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The Love of a King
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The Love of a King

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  136 ratings  ·  60 reviews
This award-winning collection of adapted classic literature and original stories develops reading skills for low-beginning through advanced students.
Accessible language and carefully controlled vocabulary build students' reading confidence.
Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension.
Before, during, and
Paperback, 56 pages
Published March 1st 2008 by Oxford University Press, USA (first published August 17th 2000)
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Sähår Ḿǿĥẳmmęd
best English story i have ever read
just a king who left it all for his own happiness :)
Yuka Sugiura
1. Pater Dainty, Oxford, Level2
2. 4/30-30m, 5/1-20m
4. When Edward left Britain, his mother said to him "I love you. I am your mother and nothing can change that. But if you marry that woman, you will break my heart. Go now. It is all very sad."
I think this words made him strong. He could decide not to come back here and be happy with woman he loved.
5. I really thought about true love through this book. Edward gave the crown to his brother and choose his
My favourite romance book ever. I had never been so touching like this before. I can feel the greatest love between 2 different class of 2 people how they fight for they love. How they pass through the strong disagree of the royal family. The true story about King Edward V||| and Wallis Simpson ( Duke and Duchess of Windsor). A king who throw everything away for him love and to be with her forever. After king George V died, he became a king. He had fall in love with a girl who had been married a ...more
Edward VIII was the king of Great Britain and other several countries. But he throw his place away for his love. I don't believe that love is forever. How could it be? Love is getting colder and colder becasue people change. Did Edward really love Wallis so much? Was it really worth it to have to leave his country?
Kosuke Kamiya
1. Oxford, level2

2. 4/10=60min

3. king, queen, prince, royal, love, against, marry

4. a Thank God for Wallis, and LONG LIVE LOVE!

b I like this passage because Edward, who is a main character in the book, lived in Big Palace, but
he always felt sad and lonely because he has no friends who play with. However, finally he could find the most precious things in his life.
That means his wife, Wallis.

5. I'm getting to like and respect him while reading it. he spent half life in being alone. However, he
Ruiji Kimura
6/14 15min
6/16 30min
6/17 45min
prince - hard - childhood - meet - woman - in love - go away

〜PASSAGE/EXCERPT from the book that you liked or didn't like〜
I must follow my heart. You tell me that it's a crime to fall in love. You tell me that it's wrong to be happy. How strange this country is!

〜Why did you like/didn't you like the passage/excerpt you wrote above〜
I think that the passage describes how passionate Edward's love is. His love is enough strong to throw his position away.

Tomoya Sugiyama

10th June = 20 min. 14th June = 15 min. 15th June = 30 min.

King, war, soldier, modern, marry, deuterogamist, love

How do you think to change to modern or new system from traditional one?

I liked this story because I like a revolution. Edward was a king of new generation. An active king such as Edward is rare, and necessary for changing the times. I think Edward understand the suffering of others thanks to his experience of war. It is important point fo
Takuma Kusagawa

2.6/3=35minutes 6/4=50minutes

3.marry,love,king,Great Britain,divorce,wrong,crown

4.Edward said"You tell me that Wallis cannot marry a King. So there is only one thing that I can do. I will give the crown to my brother, and leave England. I must follow my heart."
I thought he has strong feeling about marriage with Wallis.

5.Edward was a king of England, but he fall in love with Wallis. Edward's family didn't like her and didn't permit him get married to Wallis, so he left his country
Yuuka Matuda
1.oxford 2rating
2.6/17 30minutes 6/18 50minutes
3.prince, king, lessons, girl, love, divorce,queen
4.(a) i like the passage that Edward VIII marry wallis.
(b) Edward VIII had loved her for his life.
5. the book's story is about Edward VIII's life. he was the Prince of Wales. so he had to be the King. but he loved the wrong women. she was already married to another man and had the experience of divorce. the divorce was not accepted by the people in his country. but he loved her. so he quit being the
Mio Kobayashi
1. Oxford&Level2

2. 04/24=30minutes, 04/27=20minutes, 04/28=30minutes

3. King Edward, alone, meet, Wallis, choose, love, country

4. a I like "My heart is with Wallis and I cannot live without the woman I love."
b Edward said the phrase on the radio to people before he left England.

5. I impressed by this story. Edward was King of Great Britain. He fell in love with great woman, but they couldn't. Because he was King. So he decided to be a man in love. Love is more important than his country for
Noriho Motokawa
1. oxford level2
2. 5/13=60 5/14=30
3. love king woman marry Britain leave country
4. a)You cannot buy happiness. And you cannot buy love.
b) Two years before his death, Edward said this words. He really loved Wallis but people didn't agree. He overcane a lot of difficulties so this word is a loaded word.
5. I was interested in British Royal Family. I could learn a lot of things. He was a king but he left his country to love Wallis. Some people may think he is terrible but I think he is great becau
Giulia Radogna
The story is very exciting , talked about a King called Edward and a woman called Wallis. They are the main characters.
Edward met a pretty woman called Wallis, he fell in love with her, but she was married with a man called Winfield and she divorced him because he was an aggressive man....
it's a wonderful story of love and passion I reccomended you this book , I liked the story because they passed for many problems but their love was very big and they got married! At the end the love was invinci
6/10 39min (without SSR)
7-words summary
Love prince family war France marriage law

Discussion question
If you want to marry someone but your or partner's parents oppose it, what would you do?

My answer
I try to persuade them first, but if it does not work, I run away with my partner.

My opinion
I like this book because I could see that there were some rules about marriage in king'a family, That was interesting for me. I also like that George threw away his prize to marry woman who he loved very much.
1 oxford level 2
2 10/6=10minutes 10/7= 70minutes
3 parents, love, king, brother, marry, divorce, free
4 a:I could have anything that I wanted. But I wasn't happy because my heart was empty. Then I met Wallies and everything changed.
b: I like this passage. Love is necessary for our lives. I want to meet someone who change my life like Wallies.
5 I like this story very much. Love is wonderful. I think there is nothing important than love.
Madoka Sakuta
OXFORD level2
time 45min JUNE2
King life women two love decide home
Discusstion question
1 If you were the King, what would you do?
If I were the King, I want to do 2 things.
First, I make a lot of friends all over the world.
Second, I want to held Yakiniku party in Japan and invite them.
2 When you marry, do you want to live with your parents or not?
How about partner's parents?
In my case, I want to live with my parents.
I like my parents very much.
I do not want to live with partnerz's pare
Arisa Shimokawa

1.Oxford level2

2.9/26=50minutes, 9/28=40minutes

3. king, love, marry, wrong, Great Britain, divorce, crown

4.(a)I must follow my heart.
(b)I thought this passage is so cool. We always face the situations that we have to decide something. Then, we should chose what we think about that.

5. Edward chose not the crown but the lover. I thought he is brave and cool.
Kayo Nakagaki
1. oxford level 2

2. 7/1 60minutes 7/2 30minutes

3. king, parents, country, love, marry, alone, Paris

4. a:Edward spoke on BBC radio to Britain, ” My heart is with Wallis and I cannot live without the woman I love.”
b:I think he did manly behavior to be with Wallis.

5. Edward is brave man, because he chose lover, not the crown. So I want get married to someone like him.
Haruka Furuta
1, OXFORD level 2
2, 5/12 30 min 5/13 50 min
3, alone, king, love, give, crown , died, empty
4, a You could see real love in their eyes.
b, from that passage, I could knowhow they fall I love deeply.
5, I was surprised that Edward gave his crown to his brother if was him I won't do that.
I could know about royal family from this book.
Nov 13, 2014 Victor is currently reading it
این داستان درباره ی پرنس ادوارد می باشد که عاشق یک زن می شود و به خاطر او از سلطنتش می گذرد و سلطنتش را به برادرش واگذار می کند و پس از سال ها تصمیم می گیرد تا به کشورش برگردد ولی برادرش به او دروغ می گوید و قسم می خورد که دیگر بر نگردد و...
Momoko Fujigaki
1.Oxford level 2
3.Lonely, Strict parents, Wallis, New King, Divorce, Paris, Long Live Love
4.a)But you told me that I was boring! You told me the truth. I like that!
b)I think this scene became the cause of the love between Edward and Wallis, so I like this scene.
5.The king Edward really loved a woman, Wallis, even he quited a king. Through this book, I found how he loved her.
Moeko Matsuo
OXFORD bookworms Level 2
June 12, 2013
Time: 60mins

7words: prince-child-war-woman-love-marry-happy

Discussion question:
In this story, a prince quited to be a king because he really wanted to marry with a woman he loved. If you a prince or a princess, do you quit to be a king or queen to marry someone you really love?
-I think I will choose the same way which the prince chose, because I think it's very important to be with someone I really love. If I can't get the place of honor, I can be happy to l
Kweetat Chew
An easy read to understand a true love story of a not so distant past, of two souls destined for perpetual togetherness, of a sacrifice made in the name of true love. Long live love!
Luu Khue
It's a gift from a friend. Thank you very much. Going to read and give comments as soon as I can.
Morita Shoko
I'm so sorry to be late.
I hand out twice of my homework.

boy.King and Queen.lonely.woman.problem.leave.happy
commentI was surprising when he retired a King,but he would be very happy to live with loving woman.
questionAre your parents strict, kind, or funny?

amazing new ship.Titanic.safest.passengers.Iceberg.sink.find
commentMany passengers were shocked, because they thought this ship could not sink.
Oxford Readers, level 2.
Time 4/20= 30min. 4/21= 30min.
Seven word summary / king, woman, love, marriage, family, leave country, opposite
Q. If your family is against your marriage, what do you do?
A. I think I will get married even if my family is against my marriage. Because it is my life! But if I am happy, my family is not against my marriage.
This is a very romantic tale! When a king fell in love with a woman, he said “She is everything to me”. This word impressed me deeply! I want to fall in lo
Eri Chitema
I'm very sorry, but I couldn't save this book report last week.
I am wondering if you accept this report as last week homework.

7-word-summary: love, sad, royal, king, truth, woman, happy

It took 90 min. to read it.

If your family don't accept your partner, what would you do?
- I think I would persuade my family very hard.

What do you think about elopement?
- This always happens in dramas, I think. If I would do elopement in the real world, my family and friends would be worried about me. I don't w
Yasuko Takatsuki
2013.5.5 6150words
Ryosuke Sakai


6/11=25min 6/12=20min 6/13=20min

7 words summary

Discussion Question
Q1: If your lover has to go abroad for a long time, could you endure alone?

A: wow,it's really serious problem. Neddless to say, depend on longth and our age, but now I can't endure free time alone and might be caprice.

The distination of king or princess has troublesome and how to cooperate with lover is key point. Anyway, it's not only this case, but also ours.
-OXFORD bookworms Level 2
-Time: 120mins
-7words summary: King, alone, honest, leave, love, marry, happy
-Discussion question:
Can you say bye to your family to be someone you really love?
No, I can't because I love my family. It is impossible to decide not to see my family forever.
-I liked and enjoyed the story. Old true story is sometimes very interesting to read because it's interesting to know how people think. There are many differences between the culture of the story and ours, how they feel i
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