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Shattered Secrets (In the Shadow of the Wolf, #1)
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Shattered Secrets (In the Shadow of the Wolf #1)

3.72 of 5 stars 3.72  ·  rating details  ·  809 ratings  ·  95 reviews
This edition is no longer available.

Jamie is human and he's a wolf. Werewolves aren't just some supernatural fairytale. They are a living breathing part of society. Once they hid their true natures, but now they are out and proud. Wolves are an accepted part of society, but even with all the new laws, it's not easy.

Race relations made society complicated enough, then came...more
ebook, 1st Edition, 181 pages
Published August 27th 2011 by Silver Publishing
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Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions
This is my new favorite Shifter Book

Once I started reading I couldn't read it fast enough. The writing/characters/story drew me in right away. I was so into the book before I knew it I was finished, I was sad it was over because I wanted more of these guys and their world (luckily the sequel is currently being written).

I loved the shifter world. This is the first book I have read like this. I liked how unique the characters and setting was, shifters might be a common theme in this genre but this...more
Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
I really liked this book. I felt like it was a bit different from other shifter stories what with the different society and the human and shifters openly co-existing together, the hatred some people had for the wolves and the 'imprinting' instead of just mating. It was unique in it's own way.

At first, I didn't like Rob but he still appealed to me a little. I felt he was unreasonably hostile towards finding out Jamie was a wolf. I hated him but I still liked him. Jamie was just adorable, a bit na...more
This is the first collaboration of Diane Adams and R.J. Scott, and they take a shifter theme. For me, some part work, some don't. What works ... I like how Diane and R.J. try to infuse something new to the shifter myth. It can be very repetitive, you see. But they give the idea of adulthood, breaking, and imprint, which are not common (I think). Though I have to be honest, that I don't get the imprint thing very much :). Jamie is pretty adorable. The ending where he uses his puppy/wolfy eyes to...more
Veronica /  V
This is completely different from any of the others Werewolf stories I have read. The plot was also new for me, quite unique indeed.
If you are looking for action, a little bit of angst, one adorable - cute wolf, a hot Human alpha..this is the right book for you.
I can't wait for the sequels!!!
Pia Veleno
I couldn't put it down. I haven't read many of those lately.

What I liked:

1. No Insta-Love! Sure there was the imprinting thing, but it wasn't just sniff and fall in love like in so many other shifter stories. Plus, the imprinting came with its own interesting issues/traits.

2. I liked how Rob dealt with the imprinting, and the revelation of shifter secrets. He was a good human-cop character.

3. I enjoyed Jamie's versatility-- a wolf that can be both submissive and dominant, and while still wolf-yo...more
This was a pleasant pastime story, but nothing more than that. It's a shame because the first scene was more than promising and the potential was there, but I felt that everything that could make this story exceptional was underplayed or simply missing. What worked for me was the difference in how humans and wolves matured and how some wolves could be considered adult at very young age, while the others were considered immature even in their twenties. I liked Jamie and how his wolf didn't follow...more
I really liked this one. It was a lovely change to read a shifter book based on story detail rather than sniff out mate and have lots of sex immediately.

Putting the review in a spoiler just in case

(view spoiler)...more
4.5 stars. Very good m/m paranormal romantic suspense about a wolf shifter who hooks up with a cop who doesn't realize he's hooking up with a shifter... and isn't pleased when he does realize. But a shifter-related case throws them together again and things get complicated.

So... when's the next book coming out? :)
Sep 01, 2011 Sadonna rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: mm, pdf
I read this story in close to one sitting. This the first of a shifter series (not sure how many are planned) and sets up the "rules" of this shifter world. This is a little bit different than most other shifter worlds I've read about. There are new "secrets" of how this particular world works. I'm already a big fan of both Diane and RJ, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. My only complaint is it's too short -I want more of these guys!

Jamie is a young gay wolf shifter who is drawn to Rob, a hu...more
Promising first installment in a new M/M shifter series from two very popular authors. In Adams & Scott's shifter world there are some interesting changes to the usual mythology. Wolves go through their first change around puberty and for that whole year they are very vulnerable to 'imprinting'.

In this story young wolf Jamie meets Rob at a 'humans only' club and he imprints before revealing his true nature. Rob is a human cop and part of the Wolf/Human Police Task Force. His experience with...more
This was a writing tandem I couldn't pass over. Both are talented and are able to weave stories that can capture readers. Add in this book's paranormal aspects (and somewhat of an alternative world feel) and you have yourself a sure reader in me.

I definitely liked this one. I did catch some errors and weaknesses, of course, but I'll get to that later. I think what fascinated me the most here is the presentation of a darker aspect of the paranormal society. The integration of humans and shifters,...more
Edina Rose

This is a very cute AND quite "modern" shifters story.

The shifting phenomenon here is great! There are some clever/interesting new concepts like breaking or the myth about scents and smells.

The lifestyle is also kind of modern and does not revolve around pack meetings and hunting during the full moon. The shifters can be seen living a normal life, using social networking websites to connect, chat, discuss teenage shifters issues; they don't have exactly the same problems as human teenagers/you...more
Karen K
I really liked this variation on the shifter world - the fact the humans know about the wolves and even work with them but there still seems to be a fine line between associating with them. I also liked the distinction made between adult and child in the wolf world, was an interesting twist.

Rob was a hard character to get to know at first but I warmed up to him. I feel instantly for Jamie thought, even as he fluctuated from strong to needy to strong and back again beautifully, and I loved the s...more
Don Bradshaw
This story is the first of a three book series by two great authors. We get another spin on the werewolf so beware for something very different. Rob goes into a non-wolf dance club looking to pick up a one night stand. Wolves are an open part of society and Rob is a cop assigned to human/wolf relations. Rob picks up a hot, younger, Jamie but has no clue that Jamie is a wolf. Wolves in their first year of changing are easily mastered and Ron unintentionally imprints on Jamie. This story was a ro...more
Sep 02, 2011 Cayce rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: m-m
This book is a typical example of she bites off more than she can chew. Maybe if the book was longer it would've been better developed.
I had problems with the case, and with the characters too. Jamie came off as an alpha wolf in the first scene, then he became a submissive fluffy. But he was at least a cutie. Rob on the other hand was really unsympathetic and quite an ass**** with a sudden attitude change which came out of left field without any real reason (was it because of the bond?).
JustJen "Miss Conduct"
I really enjoyed this different take on shifters. They can come into their change (first time of shifting) at pretty much any time up until they hit 20 or so, and when it occurs plays a big role in how their wolves are. They are extremely vulnerable in the first year of this shifting, which is a small piece of the bigger picture and mystery of this story. Jamie is a real sweetheart. Rob was a bit of a prick, but his reasons are quickly explained. I was a little disappointed at how quickly he cha...more
I really enjoyed reading this.
I liked how the world was set up and the characters portrayed and after Rob got over his issues he and Jamie made a great couple. The idea of how the wolves mature at different paces and how in the first year they are woulnerable and can be broken was an interesting twist on your average wolf shifter book.
However the mystery of the missing wolves didn't quite manage to pull me in all the way and the whole thing seemed a bit unfinished. Maybe the issue will be revisi...more
Okay, the main reason this book has such a high rating is because Jaime is such a woobie and I have an extreme soft spot for well-written woobies. There are some weird character flaws with Rob going on, but he was mostly a plot device for me (anything for the sake of Jaime's happiness!) so w/e.

Oh, these tragic innocent heroes. Why do I love you so much? Actually, I do kind of have an answer to that. I've theorized that it's probably because I know I'll never be one of them. I'd be too...calculat...more
Lexi Ander
This was a very enjoyable read. I liked the slow draw of the imprinting instead of the insta-love. I liked how the dominance swapped back and forth between Jamie and Ron.

I really enjoyed the unique paranormal qualities for the shifters in this world. The changes in society that affected the shifters with disintegrating packs and break down of crucial social structures and connections. It paints a rare vulnerable face for shifters with problems from the outside ‘lupophobes’ and the internal secre...more
I really enjoyed this book, which I expected, since I am a fan of RJ Scott's writing. Therefore, I shouldn't have been surprised that this wasn't your typical shifter story. Ms. Scott and co-author Diane Adams wrote a unique shifter society with new wolf secrets that I had never read before. I won't give away any details except to say you will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the new relationship between wolves and humans.

The two MCs, Jamie and Rob were well matched and I was again happy...more
3.5 Stars rounded up

I had very high hopes for this story, but was left feeling like the relationship between Jamie and Rob was too rushed and a little too easy after their tough start. Rob also too easily accepted the imprinting after he so vehemently was against human/shifter relationships. No matter what he says about acceptance and finding shifters to be equals, he came across as very prejudiced against wolves, at least to me.

The entire premise of the story was very interesting and I loved th...more
3.75 Stars.

I loved the wolf side of things and all the wolf characters.

I couldnt really like Rob....i still dont know why Rob changed his mind on certain issues. I also thought the investigation aspect of the story was pretty weak.

Basically Jamie won the story for me.

I think this is going to have a sequel and I fully plan to read it. Hopefully there will be a bit more world building in the second book.

Great start to a new werewolf series. The characters are fascinating. I particularly liked the interpretation of werewolves and their society. I am very much looking forward to Book 2 to find out more about Sam, Jamie, Rob and the other humans and wolves appearing in Book 1.
One of the absolute best to rank high among other amazing shifter books I've read. Can't wait on the next one that I've pre-ordered.

Two thumbs up!
3.5 stars

I thought the opening scene in the club and the sex that followed was a smoking hot way to start out the book. But then Rob had to go be a big poophead when he found out Jamie was a shifter. I felt bad for Jamie because he was adorable and Rob's reaction didn't make a lot of sense to me considering he was part of the Wolf/Human Team for the police. It took a bit for me to warm up to Rob because of that and considering his negative feelings about Jamie I was a little surprised at his sud...more
Shattered Secrets is written by two of my favorite authors so needless to say the book is good.

Diane and RJ have co-written a different kind of shifter story where humans and wolfs live openly and work together. Needless to say there are still people out there who hate the wolves and want nothing to do with them. We here about imprinting instead of the words mates which is another unique difference in this story. I can't wait to see what the next book will bring us.

So this story is about Jamie...more
This review first appeared on MM Good Book Reviews.

Pixie’s Reader’s Review: I really enjoyed this one, it was a refreshing change to read a shifter book that wasn’t all about sex and mates; although there is a lot hot sex and some discussion about mating.

Rob is horrified when he finds out that Jamie is a Wolf. He has nothing against them personally but he wouldn’t have sex with one…if he had a choice. Jamie doesn’t usually sleep with humans but there is just something about Rob. When Rob kicks h...more
I really enjoyed this story. I liked the mystery of what is happening to the shifters and love the premise of human and wolves working in partnership together as cops. I am looking forward to more stories in this world. The only thing I didn't like was Rob's attitude upon discovering Jamie's secret. Not that he shouldn't be mad, but for as mad and upset as he'd gotten, he capitulated awfully easy.

The writing is well done and what I've come to expect from Diane. Her characters are rich and intrig...more
The plot in book was fresh and interesting, but I have to admit, that I really disliked it, when a main couple that's Jamie and Rob, met at some past event, as one night stand, and we didn't actually read about it in the story. It was simple mentioned at the start, so it let me feel like the book started with chapter two and chapter one was left out, which wasn't good. Overall it was enjoyable story.
bout time a book like this show up. it doesn't have the constant looking for mates, really old one waiting for centuries find oh so young one or grrr don't touch mate! there's a plot where the young weres are missing, an man who's consider young by wolves imprints on a human who don't do inter-species bed play and everything plays out without the constan sex scenes or a needy mate
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Writing MM Romance with a Happy Ever After...

I am in awe that people read my writing and thank you all for taking the time to read, rate and review. Rj xxxxx

About me...I live in the UK just outside London. I love reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror; however, my first real love will always be the world of romance. My goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road...more
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“Rob opened the door, and a tiny kitten ran out. It stopped to sniff Rob‟s ankle and arched its back, spitting tiny kitty defiance at him. Rob scooped it up. The tiny black bundle barely filled his palm. Dark as ink, the only mark on it was a tiny white spot between its eyes. Rob looked up from the kitten to meet Jamie‟s wide-eyed attempt at innocence. "There was a cat in my closet."
"I can explain," Jamie offered.
Rob returned to the bed. He dropped the kitten in Jamie‟s lap, causing it to poke unfortunate things with tiny needle claws.
"Damn!" Jamie yelped, grabbing the kitten and putting a sheet between his delicate parts and danger. "I took out the trash yesterday, and there she was almost buried in a snow bank shivering."
"It was ninety degrees yesterday, and there is no snow." Rob sat down on the edge of the bed. "Aren‟t you supposed to hate cats?"
Jamie cuddled the tiny creature in his hands. It wrestled with his fingers. "That‟s dogs. I‟m not a dog, I‟m a wolf. There might not have been a snow bank, but it was dirty and hungry and very sad.”
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