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The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles, #2)
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The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles #2)

4.21 of 5 stars 4.21  ·  rating details  ·  80,487 ratings  ·  3,538 reviews
Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have been in trouble. As descendants of the House of Life, the Kanes have some powers at their command, but the devious gods haven't given them much time to master their skills at Brooklyn House, which has become a training ground for young magicians.

And now their mos...more
Kindle Edition
Published May 3rd 2011 by Puffin (first published January 1st 2011)
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Signe Wulff It's amazing!!!! There's so much humor, and… well I couldn't let it go until I was finished with the entire thing :D
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Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Haylee Luu
okay, 2 stars rate has never happened with Rick Riordan's works, until now. I found The Throne of Fire is really well written with some great twist but this book is so, unoriginal. Let's see.. The world is at the end.Check. Two kids are their savior. Check. Mob of monster and obstacles. Check.

The way they saved the world was predictable. I can even guess that when they gambled with Khonsu. And one more thing, the main charactors were Sadie AND Carter, not just Sadie. I felt like everything was...more
Laly Arce Chumpitassi
Nuevamente Rick Riordan me sorprende con uno de sus libros, Sadie y Kane siguen sus aventuras mientras tratan de salvar al mundo de su destrucción. No diré más porque no quiero spoilearlos, pero si aún no leen esta saga, les recomiendo leerla "Crónicas de Kane".
Kendall Anne
Wow, I can't believe the second book is already coming out! The first one was OK. I liked The Lost Hero, the first of the Hero's of Olympus series better. I really hope this book is good, better than The Red Pyramid. The cover art looks nice, and the title seems cool. HOPEFULLY this book is worth the wait, but I don't want to get overly excited since The Red Pyramid wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I will totally still read it though! I hope the like this one, and I also can't wait for The...more
I just don't like the Kane Chronicles books as much as I like the Camp Halfblood books. There are plenty of reasons, and the fact that I don't like Egyptian mythology nearly as much as Greek mythology probably has a lot to do with it. I don't know as much about what Riordan is playing with, so I can't fully appreciate it. And I'm just not as invested in, say, Bast as I am in Apollo. That said, I was astounded with how much I ended up liking Best. It took awhile for him to grow on me, but by the...more
The Throne of Fire is the second book in The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, which tells of the adventures of modern day fourteen-year-old Carter Kane and his thirteen-year-old sister Sadie Kane, as they discover that they are descended from the ancient Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramesses the Great.

To be honest, I enjoyed this book more than its predecessor, The Red Pyramid. And I just enjoyed the story more and the humor. But unfortunately, its still not as good as the Percy Jackson and the...more
Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*
Oh, Rick Riordan ... *weeps* How I love your wonderful books!

But okay, let's be serious now. The Throne of Fire ... Oh, my goodness. I love it so much.

I'll start off by saying, I'm a huge fan of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. Nothing will ever replace that series in my heart, partly because, you know, I was younger when those came out, and they're the books that made me fall in love with Rick Riordan (metaphorically). Thus I have more of a sentimental attachment to them, one that...more

3.5 stars

The Throne of Fire is certainly better than its predecessor novel. However it still lacks a little element to take it up to the same level as the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series. Each of those series have slightly more interesting worlds, characters and, to be honest, mythology.

One thing I noticed while reading this novel is that the magic in both the Kane Chronicles novels is very...magical. I'm not just saying that it's simply good for a children's fiction novel....more
Jul 24, 2011 Thomas rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Individuals possessing a "Y" chromosome
This book doesn't really deserve a full four stars, but because I'm such a lenient reviewer nice guy I'll stick with this rating.

I do have a reason for giving The Throne of Fire four stars, though my personal reading experience warrants a three or 3.5. It's because this book is just so good for a certain type of reader, the type that would much rather be playing Xbox or watching mind-numbing television. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. They're referred to as "reluctant readers", but I li...more
As the 2nd book of the series, I am not sure this was as strong as the 1st. I enjoyed it overall, although as one reviewer here noted, it was rather Sadie-centric and, as another observed, the Kanes starting their own school seemed a bit surprising given their level of knowledge. In addition, the asides (which I expect will occur in the remaining series for continuity) are not as successful as perhaps the author originally envisioned.

I think the book suffered a bit (speaking as an adult reader)...more
Duffy Pratt
Enough is enough. The kids are alternatively characterless or annoying. They make stupid decision after stupid decision, and then when things look hopeless, they get bailed out by another Egyptian god who appears out of nowhere. Then, after they have been bailed out and rescued, again and again, everyone bows down to these two idiots for the wonderful things that they've done.

Here, once again Riordan's hero kids are faced with the end of the world coming in five days. So what does the girl do? S...more
Jon Cox
How many different scenarios can one man create in which the world is about to end? [No, Bog, I'm the one typing. Get away from the keyboard.] All you have to do is read Rick Riordan's books to find out.

In the Throne of Fire, the world is about to end. Again. [Gasp. Sorry, Bog just poked me in the ribs.]

Riordan's prose is generally quite tight, and well written. [Thank you, Bog, I would like a drink.] But, he chose to use the same ridiculous [Yes, Bog, I could have used a stronger word here, bu...more
Another 3.5

Compared to "The Red Pyramid", this installment was better in some ways and worse in others. As far as character development is concerned, Riordan did a better job with the Kane siblings this time. It was interesting to see the older brother-younger sister dynamic between Carter and Sadie as they struggled with the dramatic changes in their lives and tried to save the world at the same time.

In terms of story, I found "The Red Pyramid" more memorable and stronger as an individual boo...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Dot Hutchison
Note: This book is the second of the Kane Chronicles, following The Red Pyramid. If you have not yet read the first, there will be spoilers below.

In The Red Pyramid, siblings Carter and Sadie Kane couldn’t be much more different. Carter, raised by their American father, has traveled the world, dresses like a junior executive, and has been extensively schooled in his father’s subject of interest: Egypt, specifically its mythology and history. Sadie, younger by two years, has been raised in London...more
The Throne of Fire was so much better than The Red Pyramid, it's ridiculous. I think the predecessor suffered from a lot of heavy exposition and world building, but since that had already been established, the plot of The Throne of Fire could get moving much faster and was much more enjoyable.

Sadie and Carter Kane continue to be some of my favorite characters, and the new additions Riordan brought in for this book were also fabulous. I love watching the Kane siblings's relationship grow and cha...more
Another delightful adventure with Carter and Sadie Kane! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Not too much to add to my review of The Red Pyramid as the style and things I enjoyed about this one are much the same. I had fun with some of the new characters from this one, especially Bes and Tawaret. Though we do get some resolution on the driving plot of reviving the sun god Ra and stopping the world from ending (!!!) this book is definitely poised as a "to be continued" (my husband was especially annoyed at th...more
A thrilling sequel to "The Red Pyramid" in the Kane chronicles! This sequel is nothing short of an action packed book with some humor! It's almost been a while since their dad released the gods and now they have recruits. After separating from Horus and Isis, Sadie and Carter have been working by themselves in a effort to convince the First Nome that they mean well. Although they don't have as much power at a time since Horus and Isis have left their bodies they are still making good progress. R...more
First line: "Carter here."

I could not finish this. It was just so bad.

Rick Riordan is fundamentally not a very good writer. I knew this from the Percy Jackson books. I still (mostly) liked the Percys because I like Greek mythology, and the way it was being reimagined was interesting and amusing. Popcorn books.

I have two major problems with this book—well, setting aside all the problems with lousy prose and stereotypes and gimmickry that were also in the Percys.

1. I don't know Egyptian mythology...more
There were things Sadie and Carter had to do,
like saving the world from the biggest serpent ever, or knocking babbon out of the bridge.
things like that.
but there were also secret things each of them wanted to do and to do that, they had to sacrifice some things. even if there were chances the world was going to collapse in five-days...

for some things, I felt a little disappointed about this book. which is, pretty suck since I was so dreaded to read it.
still, such a fun book you must never miss...more
Barb Middleton
My turn.

[Ow! Let go of the microphone, Sadie! I'm telling your story. Don't worry! I loved the book.]

Phew! Carter and Sadie are back in, The Throne of Fire, book 2 of the Kane Chronicles, saving the world from being devoured by the god of Chaos. The two narrate their story with humorous asides and sibling rivalry. The action is nonstop as they try to find the three scrolls of the Book of Ra which they want to use to wake up the Egyptian sun-god Ra who they feel is the only person who can stop th...more
Although I still feel that this series is not as good as the Percy Jackson series and its treatment of Greek mythology, I think overall The Throne of Fire was a good addition to the Kane Chronicles series. Many of the characters were endearing and compelling, and the writing possessed Riordan's lovable wit with fun bits of history coming to life all the while. That said, several points kept me from enjoying this book as much as I would have liked.

One problem that started at the beginning and con...more
Another favorite book of mine from Rick Riordan!
I like the pace and the fast beginning. The adventures are enjoyable and fun! And I like the new characters introduced here. Honestly, it took me a long time to finally read this because I'm not very familiar with the egyptian mythology and I need to take a research first. But the third book has already came out so I decided to read it, and I really think this is better than the first book. Sadie and Carter are awesome characters! I like the fact t...more
You know, I like Rick Riordan. I really do. I think he writes in a clear, conversational, and fun voice. Plus, his books have a great deal of substance to them, and are consistent in characterization. You really would not believe how many "young adult" books have inconsistent characters! Anyways, he writes books that I would encourage my kids to read, because they're fun, have good characters, and clear morals.

However, this Kane series is just not very good. The split perspective is not very sp...more
Roof Beam Reader
The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
Final Verdict: 3.25 out of 4.0
YTD: 26

3 – Plot/Story is interesting & believable.

Rick Riordan’s The Throne of Fire is an incredibly fantastic follow-up to Book 1 of his Egyptian mythology series, The Kane Chronicles. Once again, Sadie and Carter Kane narrate us to the end of the world and back again – poor kids! Just when the Kane family feel like their greatest threat – Set – has been muted, a new danger arises. The Lord of Chaos, Apophis, is begi...more
Jill Furedy
I seem to recall liking Red Pyramid fairly well, but something got lost for me in this book. Didn't we have this same battle with Desjardins in the first book? And we're starting over with Zia (and I liked her shabti better anyway).
I really liked Khufu and Phillip last time, and Freak was fun, but I didn't see enough of them (is it bad that the animals were more memorable to me than the gods?) I liked Bast in the first book, but she was not so interesting here. I did like Bes, even if yelling B...more
Took me a little time to start this but I actually finished it in record and its actually getting very interesting. Ladies and Gents, my views of Kane Chronicles #2 The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan .

Here is the summary of the book:

Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have been in trouble. As descendants of the House of Life, the Kanes have some powers at their command, but the devious gods haven't given them much time to mast...more
Bonnie (A Backwards Story)
Rick Riordan has really come into his own as a storyteller. His books are easy to devour, full of suspense and intrigue. There's never a dull moment to be had. Best of all, he's so methodical with research, reading his books makes you SMARTER. With his CAMP HALF-BLOOD books, I'd forgotten a lot of Greek/Roman mythology (or never knew it in the first place), so reading about Percy Jackson & Co. really opened my mind. This is even more true when it comes to THE KANE CHRONICLES. I know nothing...more
One day my grade school teacher asked our class, “Who wants to be a hero?”

Being the enthusiastic kid that I am I raised my hand. If only I knew what I was getting myself into at that time, I would have kept my hands down.

“So Sarah, how would you define a hero?” my teacher asked.

My mind was blank back then, I really hate on-the-spot questions. “Umm,” I started. “A hero for me is someone who helps people. “
“Go on,” she encouraged.

I want to say I’m having a brain freeze but instead I said, “Someone...more
May 24, 2011 Mith rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fantasy fiction lovers
Aw, man! This ended too soon! :( How do they expect me to wait one whole year to find what happens next?!

I really liked this book! Fast-paced, generously peppered with witty sarcasm and a good story to boot, though sometimes it felt like Riordan was trying too hard with the sarcastic dialogues - they felt forced. Thoroughly enjoyed every time Sadie took up the narration. Sarcasm seems more natural to her character than Carter's.

Senile Ra just cracked me up! (Oh, noes! Vegetables!) There wasn't m...more
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