Heart's Safe Passage (The Midwives, #2)
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Heart's Safe Passage (The Midwives #2)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  273 ratings  ·  55 reviews
It's 1813 and all Phoebe Lee wants out of life is to practice midwifery in Loudon County, Virginia. When Belinda, her pregnant sister-in-law, presses Phoebe to accompany her onto a British privateer in order to cross the Atlantic and save her husband from an English prison, Phoebe tries to refuse, then finds herself kidnapped.

Captain Rafe Docherty is a man in search of rev...more
Paperback, 377 pages
Published February 1st 2012 by Fleming H. Revell Company
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First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.

While I have really enjoyed all the books I’ve read by Laurie Eakes, I think Heart’s Safe Passage has been her best book yet! The characters are realistic and memorable, the story plot woven with suspense, danger, and hidden enemies, and the tempo of the book fairly fast-paced.

Okay, I just have to say this—Rafe is an awesome name for the captain of a privateer brig! But, really, regardless of his name, he really was a neat character to get to know. So...more
Sandra Lassiter
All Phoebe Lee wants out of life is to practice midwifery in Loudon County, Virginia. But when she refuses to accompany her pregnant sister-in-law to help save her husband from a prison during the War of 1812, Phoebe finds herself pressed aboard a British privateer.

Captain Rafe Docherty promises to get Phoebe's brother-in-law out of prison in exchange for information Rafe needs to exact revenge on the man who destroyed his family. As he realizes his attraction to Phoebe, she determines to get as...more
Debbie Lynne
Wow! I just finished this book and LOVED IT! Laurie Alice Eakes is one of my favorite authors. In this book she delves into some tough issues instead of skirting around them. She had me dying to finish it and trying to sneak time away to read. The emotion in this book is amazing. The hero and heroine are so real you feel like you are right there with them, feeling their joy and their pain. The story kept me on the edge of my seat! I never knew what was next and I am good at guessing story lines....more
M.L. Tyndall
I had the priviledge of reading an advanced copy of this book for an endorsement. Laurie continues to be one of my favorite authors but I think this is her best work yet! Of course it didn't hurt that the story takes place on a ship crossing the Atlantic. But it is so much more than an adventurous tale. It is deep and passionate and romantic. The hero and heroine will take hold of your heart and never let go. If you're looking for a fluffy romance, look elsewhere. If you're looking for something...more
Great sequel. I liked how the restoration was simple in the end - a good reminder that coming to the Lord does not need to be done as an elaborate scene. Faith is simple.
Part of the book really gave me the "heebie-jeebies" :) and I didn't like the description of what happened to Rafe's 1st wife - little much for me. Thus the 3 stars. I did enjoy the story, though.
Looking forward to book 3: Choices of the Heart
Please, please do not buy or read this book!. If you love God, the creator you will refuse to read the lies about him written throughout the book.

The author told the regular, 'oh poor me, God don't love me cause bad things happened to me.' story line. That is bad enough. Blaming God for the bad that happens is what Satan wants you to believe and what he did and does, and what he said would be the case in the Garden of Eden. Blaming God for what Satan himself does is a way Satan gets folks to hat...more
Mindy Sisson Gregory
This book was good, one of the better ones I've read in awhile. Though it is the second in a series (the Midwives) and I hadn't read the first (Lady in the Mist), I had no issues knowing what was going on; it was very much a stand alone story. Complex characters, vibrant descriptions, good plot... this book has a little bit of everything!
I really enjoyed this one, I recommend it! Full review coming when it posts in HNR Magazine.
Here is the link to the review: http://www.burtonbookreview.com/2012/...
Roseanna White
A couple chapters in and loving every page!
Heart’s Safe Passage started well and was an interesting angle on the nautical or privateer setting chosen by other Christian authors. As the story developed, there seemed to be an over-reliance on dramatic events to keep the reader’s interest. This was also the case with the sequel, and whilst a certain amount of drama makes for a good story, so many dramatic and tragic events in such a short time and small ship stretches credibility a little, which seemed to be the case here.

As with the other...more
3.5 stars (for a slow start)

I'm a huge fan of pirate tales since reading MaryLu Tyndall's Legacy of the King's Pirates series. Even though that series was drawn to a conclusion a few years ago I still look for and enjoy tales that are set aboard ships. This book in The Midwives series is a fine example of everything I love about high seas romances. At first I was a little underwhelmed by the characters and the plot but as the story unfurled and the unpredictability of the sea and rogue privateer...more
Phoebe Lee hasn't always had a good life, but lately things are better. She finds purpose and contentment as a midwife. However, when she refuses to accompany her pregnant sister-in-law to England, Phoebe is kidnapped by Captain Rafe Docherty's crew. As they set sail on the Atlantic, Phoebe struggles to escape, but eventually finds herself drawn to Rafe inspite of his illegal actions, painful past and thirst for revenge. As danger escalates, Phoebe and Rafe must first find peace with themselves...more
Title: Hearts Safe Passage

Author: Laurie Alice Eakes

Series: The Midwives

Chapters: 26 plus epilogue

Pages: 377

Genre: Christian Historical Romance, Christian Historical Fiction

Rating: 4.5 stars

When I picked up Heart’s Safe Passage I didn’t know what to expect. While I enjoyed the first book in the series it wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t know who would be the main character. I was happy to find out that it was Phoebe a favorite of mine from the first book.
Due in part to her sister-in-law Belinda, P...more
Phoebe Lee, has escaped an abusive husband, lost a baby, and dedicated herself to serving others as a midwife, but now she has found herself in a situation, she never dreamed possible. Kidnapped and brought aboard a British privateer with her sister-in-law. Of course the fact that she is there, because her sister-in-law hatched a plan to save her husband, being held prisoner, does nothing to ease Phoebe's fear. In fact it infuriates her, that Belinda is so self serving that she was willing to ri...more
It's 1813 and all Phoebe Lee wants out of life is to practice midwifery in Loudon County, Virginia. When Belinda, her pregnant sister-in-law, presses Phoebe to accompany her onto a British privateer in order to cross the Atlantic and save her husband from an English prison, Phoebe tries to refuse, then finds herself kidnapped.

Captain Rafe Docherty is a man in search of revenge. His ship is no place for women, but he needs Belinda in order to obtain information about the man who destroyed his fam...more
Kathleen L. Maher
I loved Lady in the Mist (the first book in the Midwives Series) so much that I knew I couldn't miss the sequel. Eakes did not disappoint with Heart's Safe Passage. This beautifully written book satisfies on so many levels. Exquisitely drawn characters populate a privateer ship--er, brig--during the War of 1812, one bent on using an expecting mother as bait for revenge, the other a midwife sworn to protect her patient. Phoebe Lee, Tabitha's apprentice from book one, returns as the heroine in her...more
Victor Gentile
Laurie Alice Eakes in her new book, “Heart’s Safe Passage” Book Two in the Midwives series published by Revell brings us to Virginia in 1813.
From the Back Cover: One woman takes the treacherous journey toward redemption . . . and love.

All Phoebe Lee wants out of life is to practice midwifery in Loudon County, Virginia. But when she refuses to accompany her pregnant sister-in-law to help save her husband from an English prison during the War of 1812, Phoebe finds herself pressed aboard a British...more
Jocelyn Green
Here's what I loved about this book:
•The setting. Almost all of it takes place on a ship (a brig, Captain Docherty would correct me). But far from being boring, I found it fascinating to learn about life at sea.
•The characters. Once again, these are no cardboard cut-outs. There are qualities to admire in them, but there are also flaws. The people you want to cheer for might disappoint you at times, and the ones you want to dislike might surprise you with shining moments.
•The word painting. Lauri...more
HEART’S SAFE PASSAGE, the second installment in The Midwives series, had as many emotional highs and lows as the Davina did navigating the open seas.

Midwife, Phoebe Lee is taken against her will so she can be on hand at the birth of sister-in-law, Belinda Chapman’s child. The fact that the birth may take place on privateer, Captain Rafe Docherty ship as they sail across the Atlantic is what has her panicked.

Captain Rafe Docherty has agreed to sail Mrs. Belinda Chapman across the sea and aid in...more
Setting is very important to me when it comes to a book. I have to like the setting if I am going to like a book. Now, one of my least favorite settings for a book is a ship. That almost kept me from reading Heart’s Safe Passage, but Laurie Alice Eakes is an excellent author whose books I am quite fond of. I wanted to give her high seas tale a chance and keep an open mind and I did like the first book in this series, so I had a hunch this would be another good one. It was!

The first thing I noti...more
Phoebe Lee is surprised when her sister-in-law, Belinda, hatches a crazy plot to sail with a British ship to rescue Belinda's husband. She is also surprised when Belinda reveals that she is pregnant and needs Phoebe to accompany her on the voyage in case the baby comes while making the trip. But, Phoebe is astounded and outraged when she is taken against her will as part of Belinda's plan. While on the voyage, Phoebe must put up with Belinda's constant selfish requests and complaints, but she ma...more
My Book Addiction and More MBA
HEART'S SAFE PASSAGE by Laurie Alice Eakes is an exciting historical romance set in 1813. This is the second book in "The Midwives" series,but can be read as a stand alone. See, "Lady in the Mist". "Heart's Safe Passage" is a fast paced,action packed, adventure filled story from the first page to the last. It is the story of Phoebe Lee,a Midwife and Captain Rafe Docherty. One after justice,and revenge while the other just wants to be a good Midwive,even on open seas. Phoebe is kidnapped and trap...more
4.5 Stars - http://christianbookshelfreviews.blog...

Heart's Safe Passage is book two in Laurie Alice Eake's "The Midwives" series, and since I haven't read A Lady in the Mist yet, I hoped this book would be good on it's own - it was!

The story was engaging from the beginning when Phoebe refuses to travel with Belinda (her sister-in-law) on a British privateer during war, but she is then taken against her will to the ship (oh, I mean Brig).

Heart's Safe Passage had a lot of action/danger with ships...more
A high seas adventure full of tension & romance!

Phoebe Lee has escaped her past, but now she must confront her fears for the future. Kidnapped by her pregnant sister-in-law, and the captain of an English ship, Phoebe struggles to accustom herself to her situation. Filled with romantic tension--yep that's where the Sea Captain, Rafe Docherty come back in--and adventure, Heart's Safe Passage is a tale of love and intrigue, with many mysteries to discover.

This book is loaded with romantic tensi...more
Margaret Metz
I liked the first book in this series, Lady in the Mist, but I must admit this one is even better. Why? Well . . .

It's hard to really put my finger on it, but it may be because they went out to sea and added all that action to the romance. Then there were truly (and I mean it) fantastic characters. They were not your perfect heroes and heroines -- and some finely crafted secondary characters also populated the pages of this book. So - great story and characters. How could it lose?

Rafe - I just l...more
Terri Harr
This is the third book I have read from Laurie Alice and I find myself loving each book even more than the one before and wondering how that is even possible. One of the biggest draws for me is the characters. Her characters are so alive and real. They grab my heart and I struggle right along with them throughout the story. The other thing that really grabs me is her settings and the history surrounding the characters. I have become so wrapped up in history of late that when I read these books I...more

The year is 1813 and the War of 1812 has been underway, thus being the reason that Belinda is determined to travel aborad a British privateer in order to rescue her husband from an English prison. She’s made a deal with the ships captain, Rafe Docherty and now she needs to talk her sister-in-law into going with her to be her midwife, and everything will be in line to take off. This turns out to be a not so easy task because sister-in-law Phoebe has no intentions to get on...more
This is the third book I've read by Laurie Alice Eakes, and once again she captivated my heart and swept me away to another time. From my first glimpse of the title I knew this would be a story in which the threat of enemy ships and tumultuous weather would not pose the danger that the interpersonal storms would, and the physical dangers are hardly inconsequential! The characters are easy to either like or loathe, as the case may be, and the pages fairly pulsate with emotion, making me feel as i...more
It was well written and it's a good Christian romance book. It's not exactly my cup of tea but I read this because I did like the first one more as this is the second one. I did like the tales of midwives and how they fared as well as they focus on their lives.

In this one, Phoebe was kidnapped by her pregnant sister-in-law (with some help from a few men) and aboard the ship with Captain Rafe who has revenge as an objective which begins with the rescue of the sister-in-law's husband. They learned...more
D.M. Webb
Laurie Alice Eakes wrote another amazing book in the Midwives series.

Set in the early 1800's, this book not only filled in the missing pieces in the first novel Lady in the Mist, but it expanded the character of Phoebe.

Wonderfully written, the reader experiences the saltiness of sea travel, the pride-fulness of upper crust society, and the determination of a midwife.

Twists and turns kept me turning the pages. There were no coincidental plots in this story. The characters were well described and...more
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Laurie Alice Eakes used to lie in bed as a child telling herself stories so she didn’t wake anyone else up. Sometimes she shared her stories withothers; thus, when she decided to be a writer, she surprised no one. Family Guardian, her first book, won the National Readers Choice Award for Best Regency in 2007. In the past three years, she has sold six books to Baker/Revell, five of which are set du...more
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