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Focus: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction
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Focus: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  702 ratings  ·  105 reviews
“At the heart of this simple book lies the key to many of the struggles we face these days, from being productive and achieving our goals, to getting healthy and fit in the face of fast food and inactivity, to finding simplicity and peace amidst chaos and confusion. That key itself is simple: focus. Our ability to focus will allow us to create in ways that perhaps we haven...more
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Published October 11th 2011 by Brilliance Audio (first published September 10th 2010)
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Ok, I knew I'm way too easily distracted and having a hard time getting things done because of it, but I really didn't think I was addicted to all this e-crap. After all, I'm not even on Twitter, I don't have a smart phone, I don't text and hate calls. But then Leo proposed disconnecting completely for 2-3 days--no phone, no email, no news, no facebook, no blogs, no websites--and I realized my first instinct was panic. Also, I used to ignore the computer at home all weekend, but now I find mysel...more
Bistra Ivanova
Понеже от известно време чета блога на Лео за минимализъм - , а и от Све видях, че тази книга има безплатна версия, а и имам малко проблеми с фокусирането и вършенето на задачи, реших да зачета. Книгата звучи като един дъълъг блог-пост, което донякъде е забавно, но и я олекотява малко повече от здравословното. Като почетеш малко от господин Лео, забелязваш как той ужасно се повтаря и вече имаш чувството, че си чел всичко и дори не искаш да си помисляш с какво е успял да напъл...more
محمد الصويّغ
كتاب رائع يستعرض مشكلتنا الرئيسية التي سببتها لنا التقنية وهي تشتت التفكير وفقدان القدرة على التركيز في العمل أو الإنتاج من غير مقاطعات الأجهزة التقنية المشتتة، يميز هذا الكتاب أن من كتبه كان يعاني من نفس المشكلة واستطاع تجاوزها بنجاح، وبذلك يكون قد ابتعد عن المثالية بشكل كبير، يعجبني أيضاً أنه لايقيّدك بطريقة معينة أو حل معيّن وإنما يطرح عليك الحلول الشائعة التي تناسب غالب الناس وأنت الذي يقرر الأسلوب الأمثل لك. الكتاب مجاني يمكنك تحميله من موقع الكتاب
والأخ ناصر الناصر...more
This review applies to the free version of Focus; there are larger, more extensive versions available for purchase, both on Kindle and on the Focus Manifesto website. I cannot comment on either one.

I came across this during my recent reading and thinking on minimalism, and download it because a) focus is something that I can always use practice on and b) the price was right. I realize that the second may not be the noblest reason for getting a book, but hey, it worked for me.

The free version of...more
I have to confess: I read this book in fits and starts in transit and on breaks and wherever I could find 10 minutes at a time until I was finally able to finish the last third in one extended uninterrupted sitting. As I write this review, I have the television on and am constantly switching my attention from one screen to the other. I fear actually tallying the number of hours I spend checking the black holes of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. And clutter? I am its queen. If there is a target audi...more
Afnan Aldimasi
I love this book! It has helped me change so many things in my life really! It basically helped me become more focused on getting my tasks done efficiently.

The main tips that had made a huge difference were:

-Clearing up my desk and literally keeping ONLY a couple of items.
-Clearing my laptop desktop and taskbar.
-Listening to sounds-capes and white noise while working on a task that needs focus when being in a noisy environment.
-Using a Google chrome extension that helps block sites on the inter...more
Ещё одна книжка про самоорганизацию и тайм-менеджмент. Вроде ничего нового не сказано, но подобные штуки хорошо время от времени перечитывать, чтоб напоминать себе. Полезно, кажется, всем в наш век избытка информации.

Это не технологий мы должны бояться. Мы должны бояться такого образа жизни, при котором мы постоянно подключены, постоянно разрываемся между разрушителями внимания, постоянно отвлекаемся и подвергаемся бомбардировке информацией и запросами. Это жизнь, в которой нет места для творчес...more
Tiffany Young
If you're anything like me, you spend the day tweeting, facebooking, checking e-mail, playing Words With Friends and mostly just being distracted. If you feel like it's keeping you from doing the things you need and want to get done, perhaps reading Leo Babauta's "Focus."

You can download the free book and read it in .pdf format on your computer or print it out.
If Leo Babauta sounds familiar, it may be because his blog Zen Habits has long been successful among GTDers and minimalists.

Babauta came...more
Anton Klink
I was very enthusiastic about the book during its first half, when it talked about concentrating on one thing at a time and weeding out all the digital and other distractions in your life but when it went into suggesting to do the easy things instead of the hard ones and the pleasant ones instead of the unpleasant ones, I felt like I just couldn't agree with that. Often doing the hard things now make life easy later on and doing the unpleasant ones immediately will yield more pleasant things in...more
Lesley Nowlin
May 02, 2013 Lesley Nowlin rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Authors...really a book for all..has a universal appeal
Many reviewers state Leo Babauta books are similar. This was my first book by Babauta, and I thought it was simply amazing. Focus was full of advice on how to stay focused and complete simple task. I've always said twitter and facebook was a huge was of time, but really needed for authors and people trying to grow their business. Leo offers solutions to the social media distraction. The overall premise of this book is to slow down and focus on one task at a time until it's complete. One pointer...more
Full of great resources, tools, tips and advice. My only complaint was going to be that it isn't as practical for parents but there's a chapter in there that deals with parents too. Another thing I think that's important to keep in mind is the whole minimalist lifestyle is a process not an end-goal. Just something you work on constantly so I'd keep that in mind to prevent from becoming overwhelmed.

Definitely recommend reading this book b/c its free, it's a quick read & it's an ebook that you...more
This one is a great book, easy to read and very well written! The author keeps reminding the readers that there is no precise step-by-step guide to get away from all the distractions and the clutter that surrounds us, but he offers ideas and suggestions to help in improving our focus. Every person must find their own path and solutions, because what works for someone might not work for another.

There are some interesting theories in this book and these are real problems which affect productivity...more
Aly // Ket
I've enjoyed the author's blogs for a few years now, and was looking forward to this book. The first disc (of the audio recording) was interesting, though listening to a list of recommended programs to help you cut out distractions was more like listening to a giant advertising campaign. (Not to mention the programs that turn off all of your other programs for a certain amount of time, and whose settings can't be changed until after that time is up, sounds a bit like malware to me...)

The second...more
A fantastic book that feels like a sip of fresh water on a very hot day. It is insane how close we are nowadays from those who are far and how far we are from those who are close. This book offers a ton of different ways to make everything you do more meaningful. I recommend that you not only read this book but even more, share it with the people you care about.
I read the free version of this book. While most of the suggestions/advice on how to focus, avoid distractions seem intuitive, all of us could do with a little reminder now and then and that's exactly what the book aims to do. The book, written from the writer's (a "creators") perspective, did not talk too much about the passive consumer's/non creators' distractions (both cause and effect) but that is a very minor gripe. A very important distinction noted in the later chapters is how having goal...more
Good book. Worth reviewing on a semi regular basis. Advocate of simplicity and focusing yourself - more focused towards creative content (as the author is a writer). Generally though, he makes a case that this should apply to everyone and not just to industries normally thought of as creative.
Abdulrhman Al-Khamees
I believe this book gonna make you more productive. It talk about how to eliminate the distractions in your life, Specially that we had distraction coming from every direction. Mobiles , Twitter, Facebook,etc..
Pavel Miksa
Četl jsem pouze free e-book, který však dostatečně ilustruje hlavní myšlenku knihy i autora. Myslím si, že kdo pravidelně sleduje určitě mu bude verze zdarma stačit. Spoustu věcí se dozví na blogu autora.
Santiago Eximeno
Interesante aproximación minimalista al Getting Things Done. Varias ideas de aplicación inmediata y una agrabable filosofía zen subyacente. Merece la pena leerlo.
Aleksey Trufanov
Книга существует в двух вариантах: бесплатном и полном. В полном варианте — есть дополнительные главы, в т.ч. написанные с другими авторами. Но основная идея, принципы и приёмы изложены в бесплатной части. Читается легко, язык простой и ясный, если у вас средний уровень владения английским — смело читайте в оригинале (in English). Книга книга хорошо структурирована, по объёму небольшая: 121 страница, но текст вразрядку.

Автор объясняет, как добиться фокуса в работе и в любом деле, и вследствие эт...more
My review is for the free version of this book which can be found at

I took my time reading this book. A lot of things the author states makes sense. In an age where most of us don't have time to do things that we want to do, the author talks about surprisingly simple things, which if implemented well, can achieve a lot. Many seem impractical, but they all boil down to what one wants.

The methods described are simple, and surprisingly, the things that took my time and ca...more
Erika RS
Finished the free edition of Focus [1] by Leo Babauta (2/5). Leo writes Zen Habits[2] a blog about simplicity and creativity for those of us living in this modern, hectic world. The blog is great, and I dip into it from time to time when I need a refresher on simplicity.

The book has all of the merits of the blog: the content is clear and concise, the writing good, and the advice useful without being accusing. However, while the style and the content are both good, the chapters read as lengthy bl...more
The first half of the book was the most helpful. You probably won't have an epiphany reading this book but i do think it has some good stuff which will at the least give you the Ok to implement what he suggests. After the first half it becomes a little repetitive. The principles in the first half are what are most helpful.
Vojta Svoboda
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
El libro me parece honesto en su propósito. Simplificar tu vida (hay estrategias para lograrlo!) implica abrazar una poca de varias cosas: saber qué se quiere, la decisión de llevarlo a cabo, la resiliencia la más de las veces, la paciencia a tiempo y en exactas dosis.
El autor -padre de seis hijos- plantea estrategias y modus operandis, principalmente, en plan minimalistas. Desconectá aquello, focalizate acá, concentración a doble motor.
Muchas de las estrategias no son díficiles de conseguir, p...more
Faisal Al-Moaiqel
for a moment, i felt this book is boring.
yes, there are a lot of thing i liked about it. a lot of thoughts changed my mind and attitude about

it's worth reading, however its gonna repeat many idea, and many you won't agree with
Ali Al-Yassen
Good book but too repetitive especially for those who read the blog. I think Leo is pushing the same points too much through his blog and books. However, I think a lot of the points are worth mentioning from time to time.
Lisa King
This is the second book by Leo Babauta that I've read and I will say that I prefer the first one, The Power of Less: the fine art of limiting yourself to the business and in life. This book, Focus, is 126 pages of great advice on simplifying your life and focusing on what is really important to you. Each chapter is concise; pared down to the essentials; simplified. I would have rated the book higher if I hadn't already read most of the tips in the other book.
Maria Fernanda  Gonzalez
My only problem with this book is that it tends to be very repetitive. I think that the autor could have made his point in half the book's pages. That said, I really liked it. It really does help you gain focus in a practical way, and in my opinion most of the arguments presented here are very valid. The author not only shows you why you should become more focused, but also presents useful tools and tecniques to get there. The changes suggested here are simple ones, that doesn't require much, bu...more
Simple. That's the key word here. The writing is straightforward and covers a lot of ground with new ideas and approaches for the overall idea of "focus."

I feel kind of guilty for giving the book a less than stellar review because I generally like Leo's posts on his blog. I was expecting more depth but got a lot of breadth. The majority were tips I had already read and, along with other productivity techniques, implemented to varying degrees. Of the ideas I found fresh, I was disappointed that h...more
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Leo Babauta is a simplicity blogger and author. He created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog (according to TIME magazine) with 260,000 subscribers,, and the best-selling books focus, The Power of Less, and Zen To Done.

Babauta is a former journalist of 18 years, a husband, father of six children, and in 2010 moved from Guam to San Francisco, where he leads a simple life.

He started Zen Habits to...more
More about Leo Babauta...
The Power Of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential Zen to Done The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life The Little Book of Contentment: A Guide to Becoming Happy with Life and Who You Are, While Getting Things Done Zen Habits - Handbook for Life

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