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And Baby Makes Two
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And Baby Makes Two

3.01 of 5 stars 3.01  ·  rating details  ·  372 ratings  ·  50 reviews
A sharply observed, bittersweet tale of the trials of teenage pregnancy. Lana Spiggs is fed up with everyone telling her what to do. If it isn't her mother nagging and shouting, it's her teachers nagging and shouting. What Lana wants is to be grownup. She wants her own flat, her own husband and her own children - and then no one will be able to boss her around any more. Wh ...more
Published (first published October 2nd 2000)
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Ide cerita: bagus.
Menggambarkan dengan jelas apa yang ada dipikiran perempuan-perempuan muda yang tidak terlalu mengenal kondom, kurang berkomunikasi dengan orang tua terutama ibu, ketahuan banget ngga nonton stasiun tv khusus anak muda yang sering mengkampanyekan "Say No to Free Sex" tapi sudah terlalu terburu-buru ingin merasakan seks. Dan parahnya, pengen hamil.

Penulisan: jelek banget. Parah. Ngga cerdas.

Dyan Sheldon, kenapa sih, selalu mengurung nalar pembaca di kepala tokoh utama?
Kalau saj
I'm a bit torn about how I feel about this one but I liked it overall. Lana is definitely a really difficult character to like but I think there are perfectly sound reasons for that- she's still just an immature kid and appears to be suffering from postnatal depression (or maybe she really was just clueless and selfish.) As infuriating as a lot of her actions were, I still found myself drawn into the book and eager to know how things turned out. The writing itself is very good- easy to read and ...more
I am frustrated! I can't believe how thoughtless and irresponsible the MC was in this book. How could she even consider having a baby at 15 to be the best way to start a "mature" life? I had hoped that things would work out in the end but no. Sa hit just got serious and she was all alone with her baby whom she named after a freaking shoepolish brand.
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to "And baby makes two" by Dyan Sheldon, how can you do otherwise? I decided to read this book because i simply was intrigued by the cover and the title. I personally love reading novels about common teenage problems, like in this case, teen pregnancy. So as you would expect, i began to read. Fifteen year old Lana Spiggs meets her perfect guy (Les) on her birthday at McDonalds, and after being in a relationship for a couple of weeks, sh ...more
All Lana Spriggs wants out of life is to have her own family. Even at fifteen, she knows that she'll only be happy out of her mothers clutches and safely in the arms of her own Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike complete with children. When Lana meets Les she truly believes she's found The One and when she manages to get pregnant without even trying, Lana sees her dream emerging in front of her very own eyes. The truth, however, is very different from the fantasy and not only does Lana have to deal wit ...more
This story is about a silly, day dreaming, 15 year old. All she wants to do is grow up. She wants marriage, a home, a family and to be an actress. She is so annoying and got on my nerves.
I don't mind when books have a main character that I dislike as long as they have a story that keeps me entertained and other characters that ARE likable. For instance, I did enjoy reading about Hilary and Charley but they were the only ones I really did like.

This book ended very disappointingly. I was hoping f
This was a first for me reading Dyan Sheldon and I was not disappointed, interesting book full of the ups and downs and being a teenager, and how sometimes all people want is a baby. Although she learned just how difficult babies can be and in the process lost a lot of things, another book to learn from if you are a teenager and want a baby - It's not the time, enjoy yourself and think about things like that much later in life.
It's a shame not more people pick up this book to learn (although th
Every 15-year old should read this.
The characters are not very likeable. The events are not very likeable. The main character's daydreaming is pretty annoying. I still feel this book painted a bit too rosy picture. After all, not all parents are forgiving and supportive towards teen age pregnancies. I felt that the story was a little too good to be true and that's why it got 3 stars.
Besides that, pretty honest book. I remember feeling shitty during my pregnancies and feeling low after births. Th
And Baby Makes Two talks about a teenage girl called Lana and all the troubles she goes through as she gets older. Lana is sick from everyone telling her what to do; she just wants to become an adult so that she can have her freedom. Her life's ambition is to get married, have her own flat, and a lot of children. Dealing with her mother, teachers, and peers was already hard as it was, but Lana later meets a guy named Les. She then gets pregnant and that changes her whole life and turns it upside ...more
I loved this book. The characters were amazing and I loved every single one. Lana and Les' relationship is great. I loved their excitement. Les did get a little bit annoying because he didn’t take responsibility for his own actions. I went into this book thinking that Lana was going to be this horrible cow who doesn’t love her baby. The writing was a little bland but easy to read. Some of the story line was a bit slow and did go on a bit. I would recommend this book if you like to try and unders ...more
DNF at 83%.
I tried to stick it out through the entire book and I almost made it... I really did!
But as the pages went by, it was just becoming too painful to read.
I've never categorized a book as DNF before, but it seems there's always a time to start (this one being mine).
The book started out at least semi-enjoyable, but I can't say I ever really got into it enough to enjoy myself like I usually do.
Give it a try, though. Maybe you'll find it a good read. Possibly.
Stephanie Moss
I liked how this book promotes awareness for teenage pregnancies and shows how having a baby isn't as easy as it may seem. I liked how the main character was portrayed as selfish and immature. It added to the effect of the book by being able to see how someone like Lana would see the world. Not the best book I've ever read but it was okay. The book may stress you out if you have a low tolerance for people like the main character though. Three stars!
Dyan Sheldon does it again! Another fantastic book from a fantastic author, and this time it was a story that for many young people is a reality.

Contains spoilers!

It's about a teenage girl who dreams of having a family and growing up. But when she gets her wish, it's not all sunshine and roses. A lot of what Lana thinks isn't real, such as the fact that the father of baby Shinola doesn't care about her as much as she thought he did (if at all).

The ending is a little shocking (though you could
That was terrible. Seriously terrible. Lana is such an idiotic brat that it hurts to even read her train of thinking. God. No wonder no one wanted to buy this god-awful book. This book is basically one of those books that should burn in the fiery pits of hell and never see the light of day ever again. Lana ought to have died while in labor, just saying.
Hana Feberia
Teenlit ini menceritakan tentang pergaulan bebas seorang remaja awal di Inggris. Cerita nya terlihat utopis memang untuk masyarakat Timur, tapi bagi masyarakat sana bukan lah suatu hal yang tabu.

Bercerita tentang seorang remaja kelas 3 SMP bernama Lana yang sangat tidak akur dengan ibu nya karena dia merasa kalau dia adalah seorang anak yang 'tidak diinginkan' pada hari ulang tahun nya Lana bertengkar dengan ibu nya dan kabur, lalu dia bertemu dengan seorang pria dan mulai saat itulah hidup nya
Wenny Widy
Lana Spiggs tidak suka dengan keadaannya sekarang. Ia tak suka sekolah. Ia tak suka ibunya, Hillary Spiggs. Ia tak suka diperlakukan seperti anak-anak.

Pada hari ulang tahunnya yang kelima belas, Lana bertemu dengan Les Craft. Lelaki yang lansung membuatnya terpikat. Hubungan terlalu jauh berjalan sampai mereka melakukan hubungan intim. Les, tentu saja mengira Lana sudah melakukan “langkah antisipasi”, tapi ternyata tidak. Dan, yah, tentu saja Lana yang masih lima belas tahun, hamil.

Wah sdh lama gak bca teenlit..
And Baby Makes Two..cerita ttg seorang siswa sekolah yg belajar menjadi Ibu (mendadak, ceritanya hamil by accident gtu, biasa remaja :'(

Dan, jadinya di umurnya yg masih sgt muda, Lana, merasa hidupnya mulai berubah.. betapa cape dan penatnya mengurus bayi, mengganti popok, menyiapkan susunya, mendengar tangisnya tiap tgah mlm, blum lagi Ibunya yg ngomel terus-terusan mengkritik Lana salah mengurus bayinya. (dingin2 hujan deras, lana nekat mrmbawa bayinya keluar utk
The concept of this story Is fantastic, awareness of teenage pregnancy! Which is done really well especially towards the end which shows the difficulty and the suffering.
However all though the plot was so promising I found the story line was a little weak and has the common naive character that Dylan Sheldon usually has, which I personally do not like but many may like her.
The beguiling of the book was really strong and promising and the descriptions was fantastic but the plot weakened from th
Ari levi
Oct 22, 2007 Ari levi rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: emil
ceritanya bout, the girl who are falling in love, and devoted all to the boy,and the boy was cheating on her...
hamil, dan berbagai masalahnya, dialamin sama cwe yang baru teen,,,
even ceritanya di inggris, tapi stigma tentang anak kecil yang hamil rada miris juga,,
ga bisa maen2 lagi, yeah, another teen stuff just stop coz of the baby...

yang paling lucu, gw pikir pas dia ngasih nama anaknya, dengan SHINOLA,,,padahal, in US shinola is shoe polis,,dia tau that fact dari temennya, yang punya temen di
Emmalene Clarkson
It is fab. Very girly though, goodluck with that.
Pertama, saya kaget novel ini masuk genre teenlit ._.v karena ceritanya agak sedikit dewasa yang membahas sex before marriage meski dilakukan teen gitu.
Kedua, yah... mungkin karena ini terjemahan jadinya cukup dimaklumi-lah, teen-nya mereka dan teen versi indonesia beda.
Ketiga, karakter utamanya terlalu polos atau bego sih?! hadeeeh ._. kayaknya dua-duanya deh.
Keempat, saya jadi stress sendiri baca buku ini ditambah ending yang kurang menyenangkan ._.

Jadi 2 bintang buat novel ini!
Veronica Widya
nih buku bukan buku yang menjanjikan sesuatu yang bagus ato yang bikin orang berser-seri bacanya atao yang ngejual mimpi seperti novel lainnya.
Ini menceritakan sesuatu kenyataan yang mungkin sedang dialami oleh beberapa remaja.
Karakter utamanya emang rada ngegemesin dan kasian.
Tapi buku ini bagus dibaca oleh remaja oada jaman sekarang, karena dia memberikan pelajaran yang berharga.
lagipula karakter utama ga harus menyenangkan, terkadang karakter bisa juga yang nyebelin ato dodol-polos kaya di bu
Meimei Camui
Membaca judul buku ini, aku pikir ini hanya cerita tentang kenalan anak. tapiiiiiii....setelah dibaca seluruhnya. aku cuma bisa bilang " penyesalan selalu datang terlambat" malah aku bilang, terlalu terlambat dalam buku ini.

waktu berputar sedemikian cepat, dan pikiran kita hanya dipenuhi dengan angan-angan semu. saat kita tersadar angan-angan itu terbang. kita akan terjatuh ke titik terendah dalam hidup.

aku belajar banyak hal dari novel ini.
Selama baca novel ini saya gemes banget karena tokoh utamanya bego banget. Tapi wajar saja secara dia masih teen begitu. Sok tahu banget dia sama hidupnya.
Tapi setelah baca, saya puas bangets ama endingnya yang (menurut saya) tragis. Bagus untuk gambaran atau contoh hidup mengenai dampak negatif dari pre marital sex dan hamil di luar nikah.
Laura Simpson
Read this in a few hours, good book! Although the main character was rather annoying and I feel that it did not really give an overview of motherhood that well. As well I felt the time scale was a bit quick/confusing. But overall generally good read and there were parts I enjoyed so not a negative review hence the stars :D
Aishi Lely
bagus ni..merubah pemikiran kalo dewasa tu g ditentuin ma umur tapi ma sikap pemikiran kesiapan menerima tanggung jawab. jadi dewasa tu pilihan.. buat remaja ni cocok biar ngelakuin segala sesuatu g grusa-grusu alias mikir dulu seribu kali biar g fatal akibatnya.karena yang dah terjadi g mungkin bisa dihapus.
penceritaan apa adanya dan sangat realistis......
betapa berbedanya cerita ini dibanding cerita teenlit lainnya yang ngimpi..... kita diajak merenungi reakitas yang terjadi saat ini pada remaja.... pada akhir cerita kita akan terenyuh bagaiman kehidupan berubah demikian cepatnya...khusunya bagi lana
It's not the beautiful words that got me because honestly, there were lots of unpleasant thing told here. But this book keeps me on the ground that "trust nobody" is still one of the main issues of life. And however low you may go, people who truly love you will always be there for you.
I liked it in a way but i didn't like it in away. Lana is a difficult character to like and understand and she is hard work. It was written well i guess and i didn't get bored and i guess it has a good message but i wouldn't read it again.
Oct 19, 2007 Wirya rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Karunia
Sometimes girls do want they want without thinking twice.
This book is one of the example of that kind of girl but girls will keep on fighting for their life since regret won't give anything better than the guilty feeling.
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Dyan Sheldon is the author of many novels for young adult readers, including the #1 New York Times bestseller CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, which was made into a major motion picture. American by birth, she lives in North London.
More about Dyan Sheldon...
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, #1) My Worst Best Friend The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love My Perfect Life (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, #2) Planet Janet (Planet Janet, #1)

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