The 17 Day Diet
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The 17 Day Diet

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Dr Mike Moreno's 17 Day Diet is a revolutionary new weight-loss programme that activates your skinny gene so that you burn fat day in and day out. The diet is structured around four 17-day cycles: Accelerate - the rapid weight loss portion that helps flush sugar and fat storage from your system; Activate-the metabolic restart portion with alternating low and high calorie d...more
Kindle Edition, 256 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2011)
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This diet really works, at least it did for me. I've been reading some reviews where people say it's too strict etc etc. Well yeah it is. Dieting and weight loss will never be easy. All diet books probably work, the thing is to stick with it and not cheat (too often) ;). I've lost 53 pounds so far since I started 10 weeks ago and I've change the way I eat and what I eat. Give it a try.
Tara Lynn
Let me preface my review by saying, I've NEVER dieted in my life. I'm 28, 5'3", 129lbs, and this is the heaviest I've ever been. While some of my friends will tell me that my spreading hips and little tuck of tummy fat are normal for a woman my age, I'm tired of hearing it.

I was a ballet dancer for over 15 years, and while many people think that this may have given me a skewed outlook on my body, I can assure you that it hasn't. I'm annoyed to wake up and not see muscle tone in the mirror. I co...more
Karen Locklear
The review for this book will be fluid. So stay tuned, my friends, stay tuned:

Day Nineteen:

Well, it was inevitable.

Time to chat about the PMS chapter.

Although I'm no doctor, I really believe much of what we call "PMS" is part of the game and there isn't much anyone can do to prevent it. I have yet to find a plan which keeps me from bloating or cramping for three to five days.

That being said, many symptoms reduce when I exercise regularly and eat right. In fact, I will tell you this month my p...more
Okay, I really just scanned this book because, lets be honest, who is going to sit down and read every inch of a diet book? I'm counting it towards my weekly reading anyway though.

I heard about this book via my day-time television browsing on The Doctors and Doctor Phil. The concept was intriguing (going through a 17 day cycle to help keep you motivated through the dieting process). I didn't want to invest the money to buy the book so I waited for it to come into the library and then onto my hol...more
Katie Trenerowski
The whole time I read this book, I couldn't help but think about how hungry I was. Reading about food for 2-3 hours makes it really hard to not want to eat something for sure!

I wanted to read this book start to finish so that I would get something out of it. I always check out "diet books" from the Library expecting them to 'change my life'... and they don't. But I figured that I could take the time to read one cover to cover and see if I got any new insights out of the book than I knew before....more
Kara Williams
I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads give away! Thank you!

After reading this book, I have to say the information is not revolutionary but it is written in an easy to read format.

This diet is split into 4 cycles. The first focuses mostly on protein and veggies. The second phase adds in lean meats, natural starches, and starchy vegetables. Phase 3 adds in breads, pastas, more fruits, and more snack options. The fourth phase talks about maintaining healthy eating for life and talks about por...more
Steven Peterson
I am quite pleased with this diet. I tried Atkins once and lost 20 pounds in a fairly short period of time. But then, like many others, I started gaining it back (Atkins is a horrid diet if one enjoys food). I went to the Shangra-La diet and halted the weight gain, but I was much disillusioned with Atkins (I can't tell you how many people I saw loose a lot of weight--and then gain it back). The unrelenting attack on carbs makes Atkins unattractive to me.

The odd thing? This diet is a cousin of At...more
This book works and its effective. The writing style is very easy to understand and the doctor who wrote it has a good sense of humor. He doesn't make what he is telling you boring or repiticious. I have done it before with good results. I started a serious exercise program again now that a serious leg and ankle injury seems to be healed (it is, I just can tolerate the stress on it again after 3 months off) and started this diet again. First day- 3lbs gone. Not too shabby. It promises 10-15lbs i...more
Just wanted to put a note on that I am enjoying being on this diet plan. I went through the first 17 days and lost inches off my back and chest, which has made it possible for me to wear some button up blouses that have not been out of my closet for a while. :) My pants are baggy and fall down on my waist. This is an easy to follow plan for me because of my love for protein and veggies. It is also great to have the fresh fruit twice a day. I am now into Phase 2 of the plan and enjoying it as wel...more
Jen Smith
This diet was tough for me to stick to. I think I got caught up in the hype and was so excited to lose a large amount of weight in the first phase. It didn't work well for me. I made it through the first 6 days, and saw minimal change on the scale, which was beyond frustrating. Giving up carbs completely is HARD, so I needed to see progress for my efforts! After that, I decided to allow a few carbs, and then the number on the scale actually moved. I do like some of the changes it inspired, like...more
Michelle Brown
I can imagine that you can lose weight on this diet - in spite of all the hype and how you can do anything for 17 days, blah, blah, blah - this is a VERY restrictive diet. I do like the concept of the final phase of the diet where you eat according to plan all week and then Fri - Sun you get a meal of your choosing. I have done the South Beach diet and was looking for another type of kick start and some new recipes. There are barely any recipes in the book - it was very disappointing! Following...more
When one is following the principles in this book, one is healthy, energized, and consistantly losing weight. When one stops following the principles in this book and eats whatever, whenever and consumes toxins such as alcohol, tobacco, and processed/refined sugars and flours, one puts the weight lost all back on and is lethargic and lazy. Reading and owning this book is not enough. The actual life changes laid out in its pages are a must. Scale back alcohol. Eat vegetables. Choose leaner meats,...more
Crystal Wachoski
This is pretty basic information. Nothing new and life changing. I thought the weight chart was a little insane. I'm 5'3 and 116 pounds, small frame. I would look sickly if I weighed under 100 pounds.

I will use this book as a go to if I get more than a few pounds more then my weight limit.

Easy terms and written to be easy to understand.
Melissa Ingalls
My mom heard about this through her friends and she's been dying to try this diet. We seen several people go through this diet and great results have occurred from it. I think that I may go on it with my mom (but tailor it to my life). I'll see how it goes.
David McNally
My wife and I started using this book as a foundation for healthy eating last year. We lost a lot of weight. When we stopped, the weight came back. I dream of one day resuming the 17-day diet!
I think I will put this diet to the test!
...because why not?!
I just won a copy of this book from Goodreads Firstreads. I don't usually read diet books, but I saw this one on Dr. Phil and it looks really interesting. My daughter is getting married soon, so I am going to try and lose some weight!
The concepts in the book are not revolutionary but Dr. Moreno's approach is simple and straightforward. The main idea is that people can stick to any plan if they only have to focus on it for a short period of time. There are four cycles in this diet and each cycle...more
As I read through this book I liked some of the ideas that Dr. Moreno had. An example was starting up a walking group with his patients. Being more of a personable sort and actually care about his patients enough to do so. Another plus is all the information you would need to go on the diet really is in the book. Not too much thinking involved when all the meal plans are laid out for you. One thing to know is that it isn't just a 17 day diet and then done - it involves several cycles of that man...more
I have tried diets in the past and only recall one working for me years ago when I was more athletic was T-Lite at Walgreens where you take supplements and follow a specific diet. My family and I lost tons of weight and got back in shape, but gradually went back to our old eating ways and less exercise, and gained it back plus more.

Now after holding this weight for many years, not close to my ideal weight, I was trying 'transitional diet' and didn't like it after a few days. I thought I could ne...more
I am not much of a dieter. The last time I tried to use a book to diet I may have gotten really drunk…no, I don’t want to talk about it, it wasn’t pretty…or maybe it was, you’ll have to ask my friends. I don’t see the point in working out. It wasn’t until I started teaching that I even began gaining weight that I didn’t like and, as I found out after reading, I may not be in the right mind set to diet.
When I saw that Free Press was offering The 17 Day Diet for review, I thought, “I can do this...more
Did not like the writing style, it was hard to believe hes a doc due to the goof level. However, i have read rave reviews, & personally know someone on this plan who has lost 85#! The 1st 15, were on the 1st 17 day cycle. Several points: this is not a 17 day crash diet. This is a lifestyle change. It is also, essentially, the bare bones of what we should be eating, but dont. There are 3 17-day cycles, then a maintenance plan after youve learned to eat properly. He makes some claims in the be...more
Book Him Danno
Dr. Mike seems like a great guy and his writing is fun and easy to read. I think its great he helps his patient’s get healthy and even goes out on walks with them. But after reading this book I have to say that this is nothing new and amazing. I see this as every other diet out there, the name catches you right off but it’s the same idea. Cut calories by cutting out most carbs and exercise. Yes people there is no magic formula to losing weight it is an equations of food in vs. calories expended....more
Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews:

This isn't my typical review, nor my typical review material. However, the concept of dieting and weight management is something of a universal issue. My stance is usually pretty simple. If you're happy with you then that's all that really matters. But, there does eventually come a time when you want to drop a few pounds and strive to better yourself. As I've kept it no secret, I am about to begin school to become an EMT, and in so doing I wanted to get ri...more
I have never dieted before. I have friends who like to try the latest fad diets and it always turned me away. My mother did an excellent job of raising me on a very natural and proportional diet. Something changed in my late 20's - my metabolism sllllooooowed down and my schedule sped up. Convenience was the top quality in my meals. Eating became more emotional. A family member recommended this book to me - more in passing. He and his wife decided to try this diet after a very stressful number o...more
Read this book after discussing lower carb diets with someone and they raved about this one. Being ever curious about diets, I was interested in learning more. A little internet research made me more curious.

This diet falls very close to south beach in phase 1/2 to me. I don't think I will do it as written right now, because I'm not looking to do any specific diet. I did get some good ideas of meals to prepare that are lower carb but good. I was surprised when looking up this plan online it was...more
So I've never been on a diet-diet before. I mean there was that summer in college where I had two internships, an Anthroplogy class, and a part-time retail job. That summer I lived on Luna Bars and Sugar Free Rock Star. Not so healthy but I was young and goddamn was I skinny. But this diet is actually really cool because even if you don't follow it you have some great recipies and alternative ways of making foods--eggplant parm that isn't deep fried, for example.

I have only been on i...more
Amy Dougherty
This book was very informative! The "diet" aside it just has a lot of tips and info that I wasn't aware of. I did lose weight in the first 17 days, however phase 2 wasn't for me and I didn't continue. But I learned how, what & when to eat as well as what kinds of vitamins to take and why they are so good for you. Also I still to this day use the recipes from the book!
Kate  Maxwell
Informative, easy-to-read, and puts mainly principles in to play. Four cycles, 17 days for the first three, and I like how he takes in cultural food differences and incorporates foods from those cultures to make it work for his 17 day plan. There are sample meal plans for each of the cycles, and even includes a PMS meal plan, understanding that it may be a little more difficult to stay on something like this during That Time of the Month. Sure, there is repetition, but repetition helps informati...more
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

This book claims you will loose 10-15 pounds in the first 17 days. (there are actually 4 17-day cycles) After reading it, I have to agree. The author says you can do anything for 17 days, but I'm not too sure. The restrictions are very tight. I'm not sure I'll be attempting this diet right now. I'll have to work up the courage to do it. Right now it just makes me tired thinking about it.

I do like the basic take, I'm just lacking the wil...more
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