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3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  1,289 ratings  ·  97 reviews
The novels that the great Italian writer Alberto Moravia wrote in the years following World War II represent an extraordinary survey of the range of human behavior in a fragmented modern society.Boredom,the story of a failed artist and pampered son of a rich family who becomes dangerously attached to a young model, examines the complex relations between money, sex, and imp ...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published July 20th 2011 by NYRB Classics (first published 1960)
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Eddie Watkins
When I think of boredom I think of a flat blankness and sensory living-deadness; a kind of soul emptiness so empty that there’s not even enough passion to be tormented by it. But this isn’t Moravia’s boredom. His boredom is what I often refer to (during my own episodes of it) as alienation: a pervasive alienation from all things and all people that stifles the still straining passions thus causing quite a soul’s load of torment. If his boredom had been what I typically think of as boredom then t ...more
mai ahmd
للأسف قرأت نسخة مختصرة من الرواية الأصلية السأم لا أعرف كيف تسنى للمترجم أن يقوم بهذه الجريمة الأدبية فيغير شخصيات الرواية إلى أسماء مثل سمير ومجدي وسلوى والأماكن إلى المعادي والدقي والقاهرة لينسف بذلك هوية الرواية ويقضي على روحها ..

على الرغم من كل مصائب هذه الترجمة فإن فكرة النص وشخصية بطل الرواية جديرة بالإهتمام أنصح بنسخة دار الآداب أعتقد إنها النسخة الأفضل
Yet another "existential" novel about a disaffected rich prick going through an existential crisis. Like Sartre's protagonist in Nausea or Huysmans' Against Nature , the protagonist here is a spoiled twit who feels disconnected with the world, but he calls it "boredom." Fair enough.

Our poor little rich boy has stopped painting (it's boring) and really isn't doing much other than spying on his neighbors (but only half-heartedly since that's also boring).

Enter one 17 year old vamp who, except
I want to go as far as to say that this has got to be one of the finest, most psychologically captivating novels I have ever read. I've given it 4 stars, because although necessary in hindsight, the beginning was very difficult to read. I almost bailed out because of the slow and in some places stagnant narration, which made it hard to tell which direction the novel would ulitimately end up taking. I'm so glad that I stuck it out.

Boredom is the story of Dino, a rich, failed painter who is discon
Dayes Mohammed
أحيانا ً تصبح الحياة هي الوهم الأخير الذي يجب علينا أن نتخلى عنه من أجل الحياة ! كيف !!!!
لا أعرف ، الإجابة على سؤال ملتبس يحتاج عمرا ً كاملا ً ، و التفكير في حياة ملتبسة يحتاج الحديث عما عايشه الإنسان في حياته أكثر من مرة ، ربما كان هنا حدث ٌ بسيط ، حدث ٌ تافه ، قادر على التغيير في صياغة أحداثنا اليومية ، و ترتيب مشاعرنا من جديد ، حالة السأم التي يمر بها الإنسان ، طبيعية جدا ً ، لأن هذه الحياة تسببها لأنها بغيضة و مملة بتفاصيلها الصغيرة و الكبيرة ، الحياة ليست سوى تفاصيل ، هذه التفاصيل هي ما يحك
أحمد أبازيد Ahmad Abazed
إنّها العلمنة الكاملة , و الأبيقوريّة الديونيزيّة المحضة , بطلة القصّة تهتمّ بالمتعة فقط , إنّها المتعة الجنسيّة حصرا و ليست المادّة , فهي لا تبالي بالرفاه المادي و لا بالأموال و إنّما بالمتعة الجنسيّة وحدها ,بطل القصّة و تعريف السأم بارع في توضيح مشكلة العالم الذي فقد ترابط الأشياء و صار ظمآن للمعنى , الظما للمعنى الذي يدفعه لاختيار ما يكره فقط لأجل أن تصبح له علاقةٌ بالأشياء و لا تبقى على حياديّتها و انفصالها عن المعنى و مسافة التفاعل الإنسانيّ .
حتى الانتحار قد يكون ذا معنى في هذا العالم المتف
La prosa di Moravia provoca continui orgasmi.

Questa è la mia recensione per Una volta mi è stato detto che La noia è un libro pesante, senza dubbio più de Gli indifferenti e di altre opere moraviane. Ebbene, non posso che dissentire con chi fece quell’affermazione. “Pesante”, come intendo io questo termine, non lo è affatto: argomento molto impegnativo e non certo da libro harmony (ma quando mai un’opera di Moravia – o di qualsiasi altro Autore con l’iniziale maiuscola – è stata
Nov 24, 2007 Tosh rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those who like obsessive sexual literature
I love Alberto Moravia's work. A hard title for someone to get excited about - but this book is anything but boring.

A story of a wealthy man who is extremely bored with life. Out of spite and just to play a game he decides to seduce a young girl who is from the lower class. Of course what happens the girl becomes an object of obsession for him that drives him nuts. A great novel!
For the last ten years my older sister has been telling me to read this book. It’s her favourite. Is it about boredom? She gave me that look, are you stupid, obviously not. Will I be bored? She and I, well, we don’t have similar tastes.

It’s a story about 35 yr.old prick Dino, Italian dandy, who is bored out of his f*ucking mind. He is filthy rich, has a Mommy dear who loves him very much and who is paying everything for him, but he hates his Mommy, because Mommy loves money. He wants to be a pa

موراڤيا يكتب بطريقة لو جُردت لوجدت أنها في حقيقتها هي أرقام محضة، حسابات براهين و إثباتات. و إنّي أشعرُ بالعزاء إذ أقرأ باستمتاع هذه اللغة التي تفوح بكل تلك الأشياء التي لطالما نفرت منها و فشلت فيها.
طورتُ ارتباطًا مظطردًا بازدياد بهذهِ الرواية منذ الشروع في قراءتها، في تمهيد الرواية تطرق الراوي لتعريفات متعددة لوصف السأم الذي يشعر به، و في هذهِ المواجهات المباشرة لاحظتُ أنّ ذلك ليس سأمًا ببساطة، و تساءلت عن مقدار تسامح السأم الذي يسمح لذلك القدر من المشاعر و الأفعال الملتبسة لأن تستظلل بظلّه. و
Penso di amare Moravia, è decisamente entrato a far parte dei miei autori preferiti. Non voglio (e non sarebbe facile) fare una recensione dettagliata di questo libro.. bisogna leggerlo, impossibile descriverlo e riassumerlo in una recensione.

Ci tengo solo a dire che
1) non avrei mai immaginato di sentir parlare di "noia" intesa come la intende Moravia e l'argomento in sé mi ha presa tantissimo.
2) lo stile di scrittura di Moravia mi ha dato numerosi orgasmi letterari: potrebbe scrivere la quals
muhammad lafi
ألبيرتو كائن ضجر بالفطرة، أتهيئ كل مرة أقبل فيها على قراءته بمزاج عكر، فلسفته شكاءة، وهو أسوا شخص يمكن أن يرافقك إلى حانة، اذا افترضنا أنك لن تضجر من نديم مفرط الغرور وكثير الثرثرة ومسهب في بسط وضم وجعلكة ومضغ وبصق وإعادة تقييم متناقض نفسيته أمامك!
هذه كائنات يجب أن لا توجد خارج الكتب، فما عليك حين تصاب بالعدوى منه إلا أن تصفع الكتاب في الحائط جانبا وتصفق الباب وراءك، ثم تعود بتأنيب ضمير أقل لتبدأ من حيث انتهيت دون الحاجة للاعتذار، وبمرح أقل سوء لا يستدعي الاعتراف به أمام مخلوق يجب أن تصر انه ملع
Stephen Durrant
This is my third Moravia novel ("Contempt" and "The Conformist") and so far my favorite. The narrator suffers from boredom (Italian "noia"), which he defines in a very particular way: "A sense of the absurdity of a reality which is insufficient or anyhow unable to convince me of its reality" (p5). Alienated from his world, and particularly his wealthy mother, he begins an affair with a very young woman who had previously been the lover of his neighbor and perhaps even caused that neighbor's deat ...more

"One can only love what he can’t possess”- Proust. The novel starts with the boredom of the central character Dinno which differs from ordinary way in which this word is used . This is the boredom due to which he finds is impossible to relate to the external object as if things and people don’t even exist . Due to this boredom he even fails to paint and there is an empty canvas lying in his studio which awaits brush. In turn of events he meets an young women who fails to put any impression on hi
I am currently re-reading this book because I am taking a writing class that said to bring our favorite novel to class. This came in first without much thought (second, The Temple of the Golden Pavillion).

A wonderful study on the nature of real boredom and the way cruelty and pain can bind us to the world. The movie made from the book, l'ennui, is very good too. But if you want the deep study of boredom and sexual desire/possesion, read this.

Moravia is brilliant- and this is his best.
Una lolita inconsapevole è la vera protagonista del romanzo, aldilà dell'intenzione dell'autore che pone Dino come voce narrante, come l'annoiato,come l'uomo finito perché incapace di possedere: la sua arte(la pittura) e Cecilia (la lotita).
Cecilia è noia e annoiata, incapace di parole, di sentimenti e di emozioni, è il catalizzatore di pulsioni e passioni, tutte rivolte e centrate in quell'involucro acerbo che è il suo corpo che lei concede per puro istinto senza accenni di studiata seduzione,
This book should have been titled “Possession” for it deals with obsessive-possessive love spawned by the boredom of the disengaged.

Dino is a 35 year-old painter who has lost his touch, a spoiled only-child of a doting but rich mother. He hates the lifestyle she represents yet willingly settles for a generous “allowance” so that he can live apart and “poor.” This pseudo-poor state does not do his soul any good (for he can always go back to mama for a stake if times get tough) and he drifts into
A book which delves into what it means to possess a lover. There can be physical possession without emotional possession. Or there can be both, but neither of them exclusive possession. And does the sense of the reality of someone increase or decrease with the possession of them? Does possession lead to boredom, which Moravia defines as a lack of relationship with reality. Is mystery -- the elusiveness of truly knowing someone -- what can make a person more real to us?

Simply put, this might be a
Noura Khalil
My fave line from The Boredom: "Boredom, for me, was like a kind of fog in which my thought was constantly losing its way, catching glimpses only at intervals of some detail of reality: like a person in a thick mist who catches a glimpse now of the corner of a house, now of the figure of a passer-by, now of some other object, but only for an instant, before they vanish."

No one writes like Moravia. This book is the one that makes your head feel just right fuzzy !
Carlos Manzano
Partiendo del hecho de que la novela es probablemente el género literario que más complejidad formal admite, dando cobijo a todas las formas narrativas imaginables, tengo que decir que me gusta la novela de corte clásica, la decimonónica, esa tan denostada por algunos por su recurrente estructura de presentación-nudo-desenlace. Esto viene a cuento por la novela que estoy leyendo, “El tedio”, de Alberto Moravia, que me tiene atrapado sin remedio desde sus primeras líneas. Más allá de la anécdota ...more
O.K. Schwarz
goddam this book is truly great. makes you wish you were 'in deep' with sb like Dino is ... unless you already are in which case I'm not sure whether I pity you or I envy you. Seems like Dino's attitude towards his own sudden, violent preoccupation with Cecelia is relatively ambivalent i.e. he talks like it's all bad but he obviously finds it xtremely entertaining. Dino's hilariously neurotic and yet mystifyingly clueless. Cecelia's superficially oblivious and yet uncannily 'zen.' They have trul ...more
Asma awadh
رواية تكتم الأنفاس, ويكاد السأم المصاب به دينو ينتقل اليك تدرجياً من خلال طريقة سرد البرتو مورافيا.
الرواية الثانية لي مع البرتو مورافيا بعد الاحتقار بينهما شبه كبير توضح طريقة اسلوب الكاتب المعتمدة كلياً على التغلل في النفس البشرية وشرحها بأدق تفاصيلها الصغيرة
استطاع مورافيا استعمال قصة بسيطة لرسام بلغ الخامسة والثلاثين كان قد سأم من رسمه ومن امة وغناه فحاول ان يعيد ارتباطه بالواقع بالارتباط بفتاة صبية تبلغ السابعة عشر تافه لا تريد شيء من هذه الحياه عكس هذا الرسام لكنه يكتشف ان كلاهما مصاب بالسأ
رواية شهيرة للاديب الايطالي البرتو مورافيا حصلت على جائزة ادبية رفيعة وتحولت الى فلم سينمائي شهير ولا تختلف عن بقية رواياته التي يدخل فيها في اعماق النفس البشرية ورغباتها المتنوعة ضمن فلسفته الخاصة
طبعت مرات عديدة وجديرة بالقراءة
I came to Moravia through Godard's adaptation of his book Contempt. Like Boredom, that novel is filled with the psychoanalytically-informed exposition of a male protagonist with tunnel vision for an enigmatic and unattainable female love interest. What Boredom misses, however, is Contempt's elegant and original premise, its consistently vibrant prose, its arresting symbolism, its subtle dramatic devastation—just about everything that makes that novel enjoyable instead of tedious.

Dino, Boredom's
Kobe Bryant
Hmm an atheist blank slate girl with a tiny waist, big boobs and massive thighs and ass that wants to just have sex all the time, no wonder he went crazy
يكفي ان البارتو مورافيا صرح انها اروع ما كتب على الاطلاق، القدرة الغريبة على التحليل النفسي، مع قليل من تطرف الفلسفة الوجودية والكلام عن الرغبات وتحليلها
Oh I was so unkind to this book that I feel remorse. It gets an extra star and I have removed the bitchy things I said about it.
Edward S. Portman
Potrebbe sembrare una cosa voluta mentre invece è solo una semplice coincidenza. Anche perché da La noia di Alberto Moravia mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso dal punto di vista dei contenuti. Niente di particolare ma pensavo che il titolo non fosse solo un mero pretesto quanto piuttosto un riassunto di quanto l’autore andava a sviscerare all’interno del romanzo. Invece dopo Un amore di Buzzanti mi sono trovato davanti una nuova storia d’amore tormentata, e tormentata pure in modo assai simile. An ...more
It was reading and enjoying this book so much that I think got me started on the NYRB series.
I have read both this and Contempt more than once. It's a trip.
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Alberto Moravia, born Alberto Pincherle was one of the leading Italian novelists of the twentieth century whose novels explore matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism.
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