Breakaway (New York Blades, #9)
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Breakaway (New York Blades #9)

3.46 of 5 stars 3.46  ·  rating details  ·  898 ratings  ·  78 reviews
They had it all planned out: college, marriage, happily ever after.
But it didn't quite work out that way...

Erin O'Brien was everyone's favorite in Ballycraig, while Rory Brady was the town's golden boy: the local lad who moved to America and became a professional hockey player. Rory promised to return to sweep Erin away to the life of her dreams in New York. But the bright...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published February 7th 2012 by Berkley
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Anne OK
(HEAC Over In A Flash March Challenge)

This "second chance at love" addition to the "New York Blades" series didn't grab me like most of the others have done. I struggled to even like Rory and his arrogant tendencies. Erin seemed weak and an easy pushover. (For heaven sake, after years as a couple he called her long distance from the US to Ireland to break her heart.) He definitely needed to grovel more in my opinion. There were parts that still rang true to Martin's trademark sports-themed roman...more
Bummer, I always look forward to my sports romances and I have loved this series, but this one just fell flat for me. It was slow and I was bored, great cover though.
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
This review was posted at Under The Covers

This was a classic case of "This cover is so hot!" and then the book falls a bit flat. Having not read the previous books in this series I can say I wasn't lost and was able to enjoy this book as much as the story allowed me. Mostly because we are not in New York with the team, or even around hockey.

Nope, we are in Ireland. Turns out Rory Brady was a bit of an ass and a jerk. He left his hometown to go become a big NFL star and then dumped his high schoo...more
Sandy M
I think I’m still in shock. While I’ve not read a lot of books in this series, I have read a few, and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. This newest book? Not so much. There’s very few things I’m picky about in my romance novels, and I’m sorry to say Breakaway zeroes in on that one nitpick of mine.

Rory is the NHL’s first Irish-born hockey player, and he’s very good at his job. But the rest of his life is missing something – or rather someone. The girl he left behind in Ireland, Erin O’Brien. After...more
This book was a hard one for me - I started off really not liking Rory. I think Erin should have been harder to get. Rory didn't seem to have done much to earn their forgiveness. I know that he changed, and that he was sorry, but still he shouldn't have gotten off so easy.
After Erin and Rory got back together, it just felt as if Martin was trying to think up reasons for the book to go on. Too many issues, and each issue was solved quickly. the whole Jake and Sandra romance was cheezy - one secon...more
I really liked the first half of this book - it wasn't my favorite thing in the world, but it was a bit different from the normal boy-chases-girl plot, and was refreshing as a result. I loved the characters, I loved the fact that there were actually flaws (they weren't the usual she's-so-adorably-quirky and he's-so-broody-and-commitment-phobic), and they seemed real and human, but were still lovable. I LOVED that the two main characters had real friends and relationship other than just the two o...more
FicTalk Blog
Reviewed by Lisa. Given 3.5 stars at Fic Talk.

This was a little slow to start for me, but it picked up at about the 5% mark.

The dialogue was fun and a pleasure to read because I can relate to the phrases the author used – the story was set in Ireland – and also the food items talked about in this book, which may be a weird thing to say, but she mentioned MCVITIE’S DARK CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVES. End of story. Hah.

I was wondering when Erin would have gotten her book after I read about her in the Wild...more
Love this series. I am sad I caught up. I want more books! I had fun reading this. Sweet story. Great characters.
Note to Self:Ballycraig Ireland
Rory Brady(Irish,pro hockey player,pal1)+Erin O'Brien(new museum archivist trainee,sis,pal,25yo,art history,cousin),Brigid O(mom,B&B owner)+___O(dad,auto shop owner),Brian O(bro,ex-mechanic,IT tech)+wife,Fiona B(his grandma,widow),Sandra(new B&B...more
Huh... I read one or two of D. Martin's books before and enjoyed them, and the storyline seemed intriguing enough for me to buy the book... But geez! Erin forgives Rory way too quickly, Rory is, simply put, a jack**, and I can't really understand why Erin even looks at him again, Jake and Sandra were just there for stuffing, and the whole storyline was a mess, IMO... I finished it, hoping that it would get better, but Martin seemed to keep adding little things and repeating herself over and over...more
This was book 11 in a series. I didn't feel lost at all. Was this the best book ever ? No, but it was funny and made me laugh and that is always a good thing. I was annoyed with Erin and Rory at different times. Rory being full of himself got kinda annoying after awhile. Yeah we get it you are a big shot in the NHL world. Get over yourself. Then Erin jumping to conclusions about things.The side characters were funny and helped move the story along. Will I check out the other books in this series...more
I like the series but this book just didn't do it for me. The fact that Rory plays for the Blades and Esa visited him in Ireland is all that ties this to the series. Darned shame that references to some of the other characters you've come to enjoy in the series just quickly pop in for a scene at the end. This just didn't feel like it belonged in the series. And taking it as just a standalone, unrelated to a series, it was just ok reading.
When I read bad reviews about this book, I thought, "Come on, it can't be that bad, it's Deirdre Martin's book!!" (and I love Deirdre Martin!!). But I was wrong, all throughout the book I kept thinking "what an ass!!" And in my opinion it absolutelly resumes what kind of man Rory is. I, like many others who've read the book, was left thinking that the heroine should have ended up with someone else (anybody but Rory)!
Sophia (FV)
I tried twice but I'm throwing in the towel. I just can't get into this one. I can't warm up to either the hero or the heroine and frustrated with their relationship, or lack thereof.
I've read one book in the New York Blades series prior to this one and I like it so I had really high expectations for continuing on with this series. Being a huge hockey fan, hockey theme books rank high for me. However, this book fell completely flat for me.

First off, very little of this book has to do with hockey aside from Rory's occupation and that his teammates show up near the end. It isn't even that bad that it's off-season but the fact that 97% of this book takes place in Ireland, as fa...more
Sharon Redfern
Rory Brady is on his way back to Ballycraig, Ireland to get back his onetime fiancée Erin O’Brien. Erin and Rory had big plans for their future which would all come true once Rory went to America to play hockey in the NHL. What really happened was that Rory became too full of himself and left Erin behind physically and emotionally. Rory has since learned that his life is nothing without Erin. Unfortunately for him, Erin has learned that life can go on without Rory.
Rory comes back to a town wher...more
Guilty Pleasures
This review posted at
Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

3.5 Stars

This is book 11 in the Blade series. Erin and Rory were the perfect couple destined to be together. Or so that was the case before Rory moved to New York to play professional hockey and dismissed the people he cared for most back home. Two years have gone by and he is ready to acknowledge his wrong doing and fight (or beg if necessary) to reclaim the girl he has lost.

The main focus on this book was forgiveness. Rory leaving Erin all but...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ahhh I love love love love this series!!! This is another laugh out loud book, no lie I was dying with some parts of this book. This book pulls you into e wonderful Ireland , a place that I absolutely want to visit. Thiis book was another one that had amazing characters that you couldn't predict what would happen between them.

Erin had her heartbroken by the man she loved, Rory the big shot hockey player who promised to come back to get her and bring him to NYC, but his head got too big and he di...more
My biggest issue with this book is that Rory never got a swift kick in the balls. Emotionally or physically. He got off the hook too easily. All was forgiven without too much hassle. Almost like his mere presence was enough to soothe his past wrongs. As a reader it wasn’t enough for me. Apparently I’ve got more chutzpah than our beloved Erin O’Brien.

I will bow down to the fact that this plot is probably more realistic. Erin is obviously still in love with Rory, and to be honest the fact that he’...more
Breakaway, New York Blades #11, by Deirdre Martin
Grade: B-

“It wasn’t like a snog or anything. It was just one little kiss. No rockets and all that.”

Rory Brady loves his life playing professional hockey for the New York Blades and has almost the perfect life. The only thing missing is Erin O’Brien the girl he loved since he was fourteen years old and the one he broke up with two years ago. Rory knows he broke Erin’s heart and that he made the biggest mistake of his entire life by letting her go,...more
I totally understand now why this book has this cover. It's because Deirdre Martin needed to sell books and the story sure as hell wasn't gonna do it.
It started off fine enough, if a little boring, with a girl having finally put her life together two years after her boyfriend dumped her to play in the NHL. Then this boy comes back with the hopes of winning her over and taking her back to America with him.
This is really when the whole story starts to fall apart.
You have an asshole hockey playe...more
I was really looking forward to this book. I didn't realize it was book 11 in a series, or I probably would have read all the other books while I was waiting for this one to come out. Anyway, I had been counting down the days for this book. But it just seemed to fall short for me. It was missing... something. Rory was not very smooth at all, and I thought he was kind of arrogant to come back and expect forgiveness and second chances without groveling a little. Also, I thought this was supposed t...more
Joyfully Reviewed
Breakaway is a Joyfully Recommended Read

Erin O’Brien dreams of getting out of her hometown of Ballycraig, Ireland. Not because she hates it there, but because she wants to see the world and all the art in it. Erin fell in love with Rory Brady at the tender age of fourteen. But, after years of bliss together, he broke up with her over the phone from the United States where he was set to become a big time hockey player. Erin’s dreams of a wedding and happily ever after were shattered leaving her b...more
Unlikeable hero, no hockey talk despite being part of a series about hockey players, spineless heroine, etc.

This book really is not worth reading. First off, the book is a part of a series about the New York Blades hockey team players. Well this book has nothing about hockey in it except that Rory, hero, is on the roster back in the states. The story takes place in the small Irish town Rory is from which he blew out of when he made it big.

Rory is completely unlikeable. He is insanely arrogant...more
Many a romance novel features an adorable small town, filled with people and places a reader might love to experience. Ballycraig, Ireland, the fictional setting of Ms. Martin’s latest New York Blades series, is not such a place. The people there, in general, are economically struggling, tend to drink too much, make self-destructive decisions, and are routinely nasty to each other. The town has little charm. I, like the heroine of Breakaway, Erin O’Brien, wanted to get out of there as soon as I...more
I love Deirdre Martin's NY Blades series and I've read her off-shoot stories, too, but this story has been pretty disappointing. Not because the story is rushed or there are plot holes or horrible editing, it's just...boring. I don't really like Erin or whatever the heck the "hero's" name is (something Irish). Their problems seem small, the quaint town full of characters is...not really that compelling. Even seeing old characters or seeing the new story being set up, right now it's just making m...more
Jeannie L
This book pales in comparison with the others in the series. It was a little slow with a lot of conversations and dialogues. It was still a good read nevertheless.

I loved that even after 8 years, Rory's feelings for Erin remained and despite living in NY and being a NHL star, he was very down to earth, fame and money didn't change him. I loved that Erin grew stronger and despite her breakup with Rory, it didn't change what she wanted for herself and if anything else, it made her more determined....more
I've read all of the books in this series and my favourite ones are those which involve the team dynamic (and Hockey - why have a "hockey book" with no hockey in it?). This book was almost completely based in Ireland and felt a little odd compared to the rest of the books - almost related more to her other series which is centred around the O'Brien family. There were also a couple of annoying americanisms in the Irish characters who are very "oirish" most of the time (in their slang etc) but the...more
This is the 11th book in Deirdre Martin's New York Blades Series. This series combines three of my favorite things: Romance,Hockey,and Ireland. In Breakaway Deirdre Martin combines characters from her Blades series and her Wild Hart Series. Breakaway takes place in Ireland where New York Blades player Rory Brady comes home to win back the girl he left behind. Another great entry in the Blades series. I will highly recommend anyone to read this series and the wild Hart series. You do not have to...more
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New York Times Bestselling Author Deirdre Martin was six when she wrote her first "book,”a Peanuts parody. In addition to penning bad, maudlin poetry in junior high school and serving as the Arts Editor on her high school newspaper, she was also the Arts Editor at her colleg...more
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