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The Best of Me
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The Best of Me

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  86,857 ratings  ·  8,231 reviews
In the fall of 1984, high school students Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole fell deeply, irrevocably in love. Though they were from opposite sides of the tracks, their love for one another seemed to defy the realities of life in the small town of Oriental, North Carolina. But as the summer of their senior year came to a close, unforeseen events would tear the young couple apa ...more
ebook, 310 pages
Published October 11th 2011 by Grand Central Publishing (first published September 14th 2010)
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Michael Clifton
This was probably the most disappointing Nicholas Sparks book I have ever read. The book's premise starts off promising enough; high school sweethearts meet again at the funeral of a mutual friend some 25 years later and rekindle their romance... a romance it turns out that had never really ebbed. Dawson Cole, one of the main characters, comes from a family of violent lawbreakers and thugs, while Amanda Collier, the other main character, comes from a wealthy, upstanding family. You get the pictu ...more
EDIT:(view spoiler) Is that better for you people? *rolls eyes*

"The Best of Me" is a novel about two high-school sweethearts, Amanda and Dawson, who went their separate ways after high school and are reunited for one weekend when they learn of the sudden passing of their mentor, Tuck. I was intrigued by this book from the beginning because I

I was sooo beyond disappointed with this book! It had me all the way up to chapter 21, I kept thinking "how is he going to get them together" well he didn't ! That's how! I got excited when it seemed that Amanda was going to meet him at the cemetery only for her to turn right and go home! Which I guess was ok since she was almost home when she received word of the accident, but she stayed with Frank even after! No no no! I feel that Amanda wa
Karla (Reads and Thoughts)
After meeting the author Nicholas Sparks last October 28th here in Manila and get him to sign my book, i started reading his latest novel which is obviously entitled "The Best Of Me". I tried so hard to refrain myself in reading this though it was really hard for me because i'm really curious about it. So here it goes, the book is definitely good! As the same as his other novels it is filled with flashbacks and old memories that in due time came back to the protagonists of the story. It was one ...more
2.5 stars. I always feel cheated when I get to the end of a Nicholas Sparks book (I don't know why I keep reading them). He has such a magical way with romance but then he rips the happily ever after away. I love the descriptions and landscapes in this book. Sparks creates the perfect backdrops for love and creates the perfect moments that most mere mortals can only dream about. Then the characters (and the reader) have to pay the price for stealing such perfection by haveing it become nothing b ...more
Ali Green
I used to love Nicholas Sparks. Dear John is one of my favorite books because of how deeply it touched me and spoke about true love. But it's the last book of his that I've absolutely adored that way. The Lucky One was a nice little story, and The Last Song touched me simply because, at the time, my father was dying of cancer. Safe Haven reminded me too much of The Guardian, and this book, The Best of Me...where do I start?

First of all, by the time I had gotten to page 90, I'd already read sever
Opening Line:”For Dawson Cole, the hallucinations began after the explosion on the platform, on the day he should have died.”

By now I’ve read enough Nicholas Sparks to know going in that I’m not always going to be guaranteed a HEA. In fact half of the suspense for me in reading his stuff now is that I’m not sure who he’s going to kill off. Sure it’s also frustrating as hell, because I always forget and then just when I’m all invested in the characters and wrapped up in their budding romance, bl
I am currently a Nicholas Sparks nut. I love a good ooey gooey romance novel. Shoot me.

I've read a lot of his books and this is the only one that has made me bawl my eyes out for about half an hour after I had finished it. It is heart wrenching and I was hooked the entire time.

I highly recommend this to someone who just is really in the mood to read a romance/chick lit.
Pearl Angeli
"I gave you the best of me, and after you left, nothing was ever the same."


This book isn't fair! Right now my emotions are all over the place I don't even know if I could write a decent review.

But heck, Nicholas Sparks did it again!

Everything in this book is remarkable. Told in multiple POVs, I found this book totally engaging and emotionally-driven. I fell in love right from the beginning up to the end. With Nicholas Sparks' beautiful lines and plot, I could never stop admiring how gre
Let me begin by saying that I listened to this book driving HOME from Canada (12 hr drive people) and it kept me awake so thank you to Nicholas, BUT.......
I am pretty sick of Nicholas Sparks, his books are sooooo predictable but it was 10,000 times worse because of the man reading it. UGH!!! He could NOT do voices and I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing out loud because he was sooo bad. Seriously, where do they find these readers? I want that job.
Dear Nicholas,
I'm sure you are a nice ma
The Translation Abbey
Cuando comencé a leer el libro me di cuenta cómo iba a desenvolverse la historia, era evidente lo que iba a pasar, pero no por eso no lo disfruté. Saber que lo que pensaba se estaba cumpliendo me hizo tener una mezcla de sentimientos en todo el libro. Me gustó bastante, sufrí, reí, lloré…

Me encantó la relación tan única y especial entre Dawson y Amanda (a pesar de que ella se me hizo muy odiosa en varias oportunidades). Esos 25 años distancias no cambiaron ese vínculo de amistad y confianza que
Maria Miaoulis
Nicholas Sparks, you never fail to deliver a great story. In fact, your job is never done unless I've been reduced to uncontrollable sobs, but I digress. In "The Best of Me," we meet Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole, high school sweethearts from different worlds who have a magical connection. However, they go their separate ways when their families and other events tear them apart. The death of their confidant, Tuck Hostetler, brings them back to their hometown 25 years later to confront their pai ...more
I gave this book only 1 star because, although it was a typical Nicholas Sparks storyline, he clearly missed it in this one. I am an avid fan and have read everything he's written and normally can't wait for his next novel to publish. However, in this one, I didn't see the average warmth, caring and heart wrenching love that he's become famous for. The love story wasn't even in good telling. The ending sucked and really did make you feel that good guys finish last, no matter how good the heart i ...more
Reem N 240511
Nicholas Sparks has done it again. He has managed to write a book that has moved from page to page with such strong emotions it is as if he experienced every heartbreak, love, betrayal, loneliness and fright. He was able to bring the characters to life. The story is about the reunion of former lovers, Amanda and Dawson. They come back to their home town after hearing about the terrible news of the death of who used to be a father figure to them, Tuck. What unfolds after, is bigger than the both ...more
C. K.  Green
OMG!! I just finished the Nicholas Sparks The Best of me and I want to cry so bad! I believe everything in life happens for a reason and this book proves that. As I read the series of events I knew exactly what had happened before the book told me and I wanted to scream "No" because true love overcomes everything. In the end I think in the end knowing what happened not only saved two lives that night but it saved her in so many ways and I believe he would say it was all worth it. I'm still so sa ...more
I'm giving up on you Sparks.

No more.
Meg ♥

Have to give this one 3 stars. It started off quite well, actually. I enjoyed reading about Amanda and Dawson, and their forbidden teenage romance. I was interested to see what would happen when they met years later.

They are now in their 40's when they are reunited to throw a ceremony for their old dead friend Tuck...He has pined for her all these years, and she married, had children etc. Of course her marriage is failing. Once they do meet up, unfortunately, the books seems to drag and drag...
Ne znam u biti sto reci.. Nije me vuklo na citanje, nije me dirnulo.. Njegova Biljeznica je bila super i treba ju procitati i pogledati film. Za ovu knjigu to ne mogu reci, a za film cu ubrzo vidjeti.
I btw, knjiga ima 311 stranica, a ne 236! :-/
Inés Izal
Es el primer libro de Sparks con el que no conecto. Todo lo veo demasiado dramático, ya sé que Sparks escribe así, pero aquí no me he creído la historia.
Normalmente en el final de un libro de Sparks estoy tirada por los suelos y llorando a mares. Pues aquí estaba medio riendo.
I don't have much to say about this other than the fact that it was the end that made this book better. Even though I wasn't particularly in love with this book, it still made my heart ache at the end :( whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks and have been for quite some time. I have loved many of his past books, particularly The Guardian and The Notebook, but this book was a bit of a dissapointment. Although the characters were very likable, I found this book hard to really get in to. It didn't "pull" me in as most of his other works have. I did find that it was very easy to relate to most of the characters but there was not enough emphasis put upon Amanda and Dawson's relationship, so although you wer ...more
This book is really but really good. I totally realised that in the last chapters. This story touched my feelings, it touched my heart. More than I had Imagined. It was a total whirlwind of emotions. This totallly shows how true love is like and what's like to give our best to the person we love the most, the love of our life. *spoilers*- Amanda is still feeling Dawson, even though physically he's not with her- every time Amanda hugs his son, Jared, she feels- 'physical' and psychologically- eve ...more
1.5 disappointed stars

“There's a lot of magic between you too, ain't no denying that. And magic makes forgettin' hard.”

THE BEST OF ME is the heart-rending story of two small-town former high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks. Now middle-aged, they've taken wildly divergent paths, but neither has lived the life they imagined . . . and neither can forget the passionate first love that forever altered their world. When they are both called back to their hometown for the
It’s been a while since I’ve read a Nicholas Sparks book, and I can always count on this author for two things. First, he’s definitely going to share an emotional story, full of angsty love, steady drama and likeable characters. And second, it’s inevitable that he’s going to either kill off a main character or end the story in a way that leaves you screaming “Are you kidding me?!?”

Well in The Best of Me, Sparks delivered as usual. I don’t think I’m being spoilery, but rather sparklery when I say
In the small town of Oriental, Amanda Collier, a beautiful teenage girl from a wealthy and respectable family, falls in love with Dawson Cole, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks with a notorious criminal family. Alas, their relationship is doomed because neither of their families approve of the romance and they eventually part ways. However, their love was so intense and passionate that neither of them can forget the other. Twenty-four years later, after the death of their mutual friend, Tu ...more
Thomas Wilson
Let me start with the fact that Nicholas Sparks is an extremely talented writer. I have stated before in my blog and publically that I hate Nicholas Sparks, not persoanlly, just his stories!

It is like being invited to watch a car wreck with your family members and not being able to do anything about it except witness and experience the carnage! Getting severely upset and emotional in a sad way is not what I consider entertainment. I think this guy owns stock in the Klennex company! Obvouisly som
เราคิดวาภาพยนตรทำไดซึงกวามากๆ ในหนังสือจะมีบางจุดทีไมเหมือนกับในหนังซึงมันมีผลตออารมณความรูสึกของเรามากๆ เราอานหนังสือโดยไมไดเสียนำตาใหเลยสักหยด ในขณะทีตอนเราดูภาพยนตร เรารองไหแทบเปนแทบตาย แตในหนังสือกมีรายละเอียดบางจุดทีในหนังไมมี และไดเหนมุมตางๆของตัวละครทีแตกตางกันออกไป

ผูกำกับตองนำบทประพันธของสปารคมาเคาะใหมหลายจุดแนๆ โดยในหนังสือมีการใส flashback เรืองของอะแมนดาและดอวสันตอนวัยรุนเขาไปเยอะมาก และตอนทีดอวสันติดคุก อะแมนดากไปเยียมดอวสันตลอดเวลาหลายปี โดยทีรูวาเขาจะไมมาพบเธอเพราะเขาอยากใหเธอไดเริ
Whenever I read a Nicholas Sparks book I go into them knowing I'm going to fall in love with the characters and one or some of them will die, I usually don't read his books because of this. This book was no exception. I found this book to be wonderful and it actually had me in tears twice in the book.
It is the story of Dawson, Amanda and their very different families. Dawson comes from a very violent and law breaking family and Amanda comes from a very prestigus rich family (both in the same sma
I don't know if Nicholas Sparks has changed that much or whether I'm the one that changed, but I just don't love his books anymore. I don't know if I can even keep reading them (though of course I probably will). I will always love The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, and A Bend in the Road, but as I keep saying, the more recent books just have too much spirituality, parenting, and woo woo elements. Also, after all this time the predictability of love and tragedy, rinse and repeat, just starts to ...more
“That's why I loved being with you. We could do the simplest things, like toss starfish into the ocean and share a burger and talk and even then I knew that I was fortunate. Because you were the first guy who wasn't constantly trying to impress me. You accepted who you were, but more than that, you accepted me for me. And nothing else mattered-- not my family or your family or anyone else in the world. It was just us.”

I feel like I shouldn't even quote anything because there isn't anything th
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As a child, Nicholas Sparks lived in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Grand Island, Nebraska, finally settling in Fair Oaks, California at the age of eight. His father was a professor, his mother a homemaker, then optometrist's assistant. He lived in Fair Oaks through high school, graduated valedictorian in 1984, and received a full track scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

After breaking the N
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“That's why I loved being with you. We could do the simplest things, like toss starfish into the ocean and share a burger and talk and even then I knew that I was fortunate. Because you were the first guy who wasn't constantly trying to impress me. You accepted who you were, but more than that, you accepted me for me. And nothing else mattered-- not my family or your family or anyone else in the world. It was just us.” 504 likes
“Don't take my advice. Or anyone's advice. Trust yourself. For good or for bad, happy or unhappy, it's your life, and what you do with it has always been entirely up to you.” 427 likes
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