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Maybe everything will be different here. Maybe I should drive away and never come back. Maybe my brother didn't mean to. Maybe my brother was right. Maybe I can get someone to have sex with me. Maybe no one will ever love me. Maybe I should be an actor. Maybe I shouldn't pretend to be deaf.

Maybe if I mouth the words no one will know I'm not singing. But maybe someone, some...more
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published October 10th 2006 by Knopf Books for Young Readers
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I thought this book was amazing. this book told me alot about how to express my feelings of my dead family and friends. Brian expressed his death of his brother by his relationships with others. brian just moved to a new home a new school and new friends. he had to start over as a junior with no one by his side. a few months prior his brother got into a car crash and died. he had no friends when he moved so he sat in the theater for lunch when he made his first friend, Dan. Dan was a good guy so...more
Oct 07, 2007 ananka rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 15+
This book is by the same author as the non-fiction book, The Burn Journals. Sixteen year old Brian's older brother died recently in a mysterious car crash. Brian doesn't know how the crashed happened, but he fears it was suicide. His family is in mourning and none of them are dealing well with the death. They have moved to a different area and school and all have withdrawn from each other. As time moves on, Brian and his parents must find a way to move on as well.

Brian is definitely a growing te...more
Rachel Howe
This is the absolute worst book I have ever read! In my opinion there was no point to this book what so ever! Reading this book was a waste of my time! I dreaded opening up this book because I knew everytime that I would start to read, I would be put to sleep. If I were to make any recomendation about this book, it would be to stay as far away from it as possible!
guys have werid minds lol
Erika Schoeps
My God, this book was horrible. All the characters were thin and annoying stereotypes, and then plot was bland, pointless, and unoriginal. I really tried to keep reading, but I gave up 50 pages in. The writing itself was bland, and sentences were often in their simplest form, which isn't always bad, but didn't advance the bland plot. Also, the main character is disgusting. At the very beginning, as he comes into a new school, he sees a girl in the hallway and tries to casually grab her ass multi...more
Ashley Crabtree
Oh man, honestly I love most everything I read. This book was terrible. It was so boring. Filled with basic language, and stereotypical characters. I was just turning every page hoping it would get better and was SO disappointed. It went nowhere! Where was the climax of the story?? What was the main problem?? I don't even know! The ending was confusing and ended so abruptly that I set down the book and just sat there wondering why I had read it. I definitely would not suggest this book to anyone...more
Kahmani Bennett
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was a good quick read. I really loved the ending, it was fairly emotional and heartfelt.

I do love the developement of the main character. He started out as a horny angsty teenager, which is realistic. But he grew into a better person by the end. It's better than the other books I gave 3 stars to, but not quite a 4 either. It made me shed a tear. It's a good book about grief.
Jennifer Gaudelli
If you want to read a quick read, a no brainer, this might be an option for you.
Read this in one sitting and without that, the rating wouldn't be so high. Don't get me wrong, Maybe is an ok book.

You enter into the storyline pretty quickly and you won't go in depths...well never. There's some funny bits at the beginning. You can't help yourself but to feel for Brian and his desperate quest to loose his virginity. This book truly had great opportunities to be something different and untypical....more
Anthony D
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Uh-oh, Houston, we may(be) have a problem. I'm writing this review only a day after I finished the book but I have a blurry recollection of the story. I do remember that almost every page contains the word "sex," though, which is not to say it's full of the deed because IMHO, it could have worked better with more action. But that's the thing about the story - you couldn't really expect it to be bigger than it already was from the start. The main character, Brian, whose unpredictable behavior we...more
Being the lover of realistic events in high school life, I looked forward to reading this book. Sadly, it turn out to be a waste of time.

Here we have our protagonist, Brian, who is trying to cope with the loss of his brother. Him and his dysfunctional parents move to a new town, where Brian starts off his not-so-normal high school life.

First thing that bugged me was the characters. The characters, especially our protagonist, has no personality. It seemed as if the characters were just "last mi...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Dianna Geers for

In MAYBE by Brent Runyon, Brian's unpredictable behaviors make it hard to know him at first. In fact, I disliked Brian so much in the beginning and didn't know if I wanted to continue reading the book. He didn't share any deep thoughts and tried to cop cheap feels on girls at his new school. Even Brian admitted that he was a pervert. And an a**hole. At least we agreed on something.

So I decided to give him a chance. And I'm very glad I did.

Brian bega...more
Christina (Reading Thru The Night)
This book was a stumble upon at a Border's close-out sale and perhaps the best stumble I've ever made. In three syllables - Ah-May-Zing!

The narrator is a BOY. And it's not done in those hokey alternating passages where one can barely determine there's been a shift of character except now all of a sudden you're in someone else's head but with the same voice. Oy vey doesn't that bug others?! Nope this is a male narrator and it's RAW.

And often I was incredulous. Really, guys. Do you really think ab...more
I read this book thinking it would be even better than Runyun's first book, The Burn Journals, only to find that it wasn't. It wasn't terrible, I actually liked the plot and main character Brian. I expected something totally different and was kind of disappointed.

Brian, the protagonist, moves to a new town with his parents. He talks about his brother a lot, but he is never really interoduced in the book. Brian struggles to deal with his home life and school while thinking about his brother. Bri
Kristin Tajlili
So. I was at the library the other day and decided to pick this up on a whim. I can't say that it is the best book I ever read, but I still enjoyed it. For a young adult novel, it did everything I expected it to and nothing more.

The book "Maybe" is about a boy going through his teenage years after a tragic event. The novel tackles several prominent issues such as relationships and sex. This is a very simplified storyline--but there's not that much to it.

If you are someone like me who enjoys rea...more
It's a misfortune (or a fortune?) that I never really got to finish this book. I think it was just way too explicit for me or something. We couldn't really get farther into the story past our protagonist's sexual hungers, but the beginning had a great jump start. Also, I found myself flipping all the way to the end and reading the last few chapters that actually held some story. I was actually saddened by what happened to his brother, and I can feel that all his psychological warfare and social...more
Tod Boren
when i first read this book, it started off very well, however the profanity in this book is in excessive use i wouldn't recommend this book to the faint of heart.
the book is about a young boy named Brian, through out the book i was always guessing as to where his brother is he is mentioned frequently. not only that he befriends a "Thespian" that is not the greatest of friends, for those that are in to the "sex, drugs rock n roll kind of thing this is your book, however the character in the boo...more
I really liked Runyon's Burn Journals (non fiction) so that is what prompted me to read this fictional book by him. Although not has honest and searing as Burn Journals, the book is good for teen boys who are struggling to find their niche - high school is awful for so many. This book shows that, but it's not cliched (mostly because this type of story usually has a girl as the main character). I do appreciate that Runyon is trying to write books for boys who are searching for self and navigating...more
The narrator of this short book sounded a lot like the author (from his memoir, The Burn Journals). The writing style was very similar also, using present-tense first-person. Even though I was aware from the prologue that something had happened to Brian's brother, there were points in the book where I felt like Brian had forgotten... but overall I felt like it was a pretty realistic portrayal of a teenage kid dealing with grief as well as hormones and moving to a new school. Brian was a little p...more
Brit Miller
After reading The Burn Journals; the Author's personal story of his teenage suicide attempt. I contacted Brent through email explaining how much his book touched my life and he responded so we were going back and forth for a few days just talking about life; at that same time Maybe we finishing final publication and he told me about it. I bought the book the day it came out and I'm pretty sure I read it in 24 hours. He's style was very similar to The Burn Journals which I thought told you a lot...more
Julie Espina
This book is weird/amazing. What the hecc kind of guy "falls in love" with his girlfriend, but is all of a sudden annoyed with her just because she's not ready to have sex? His name is Brian; I sware he falls in love with EVERY GIRL he thinks is cute.
Towards the end of the book he ends up falling in love with his best friend Daves girlfriend Amy. "She's cute" ; "She has amazing skin" ; "Her hair is awesome" ; "I could fall for her easily". And every cahnce he gets he tries to get close to her on...more
Irene Cuellar
This book is about a boy who is in highschool. He is new to the highschool he moved to. He is like any other teenage boy.He joins chorus and wants to get out but at the same time he doesn't. He lost his brother in a car accident. He sometimes misses his brother . He wishes his brother wasn't stupid and not had died, so he can help him when he needs help.

I like this book because its very detailed.Sometimes its a little too detailed but its ok.My character likes a lot of girls in this book and tel...more
Alexa Cruz
Maybe by bretn Runyon was an awkward teenage romance story. this story gives you an insight on any different personality traits such as a girl who was really into drugs and didnt have a care in the world about anything, and about a boy that allhe cared about was having intercorse with a druged up girl. Overall i did not enjoy this story. I think is too much and also this isnt the type of drama that i like to read about. This is like allother teenage drama books where you want something then you...more
This is one of my favorite books ever.
It's in the narrative of a junior boy dealing with whatever life throws at him. The story line is awesome and gives you the feeling that you are looking into a normal boys life. I had suggested this book to all my friends, and I will always suggest this book to anyone who is looking for a short story that isn't too daunting on the mind, but is not too bland in story line.
It truly is just the perfect book in my eyes and will always remain my favori...more
Jul 19, 2010 Ayanna added it
now this book is about how brian is thinkin about breaking up with monica and going with somebody else.he also has been goin with dan to alot of girls houses and them coming over his house. he wants dan and amy to break up beacause now he likes amy. he also found out that dan has been cheatin on amy with alot of girls. he wanted to tell amy but he promised dan that he wouldnt tell her. dan tried to get brian to cheet to but he wouldnt do it. he also tried to get brian drunk. so far this is what...more
Laura (Boundless Bindings)
This one is very moving and I enjoyed watching the journey that Brian goes on through his adolescence. It is a very easy read, only 100something pages. I finished it in about one and a half days. Brian is a good character, he doesn't like showing his feelings so it was nice to see is resolve weaken and him become more accepting of other people. There was also a lot of humor in it, since he's constantly thinking about broke up the seriousness of the novel. I liked this one a lot!
My overall opinion truly wasnt very good. The story was just not to my liking. Mostly because it was in a 16 year old boys oppinion. I thought that Brian put himself in very bad sittuations that could have wrecked his reputation. If any girl ever did any of those thing she would be judged and get soo much crap for it. I cant beleive how amazingly smart these two boys were to get what they wanted from girls. It almost made me sort of sick.
Brian and his parents move to a new state and a new house after his older brother dies. He is still struggling to cope - and now is trying to fit in at a new school and decides to become part of the thespians/drama club. He basically views every girl he sees as a possibility for him to lose his virginity.

Meh. Never really liked the main character or felt sorry for him either. More appropriate for high school than middle school.
I stopped reading this book about half way through...I tried to get through it but the main character was so annoying that I didn't want to finish it. Plus the book didn't flow. It was to choppy and random. I was sickened by the content. I'm relieved to know not all guys are like this character.
I'm sure he was grieving, over what I believe to be his brother's death, but still...come on, the kid was a creep.

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Brent Runyon was 14 years old when he set himself on fire. His first book, The Burn Journals, is a memoir of his suicide survival. He is a contributor to public radio's This American Life, and lives on Cape Cod, where he works as a newspaper reporter. His third book, Surface Tension: A Novel in Four Summers, written with longtime collaborator Christina Egloff, is in bookstores now.
More about Brent Runyon...
The Burn Journals Surface Tension: A Novel in Four Summers

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