Piégés ! (Walking Dead, #14)
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Piégés ! (The Walking Dead #79-84)

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Suite à la tragédie qui vient tout juste d’ébranler la tranquille communauté d’Alexandria, Douglas Monroe cède sa place de leader à Rick. Son sang-froid, son organisation et sa lucidité durant l’agression du groupe de maraudeurs ont prouvé à tous sa capacité à faire face à ce genre de situation extrême. Reste que les coups de feu échangés semblent avoir attiré l’attention...more
Paperback, 144 pages
Published September 21st 2011 by Delcourt (first published June 15th 2011)
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The Walking Dead series is soooooo dark….

“How dark is it, Kemper?”

The Walking Dead series is so dark that:

- each volume acts like a small black hole and immediately sucks all available light out of any room they’re placed in.

- it used to give wardrobe advice to Johnny Cash.

- Stephen King considered calling the Dark Tower series The Walking Dead Tower.

- people who have read it have then watched Requiem for a Dream to cheer themselves up.

- Andrew Vachss had to stop reading it because it was too gr...more
update: Another bonus to the whole series is, if you line up all the trade covers next to each other, the zombies at the bottom make one big, long banner.

Here we go... a little sample below.


To be honest, not much happens here. Nothing to look at, move along folks.

Just more hooking up between survivors, characters you barely had a chance to get to know getting eaten, characters you like being killed out of mercy, and then the final kicker at the...more
William Thomas
Have you ever seen the movie 'Groundhog Day' with Bill Murray? Where he relives the same exact day over and over to the point of inanity? But only he knows that its the same day, and everyone else just keeps reliving and then he starts trying to kill himself in a number of diferent ways like driving off a cliff and a toaster in the bathtub and robs an armored car just to see what would happen. Its a great movie. I love it. but that's because the joke went on for 90 minutes and not 6 years.

The W...more
Sam Quixote
This bleedin’ colony…

Rick and co. are so cosy in their walled-in compound that the story has become about the various characters hooking up, like a post-zombie apocalypse Big Brother – argh, true horror! Thankfully Robert Kirkman stirs the pot a bit by throwing a massive zombie herd at them which manages to breach their walls and kill off a bunch of the survivors.

There isn’t much to say about the first two-thirds of this volume – Rick gets some, other characters get laid, everyone spins their wh...more
Crystal Starr Light
Bullet Review:

I was actually rather liking this - all the way up until a major character is attacked. And then the rage monitor goes off.

(view spoiler)

Can Rick Grimes become any MORE of a Marty Stu? How much more angst can this guy bear - all the while other characters get shoved into the background and forgotten? We barely see...more
Reviewed First at Brunner's Bookshelf

It would have been very easy for this book to fall back into a rut with marginally advancing the story. Our heroes are living in a gated community with the zombies safely kept out. Life is slowly returning to normal and finding new relationships. I just described the the first half of this book. I was really excited that the story was finally building up and getting exciting again, then I started this one and started to worry that I would fine the next few bo...more
I’m rereading The Walking Dead up through just-released volume fourteen, and overall it’s been a treat. First volume? Okay. Second through eleven? Fucking amazing. Twelve through fourteen?


Here’s what I mean by that ‘Hmm’:
1. Apocalypse Stepford. Really? This little slice of oddly zombie-free suburbia is too, well, zombie-free. Not that actual zombies need to be showing up, grunghing and hammering their gooey fists on the walls – I’d buy that a group with that many guns and young men kicking a...more
Love is in the air. It seems that surviving a violent attack is an aphrodisiac for this band of survivors. The Walking Dead, Vol. 14: No Way Out moseys right along with people getting their groove on and settling into domesticity. Until...



(view spoiler)

This volume is filled with amazing zombie action. I love that whenever the shiz is about to hit the fan, there is a shot of Abraham's looming immense frame. You can almost hear the s...more
I think I've said this before, but I really wish I read this series before I had kids. I make it a point to plot out my zombie apocalypse strategy almost every time I get my hands on another Walking Dead book. Plotting it out now that I have little ones that I have to add in makes the entire idea of zombies even scarier. Add in the maternal instinct and the fact that of course I love my kids more than anything, and I'm just fucked. This volume really drives home the whole "kids slow you down and...more
This was hands down my favorite TP thus far. This one felt much more fragmented than its tightly-knit predecessors, but in a way that enhanced the story; then, of course, it was all woven together masterfully in the end.

As I read this, I wished I could hand out copies of this particular TP to friends who either (a) wonder why I read the series, (b) persist in saying that zombie novels (etc.) are "about" zombies, or (c) say that graphic novels are what people who can't write have to set for.* Th...more
This is another solid entry in the Walking Dead series. Anyone who has read the first thirteen volumes will expect that this one involves sympathetic characters being pushed to make impossible choices, with some potential gore and inescapable heartbreak. The series is always difficult to read, but also always so emotionally honest that it is completely worth the effort.

This collection explores the idea of safety in the new community that has been developing for the last couple of volumes. The ma...more
What the fuck, guys. Like, what the fuck seriously. How is the brutality of this series still surprising to me? If it wasn't so horrifying I would probably be able to appreciate how Kirkman used the past two and a half volumes to lull us into a false sense of security -- despite multiple characters literally stating out loud that nothing that good could last -- only to shatter that security in the first 80% of this volume.

But he also managed in this volume to renew my faith in the series by fina...more
The survivors must come up with a plan to save the community from an oncoming horde of zombies. When they are forced to close the gates, a handful of people head out to rescue Andrea, who is trapped in the lookout tower outside the walls, while the rest attempt to reinforce the walls... to no avail. Everyone must look out for themselves when the community is overrun with zombies.

There are a lot of deaths in this volume and a big cliffhanger at the end. Will Carl survive or won't he? Rick's conce...more
This volume started out with some of the group being very chatty. Almost too much so. Not that words are bad, or anything, but the characters were just so verbose at the beginning that I just knew that this would be a slow volume, without much action or death or consequence.

Haha, boy was I wrong! I mean, yes – they were super wordy in the beginning, but that ending sure made up for it. There were walkers, there was death, there were arguments, and there were moments that tested the group’s mettl...more
After all the drama of the previous book that took place as our stars settled into the walled/gated community outside of Washington, DC, Rick has fallen into his usual role as de facto leader of the survivors. All seems to be going good, but that quickly changes when a massive heard of walks starts to encircle the community.

Poor Andrea has been trapped outside of the community, and everyone is worrying because she went to her assignment without supplies to last her more than a day. Her job is t...more
Colleen Martin
So you're telling me that it took 14 fucking books for Rick to come to the realization that a) there's strength in numbers and b) zombies are slow and stupid and easy to kill when there are enough people doing it? Christ, these books are so bad, it's not even funny. And I wish wholeheartedly that Frank Darabont had given Robert Kirkman the can in the first season of the TV series because Kirkman's storytelling abilities suck and his awfulness is tainting the show.
It's very obvious that something bad is about to happen in #14. If #13 didn't make that completely evident, there is more than enough foreshadowing in this book for the entire series. Still, even though Rick was clearly acting increasingly unstable, I was not expecting the event that made me gasp in shock.

I keep expecting the series to decline in quality and it never does. I don't know how Kirkman does it, but I love him all the same.
I'm really getting bored with this series. Kirkman seems intent on his original promise to keep it going indefinitely. Nothing of permanance ever seems to happen and we're relying on a few still surviving and maybe kind of charming characters to keep us going. It's like the zombie equivalent of How I Met Your Mother. Body parts are lost, people that characters love are eaten, morality of humanity is questioned, blah blah blah.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Another solid volume in this series. Certain events of this one remind me of some of the times at the prison, but it's staying fresh enough that I will definitely keep reading. It's nice that few of the characters are sacred cows, and it seems like any of them could be expendable. I hope that continues, since it helps keep the series from getting too predictable.
I was probably three quarters of the way done with this one when I let out an audible gasp on the plane. The bf's head whipped around and he said "What?!" ... I just hugged the book into my chest and said, "I can't tell you."

And now I can't tell you either.
Michael Neno
My thoughts on Volume 14 of this long running series are mixed. On the one hand, Kirkman bring backs zombie action with a vengeance here, ratcheting up the suspense to near unbearable levels. At the same time, though, the story is encumbered by long, emotional monologues that strain patience and credulity - the kind of monologues that, if The Walking Dead was a bad '40s play or film, would result in the other actor in the scene standing awkwardly off to the side, with no guidance from the direct...more
Michael Nash
I am not immune to the dark of inevitability of what happened to the Alexandria Safe Zone, nor am I immune to the awesomeness of the climax of this volume, which sees Rick and Michonne mow down, like, a thousand zombies in an utterly badass back-to-back melee.
However, I am starting to worry that the series is simply repeating itself. Isn’t this structurally exactly the same plot arc as the Prison? Rick’s group find safe place, place becomes unsafe, Rick goes berserk and does someth...more
Sue Smith
The dead body pile in this one was piled as high as the walls that the group was hiding behind.

Nothing like having your little bit of paradise turned into a zombie hell hole.
This one started out a little confusing for me:
1. It's been awhile since I read Volume 13
2. It seemed like a good amount of time had passed between these two Volumes (maybe it was just me and how long in between the times that I read each one)

About 1/4 of the way through this one everything started to go down hill until EVERYTHING went to shit. At one point I was like WTF Michonne?!?!?! She did what had to be done but it was shocking non the less.
And I have a feeling Glenn gave us a bit of fores...more
Clark Hallman
The Walking Dead, Vol. 14, No Way Out by Robert Kirkman et al. – This is an extremely intense volume of this fine graphic-novel series about desperate humans struggling to survive in a world overrun by flesh-eating zombies. In this volume the human survivors battle to survive after hoards of zombies break into their walled town. The stress of the hopelessness and extremely perilous situations are too much for even the strongest of the townsfolk, and grief is a constant enemy. Rick endures extrem...more
comic d zombis + discursivo q novela stalinista
Issy Britton
May be some minor spoilers in here but I was too excited to not give anything away!!!

No Way Out, the 14th chronicle of The Walking Dead series, is hard hitting, fast paced and action packed. My heart was racing and my morals were questioned after Rick's tough decisions in tough circumstances.

The Alexandria Safe Zone appears to be not as safe as we'd like to think and finally, it's not the living that are the problem. It's the dead. Following the herd we saw approaching at the end of the previou...more
Thomas Hettich
A punch to the gut. After several solid volumes, the narrative continues towards that inevitable moment we have known must come: something happens that make the characters realise, they are no longer save. Interactions are again solid, motivations are well-explained and panel changes support the story and pacing perfectly. The ongoing theme of dealing with loss and learning humanity in inhumane surroundings comes to what feels like a resolution. The final act is devastating. My favourite volume...more



These books are starting to suck and piss me off, starting with this one. Whatever happens in this book already happened in early books. So, there really isn't a spoiler, actually. You've already read this story.

The survivors finally find a nice little community where they can try to rebuild society and have a somewhat fulfilling life. Of course they fuck it all up because they have this knack of gettin...more
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Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics. He has also collaborated with Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt. He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co-founders of...more
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