Summer (Cuatro Almas, #3)
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Summer (Beautiful Dead #3)

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  1,535 ratings  ·  110 reviews
La búsqueda de las Almas Elegidas no puede detenerse... Ahora, Darina deberá ayudar a Summer a descifrar los detalles de su muerte.

No están vivos.
Tampoco están muertos.
Han regresado con una misión.

Sin Phoenix a su lado, el día a día de Darina se ha convertido en una carga gris y difícil de soportar. Su único consuelo es la esperanza de poder pasar más momentos junto a él.....more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published July 2011 by Montena (first published May 6th 2010)
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I almost wanted to give this book 3 stars, but in the end I couldn't do it. Basically this series is just 'ok' and stays that way the whole way through. Darina and Phoenix is still annoying as all heck, but suddenly we find out Darina and Summer were actually besties (why is this not focused on in previous books?) and so begins the hunt for Summer's killer. A few possibilities jump out, but as per usual Darina isn't doing anything to help the actual victim; she obeys orders so she can hang aroun...more
I really wanted to like this book and the series, The premis is great, the cover art is phenominal, but the pacing and the tone of these books just makes me .... Tired.

Darina is not at all likeable, and shes constantly in a state of depression, the whole town is always sad or angry. Shes constantly longing to see her dead boyfriend and the descriptions of the "beating wings" is growing old fast. She always seems to ditch school, is rude to her family, and is refusing to move on after the death...more
You think you know who the murderer of Summer was, but you are so wrong about it. It was really surprising. I loved the way the story developed and the story leads to the last book, Phoenix. And I know my heart is already breaking now..
Bryn ((B2/B.P))   Ryeosomniac~~
I used to adore this series, I was a bit iffy about the first one, but then I fell head over heal after finishing the second, but then tragedy struck and I wasn’t able to get my hands on the next two books, until now.

Sometime between then and now I must have heightened my expectations for YA books, because this one just didn’t do it for me. Most people that have read this series absolutely admire Eden Maguire’s writing style, but it just doesn’t cut it for me. Just the way she describes scenes,...more
The third novel in the Beautiful Dead series focuses on Summer. The once beautiful girl who it seemed had everything until she was shot by an unknown assailant. Now it is up to Darina to solve this crime so that Summer will be able to move now. But things will not be so easy for Darina this time around.

Like the previous novels, Summer begins a little on the slow side. Honestly, I think this just maybe Maguire style. And either way, it is what it is. I have gotten use to it by this point in the g...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
I've struggled with really wanting to like this series, and I haven't been able to get into the stories as much as I want to. With Summer's story I feel the series picked up more for me. I'm not sure if it's because they're more plot twists or what, but I liked it more than the previous books from the series. Just like the first two stories in the series, Darina must solve the mystery behind one of her dead friend's deaths. The Beautiful Dead only have so much time and Darina will find solving S...more
Michelle. D.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I liked this one, I mean it was ok. I love the mystery in the Beautiful Dead books, and this one did not disappoint! There was action, romance and suspense! Yet I still didn't really get into this book. I'm not sure why, and I'll probably read Summer another few times before figuring out why, but I did like it, and that's the main point I guess?

Over & Out, T xx
Fia Cumiskey-Wright
The Beautiful Dead series started off really well; Jonas' story was gripping and enticing. However, book two and three (Arizona and Summer) were given simplified plots by the author who, in turn decided to base the plot of this series solely around Pheonix and our narrator's romance (side note: I can't actually remember her name despite having just finished the book and this surely further proves my point). At the same time, this book is a classic example of a teen undead romance fic, the ideal...more
Nejdřív se mi do toho opravdu nechtělo, ale nakonec jsem to musela přečíst skoro na jeden zátah. Vždy mě pak zajímá, kdo je vrah. U téhle série totiž nikdy nedokážu odhadnout, kdo je vrah. To se mi na tom hrozně líbí! Rozjezd knihy byl trochu strohý a o ničem. V té době mě Darina docela iritovala, ale později, když se už něco dělo to bylo vážně super!
Konečně měl příběh jiskru. Dokonce ve mně zanechal i nějaké emoce jako smutek ale jen na kratinký okamžik. Snad mě poslední díl překvapý.
Mailis Viiand
Darina is at times completely idiotic, almost psycho level unreasonable jealous girlfriend/teenager and the next second seems to pull herself together and be intuitive and sometimes even logical. I am not very familiar what Bi-polar people go through, but i am guessing these moods are somewhat similar to that condition. And before anyone raises a hand and points out, that in that case all lovesick teenagers are bipolar? Well maybe its just easier to call them crazy...if they act like Darina anyw...more
We've all heard of the vampire craze, the angel craze and the latest craze seems to be...zombies! I'll admit to being a fan of quirky stuff like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I've even shot a Nazi Zombie while playing Call of Duty Black Ops with my little brother so naturally the trend towards zombies in YA fiction is something that I find interesting. The last book I read, Beautiful Dead: Summer, book 3 in the Beautiful Dead series combines zombies and angels which makes for one dark and...more
Page (One Book At A Time)
I've enjoyed The Beautiful dead series so far. The idea is interesting and really hooks you from the very first book. You're invested and want to know what a really happened to all four teenagers. Which, really is a brilliant marketing idea.

But, this one felt really repetitive. We know that the first part of the book is going to be Darina going crazy with grief for Phoenix. She's actually annoying about it this time around. The Beautiful Dead show up with hardly anytime to spare, just like alway...more
So, while my copy of Summer was coming in the mail, I quickly re-read Arizona to catch myself up. And I found that while I absolutely love these books when I first read them, rereading them it's as great. Maybe because I already know the mystery, so it's not as entertaining and I'm not enthralled, or maybe because the writing isn't very good...

But when I finally did read Summer last night, I couldn't put it down! These books, while still dealing with the popular Paranormal romance stuff, are don...more
Abi Holligan
Summer is the 3rd book in the Beautiful Dead series, it follows on with Darina meeting back up with the Beautiful Dead to figure out the mysterious death of Summer Madison, one of her best friend's. She died in a shopping mall coming out of a shop on her way to meet Darina, which is where she got shot by a mysterious man, it's down to Darina again to figure out who this is...

I thought Summer was a great book, at first I took a while to get back into it and i kept thinking how is she going to sol...more
Han pasado 4 meses desde que Darina ayudo a esclarecer lo que le ocurrió a Arizona y desde entonces no ha vuelto a saber nada de las Almas Elegidas. Lo ultimo que le dijeron es que se podrían en contacto cuando volvieran y por eso Darina esta sumida en la desaparición, aun así no se da por vencida y sigue yendo a la vieja granja para ver si aparecen.

Pero ya no tiene que seguir esperando, por fin dan señales de haber vuelto y la primera en hacerlo Summer, la siguiente en la lista y que en vida fu...more
The third novel in the Beautiful Dead series focuses on Summer. The once beautiful girl who it seemed had everything until she was shot by an unknown assailant. Now it is up to Darina to solve this crime so that Summer will be able to move now. But things will not be so easy for Darina this time around.

Like the previous novels, Summer begins a little on the slow side. Honestly, I think this just maybe Maguire style. And either way, it is what it is. I have gotten use to it by this point in the g...more
Rikke Andrup Jensen
Darina lever en zombie-lignende tilstand. Ventetiden på, at De Smukke Engle vender tilbage, gør Darina's hverdag ulidelig og hun tager næsten dagligt forgæves ud til gården, hvor de holder til, når de er 'på den anden side'. Da endelig De Smukke Engle vender tilbage, får Darina ikke lov at tilbringe tid sammen med hendes kæreste Phoenix for Hunter. Darina går i gang med at hjælpe Summer og få løst mysteriet omkring hendes død. Det bringer Darina vidt omkring. Hun graver gamle minder om Hunter og...more
Petra Sýkorová
Jako by Eden Maguire už před roky, kdy sérii originálně sepsala, věděla, že v budoucnu zombíci potáhnou. Pravda, ti její jsou spíš jakýmsi vyobrazením nádherných andělů, co se vrací zpět, jen aby vyřešili svou smrt a těžko by v nich někdo viděl polorozpadající se mrtvoly, které baží po lidském mase a hlavně by rádi chlemtali krev, ale i tak by se dalo říct, že předběhla svou dobu. Alespoň se to zombie v knihách týče.

Eden získala na Birmingham University doktorát v Anglické literatuře a v současn...more
The third book in the Beautiful Dead series (focusing on Summer) is one that continues with the general premise of the previous two. Darina, a living and breathing human, is charged by an angelic overlord with investigating the murders of four local teens. Her efforts are all an attempt to keep them from being forced into a limbo-like place as opposed to heading off to heaven with everything and everyone they’ve left behind all squared away.

In Summer’s story Darina must investigate what the true...more
Charlotte Phillips
The novel brought tears to my eyes, for the emotion in this book of the series was powerful, grasping and truly moving in many different ways. Its almost as if the author really wanted her readers to become fully connected to the characters in the novel this time, almost as if there was to be a huge climate at the end that they needed to prepare themselves for. this has become one of the most grasping series that I have come to read, and I have to say that I am enjoying it, because it is a serie...more
Jess Bierschied
BEAUTIFUL DEAD: SUMMER, by Eden Maguire picks up a few months after the last one left off, Summer's story is so raw and emotional, while still action packed and thrilling. Darina faces many new challenges in the latest installment of the Beautiful Dead and I could not stop reading.

Darina faced more challenges in this novel more so than the first two and it was great to see Maguire take full advantage of Darina's headstrong attitude and put her through situations where she is not the strong girl...more
Darina už se osvědčila jako takový detektiv, při řešení záhad ohledně smrti čtyř studentů z Ellerton High, a Jonas s Arizonou díky ní našli svého vraha a s tím i klid. Teď je na řadě Darinina nejlepší kamarádka Summer, kterou zastřelili v nákupním středisku. Všichni si myslí, že to byl nějaký pomatený střelec, který tam jen tak přišel a začal okolo sebe střílet. Když se pak různě po Americe objevilo pár podobných případů, policie našla podezřelého. Ale jak už to v této sérii bývá, všechno je obe...more
Darina, detektiv ve službách nemrtvých. Právě tak by se dalo popsat to, co Darina už nějakou dobu dělá pro Krásné mrtvé. Jen díky tomu, že jim pomůže s rozluštěním jejich smrti, se mohou jejich duše přesunout dál. Nyní je řada na Summer. Summer byla zastřelena v nákupním středisku střelcem, který tam napochodoval a začal střílet. Všichni myslí, že to byla náhoda, že Summer byla jenom ve špatnou chvíli na špatném místě. Jenže Darina, která byla svědkyní střelby, o tom začíná pochybovat. Stihne vy...more
This series is dark and romantic and full of twists and turns. After reading and enjoying the first two books in the series I was eager to start this one. In Beautiful Dead: Summer we are introduced to the third member of the Beautiful Dead teenage quartet- Summer. Summer was a breath of fresh air, so full of light and love, even in the afterlife. Her death was tragic- a random shopping mall shooting... or was it random? Our human main character, Darina, is assigned the mission of solving the my...more
(Source: I borrowed a copy of this book.)
This is book 3 in the ‘Beautiful Dead’ series.
It’s now 4 months since Darina helped solve Arizona’s murder, and helped her to move on. In that time the Beautiful Dead have been absent from this world, and Darina is going crazy missing Phoenix. She’s not eating, sleeping, or going to school, and she’s even started seeing a therapist to try and help her come to terms with her loss.

Every so often Darina is still driving out and visiting the barn where the Be...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
It's been nearly a year since Darina's friend Summer was killed in a random shooting at a shopping mall. Darina was a witness to the shooting and now it is up to her to try and find the killer so that Summer can finally rest in peace. Was the shooting really as random as it seemed and if it was how on earth is Darina supposed to track down the killer? At the same time she must cope with her grief over the death of her boyfriend Phoenix and prepare herself for when he must leave her forever.

I really like to love this book but I feel like Darina is not a really good example/model especially to readers at my age who read this book. She's a rebellious, impatient and somewhat disrespectful to her parents - even I do understand what she's going through; left by his dad, death of her boyfriend, friends and all that. Still, not enough excuse to act like nobody cares. All she wanted was to be with Phoenix,always Phoenix! she's blinded with her love for him. She do whatever she wants to do...more
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Eden Maguire graduated from Birmingham University with a PhD in English Lit and now lives in the Yorkshire Dales with her two daughters, her horse, Merlin, plus a dog and a cat.

She spends part of each year at a ranch in Colorado, where she rides alone in the mountains – her idea of perfect happiness.

Whenever she can, she loves to indulge her passion for travel and take in the world's major citie...more
More about Eden Maguire...
Jonas (Beautiful Dead, #1) Arizona (Beautiful Dead, #2) Phoenix (Beautiful Dead, #4) Dark Angel (Dark Angel, #1) Twisted Heart (Dark Angel, #2)

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