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Family Happiness
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Family Happiness

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  2,704 ratings  ·  140 reviews
A short story from the Classic Shorts collection: Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy
ebook, 224 pages
Published April 28th 2009 by HarperCollins e-books (first published 1859)
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Impressive. This tale has almost one hundred pages and they only exist to pave way to the last few lines where a moral conclusion is reached. Feelings and ideas have their own life-cycle. They don't last forever and people need to learn to deal with it. Human beings constantly need to reinvent their perspectives since they can't help but learn, change and evolve. Let what has come to pass become history for you cannot get it back. It's an elegant concept. The book portrays this in a powerful fas ...more
عبدالكريم الخليفي
رواية واقعية عميقة على المستوى النفسي, تصف حالة من حالات الزواج. نرى فيها التعامل مع الإنسان من حيث هو كائن له مراحل نفسيّة لها متطلباتها, يعامل تولستوي الشخصيات بديالكتيك النفس – إن صح التعبير - نرى في الرجل قبل الزواج متعباً من الحياة منتظراً السكينة والعزلة في الإرتباط. وفي الجانب الآخر, المرأة صغيرة العمر والحياة أمامها ولذلك كان الحبّ يعدها بحياة أمامها من المجهول والإستكشاف. الفارق العمري بين الزوجين أضفى بعداً جديداً للجانب النفسي متأثراً بالتغيرات الحيويّة, والتغيرات التي تحدث مع تقادم ف ...more
قصة الرواية عادية
لكن الرائع هو الوصف, وصف الطبيعة والمشاعر والأحداث
Dec 20, 2014 Wanda rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Wanda by: 19th Century Literature Group at Yahoo
31 AUG 2014 - am reading this one today. At only 100 pages (+/-), I will finish this one and begin Midwinter this evening.

I have found Katia as also named Family Happiness. I found my copy at Project Gutenberg named as Katia. Here is the link:


katia cover

When the first blush of loves fades, a compromise must be made or unhappiness reigns.

Amal Gamal
في البداية أشعر بالقلق عند قراءة أعمال مُترجمة.
ف ضياع أسلوب الترجمة يسلب القارئ متعتة وهو يقرأ وربما يضيق ذرعًا بالكلمات الغير متناسقه فيعدل عن مُتابعة القراءة.
أنا قرأته مُترجم وهو أول تجربة لي مع الأدب الروسي.
رشحته لي صديقه ف بدأت أقرأه وماشجعني أكثر أنه صغير فأن لم يُعجبني لن أضيع الكثير من الوقت في انهائه.
أحببت بدايتة وحياة كاتيا وهي طفلة في الريف مع أختها ومربيتها ففي الريف هناك جمال وروعه لا يمكن لأحد ان يشعر به الا من ذاقهُ وقد فعلت.
روعة الوصف هي أكثر ما أبهرتني فكنت أشعر بالصورة تتجسد أ
Siska Nurohmah
After reading the book, I start thinking.. is reality that ugly and boring?
Well, the world seems so wonderful, colorful, exciting.. and so on.. when you fall in love. You want to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, you consider marriage, you plan everything.. but, after a while, after the hormone stop working, after you become desensitized.. your life turns flat. even flatter than before. And maybe you'll think that it's sickening to have to live with the same person troughout you
Opening lines:
WE were in mourning for our mother, who had died the preceding autumn, and we had spent all the winter alone in the country—Macha, Sonia and I.
Macha was an old family friend, who had been our governess and had brought us all up, and my memories of her, like my love for her, went as far back as my memories of myself.
Sonia was my younger sister.

There was no error in the remark which he so often made, that, in life, there was but one certain happiness: to live for others.

Hend Aboul Gada
رواية حلوة بس النهايةصادمة جدا
انا مش ببحث عن نهاية سعيدة
بس ببحث عن نهاية حاسمة
يا ابيض يا اسود
لكن النهاية الرمادية دى
لم ترضينى الصراحة
بس الكونت تولستوى كالعادة
بيحاول ينشر ثقافة الحب والجمال
والتضحية والسلام بطريقة لطيفة غبر محسوسة
لدرجة تحسسك بالسلام النفسى
من مقولات الرواية اللى عجبتنى:

لماذا لم يكن يستخدم سلطان حبه معى

يبدو انكن معشر السيدات لابد ان
ترفعن كأس الأستهتار حتى شفاهكن
قبل ان تستطعن تذوق الحياة
وانتن فى ذلك لا تصدقن ابدا
تجربة الأخرين

لقد كان يجب الا آذن لنفسى ان احبك
أو أن أحبك ببساطة أكثر

Of all novellas I've read, Family Happiness is the most enthralling by far. The crucial insights to the ideal form of love, family, and happiness are wisdoms that hang over the reader as a sweet mist for weeks afterward. Although short in words, the gentle and often sublime descriptive imagery offered by Tolstoy are beyond a website review. He displays such a handle over tone, voice and placement. However, as I said earlier, the most important layer to this novella is its message that love does ...more
Jordan Magnuson
Profound and thought-provoking. Is this happiness, or is this resignation?
"I felt that I was wholly his, and that I was happy in his power over me." So Masha thinks in the carriage after her wedding. She is, of course, in for a rude awakening. In Tolstoy's semi-autobiographical account of a teen marrying a 30-something and discovering that married life is not all roses and champagne. In fact, it's often petty and controlling, or so it seems. I like Tolstoy, usually, but this book brought me to the fact that Tolstoy raped his teenage wife numerous time in the carriage ...more
Berawal dari judulnya yang cukup membuat saya penasaran. Terlebih dari sinopsisnya yang menceritakan pernikahan seorang wanita belia dengan seorang pria yang sudah berumur dewasa.

Setelah kematian ayah yang kemudian disusul kematian Ibunya, Marya Alexandrovna, yang biasa dipanggil dengan nama kesayangan ”Masha”, mengalami kemurungan yang sangat. Di usianya yang baru 17 tahun, segala keceriaan dalam dirinya lenyap. Ketika itulah seorang sahabat mendiang Ayah Masha datang berkunjung.

Sergei Mikhaili
Family Happiness explores the moral dilemmas and transitions faced when one falls in love. Much can be taken from this short book and applied to our own experiences as I discovered.

A young girl (Masha) falls in love with a man (Sergey) twice her age and is exposed to all the turbulent feelings associated; infatuation, passion, helplessness. As these feelings are extinguished over time she begins to feel utterly alone in the world, sometimes reminiscing on a misspent youth. The birth of two chil
Kennedy Ifeh
Though Tolstoy wrote this book when he was only 31, it tells of the formation of his pessimistic views about love. He speaks thru the mind of the main character, Masha. Masha falls in love with Sergei and their lives reflects all that we can relate with - falling in love and then falling out of love. In the end, the about 100 pages condenses into few sentences that captures Tolstoy's ideas of family happiness; emotions don't last forever. There comes a time when couples will have give up their e ...more
Sara Mehrez
اول تجاربي مع الادب الروسي
تقع كاتيا في غرام سيرج صديق والدالها والذي يكبرها باعوام كثيرة
ويتزوجان في النهاية , ينعمان بقدر كبير من السعادة والصفاء النفسي في الريف
وحينما تشعر كاتيا بالضجر من هذه الحياة الرتيبة , ينتقلان الي المدنية حيث جو الحفلات وسهرات الطبقه الراقيه , تنغمس كاتيا في هذة الحياة دون زوجها , لا تعود العلاقة بين الزوجين كما كانت من قبل , يمكثان فترة طويله كل منهما بعيد عن الاخر
تعود كاتيا وزوجها الي الريف مرة اخري , يتصافيان
وتكتشف كاتيا ان سعادة المرأة تكمن في بيتها وزوجها والمس
I liked this a lot more than I expected to... It's a little sad, because it's a story about falling out of love (well, falling IN love first, and then falling out) but there are definitely lessons to be learned.

Also, I found myself being amazed over and over how such a short book could manage to have such wonderful character and relationship development. There is more substantial and realistic relationship development in these 80 pages than in the entire Twilight series.
John Farr
I loved this novella. Tolstoy is a master psychologist, and I was amazed by his ability to craft such a compelling narrative. Especially since the narrative is little more than the thoughts of a young woman who falls in love, gets married, and notices how her love changes through the years. Tolstoy tells us to accept the past, warts and all. It's not coming back, and besides, you learned something from it. Take what you learned to make the future better. More importantly he tell us that "love" r ...more
این روزها نوشتن و خواندن داستان عشقی دیگر چندان جذاب و تاثیرگذار نیست. در این داستان هم 2/3 اول کتاب فضاسازی و توصیف های استادانه ای دارد اما خواننده را متحیر نمی کند حتی وقتی توصیفی از این دست دارد

"جوابی ندادم و ناخواسته در چشمانش خیره شدم. ناگهان احساس عجیبی در من پدید آمد. ابتدا از آن چه در اطرافم بود هیچ ندیدم. بعد چهره ی او از پیش نظرم ناپدید شد و فقط چشمانش باقی ماند که گفتی درست جلو چشمان من می درخشید. بعد احساس کردم که این چشم ها درون کاسه ی چشمان من اند و جلوشان تار شده است و من از درون
I'm half-way through War and Peace, and wanted to read this novella for a break. In only 90 pages, Tolstoy does what he does best...creates wonderful sympathetic characters with insightful observations of conscious and unconscious motivations. It also has beautiful, swoon-worthy romantic passages at the beginning. Of course it concludes with a miserable moral. I was really sad at the end.
I thought the book was great and that it was hard to put down. Even though the story was only just under 100 pages it was amazing. It is a great example of how peoples feelings can change over time, the first example being how Sergey at first considers Masha to be nothing more than a friend. Over time their relationship develops into a romance and they decide to get married even though there is a significant age difference between the two. Because of this age difference Masha does not have the p ...more
A beautiful short story, and a great description of feelings. The last scene, with both of them confessing in the rain, is superb. I'd probably recommend it to fellow romantics :)
This is probably my least favorite of all the things I have read by Tolstoy. Tolstoy mentions in a number of novels and short stories that he does not really believe in love. The best example of this is in War and Peace. Prince Andrew's father has a low opinion of women. He does not think they are equal to men in mental ability.
In War and Peace Andrew's father ..."suddenly turning to his son and began to laugh. "It's a bad business, eh? "What is bad, Father?" "The wife!" said the old prince. "Th
But at that moment my heart began to beat faster, my hand trembled and pressed his, I grew hot, my eyes sought his in the half darkness, and all at once I felt that I did not fear him, that this fear was love -- a new love still more tender and stronger than the old. I felt that I was wholly his, and that I was happy in his power over me.

"I feel just as if I were ten! And you do it all!" he said, blushing and kissing my hands.

So two months went by and winter came with its cold and snow; and, in
Dian Natalia
Satu lagi karya Tolstoy yang hebat, Family Happiness
Kisah ini menggambarkan hubungan asmara antara wanita muda jelita bernama Mashechka dengan Sergey Mikhaylych yang merupakan sobat karib ayahnya. Setelah ayah Mashechka meninggal, keberadaan Sergey menjadi pengganti sosok ayahnya. Pada awalnya hubungan di antara mereka bagaikan ayah-anak karena perbedaan usia yang cukup jauh. Namun lama kelamaan perasaan saling menghormati dan menyanyangi antar ayah-anak itu berkembang menjadi perasaan cinta an
Teguh Affandi
Yang saya baca adalah terjemahan dari versi English, dengan judul dalam Bahasa Rumah Tangga Yang Bahagia, terbitan Pustaka Jaya 2008. Saya mendapatkannya di pasar buku Sriwedari Solo. Lumayan dibandrol 15.000,- (miris tapi aku senyum manis, karena buku legend dijual murah)

Hidup bukanlah duduk dan menunggu

Truly saya bukan fans berat Leo Tolstoy, tetapi saya suka membaca bukunya saja. Tulisannya selalu mengangkat kehidupan sosial di sekitarnya dan renyah. Meski dia tidak mendapatkan hadiah nobel,
"Avevo voglia di moto e non di questo tranquillo fluire di vita. Avevo voglia di emozioni, di rischi, e di sacrificarmi tutta per un sentimento. C'era in me una sovrabbondanza di forze le quali non trovavano luogo nella nostra placida vita".

Ecco il succo. La trama è delle più semplici: una ragazzina di 17 anni si sposa con un uomo molto più grande di lei. Dopo il primo periodo di scontata e perfetta serenità, la moglie inizia ad annoiarsi della vita monotona di campagna, preferisce la vita mond
Also posted on

Life, and the Nature of Love

One of the greatest names in the history of literature, Lev Tolstoj (Leo Tolstoy) is known by laymen only for the literary monuments War and Peace and, of course, Anna Karenina. However, his oeuvre didn’t begin nor stop there. It is made up of novels, short stories and novellas alike. Of the latter genre is Family Happiness, a story that confronts us with the complexity of love, life and happiness, all in barely one hundred
Leggendo questo breve romanzo ci troviamo di fronte ad un racconto atipico dell'amore, che snocciola quel mutamento dell'amore che tutte le coppie vivono, persino le più salde: dall' innamoramento passionale, giovanile e dunque impetuoso, travolgente ragione di una vita all'amore pacato e ragionato dell'età matura, quando si è già sperimentato il mondo e l'amore.Lasciando aperto al lettore la possibilità di definire veramente cosa sia l'amore. tutto condito dall'abilità di Tolstoy.

Reading this s
This is a story that begins as a fairy tale romance and ends in maternal happiness or sadness depending on your point of view.

Narrated by Masha, a teenage girl, the story tells of a courtship that has the trappings of a mere family friendship. Masha's falls in love with an older family friend, Sergey Mikhaylych whos is in his mid-thirties. Eros grips Masha and her love develops until she must reveal it to Sergey Mikhaylych and discovers that he also is deeply in love. If he has resisted her it w
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Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (Russian: Лев Николаевич Толстой; commonly Leo Tolstoy in Anglophone countries) was a Russian writer who primarily wrote novels and short stories. Later in life, he also wrote plays and essays. His two most famous works, the novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, are acknowledged as two of the greatest novels of all time and a pinnacle of realist fiction. Many consider To ...more
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