Three Sisters
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Three Sisters

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A full-cast performance of Chekhov's masterpiece starring Jennifer Westfeldt, Tessa Thompson, Sarah Zimmerman and Jon Hamm. Meet Olga, Masha, and Irina, warm and cultured young sisters who were reared in the exciting hubbub of Moscow, but have been living in the dull, gossipy backwaters of Russia for far too long. With their father's passing, and the ordinary grip of day-t...more
Audio CD, 2 pages
Published August 15th 2011 by LA Theatre Works (first published 1900)
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برخی از منتقدان «سه خواهر» را اثری «ناتورالیستی» می‌دانند، درباره پوسیدگی و نابودی تدریجی اشرافیت اواخر قرن نوزدهم، و آغاز قرن بیستم «روسیه» است. نمایشنامه شرحی ست بر زندگی و دل‌مشغولی‌های خانواده «پروزروف». سه خواهر بنام‌های «اولگا»، «ماشا» و «ایرینا» هستند با برادرشان «آندره‌ئی». خانواده از وضع موجود خویش ناراضی هستند، و چشم انداز آینده را تیره و تار میبینند، و امیدهای خویش را برباد رفته می‌دانند. «سه خواهر» نمایشنامه جوان هستند، باسواد و تحصیل‌کرده، و بسیار مبادی آداب. آنها در شهر «مسکو» بزر...more
Anton Chekhov seems so deceptively simple in his great plays such as The Three Sisters that we sometimes don't see the mystery that is there. In this case, we have a young family consisting of a brother and three sisters, all full of high hopes and expressing a wish to move to Moscow, where "the lights are much brighter there/you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares." The mystery is in the curious entropy of life, that proceeds heedless of our wishes and dreams.

Even Andrey, the br...more
Oh does this play cut to the bone! Maybe Chekhov's best play, the dreams and despairs of a parade of memorable characters are revealed against the backdrop of socially restless Russia, glimpsed at four precisely chosen moments, stretched over three years of their lives. Olga is the good girl, Masha is the bad one, and Irina is the idealist, while their brother wallows in self-pity and alienation and the men who love them compete for love they'd rather find in Moscow. A perfect encapsulation of w...more
Thom Swennes
As Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was to Russian Ballet was Anton Chekhov to the Russian stage. The Three Sisters (1901) is a play in four scenes and relates the mundane life of a well-to-do Russian family. The men and women in this society couldn't imagine working for a living. They don’t seem very happy with their circumstances but looked down on all that were forced to live by trade or some other physical endeavor. Military service or intellectual enterprises were acceptable but only as a last reso...more
This play contains multitudes beneath the the surface banalities. I don't even know how to approach a review of this masterpiece. Suffice it to say that it's a beautifully written tragedy with surprising moments of humor. Nabokov said that no writer created more pathetic characters than Chekov, and certainly this play attests to that, but its greatness is beyond that. This is a case where I don't know how to do the work justice in a review, so I will instead merely give this masterpiece the high...more
I have an intense love/hate relationship with Chekhov and it is because of this play. Three sisters sitting around whining about taking the train to Moscow. It is a story of transformation, boredom and listlessness. Which may be why I felt bored and listless when reading it. Perhaps. To go to Moscow. To go back to Moscow. Moscow. . .Moscow. . .
NaÐa A. Muhammĕd
قال الكاتب نابوكوف فيما معناه لا يوجد كاتب يرسم ويكتب شخصيات مثيرة للشفقة كأنطون تشيخوف !، و هذا ما حدث !.
الأخوات الثلاث مسرحية من اربع فصول تدور عن حياة بلا هدف ، حياة مملة ، أبطالها لا يتخيلون أنفسهم يعملون ، فيعشن الاخوات على أمل واحد أن يتمكنّ من العودة إلى موسكو مسقط رأسهم ليقيموا في بيت الأسرة هناك ، فتمثل موسكو الحياة كما تجب أن تعاش ، اولغا ، وايرينا و ماشا ثلاث اخوات لكل منهن شخصيته لم تتجاوزن الثلاثين بعد أصغرهم في الواحدة والعشرين ولكنها تشعر بأنها قد هرمت ! ، وأخيهم اندري فقد السيطر...more
Darya Conmigo
Забавный факт про "Трех сестер":

По воспоминаниям Станиславского, Чехов «был уверен, что он написал весёлую комедию». Что говорит о своеобразном чувстве юмора Чехова. Согласно тому же Станиславскомуу, актёры, слушавшие пьесу в первый раз, рыдали, и не ожидавший слёз автор решил, что пьеса «непонятна и провалилась». (Это, конечно, если верить Википедии).

И все же, и все же, только Чехов может так написать о тоскливой жизни:

Что ж? После нас будут летать на воздушных шарах, изменятся пиджаки, открою
To read Chekhov (the dramatist) is to crack a case!

His literary style does not include a central plot which drives the play, the tragedy and comedy are inextricably intertwined, the lack of clarity and defined meanings are intrinsic characteristics of his drama, which eventually puzzles the reader, It may even allude to a static plot consisting of characters mulling upon the mundane! “The three sisters” seems to follow the same pattern that focuses on the development of the different characters'...more
My boss gave me a year ticket for the National theatre, it's one of the sweet bargains of my job. So I go to theatre with my colleagues on Friday/Saturday although on Fridays we are minced meat. After 12-14 hours shift that I go through every day, I usually devote myself to alcohol because I can't feel my brain, cause sleep became irrelevant and put in a category ‘what’s that?’. I even less feel myself after a few pints, but at least I know I occupy my mind with something that is not called a jo...more
sahar salman
هذا العمل الأدبي الفني يتحدث عن الشخوص الواقعية في الحياة التي تضحك من نفسها و تحاول أن تجد معناً ما في طريقة عيشها إنهم أناس لم يوفقوا في حياتهم ويبحثون عن السعادة التي ترضيهم البساطة في الحركات والحوارات تخبأ الفكرة التي يصورها تشيخوف وهو يشير كما هو دوماً على أنه بالرغم من الألام و المصائب والتعاسة التي نعيشها سيأتي يومٌ نفرح فيه جميعاً فتزول ألامنا ونحيا بهناء في الحياة.
I listened to this play in CD format (L.A. Theatre Works, 2011). This full-cast performance features 12 actors/actresses, including Jon Hamm as Vershinin, Masha's lover (I admit Mr Hamm's role was what attracted me to the audio version of the play). I am not a big fan of Chekhov, for the same reasons other reviewers have noted here. However, this production was excellent--the dialogue is clearly articulated, well-paced (rather than rapid fire speech), and accessible. Purists would perhaps compla...more
Für mich das einzige ein bißchen deprimierende seiner Stücke. Aber alles besonders geschickt ausbalanciert, so daß man kaum noch Handlung braucht. Diese furchtbare Schwägerin, wie sie ihr Kind als Waffe benutzt, um die Macht zu übernehmen und das Haus zu erobern. Die Schwester Olga über ihren willensschwachen Bruder: "Er ist bei uns der Gelehrte und spielt Violine und sägt verschiedene Sächelchen aus, kurz, er kann alles – Andrej, geh nicht weg! Er hat so eine Art – immer wegzugehen. Komm her!"
Chekhov’s characters, both in his fictions and his plays are people deeply in pain and disasters, but their hands are not long enough to change their fate or the world around themselves. The last statement of Chekhov’s plays describes almost the whole piece:
The Doctor: The fact is, Konstantin Gavrilitch has shot himself. (Sea-Gull).
Firs: Life has slipped by as though, I hadn’t lived. I lie down a bit … there is no strength in you, nothing left you, all gone! Ech! I’m good for nothing (Cherry Orc...more
I decided, perhaps foolishly, to tackle one of Chekhov's plays for my first foray into graduate level literary analysis. I solidly grasped Chekhov's nihilism and his treatment of the notion of coping with a life we do not want but, for whatever reason, cannot leave. I began to understand the different ways the three titular sisters make do with their lives, through fantasy, contempt, and resignation. My personal curveball, however, was that this particular lit analysis was to be written from as...more
Caroline Owens
I'm really on a run of three-star reviews here. It's like I can't commit to anything more.

I don't know that I'm meant to read plays. I love to see them performed live, but I don't have the patience to invent all the other surrounding nuances that I feel must be in most cases preferable to the enjoyment of a play. The movement on stage, the scenery (or lack there of), the actors' tone and delivery of the lines are things that I like to be interpreted FOR me by someone else it seems.

Anyway, I thi...more
Virtually every sentence in this remarkable play is dense with meaning that resonates today just as much as it did when Chekhov wrote it 130 years ago. Chekhov was a marvelous observer of human nature so each character represents a certain type of person that we all can recognize; Olga, the dutiful one, Irina, the dreamer and talker, Masha, disappointed in her choice of husband. We also meet Andrey, the brother who never fulfilled his potential, Vershinin , the dreamer who is in love with love,...more
Nicolás Rivas
Los diálogos en "Las tres hermanas" son de una actualidad conmovedora. Las conversaciones, que comienzan sobre algo circunstancial, pronto se fragmentan y van a dar a una conjunto de monólogos. Parece que cada personaje tuviera una fuerza interior implacable que lo llevara a transmitir sus obsesiones. Así se nos muestran con profunda honestidad los seres humanos que se han puesto en escena; personajes universales que sin duda sabremos reconocer en nuestras propias vidas. Chejov tiene algo que de...more
Hamid Hasanzadeh
ورشینین : بله ، سرنوشت همین است، فراموشمان خواهند کرد.هیچ کاری نمی شود کرد.تمام آنچه را که جدی ، بزرگ و پر اهمیت می دانیم-با گذشت زمان- فراموش و بی اهمیت خواهند شد.(سکوت) جالب اینجاست که در حال حاضر نمی دانیم چه چیزی پر اهمیت و چه چیزی ناچیز و بی اهمیت و مسخره است.
مگر کشفِ کپرنیک و یا فرض کنیم کریستف کلمب در ابتدا موضوعی غیر ضروری و نظریه ای خنده دار و ابلهانه که سراپا کذب محض بوده و توسط آدمِ عجیب و غریبی نوشته شده، نبود؟ شاید همین زندگی که این چنین به آن خو گرفته ایم با گذشت زمان، عجیب ، نا م...more
This play was definitely not the best out of the 5. Too long for the content. The other plays offer better and deeper meanings in a more concise fashion.

Choice quotes include:

"Things that seem important to us, serious and significant things-- the time will come when they'll all be forgotten --- or they won't seem so important anymore. And the interesting thing is, there's no way we can guess what will be considered important and serious, and what will be considered petty and silly. Remember the...more
Данная пьеса Антона Чехова очень хороша. Она прекрасна, как и большинство работ автора, глубиной чувств, которые вызывает.

Она очень печальна и томна, и именно в этом её красота. Конечно же автор как и у всех своих произведениях показывает читателям разнообразие человеческой природы, проблем, ожиданий и надежд, а вместе с ними их недостатки и ошибки.
had to read this one for my clown class (no, it's not as strange as it seems). The idea was to try and perform scenes from the 3 sisters as a clown.
But I'm a big fan of tchekhov anyway. Amazing what he can do with what is not said.
I certinly will need to re-read it.
"Oh, what has become of my past and where is it? I used to be
young, happy, clever, I used to be able to think and frame clever ideas,the present and the future seemed to me full of hope. Why do we, almost before we have begun to live, become dull, grey, uninteresting, lazy, apathetic, useless, unhappy.... This town has already been in existence for two hundred years and it has a hundred thousand inhabitants, not one of whom is in any way different from the others. There has never been, now or at...more
Julia Boechat Machado
All my reviews are currently in Library Thing. I'm no longer updating my GR since it was bought by Amazon.
From Act III.

Quote #1 - Masha: [Softly] "It’s my secret but you must know everything . . . I can’t be silent. . . . [Pause] I love, I love . . . I love that man. . . . You saw him only just now. . . . Why don’t I say it . . . in one word. I love Vershinin."

Quote #2 - Masha: "What am I to do? [Takes her head in her hands] First he seemed queer to me, then I was sorry for him . . . then I fell in love with him . . . fell in love with his voice, his words, his misfortunes, his two daughters."

I r...more
Carrie Anne
ANOTHER depressing Russian play, complete with covetousness and affairs and dissatisfaction and death. I understand Chekhov is great, but I cannot yet appreciate him. It is rather brilliant, though, in its poetry:
"Why on the very threshold of life do we become dull, grey, uninteresting, lazy, indifferent, useless, unhappy?... Our town has been going on for two hundred years-- there are a hundred thousand people living in it; and there is not one who is not like the rest, not one saint in the pas...more
This famous drama tells the story of Andrei Prozorov and his three sisters, Olga, Masha, and Irina. It is set in a small provincial town somewhere in Russia. Before The Three Sisters I only read The Cherry Orchard, and I remember how irritated I was about the incapability of all the characters to do anything about their miserable situation, even though the solution was right under their noses. Maybe I wasn't prepared for Chekhov then, maybe I'm ready for him now, as The Three Sisters spoke right...more
Simon Mcleish
Originally published on my blog here in January 1999.

Chekhov's mature plays are famous for the way that nothing happens. This generalisation is not, of course, totally accurate, but it is certainly the case that what plot there is (here such incidents as an unsuitable marriage, a fire, a duel, the removal of the town's army contingent) take place off stage, and are there principally to point something out in the personalities of Chekhov's characters. To use the word "plot" to describe the incide...more
I was always afraid of reading Russian literature because it seemed so complex with those incredibly long names and historical facts, but to my surprise I ended up loving this story!
Three Sisters is a theatre play of four acts about the lives, dreams, hopes and frustrations of Olga, Masha and Irina Prozorov, the daughters of a deceased general who live in a small rural town of central Russia and whose biggest dream is to return to their native town, Moscow.
It is said that the story was inspired...more
Прочитал ещё раз эту пьесу, мучительную своей откровенностью. Такое впечатление, чувства мне до того знакомы, что кажется, что всё это происходило со мной вчера (или на самом деле происходило?). Мучительность в откровенности; иногда бывает трудно посмотреть жизни в глаза, очень тяжело. "Мне ничего не нужно, но меня возмущает несправедливость", говорит одна из героинь пьесы. Внутри всё возмущается при виде посредственности и пошлости, указывающей, распоряжающейся и подгребающей под себя. Мучитель...more
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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Russian: Антон Павлович Чехов) was born in the small seaport of Taganrog, southern Russia, the son of a grocer. Chekhov's grandfather was a serf, who had bought his own freedom and that of his three sons in 1841. He also taught himself to read and write. Yevgenia Morozova, Chekhov's mother, was the daughter of a cloth merchant.

"When I think back on my childhood," Chekhov r...more
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