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Man and Boy (Harry Silver #1)

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A fabulously engaging and exciting novel about a man who has to learn about life and love the hard way.

Harry Silver has it all. A successful job in TV, a gorgeous wife, a lovely child. And in one moment of madness, he chucks it all away.

Man and Boy is the story of how he comes to terms with his life and achieves a degree of self-respect, bringing up his son alone and, grad

Kindle Edition, 368 pages
Published (first published 1991)
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Jul 19, 2008 Sunni rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Those not familiar with Kramer v. Kramer
This is an engaging, smooth read and I would have rated it higher had I never read/seen "Kramer v. Kramer." I really felt this was borderline plagarism and was very surprised the author could get away with recreating so much of that story, right down to details like carrying the child when he is injured on the playground. I am also surprised that 25 years later this story plays well. When Kramer came out, most men didn't have a clue about real hands-on parenting and a man with custody was unhear...more
I definately preferred "About a Boy"- Nick Hornby has no competition whatsoever from Tony Parsons. Parsons tries to be funny. Fails, of course, but then it's made more pathetic by the fact that he totally pulls the heart strings to their fullest extent at the end. And that doesn't quite work. It was almost boring. Almost as bad as Jack Sheffield! [That's saying something:].
reading "Man and Boy" is like listening to an easy-listening pop song. it is sweet, easy to guess, nothing in particular. it goes well, as usual, and everybody likes it. it is just; i am not really into pop music.

though is beatifully written, i dont find any sense to fill up my soul after reading this book. it is just a too-easy-to-guess and happy ending story, good for the young couples.

i think it will be better if the story of the father and the son (read: man and boy) is brought up more deep...more
Truth. That's what I kept thinking as I was reading this book. It's true and it's raw. It's sad and it's happy. Tony Parsons has a certain way of making the characters so real. I felt I knew Harry Silver. Really knew him, as a friend.

I guess stories like this don't really need to be complicated to really draw readers in. In the first few chapters I was devastated when Gina and Harry break up. I actually felt pain for Harry during his tiny mid-life crisis when he sleeps with another woman. The bo...more
Janie Johnson
Tony Parsons is a brand new author for me. I discovered this book earlier in the year and finally decided to pick it up. It felt like a contemporary to me. This was not a blow me away, wow me book by any means but it was so well told, and so heart felt. This author can definitely tug on the readers heart strings. And if you don't feel something while you read this book then you need to turn your emotions on.

Set in England you have this story of a beautiful family, Gina, Harry and their 4 year ol...more
My expectations on this book were high. And as soon as I finaly got it from the library I Couldn't keep myself away from it. I Loved it from the first page to the last! On the cover it says that James brown has said in the Observer that he cried five times and laughed out loud four. I didn't really really cry, even thou the grandfaither died. He was after all 70 something. And such happens everyday. I'm not saying that it isn't a big dela, cos it is, but I can never get that engaged. Whatever, I...more
Michael Armijo
A British best-seller...

B+ to this one! I found this book at an airport bookstore in London, England. It was a British bestseller at the time. I was intrigued by the title. It ended up reminding me how "lucky" I have been in my life. Life is unpredictable and we must be happy no matter what it takes. There was one event in the book that TOTALLY surprised me, catching me totally offguard. That's a 'real find' in a book! This isn't a depressing's a book about real-life, love and savoring...more
Man and Boy by Tony Parsons is the story of how a man becomes a father to his son, and a son to a father. The affection Harry feels for his family, all of it, is obvious from the first page. As evident is Harry’s sense of self. He comes to realise that what he feels isn’t always enough, though. Approaching his thirtieth birthday, Harry is lost in between. He is no longer a child, but does not feel properly mature. He is married, but is unsure what that means. He loves his family, but isn’t quite...more
Kishel Ramirez
I laughed and then cried, then some time in the beginning, threw it because of frustration. This book had me. It tugged my heart and lifted up some of the pessimistic views I have about love and men, life in general.

This novel is about a producer, a husband and a father who made a mistake that caused him his wife. At first, I can't feel sorry for him. I just cannot find the nerve to forgive men who break their women's heart easily. They deserve to rot or work in a public high school
Badly Drawn Girl

This was a "beach read" book for me, meaning I didn't except it to me much more than a cliched, easy reader that would be enjoyable in a mindless sort of way. But I quickly found myself totally involved in the book and the characters. Tony Parsons has taken an overdone topic and done it right. The emotions are spot on, the dialogue is believable, the plot is engaging and intriguing. My only grip is the ending which felt a bit forced but honestly it's a small thing in terms of the rest of the boo...more
sesuatu yang tampak sempurna, sesuatu yang didapatkan melebihi ekspektasi, sesuatu yang dihargai, atau bahkan dicintai, seperti anugrah yang tidak akan datang dua kali, tidak menjamin semua kisah berhenti seperti dongeng dengan ending yang 'happily ever after'. tapi juga bukan berarti harus jadi gentar atau takut hingga tidak punya harapan baru. justru jadi peluang untuk mengorek lebih ke dalam diri, mencari keinginan hati terdalam dan kebenaran tentang diri sendiri, yang bisa jadi baru diketahu...more
Kendall Schuchman
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
W.H. Fordham
I've always been a fan of kitchen sink dramas: aka. 'Saturday Night & Sunday Morning.' 'Cathy Come Home.' A Taste Of Honey.' 'Look Back In Anger.' etc, I like the gritty social realism. I've also been a long time fan of writer Tony Parsons. He has that same earthy, 'call a spade a bloody spade' quality that is missing from too much of our modern air kissing Z list celebrity world.
So when I saw his book, 'Man And Boy' in my local Acorns charity shop for £1 it was a no brainer. It is the best...more
It's not often I am able to browse a bookstore for the sheer purpose of finding a book. I go through all these rituals of checking reviews and reading sample chapters so i don't feel like i am wasting time or money on a book. To just walk and look at titles and pick something and look at it just as it is is a huge gamble of the literary sorts.
But that's how I came across Tony Parsons book Man and Boy and I'm so happy I did. A plain looking book with just shoes, a mans and boys shoes and a coupl...more
Life is all about growing up: growing up as a kid, growing up as an adult, growing up as a child, growing up as a parent, and eventually, growing up as a human. An average guy's not-so-average life revolves around one theme - his family. The everyday challenges you face, which otherwise go unnoticed, have been beautifully crafted out in this book by Tony Parsons.

What makes you connect instantly with the narrative is its pace and simplicity. It's a light read with a dash of humor about how a perf...more
Aisyah Samuin
I love writing a review right after finishing a book. I literally had just turned over the last page a few minutes ago. With a content sigh. :)

I don't know. Maybe I'm just like the main man in this book. That's why I love it so much. Always the romantic. Always beating ourselves for things that we are not able to do. But always trying our best to redeem the shortcomings. Yeah, maybe that's why I love Harry.

He ain't much. I even tsked tsked at him initially for doing what he did that causes his m...more
Christine Blachford
Plot: Harry sleeps with someone and learns that one mistake can spell the end of everything. His wife leaves him and he has to learn to cope with looking after his baby son. When she comes back, after several months, she expects her son back and Harry finds it hard to say goodbye.

Characters: The thing is that it’s told from Harry’s point of view, which is fair enough, only he’s a man, who cheated and ends up looking after a child. I’m a girl, I haven’t cheated, and I don’t have a child. So I fou...more
Solid modern writing. Quick read. A bit derivative of Nick Hornby. I didn't always like the main character - he's a bit of a prat sometimes - but I guess that's part of the point, isn't it? If John Cusack isn't cast as Harry in the movie version (which I'm afraid is inevitable), I'll be shocked.
Inna Zaichenko
The book touches the heart-breaking changes in the society, where family values are dying out. Why? Just because couples no longer fight for their mutual happiness. It's way easier to cheat, leave, indulge into some religion and then end up it all together. Who suffers? Children, who learn to be emotional diplomats.

Three generations. One stemming from another. The apples might be alike, but the orchard has changed.

With the idea coming from the man's mind, reading becomes even more gratifying. It...more
I'm not a regular reader of this sort of books(everyday life of a modern man, romance, family and such stuff) but reading 'Man and Boy' was a wonderful experience. It really draws you in and keeps tight till the very end, hooking both with a good plot to follow and with author's witty manner of narrating. But what's even more important, Parsons deals with serious matters like love, responsibility, fathers and sons, in a light but at the same time wise manner. This books really moved me, going be...more
I used to enjoy Tony Parson's often coruscating funny writing in the NME in the punk and post-punk era, so I was looking forward to reading this novel. It was an engaging tale based around 30 year old Harry, who after being caught playing away from home finds himself all at sea as a single parent to his 4 year old son after his wife walks out on them.

I enjoyed it, often finding it funny although in a much more gentle Richard Curtis sort of way, related to the era and the cultural references and...more
Harry Silver is on the verge of his thirtieth birthday, and is having a bit of a breakdown. He married young, and now has a four-year-old son with his wife. He works long hours as a television producer, which gives him even less time to be with his family. After making a wrong move, Harry finds himself raising his son alone while his wife tries to follow the dreams she gave up when they first married. The writing is so well-done that you're sucked into the story immediately, even if there is a s...more
Bab III. Questions.

Harry Silver kembali melanjutkan hidup, dengan sejumput sisa ketidakpuasan -yang mungkin tak diungkapkannya secara gamblang- tapi rasanya bakal nyata di sekuel.

Bab II. And the hardest part, was letting go.

Cinta berarti tahu kapan saatnya melepas kepergian mereka yang kau cintai. Dalem. Ya. Kelelep. Sure. Kata-kata bijak yang mungkin gampang diucapkan, tapi berrrraaaaat dijalankan.

Bab I. But life goes on (with or without you).

Harry Silver. Istri cantik, anak rupawan. Karir ten...more
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Sentimental drivel is the phrase that comes to mind but I might be being a Little hard?

Easy Reading, killed the book in a couple of evenings which is why I finished it rather than throwing it out. Why was the book not for me, well first the main cahracter is a man who decides to have a min midlife crisis at thirty. Oh for gods sake says the over 45 year old. Second the wife he cheats on is a stay at home wife who states at that she hates how working mothers treat her. As a working mother I Think...more
Bart Mesuere
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
All I can say..awesome! Aku sangat suka cerita ini karena sangat menggambarkan kehidupan yang sebenarnya mengenai sebuah rumah tangga. Bahwa menjalin sebuah hubungan serius, menikah dan punya anak bukanlah hal mudah. Setiap orang yang terlibat didalamnya harus berjuang untuk mempertahankan keutuhan rumah tangga tersebut.

Disini juga diceritakan bagaimana Harry yang ketahuan selingkuh oleh istrinya, harus menjadi single parent plus di pecat dari pekerjaan. Lengkap sudah penderitaannya sebagai seor...more
Matti Karjalainen
Tony Parsonsin esikoisromaanin "Mies ja poika" (Like, 2002) päähenkilö on lontoolainen televisiotuottaja Harry Silver, joka erään kaamean päivän seurauksena menettää niin työnsä kuin vaimonsakin, ja huomaa olevansa Tähtien sotaan fiksoituneen nelivuotiaan poikansa yksinhuoltajaisä. Se ei ole duuneista helpoin mahdollinen, mutta Harry päättää joka tapauksessa yrittää parhaansa, ja tulee samalla tutustuneeksi paremmin myös omaan isäänsä, kovapintaiseen maailmansodan veteraaniin sekä solmimaan suht...more
Michael Jenkins
Harry Silver has everything that most people would envy to have: a beautiful spouse,great job in the media and a wonderful son. On the other hand, while most will love to have that kind of life, they do not realize the sacrifrice that comes with it. Harry therw it all away after a one night stand, now he struggles to being a single parent and his ex often wonders if he is capeable of taking on such a big responsibility. Raising his son alone is really hard, he asks common questions such as: Shou...more
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Tony Parsons (born 6 November 1953) is a British journalist broadcaster and author. He began his career as a music journalist on the NME, writing about punk music. Later, he wrote for The Daily Telegraph, before going on to write his current column for the Daily Mirror. Parsons was for a time a regular guest on the BBC Two arts...more
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