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Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica
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Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  932 ratings  ·  64 reviews
Their roots lie in the heavy rock of 70s groups like Deep Purple. The music they played—heavy metal mixed with punk attitude—became its own genre: thrash. Their bassist died and they survived to became the biggest-selling band in the world. As grunge threatened to overtake them, they reinvented themselves. Then their singer went into rehab and they almost fell apart. They ...more
ebook, 480 pages
Published May 10th 2011 by St. Martin's Press (first published January 1st 2010)
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“No party music, no girl magnet ballads. Just brutal, attack-oriented, audio death”.

..and with that quote, it becomes impossible to really sum up Metallica better. I’ve been a big fan of these guys since I was 15 years old and finally welcomed the chance to read an official biography on the band. Although, while it’s true I did have preconceived notions that I knew as much about the band as I was ever going to learn, that quickly went out the window in the first few chapters.

As it turns out, I h
I learned a lot about the history of Metallica but the author could have cut this book by a third. It was very wordy, particularly in the first section, and didn't have as much information from the band as I would have liked. The author is a music writer by trade so he goes into extreme detail about the background "inspirations" for each band member as well as every friend he introduced in the book. He repeats band names hundreds of times. (I get it. They were inspired by Diamond Head.)

That bein
Had to try this bio of Metallica - I listened to them in high school and they're fascinating. It was, on the whole, interesting and informative, but I couldn't stand the writing. It was awful. Beyond the typo-every-page editing, he was just a whiny narrative voice with something to prove to the world at large. He wanted to prove that he knew the guys well (that didn't seem to be the case), he wanted to prove that he was a hard partier, he wanted to prove that his exact opinion of which songs and ...more
For a band that has just celebrated their 30th anniversary, the book seems to skip over a lot that has happened since 1986. Almost half of the book covers these first five years, and the rest of the book seems rushed to cram in the subsequent albums. The worst point to me was the amount of personal opinion was included. I got the impression that Mick Wall is on of those "fans" that only likes the first three albums, hence why he focuses so much on writing about those and then criticising the res ...more
Jeremy Wagner
Enter Night is one of the best band biographies I've ever read. It touched upon many important points in Metallica history, answered numerous things I'd only known as rumors or unbelievable, and dug into dirt and a dark side I'd never know about one of my biggest musical influences--things never known to me before because Metallica hid darkness and pain so well...until now.

All that said, the book isn't some tabloid dish, but rather, parts the curtains to reveal the naked evolution of an incredib
Michael Hermann
Very good read, if you are a Metallica fan of any sort, you really should read this book. It gave me insight into the band that I never knew. I joined the Metallica crowd with the "And Justice For All" CD back in the late 80's and have been a huge fan ever since, but this gave me perspective on the early stuff that I didn't get to experience like the Dave Mustaine and the Cliff Burton years in the band. It also gave me a perspective on what happened once the band had to replace Cliff Burton and ...more
Matt R.
What a great book! Let me say first that I am a huge fan of heavy metal. That being said, Metallica was one of my first favorites as a teenager and they have influenced so many other bands. I followed Metallica over the years as they got bigger and went through a series of changes. What surprised me is how many stories in this book were new to me. The book is written well and chronicles the early years to present. A lot of the focus (which I liked about this book) is on the earlier years. It cov ...more
I have read a couple of Mick Wall's biographies, and apart from "When Giants Walked The Earth" and his John Peel bio, they were all rather dull. This isn't exactly dull, but Enter Night is more about the wheeling and dealing of record label execs and promotors, than interesting band adventures.
Pages and pages of boring, seemingly irrelevant details surrounding individuals who happened to be in Metallica's circle of colleagues or friends is not what I bought this book for.
Wall also placed Cliff
Metallica are one of my favourite bands, even though I did not discover their music until after they had completed the two mid-1980s albums that in my opinion remain their best work, "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets". They have had many commercial highs - not always matched by creative highs - since then, but unlike their 1980s peers, have kept on trying to do new things musically even when it would have been easier all round to confine themselves to the nostalgia circuit. Mick Wall's ...more
Eric Leach

Interesting book. Realized two important facts: Master of Puppets might very well be one of the greatest albums ever recorded and I still listen to those first three albums regularly; I haven't bought or listened to a single new Metallica album since Metallica in 1991, which was also the last time I saw them live.

Mick Wall's take seems similar to my own impression: not very much good happening musically after Cliff.
An authoritative and sweeping history of one of my all-time favourite bands from their inception at the start of the eighties right through to recent times (2010, soon after the release of Death Magnetic, to be precise).

It's a rollicking good read, and the author pulls no punches in letting the reader know exactly what he thinks of each album. For my taste, he is a little too negative on everything post-black album: I would argue that Load was a genuinely good album and that Re-Load, while weake
I have been a fan of this band since...... Circa 88. I know Justice wasn't out yet, then boom, they got a kick in the ass and were huge, so I was really into them till about, well when Load came out..... That sounds really bad, any how.

This was a well written book, and was enjoyable, but having followed the band so closely, there wasn't much new, or that I didn't know.

I'd say if your like myself, and know the band well, read something else, if you new to the band, you can't go wrong with this bo
I do enjoy a good music biography. And that was very thorough.

I now have all the information I will ever need on Metallica...actually MORE than I will ever need. But it was a fun read. I've been a fan for 30 years, I seldom listen to them anymore though (I prefer Megadeth these days.)

Just like all music biographies I read - I would like to hear more about their craft and instruments. Less sex, drugs, and emotional insecurities...more guitars, drums, microphones and compressors. But that's just
Janne Paananen
Mick Wall on kirjoittanut suhteellisen samalla sapluunalla kirjoja useista muusikoista tai bändeistä. Hän kertoo kronologisen tarinan: ensin kunkin bändin jäsenen synnyintaustat, sitten bändin syntymisen. Siitä edetään levy levyltä ja kiertue kiertueelta tähän päivään. Tarinan ääninä käytetään itse bändin jäseniä sekä läheisiä muusikoita ja taustavaikuttajia. Sitten sidotaan kirjaan kuvaliite tai parhaimmillaan muutamakin ja kas siinä meillä elämänkerta, joka on pahimmillaan tappavan tylsää luet ...more
A detailed, rich, compendium-like biography of one of the biggest rock groups in the history of the world. The yardstick, for me, by which all rock bios is measured against is "Hammer of the Gods" by Stephen Davis, which is, of course, Led Zeppelin's biography. That book covers so much ground & is so well written. In fact, in "Enter Night", you can definitely pick up on some of the influence "Hammer" must have had on Mick Wall.

This book is long. That is not a complaint, but I suppose there a
Scott Wilson
Mick Wall writes the most detailed and interesting rock biographies around. I’ve read his previous ones on Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin and couldn’t wait to pick up a copy of his latest book on Metallica.
Enter Night is written in two main parts, the first being Born to Die about the early years and up until the Master of Puppets album and the tragic death of bass player Cliff Burton. The second part, The Art of Darkness, covering the reinvention of the beast known as ‘tallica from the ...And Jus
Well...I grew up a huge Metallica fan. Back then, there was only one bad that I felt was superior to Metallica and that is TOOL! Although my thoughts and loyalty toward TOOL remains in tact and strong, Metallica has slipped on my list. As the years have gone on, their music has not appealed to me the way it used to. Although the self titled black album will go down as one of the greatest metal albums of all time and still is one of my favorites, they have gone the wrong direction since then.

Wall's biography of the Boys in Black is well written and despite the fact that I'm a huge Metallica fan (just went to Indio, CA from OH to see the Big 4 show, my 10th Metallica concert) I learned quite a bit that I didn't know. For example, Wall makes the case that before Cliff Burton died, he and James Hetfield had discussed finding a replacement for Lars (specifically with Slayer's Dave Lombardo). How different would music history be if this had happened? Obviously compared to Burton (a subli ...more
Metallica are one of my favourite bands, and having read a number of music biographies recently, I sought out a book about them. In the absence of anything written by the band members, British journalist Mick Wall's seemed to fit the bill. Mick Wall has followed Metallica, and known them personally, since they came to prominence in the early eighties. As a music journalist, he weaves interesting background information on the era and genre into the narrative, which I liked: he doesn't just tell t ...more
Laura Beth
False advertising. This is more a book written by an outsider that thinks he is an insider about himself with a larger emphasis on his Metallica adventures than his other adventures. I'm not sure if it had an editor; if it did, the editor did not do the job. It should have easily been 150-200 pages shorter. It is full of errors, too much background info concerning many other bands & business stuff, and many, many, many stories about the author. I get including stories in context and talking ...more
Per my published review from
As Metallica are rolling out a tour to celebrate nearly 30 years of history as one of 'The Big Four' it seemed fitting to release a biography. The Big Four refers to the four largest selling 80s 'Metal' bands: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. In his book Enter Night: Metallica - The Biography, Mick Wall denotes several instances when members of these competing groups temporarily joined or were attempted to be recuited into rival bands. Of course
I am still waiting for an autobiography from one of the band members (besides Dave Mustaine). This book focused a lot on the BEGINNING YEARS, dedicating entire chapters to the upbringing of both James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. I was disappointed in the fact that there wasn't as much information on some of the other core members' childhoods, Kirk Hammett for example. I had read Dave Mustaine's book before reading this one, which I would recommend for a Metallica fan, even if you just read the cha ...more
Like for every legend it's easy to believe we know it all about Metallica. Yet, Mick Wall (a great writer, check out his other books!) manage to deliver here the unthinkable: tell Metallica's journey in a plethora of details even the fan I am had no clue about!

Complete, surprisingly for a friend of the band (he had Lars Ulrich staying at his home several times) the author is also without any complacency and, dare dealing head-on with the controversial issues of their career -from their relations
Never disappointed!

I love anything Mick Wall has written and this book was no exception. I always learn so much, even when I think I know all there is to know, especially since I've been a raging Metallica fanatic for 30+ years now! Brutally honest, respectful, and pretty hilarious 'insider' scoops & observations makes Mick my very favorite rock biographer ever! I love my Metallica boys & I'm just thrilled he wrote this. Metallica fans you will NOT be disappointed!
C.p. Bialois
As an avid fan of Metallica I was looking forward to reading this when it first came out and it didn;t disappoint. Done in a largly unbiased style, it details the band's rise from average teenagers to one of the world's biggest bands in history. From the backgrounds of each of the band members to their current outlook it opens them up in an effort to allow us a brief glimpse into who they are.

The only downside, in my opinion, was the bashing of their 90's music following the "Black Album" and i
Mick Wall entwines numerous personal interviews with the band, past interviews from various sources and interviews with many people associated with the band (Johnny Z, Scott Ian,etc....)The most powerful section is the Prologue, with sharp descriptions of the events that brought an end to a life chapter for Metallica in 1986. Mick does make some big assumptions/accusations: James and Cliff wanted to replace Lars, Cliff would have been fine with the "Black Album" and Dave Mustaine was kicked out ...more
this biography was good, filled with many things i didn`t know of the band. Mick has a great grasp on the music industry and its history. he`s obviously a fan of metallica and knows them. i enjoyed the balanced created from the bands personal lives and attitudes as well their impact on the world abroad. gives great inside scope on the rock star life at the upper echelons. i personally wasn`t interested in the band in the early years of their beginning but after reading this i have respect for cl ...more
Todd Janko
I must say, I thought I knew every detail when it comes to this band, I was wrong. Mick Wall filled in a lot of personal stories and incidents as intimate if not more than the documentary, Some Kind of Monster.
Wall hits a home run with this accurate, in-dept account of Metallica and their 30 plus year history. Enter Night is a must read for die hard Metallica fans, for the casual fan, maybe you would get a very eye opening account of the Cliff Burton years. The depiction of the bus crash is chil
Mick wall has first hand knowledge of Metallica. This does not mean he is going to make nice nice with the them. He gives brutally honest opinions of the band and their albums. And with his VIP pass into the band's camp comes intimate details that you won't find elsewhere.
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Mick Wall is an author, journalist, film, television and radio writer-producer, who’s worked inside the music industry for over 35 years. He began his career contributing to the music weekly Sounds in 1977, where he wrote about punk and the new wave, and then rockabilly, funk, New Romantic pop and, eventually, hard rock and heavy metal. By 1983, Wall become one of the main journalists in the early ...more
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