar is in everything! What's even more amazing is how our sugar cravings are starting to disappear, and we are satisifed longer between meals. We both discussed the other day how we would not have believed it if someone else told us our desire for sugar would be lessened and we would not starve by eating this way. Only by trying it have we seen success with weight loss and not being hungry all ...more
I really enjoyed this book and I think that it gives a great base to start a diet. They only thing that I did not like about this book was that it was very brand specific. Some of the brands were expensive. With reading labels and following the tenets of the diet, I think you don't have to be as brand aware. I've been following the 15\6 rule and I have lost 3 pounds in 3 days. i have also slept much better so I think it's working.
Unreasonable, expensive, and a boring read. It was really only a article and most of the foods critiqued were not foods of the mainstream. I think it is way too expensive to buy ingredients online and for me, this was a bust.
I'm a big fan of Jorge's 8 Minutes In The Morning which I lost weight on about 11 yrs ago. When I hit Menopause, my healthy eating/exercising program slowly stopped working and I put on an extra 17 lb, mostly around my middle. So I was really excited to hear about his Belly Fat Cure. I do think it is a great book, lots of interesting and useful info, especially about the amount of sugar I was putting into my body! And the info on alternative sweetners was very helpful also, I used sweet n' low f ...more
Since diabetes is prevalent in my family and I've been interested in nutrition over the last few years, I wanted to check out this book and see what it was all about (plus a smaller belly would be great!) I liked that this diet doesn't restrict you from eating carbs at all, like some other diets. It just limits 2 per meal, which falls right into line with what a diabetic might be trying to eat as well. But the other part to this diet is not just looking at the carbs, but how many sugars make up ...more
WebMD is so stupid. I hate them. Just saying.

I just read a review of The Belly Fat Cure on WedMD that panned it as a gimmick. It essentially accused Cruise of discouraging people from eating fruits and dairy products and from exercising while encouraging them to indulge themselves on meats and fats. As usual, it's over generalizing the concepts put forth in his book. They're wrong.

Cruise does say that dieters should limit their intake of fruits and focus on low sugar ones, especially while they
Redux of atkins and south beach with pretty much one rule of limiting the grams of sugar per day and the servings of carbs. So much of the content is simplified so extremely that it becomes incorrect. For example: calories don't count and that somehow it makes sense for people of various sizes to limit themselves to the same number of grams of sugar per day regardless of their size and activity level. If someone is unhealthily overweight as in very obese then maybe these tricks will help them ge ...more
Bonnie Hopkinson
I have never dieted, have never wanted to. But after having four children, my metabolism was in trouble and I was gaining weight where I didn't want it. A dietician recommended this book to me for my problem area, my belly. Wow. I never realized how much sugar affects your body in so many ways. Not only does it contribute to the major cause of belly fat, but also major health issues in society today. While I like to take everything a bit skeptically, this book made a lot of sense. It was enlight ...more
This book is highly informative and makes complete sense. I was shocked to learn, or maybe just blind to the obvious fact, that the majority of foods contain crazy amounts of sugar. Most of which is not naturally occurring, it is added. Even in my beloved milk, oh how i loves me some milk! I learned about healthy sugar alternatives which can be used in baking and how to read those food labels a little more clearly when it comes to sugar and carbs. How did we ever live without those? it certainly ...more
I'm a Jorge Cruise fan and really liked his "8 Minutes in the Morning" workout book I bought five years ago, so when Kindle offered a copy of this latest book for $1.99 I jumped at the chance. I like the information but find the format irritatingly trite as it follows a marketing formula of interspersing testimonials throughout, which really get in the way after a while.

Also, I appreciate the menus and food list, but the menus are impossible to use on my Kindle 2, even with the page magnifier.
OK, the author is annoying and the format a bit trite. But the information is simple, sustainable, and life changing. Very doable eating tools without a true 'diet'(did I mention I skipped all the sample menus and exchanges?) If you only read this book to understand the 15/6 guideline, it's well worth the time and money.

Before reading this book, I'd tried all kinds of other weight loss theories...only to gain additional pounds and become depressed over my appearance and poorly fitting clothes. T
I really appreciated the scientific information about the junk that we, Americans and members of modern society, put in our bodies. However, I found the actual belly-fat cure to be very impractical. The author presents this diet as a lifestyle change. I'm happy for readers who found this to be true, but for me, I thought it was impossibly restrictive. The basic idea is to consume very few grams of sugar per day, including sugar in fruit. As a very busy person who lives alone, I find it difficult ...more
So here we have another "change the carbs" approach to weight loss. Lots of high fiber foods are exchanged for their less desired counterparts. A point system shows you what will work, what's OK and what is to be avaoided. A great recipe section gives great examples of how to easily switch one carbohydrate for another.
Carbs are not eliminated but replaced by carbohydrates theat should not contribute to weight gain. A point value system makes this just a little more complicated than I like althou
I liked the book overall, but I don't think it's the "end all/be all" of diets. It incorporates a lot of good habits like limiting your sugar intake, which is something Grandma B taught me a long time ago. I did learn a few things from this book though, and I liked that he backed it up with data too. What he said about artificial sweeteners freaked me out though, because I use Splenda for everything!! But I will check out the natural sweeteners he suggested. I may have given this book more stars ...more
Excellent information about the effect that sugar and artificial sweeteners have on your health. He recommends stevia and sugars with "tol" at the end. It inspired me for the last two weeks to cut out sugar and bread (except for the gluten free breads he recommends).

I like that he has clear products he recommends so when I go the store I know what to buy--sugar free catsup, jam, peanut butter, etc. Unfortunately, many of the products are not available at Whole Foods or any of my local markets.
David Geschke
This book was recommended to me, but I found it fairly disappointing. Vast majority of the book is recipes with a decided slant toward meat eaters. Jorge's big thing is to keep track of your sugar and carb intake, but the way the book was laid out and written the entire idea wasn't extremely clear to me and it just didn't resonate with me at all as something I'd want to try. If you're going to buy this book I'd recommend getting the actual book, not the Kindle edition (which is what I have). Kin ...more
I was hoping to learn more about sugar, carbs, fiber and insulin, but the book is only about 40 pages long and dumbed down. This is not a scientific/medical book, but more for the masses. The majority of the book is recommended food, recipes and menus. Basically Cruise says don't eat more than 15g of sugar a day, which is what other doctors say as well. He also recommends breaking up carbs as 1 serving = 0-20g and eating no more than six servings of carbs per day up to 100g a day. The six servin ...more
Denise Smith
As with any "diet" book it's best to take from this the good information offered and ignore the outrageous promises. I appreciated how this book educated me about the effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners. The recipes (with photos) are delicious. I've already tried several. I loved the "eat this not that" examples at the back of the book. I'm actually hooked on several of the products her suggests. There's definitely something to this theory. I haven't been following the plan proposed by th ...more
Very interesting and it works. This diet book does a good job explaining itself so that you understand WHY you should cut out the sugar and the Carb's. I like that it includes planned menus, and food counters. I don't like the seemingly arbitrary placement of dieter’s testimonials. It was distracting. I read the ebook version which I thought was well designed other than the testimonials. I also liked the recipes included right at the point where you encountered the item, and not at the end where ...more
Lost 2 pounds in 4 days. My husband lost 7.3 pounds in 4 days!!!
This is basically a recipe book with the first few chapters describing why too much sugar and carbs wreck your system (I already knew about this from other books, so this was really nothing new.....).

The gist of it is this. You eat no more than 15 g of sugar a day and no more than 6 units of carbs.

0-4 carb grams = not counted
5-20 carb g = 1 serving / unit
21-40 carb g = 2 servings / units
41-60 carb g = 3 servings / units

The book in a nutshell!
Jorge sites studies that are used in research for paleo and primal diet lifestyles but feels that it is too hard to follow those diet types in our modern society. So he has the reader count carbs and sugar instead of calories and fat. I have no doubts that following this progream will help peole to loose weight and fat. The bulk of the book is recipes but I personally feel he adds too much bread product and will use many of the recipes minus the grains.
Devised with specific product use in mind, and for the profuse eater-out, there are photos of each offending sandwich, and the homemade alternative. There are a few standard healthy swaps that reinforce the thesis of a maximum daily intake of 15 grams of sugar and 6 (FDA) servings of carbs. Keep to that, he says, and you will lose belly fat.(p 10). Handy spiral binding and photos of good substitues for standard fare in the back for grocery shoppers.
Susan Thornton
On this diet, it's OK to eat anything and everything "within moderation" as long as you keep your daily sugar consumption below 15g and eat 6 or less servings of healthy complex carbohydrates. I don't agree with everything Mr. Cruise says in the book but it made me more aware of the sugar content in prepared foods, even ones that don't "taste" sweet. Some of his recipes seems promising and there are some food substitutions that I want to try.
like his main concepts. think he goes a little bit extreme in some cases, like what he eats. And really got annoyed at how many famous "friends" he has. i dont need to hear you boosting yourself up. Do not also like how fast food can be included. i understand whole concept is to not be deprived of anything but fast food really thats never ok to eat. Cant wait to try all of the recipes.
Amanda Caldwell
I read this book because my mother-in-law and father-in-law both loss weight doing this. MIL lost 9 lbs in the first week and FIL lost 11! The only thing that I don't really like is that he says exercise is unnecessary and dangerous. I understand exercise makes you hungrier but I don't think he should be putting it into the minds of people (like myself) who truly need it.
Brett Bawden
I liked this book. His thesis makes sense: "the less insulin your body makes the less fat your body stores." Maybe this explains why all my diabetic friends are so skinny...who knows. I only gave it three starts because I haven't tried his diet yet, so I don't know if it works. I will update this post after I've tried it for a month. Wish me luck!
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