Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer, #5)
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Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer #5)

4.27 of 5 stars 4.27  ·  rating details  ·  11,139 ratings  ·  564 reviews
This title has been removed from sale by Penguin Group, USA.
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Published (first published May 25th 2011)
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Melannie :)

cover is beautiful!

but what do they mean 'figuring out her relationship with Mircea'?!?!

Pritkin should be the one she chooses!
he's WAAAAAAAAAY better than Mircea!



Post-reading thoughts:
Hello, Dulceata. Look at the mage, now back to me, now back at the mage, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me. But if he starts treating you like you're only a prized possession without a brain and telling you "Let the grownups talk business and don't you worry your pretty blonde head" he could act like he's me.

What? You were about to object?! Then look down (no, it's not a baby seal, it's all me), back up, where are you? You're in the past in a hotel with the master vamp that can sell you sand in...more
Hunt the Moon is probably one of the strongest entries in the Cassie Palmer series yet. There was a lot of action (as per usual) however it seemed less confusing and easier to follow. Mircea was his usual sexy, powerful self, but can I just say.....PRITKIN!!!!!!!! ::sigh:: We learn so much about the enigmatic war mage and there's a scene that just about boiled my skin off. Yeah. I'm a happy (and slightly frustrated) girl today. The ending was great and the set up for the next book has me eagerly...more
Jen (Red Hot Books)
Let me start out by telling you the absolute worst thing about this book: the fact that it's over. I'm finished with the damn thing and I don't know how I am going to be able to wait to find out what will happen next.

The story begins with Cassie awaiting her coronation as Pythia. Mircea has her under constant guard; Pritkin is inundating her with self-defense training. Obviously, they're taking the threat of an attack very seriously. And they're right. A mysterious force targets Cassie in an ass...more
Angela James
I just can't bring myself to rate this book, because while I enjoyed the story quite a bit and read it quickly from start to finish, I'm going to give you fair warning...this is another book with a cliffhanger ending. And if anyone has followed my reviews for any period of time, you already know I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. From an author whose last release in this series will have been over 2 years ago by the time this book releases? I think it's extremely disturbing to get a book that ends w...more
The Flooze

Worth waiting for!

Returning to Cassie Palmer’s whirlwind life was fantastic. There were a few problems here and there, mostly centering on slight continuity errors within the text and a recurring gag of “Who’s on first?”-type conversations that got a little old. But those paled in comparison to the non-stop action, the thrilling confusion, the tantalizingly sexy scenes, and most of all the Answers.

Because, yes, folks, we get some Answers. Not to everything, of course, but Chance provides...more
Tori [Bottles of Summer]
Roughly two years ago, CURSE THE DAWN was released. After such a long and tortured period of living in limbo, the fifth installment to the Cassie Palmer series has finally reached the public. And oh what a wait it was.

In a way, the hiatus was a good thing. Why? I remember when I read the first four books in this series, I was engaged, but not 100% with the writing and characters (this, mind you, was all before I embraced my book addiction; it was when I actually worried about running out of boo...more
♥ Ashleigh ♥  contrary to popular belief im not actually mad!
Possible Spoilers!!

i was really disappointed when i finished reading hunt the moon cause i wanted to keep reading, lol.
it was a great read! we got alot more of pritkin & mircea, can i just say... OMG PRITKIN he is so scrumptious, i know mircea is suppose to be the sexy one and he loves cassie but pritkin will win it the end, you just wait and see ;-).
pritkin opened up more to cassie, which was lovely!! and cassie's now accepted the power as her's, we got to meet her parents.... kinda. oh an...more
Hunt the Moon is the fifth in the Cassie Palmer series by Karen Chance and boy, was it a long wait or what? Anticipations and excitement were running high and I couldn't wait to start reading the book and immerse myself in Chance's elaborate world with attention to detail, neck breaking action and rich characters.

Maybe it was the high expectations but I couldn't help being a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong: it's a well written story in typical Chance pace, prose and humor. But it also felt...more
Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines)
It was sexy.

"People can see through the windows," I protested, as the soaked silk was unzipped and my bra unhooked, all in one smooth motion.
"But . . . I'm hungry."
"So am I," he growled, and pulled off my dress.

It was funny.

Three vamps stood in the kitchen doorway, staring at me. They looked a little shell-shocked, and a glance at the stainless side of the fridge told me why. I was naked and bloody, with tufts of half-dried hair sticking up everywhere and a chicken leg distorting one s...more
After 2 years (has it really been that long?!) Karen Chance is back with a new Cassie Palmer book! Woot!

Now, for the record, although I still enjoyed it, I wasn't a huge fan of the last installment, it was definitely my least fave in the series to date. However, I feel like this new installment was MUCH improved over he last, better dialogue, moving forward in plot, enough page-time with the love interest (and emerging love triangle, hmm?), and some personal plot tension that gets resolved in a...more
Erin *Series Addict*
Hunt the Moon ended up the best of the series by far. I LOVED this book.

There’s plenty of time with Mircea, at the beginning especially, and these scenes were awesome. Some hotness, some interesting dialogue exchange and humorous moments. More is revealed about their bond. I find it so strange he hasn’t mentioned to her yet about having a daughter. There’s a whole other series out there about him and his daughter so this isn’t a secret or spoiler. We learn some more of his backstory. The other...more
So excited to read this!!! *girly scream*

Update: Finished!!!

Ohmy...that book was spectacular! It amazes me that these books just keep getting better and better. This is by far the best one in the series and does not disappoint. I'm actually getting a little depressed now that I finished the book, I wish it was never-ending.

So the main storyline in this book is about someone trying to kill Cassie's mother, which would prevent her from being born and being gifted with the Pythia power. Apollo may...more
I liked Cassie in the beginning of the series. I was sympathetic to her plight - being thrown into a new unfamiliar world can be really stressful and confounding.

But after 5 books I would expect her to get her personal life right by now. I'm a firm believer in 'if you don't want a man, let him know, cut him loose' and I believe even more firmly in 'pick one'.

Even though the times when she made out etc with Pritkin, there were extenuating circumstances, she wasn't that upset about it. And then sh...more
is mee... kissa
pretty good. it's always kind of hard for me to keep track of what's happing in this series, and this one was no different to me. all i really want to comment on is Pritkin. ah Pritkin. We find out quite a lot about this guy in this novel. He is freaking awesome. I've known that for a while now, but it's been particularly highlighted in book 5 of the Palmer series for me. The ending! grrr. i'd want the next book just because of that ending alone. (view spoiler)...more
I loved it. Lots of questions were answered, and new developments provide fodder for lots of plot directions.
There was tons of time with Pritkin, along with Cassie's vamp bodyguard Marco. They all seem to be getting quite chummy...
When Cassie is on the phone with Pritkin, Marco asks if the mage is coming over. Pritkin says yes (he can hear very well). So Marco says "bring beer, were almost out". And Pritkin shows up shortly with cold beer.
Mircea has his special date with Cassie, which leads to...more
From of a mircea fan point of view , the book was sucked. and it was full of action. maybe it's a good thing but it f.cked up my brain.I mentally exhausted =) Dorina basarab series is better than this. I want read more dorina books ! =)
(view spoiler)...more
Jackie (Literary Escapism)
Oh yeah...just finished HUNT THE MOON and I so can't wait for the Hel Cassie is going to bring in book six. *grin*
Bell Curran
My cup runneth over. This whole series is staggeringly good. Hunt the Moon is just as action packed, emotionally compelling, and densely imaginative as the earlier books in the series. It develops our understanding of both Mircea and Pritkin, giving them both about equal time (and you know I think I'm starting to develop a crush on Marco, too). Cassie is just as fearless and crazy and adorable as ever, and the possession scene that starts the book is laugh-out-loud hilarious. It also has some go...more
Noodle TheNaughtyNightOwl
I've just reread this book after completing the entire series again in one hit, and I recommend to any Karen Chance fan to do just that. I picked up so much more from the series than I had done in the past, reading one book then the next with large breaks between. By submersing myself in Cassie's world and reading them altogether in quick succession, this series went from awesome to outstanding and beyond.

I won't go into too much detail again, my first review pretty much sums it up for me but I...more
Finishing this book signifies that I am caught up on the series. My feelings as of right now are optimisitc, as I (finally) liked the ending and am hopeful as to the turn in the story. I am still sick of Mircea. His character never changes and does/says the same things over and over. Cassie may not always be the brightest crayon in the box but I still like her. Pritkin, who began as one of my least favorites of the series, is now my favorite character.

I must make a note though of Chance's loose...more
Dear God, that was one amazing, psychotic, fast paced, action packed hot mess! And I loved every second of it. Well, to be honest I did not enjoy some “encounters” as much as others, but I guess it was all pretty great, so, win-win either way!
Yeah, I know, not very detailed or eloquent. But all I can think about I how in the hell am I going to survive another seriously long wait after an ending like that?!?
Small series rant

More like 3.5, but cliffhangers are lame, this triangle sucks even more (as if it didn't before, especially dancing around the same freakin' issues), and I didn't like all of the abrupt plot changes, so...

When it comes to this triangle, after 5 books I officially declare that I am not "Team Pritkin" or "Team Mircea". Cassie ruins both for me. I’m not sure if others aren’t quite bothered because as far as Pritkin’s concerned it’s a matter of “when” they get together, not “if,” s...more
Erika  Badass
I can't decide what to rate this book. So I'm going with a three. or C Grade.
A slightly more in depth review Hunt the Moon @ Badass Book Reviews

Wait... WHAT? Huh? Ok, I think I got it. No wait, I don't. I'm confused.

Cassie's parents... are the Wait...WHAT. So, um yea left field. Extreme left. Like so far left it's off the map left.

Mircea is an Asshat. You know, I used to like him. Then he became a douche bag. Manipulating Cassie's feelings, being a stalkerific,pedophilic,manipulative asshole. "...more
I've now gotten myself too tired to write this review properly, so I suggest you read my fried Michelle M.'s, other wise known as The Flooze's excellent review, which captures much of what I'd have liked so say and does it better than I would have anyway. The Flooze/Michelle's Review of Hunt the Moon.

Just a few points I'd like to emphasize or point out. While it sometimes makes me nuts when women constantly question and overanalyze relationship, or make their lovers jump through hoops to prove t...more
Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru

Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, which you’d think would buy a girl a little time off. But it doesn’t work that way when your new job description is Pythia—the world’s chief clairvoyant. Cassie is busier than ever, trying to learn about her power, preparing for her upcoming coronation, and figuring out her relationship with the enigmatic sexy master vampire, Mircea.

But someone doesn’t want Cassie to become Pythia, and is willing to go to any lengths to make sure the coronation...more
I should start by clarifying that I am not a die hard Karen Chance fan. Also of her two series, I prefer the Dorina series. If it weren't for John Pritkin, I might have stopped reading The Cassie Palmer books all together.

This book starts with a bang, literally. Within the first 100 pages there are two huge action sequences that go on for quite a while and I still wasn't really sure what the plot of this book was. I find myself after a while just glazing over paragraphs, because while I love ac...more
Weeeell... I kind of have a long long story with this series... specifically with the first book of this series. I tryed reading it about 5-6 times and ended up putting it away every time. I don't know what actually happened but I think I lost interest and just couldn't get a "connection" (sounds corny but...well...that's just it) with the story and the main character. Now when I think back (and having finished "hunting moon" - book 5) I am posi(-absoulutely-fu**ing-)tively that I was insane not...more
Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)
Another day, another murder attempt, it is all getting rather old hat for Cassie Palmer the soon to be Pythia. After killing Apollo she thought the crazy attempts on her life would be over but as Cassie says so succinctly in this book: Crazy is what we had for breakfast when we ran out of Corn Flakes. and this book further extends the whole mad-crazy status of her life.

Like all the others I really enjoyed this book, in fact I think it may be my favourite book so far, it had the fast paced actio...more
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Karen Chance is the author of two New York Times bestselling series, plus a number of novellas and short stories, all set in the Cassandra Palmer universe. A full-time writer since 2008, she was previously a university history teacher, which comes in handy when writing the time-travel aspect of Cassie’s crazy adventures. She loves Las Vegas, the main setting for her novels, but currently lives in...more
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I’d have been a lot more appreciative if he hadn’t pushed me first." ~Cassandra Palmer”
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