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Infinity Gauntlet
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Infinity Gauntlet

4.03 of 5 stars 4.03  ·  rating details  ·  4,523 ratings  ·  253 reviews
It's the Avengers, the New Warriors, the X-Men and more against the omnipotent Eternal, Thanos! The Mad Titan has become the most powerful being in the universe, and enslavement or destruction may be the only choices he gives it! The successive Starlin sagas that shook space and time start here!
Paperback, 256 pages
Published September 28th 2011 by Marvel (first published 2000)
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I read this back when it was originally published in 1991, and I remember thinking, “Wow! This is a comic that combines the best of Marvel’s more grounded heroes with its cosmic elements to create an epic story of a threat to the entire universe. Someday, maybe in about 20 or 25 years when motion picture technology advances to the point where they can make superhero movies that look really cool, Marvel could start their own movie studio and release a series of films based on some of these charac ...more
This was a loaner from my neighbor, and not something that I would have normally picked out for myself. 'Cause it's...old. And the art looks...old. It even smelled...old.
As I read over the blurb on the back, I was like, Hey, Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet? Isn't that the theme for that cartoon that my kids like so much? Superhero Squad!
...and then my son snatched it. Honestly, I didn't fight him for it either. I mean, it looked so...old.

But a few days later, when I heard him telling his broth

For those readers interested at a potential glimpse of the content of the Avengers (Assembled) sequel this is your choice of graphic novel. Infinity Gauntlet focuses on the proposed villain for this future movie, a villain known for meddling with the power of the Tesseract (or Cosmic Cube), and who runs by the name of Thanos. For the most part this graphic novel keeps a nice balance between message, story and visual elements, that is when the story doesn't become cosmically imbalanced by the bat
I admit, I read this because of that scene in Avengers. As good of a reason as any, I think. And I'm glad that I did, because it's really enormous fun.

Yes, the exact dialog and the exact character designs are a bit dated. But George Perez is an artist I don't think I could ever get tired of, and the plot and pacing are exciting and absorbing. Thanos is a very intimidating opponent under any circumstances, and now with almost unlimited power, nobody can truly beat him but himself. So the strategy
Following the Rebirth of Thanos. Thanos, in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, wants to impress the female personification of Death. He removes (kills?) half the life in the universe, but she is not swayed. He psychically lashes out in disappointment, and the resulting wave causes cities to be destroyed on Earth. A group of heroes led by the resurrected Adam Warlock teleport to Thanos in an attempt to stop him. (view spoiler) ...more
Oct 21, 2014 Eric rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Marvel comics
Shelves: graphic-novels
I collected these comics as a ten-year-old, and still have all the single issues. It's the first "epic crossover event" type comic I can remember reading, and it wowed me at the time. And you know what? Rereading it as an adult, I'd say it has held up pretty well.

In short, without spoiling too much, Thanos gets his hands on all the Infinity Gems and becomes and omnipotent and omniscient god. He almost immediately kills off half the life in the universe, including many, many superheroes. He also
Printable Tire
The Infinity Gauntlet at least begins with an interesting concept: Thanos, a nihilistic ugly creep, has gained control of the Infinity Gems on the Infinity Gauntlet, which means he has control of the soul, the mind, power, time, reality, and space, which means he’s pretty much the most powerful being in the universe. But he’s not beyond spelling his name in planets and his real goal is to win the affection of Death personified (who looks a little bit like one of my ex-girlfriends), but she won’t ...more
3.0 to 3.5 stars. Following on the heals of The Thanos Quest- Book One, Schemes and Dreams and The Thanos Quest: Book Two, Thanos, in possession of the Infinity Guantlet giving him full mastery of Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power, begins to implement a plan to destry half the life in the universe in order to win the affections of Death (who he has been in love with forever). Trying to stop Thanos is the proverbial "battle royale" of superheroes and cosmic entities. had the hots for fo ...more
Nicolo Yu
Reading this Jim Starlin opus has been a long time coming. I've been looking for a nice collected edition for a while, either as a trade paperback in the early 21st Century or a nice hardcover when Marvel released a premiere edition a while back. It took a sale on ComiXology for me to finally pull the trigger on this classic story-line.

I gave this 5 stars because I really enjoyed reading this. There were several mindblowing moments that one could appreciate the intensity of the conflict in this
Sam Quixote
Having seen the Avengers movie, I wondered who that odd looking fellow with the menacing grin was in the post-credits scene and did some googling when I got back home. His name is Thanos and the info I read pointed toward a book that does the character the best justice - "The Infinity Gauntlet" - and luckily my local library had a copy so I grabbed it and sat down this afternoon to read it.

While the book is 20 years old at this point, I loved it. But what's it about? It's about Thanos and his lo
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As we get ever closer to the inevitable Avengers: Infinity War films, which will close out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is on a mission to unite the six Infinity Stones to complete the Infinity Gauntlet, harnessing complete and total power. It's been a pressing matter of mine that I actually read the source material going forward, before that time comes, especially after his first being teased at the end of the Avengers. The 199
An epic tale and a massive crossover.

Originally printed in 1991, it has the 80s all over it. Even Thanos, because he's doing everything - not just for the power itself - but to impress someone! That's something I didn't expect. It takes some of the evil out of him and makes him - I don't know. Needy? Which is something I don't expect from him. I guess the grim 'n' gritty 90s weren't underway yet. And this is Marvel, which always had a childlike quality to even their darkest heroes. (I once saw
SPOILER ALERT!!! Since the advent of the Avengers movie, I feel like every time I so much as whisper the name "Thanos", some tortured soul in my periphery will surely hiss "spoiler alert!" as if I'm trying to ruin Christmas. So, for those of you who have seen the Avengers movie already, read on. For the 12 of you who have yet to see this film, listen to the big black rectangular thing hovering above your hut and GO SEE IT.


Since the big ending credits reveal in the aforementioned 2012
Matt Garcia
Amazing and Epic are two words that come to mind when describing this book. This is a marvel universe fan's dream come true. Gorgeous artwork, endearing characters. cosmic battles and eloquent dialogue are
abundant in the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos and Warlock steal the show. A sensational read.
Pragyan Pradhan
This is a space opera with color and dialogues worthy of festooning. But, but it's a story worth reading for its sheer scope. The whole marvel universe is at conflict against the mad titan, because he is set on the course of destruction of the whole reality. More than all the fights and crazy ideas, there is this philosophical undertone of godhood and what's it mean to bear that mantle.

Thor replied back, "but it was a benign reign, random and unfocused."

"And now that it is calculating you find
"Epic" is a word thrown around so freely these days that it means practically nothing like, as opposed to your favorite team winning a match or your long-awaited movie somewhat surpassing your expectations, what it's originally intended for, that is, a sprawling story of mind-boggling scope with larger-than-life characters involved in a conflict greater than all of them combined. Of this can there be no better example than The Infinity Gauntlet, in which heroes and villains alike of the universe ...more
I was slightly delirious when I read this (thanks New Year's Flu) but I was suitably impressed. It was odd and not what I expected, page after page is dedicated to Thanos ruminating what it will take for Death to notice him, whilst Adam Warlock is just an odd character in general. I suspect substantial changes will need to take place if any of this material is used in Avengers 3 but I feel better prepped now as Thanos amasses his Infinity Stones. Dum dum duuuuum.
Jul 25, 2007 Mikey rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: marvel comics lovers
Shelves: fiction
Marvel's compilation of the Infinity Gauntlet series is a fun read. Yes, it's incredibly stupid stuff, but if you just throw yourself head-first into it and accept that Spider-Man and Captain America (really, what are they doing here?) can help in the fight against what amounts to an immortal villain who can take on abstract concepts like Eternity, it's a lot of fun. The editors of this anthology made a good decision in giving us as little background information as possible; the fighting comes e ...more
Peter Marcelo
I just got into comics recently and this is one of the few older one I've read, and much like The Dark Phoenix Saga, I didn't find this book to age very well. The concepts and the plot introduced are interesting at best but the execution was poor. Dialogue was campy and the art was okay to messy at points, especially the panels of Thanos showing his Gauntlet power in the cosmos. It was like a diarrhea of colours and swirls. Unlike today's events, each issue was 40 pages long and managed to keep ...more
I think the story was good but not for me. My husband LOVES Thanos. Loves, loves, loves! Therefore I thought he was going to be totally bad ass. The first thing that popped up in my head while reading this was "all this over a chick?!" The fact that Thanos is basically a verbally and mentally abusive, whiny, would be boyfriend to Death totally turned me off. And then after everything, he goes and makes Terraxia instead to spite Death! Really?? After all that, you could have made your own subordi ...more
One of my all time favorite comic book story arcs. As a kid I spent every cent of my paper route money on all the comics this story affected, from Quasar to She-Hulk. And let me tell you the Quasar one was pretty freaking lame, but it was ok because the Gauntlet books themselves were amazing. The only other way I can think of to describe it is, say you are listening to Rod Stewart and it is just awful. But he's singing about The Lord of the Rings which you love. So all of a sudden you're rocking ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never even heard of this. I found it on some "similar to The Avengers" reading list, and as I haven't yet been able to see the movie I figure in the meantime I'll work my way through some of the titles on the list. Apparently, there's some post-credits moment that only the special people who know the main character in this book will get, and naturally I want to be among them. :)

The story is absurdly overwrought, melodramatic, and ridiculously extravagant, but in
Andrew Williams
Infinity Gauntlet, in a way, Thanos' journey as a character by Jim Starlin all built towards this moment. Everything Thanos' had done in the past built into this story, his desires, his faults and his strengths all come into play as the Marvel Universe comes into direct conflict with Thanos.

This book spins directly out of 'Thanos Quest' series, as well the Silver Surfer book, both books showing Thanos collecting of the Infinity Gems, as well as the first confrontation someone has with him once h
Look, perhaps this wasn't the best place to jump into things. Honestly, with decades of continuity, there IS no good place.

But the scope here is ridiculous. There are scenes of every single hero and villain in the Marvel universe punching the ever-loving crap out of each other, and that's the small bits. Yeah, the heroes don't matter because we're dealing with powers that dwarf reality itself. Literally. Eventually, the embodiment of eternity and reality start holding a "living tribunal" about
It's really hard to comprehend a book that talks about infinite power, when we know not about. Characters of the marvel universe that can in fact truly exist, appear as chess pieces, even though they are beings of absolute power, which in Result will be a stalemate. Instead of stalemating the marvel universe finds loopholes to counter the fact the the infinity gems do just the same thing, it's like one book that talks about 5 different things, it's tested by 5 separate books about the same thing ...more
Big epic cosmic adventure as only Jim Starlin can do it.
Thanos has gathered all the Infinity Gems, which basically makes him God. Adam Warlock and the might of the Avengers work together to put a plan in place to stop him.

One of the last big event comic stories that really worked and felt big and epic, and not like a forced gimmick.
Universe spanning, it also has lots of interesting character bits.
While it's all very big and sci-fi there are still smaller, well written moments.
One scene with Capt

Even though I only jumped on the Marvel bandwagon after the Avengers movies came out, I've been trying to redeem myself by catching up on a lot of the old (and new) comics. And let me tell you...

... this one... this one ...

... seriously, you just have to read it. It's that good.

I mean, I was expecting it to be good, because Marvel's making a couple of movies out of it. But I wasn't expecting to see so many awesome superheroes jam-packed into one series, with so many heroic victories (and defeat
In which Thanos murders half the population of the universe in order to impress his ex-girlfriend.

I have a long-standing distaste for overstuffed Event comics, but this is rightly hailed as Marvel's best ever. It succeeds by all but ignoring its heroes. Wolverine, Hulk, and Spider-Man are relegated to glorified cameos. Captain America literally gets backhanded into outer space by a disinterested Thanos. Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock sorta save the day, but their success feels l
Crisanto J. Jorda
Despite being an avid collector of Marvel Super Hero cards, I had never actually opened the chapters of the Infinity Gauntlet short series until recently.

Years of geekdom finally realized.

It's difficult to critique this series objectively and without heavy bias. The Infinity Gauntlet was released at the beginning of the Dark Era of comics, a time when crossovers and quiche shock plots were introduced into long-standing franchises, before the term 'reboot' became so heavily ingrained in our now
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James P. "Jim" Starlin is an American comic book writer and artist. With a career dating back to the early 1970s, he is best known for "cosmic" tales and space opera; for revamping the Marvel Comics characters Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock; and for creating or co-creating the Marvel characters Thanos and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. Death and suicide are recurring themes in Starlin's work: Pers ...more
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