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Madeleine: Our daughter's disappearance and the continuing search for her
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Madeleine: Our daughter's disappearance and the continuing search for her

3.66 of 5 stars 3.66  ·  rating details  ·  659 ratings  ·  117 reviews
'The decision to publish this book has been very difficult, and taken with heavy hearts ... My reason for writing it is simple: to give an account of the truth ... Writing this memoir has entailed recording some very personal, intimate and emotional aspects of our lives. Sharing these with strangers does not come easily to me, but if I hadn't done so I would not have felt ...more
ebook, 496 pages
Published May 12th 2011 by Transworld Digital
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Helen Kl
I am sorry but I felt the need to read this book because I had a wariness about The McCanns, especially Kate. This book does not ease all of those. It's awful to think of the poor child whatever happened to her the poor poor girl.

I am not won over by Kate's writing and still wonder why they couldn't do what other families do on holiday - eat early and go home, take pushchairs and let em sleep next to the table or even take it in turns to go out but no THEY WENT OUT EVERY NIGHT.

One of the night
Janet P.
This book really ticked me off ... it seems to me like Kate is taking ZERO responsibility for the abduction of her child.

.....Even if she had seen the person absconding with Maddy in their arms, she could not have caught them as she was 50+ METRES away. At a restaurant. Drinking, eating, distracted.

.....They went out to eat EVERY night...without the kids. Aren't vacations time to spend WITH your family? (why didn't they eat early at the other restaurant with the kids? In fact, why did they mak
Shell The Belle
May 01, 2014 Shell The Belle rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who still thinks Kate and Gerry are guilty of murdering their child.

*EDIT ON 01 MAY 2014*

In two days time it will be seven years since little Madeleine went missing. SEVEN YEARS.
I wanted to push this review back on my posts feed because I wanted to help raise awareness of a little girl who is still missing from her family; her Mom, Dad, and brother and sister.

Madeleine will be 11 years old on 12th May this year, and has been missing since she was almost 4, having disappeared from her holiday apartment in Portugal on the evening of May 3rd 2007.

I found this bo
Ruth Turner

I knew only the basic facts of the case concerning Madeleine's disappearance. I knew that her parents had copped a lot of flak in the media and I knew that she still hasn't been found, so I settled in to read Kate McCann's book with a great deal of interest.

And interesting it was. I read it in two sittings and was absolutely emotionally exhausted by the time I'd finished.

It's well written and an easy read for the most part, although keeping track of all the people involved in this story was a st
I felt quite angry reading this. Kate accepts no responsibility for what happened to her child. I still am not sure whether I believe her account. I saw very little of Madeleine in the book, which astonished me. It seems to be mostly account of Kate justifying herself and pitying herself. Very sad to read!
I thought long and hard before picking up this book to read it as I honestly don’t know what to think about the criminal case of Madeleine McCann. I choose to use the words ‘criminal case’ as ultimately someone out there is responsible for the hideous crime of this little girl’s abduction – and obviously abduction is the only word that can be used here as, since its occurrence, little other concrete evidence has been found to explain her disappearance otherwise. I’m just trying to be politically ...more
This is simply a self pitying account of Kate McCann. I do recall that the children were supposedly left on their own. A working class family would have been prosecuted for that fact alone so I fail to see how Kate McCann is in any way a victim. She is at very least guilty of neglect and possibly more. I also found it very interesting that two high earning Doctors would use a fund set up to search for their child, in order to pay their Mortgage. In essence, this book just goes to confirm my wors ...more
Couldn't put it down - and I warmed to Kate as a person far more than I have done through the media. Well worth a read, if only from the point of view of admiring the strength of the human spirit.
As a follower of true crime, it is only right that I read and reviewed Madeleine, especially as I have previosuly reviewed another book, Vanished by Danny Collins, also about the abduction. For those of you who have not followed the story, British 3 year old, Madeleine McCann went missing whilst on holiday with her family in Portugal in 2007. It is not known what happened to her, and she has not been seen since, the popular theory is that she was abducted from her bed, whilst unsupervised in the ...more
After reading some websites regarding the sniffer dog results and the car, I did wonder if perhaps the McCann's were involved in their daughter's disappearance.

I find Kate's recount of the events seem truthful. In all honesty I find the way all the families left their children unattended in their units unconscionable, to increase the risk by leaving the door unlocked boggles the mind. The half-hourly checks were not even satisfactory for discovering a child distressed by being left alone in my o
TheKeyAuthor TheKeyAuthor
Kate McCann's very personal account of those torturous years. A testament to the human spirit in the face of unbelievable adversity.

After reading this book, I gave more credibility to the notion that my case may well have affected theirs, and not just the other way around, such is the detail in the time-line.

I thought the account of their negative treatment by the police and the media was balanced given the utter frustration at the impact it was having on their search prospects. Most people wo
Susan B
When the McCann family of five left England with friends for a holiday in the Algarves, little did they dream that only four of them would be returning. Just shy of her fourth birthday, their daughter Madeleine would be snatched from her bed by a stranger. This book is their story.

While the subject matter is difficult, the story is important to read. For one thing, it accomplishes its objective, which is to keep Madeleine's name, face, and the event of her abduction, in the public memory, with t
I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this book. I've always felt that there was 'something' not right about the whole situation and have never warmed to the McCann's. I found it a really hard book to read, as a mother I was constantly relating it to my child - what if that had happened to me?, what would I do?, how would I behave? etc. I felt really sorry for Madeleine and what she must have felt/is feeling now, and part of me started to feel sorry for Kate and Gerry. In all honesty, I had to keep ...more
i thoroughly enjoyed this book. very well written,not just about the personal aspect but also about the legal issues surrounding the abduction. it is obviously written from the McCanns personal view but gave a very detailed account of all the processes involved when dealing with a missing child,or rather what should have happened.The sheer exhausting job of sifting through legal processes and evidence that the McCanns now find themselves having to do is thought provoking and admirable. I truly h ...more
Caroline Barker
Whilst this subject has undergone some very controversial opinions, after reading this book I have my own. The book in general highlighted, perhaps in slightly more detail, areas that have largely been covered by the press. Therefore, I have only given it a rating of three, however due to the pain that Kate McCann in particular must have gone through to bring herself to write it (and knowingly facing more criticism) maybe I should give it more.

Before reading this book I, like many, questioned wh
If I could give this review zero stars I would.

I found this book utterly painstaking to read and haven't finished it, nor do I intend to. And I never leave a book unfinished.

I have never been a fan of Kate McCann, although equally I've never hated her. I tend to lean towards the indifferent if I'm completely honest. That said, I chose to read this book out of a combination of morbid human interest and wanting to form my own opinion of Kate without just relying on the press.

The book itself start
Gustavo Gradowski
Madeleine: Our Daughter's Disappearance and the Continuing Search for Her is the story of Madeleine, an English girl who disappeared while in vacations in Portugal narrated by her own parents, Kate and Gerry Mccann. The disappearance happened in May 3th, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Her parents went to a Tapas restaurant, 50 meters away from their room, and left Madeleine with her twin siblings in the hotel room. The parents were going to check the children every one hour at the hotel room. H ...more
I have always been very interested in the Madeleine McCann case and followed events in detail over the last 4 years so, not surprisingly, when reading this I didn't learn a lot of new information. What was interesting though, was seeing things from Kate's view but I found the excuses she makes for leaving the children alone each night, even after they had been upset and cried the previous night, pathetic and upsetting. Kate is clearly distraught and angry and the book, although very interesting ...more
I have to preface this review by saying that I personally don't believe Kate or Gerry McCann had anything to do with their daughter's disappearance.

If it's possible in a book with such a tragic subject matter, I enjoyed Kate McCann's honest, frank recount of the days prior to and after Madeleine's disappearance. It's such a public case that you tend to think you know what happened based on the media reports - if it has ever sparked your interest, I highly recommend this book.

I think that it's c
Kell Woods
I'm not sure why I'm reading this... I'm not a true crime reader at all usually. I work in a library and when someone returned this book, I flicked it open and read Kate McCann's message in the front of the dust jacket... she has basically written this book as a means of making more money to fund the family's own investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, because there is no law enforcement agency anywhere still actively searching for her. It's just heartbreaking and I felt that to put t ...more
Kimberley Brown
A very emotional read. Hadn't followed much of the story on the news over the years, but never felt Kate to be a warm person... this book changed that, and explains the awful prediciment she was in. and found myself very frustrated to what they have had to go through from the media and doubters. At times it was quite wordy, with many names of people to keep track of, which made some of the reading a bit slow. As we know there is no happy ending to this story... but i will keep hoping there is. A ...more
Good book, very sad when you think this little soul and many like her are still lost, and family and friends still grieve and miss them every day, every minute, every hour.
Statistics that are at the back of the book, are quite scary, and also so vile, they make you want to bring in a immediate death penalty for anyone convicted for a sexual offence against a child.
If anything my views on what should happen to those convicted of these crimes, is made all the more stronger after reading these fac
I wasn't going to read this book. I am glad I did and I did find it interesting. I warmed to Kate whilst reading this. Whether or not I agree or do not agree with the events that happened leading up to Madeleine's disappearance, I am not going to judge them. They have lost something very precious to them, their daughter. It saddens me that action and their interpretation of the investigation seems that it wasn't dealt with properly. I really do hope that Madeleine is found safe and well and retu ...more
Erin Lamb
A very touching and poignant account of her daughter's disappearance from a woman demonized by her own country's press and finally vindicated. There is no question the McCanns weren't involved in Madeleine going missing and that the Portuguese police, mostly under the influence of one man, badly botched the investigation. While what the McCanns themselves have been through is horrifying, her pain at Madeleine's disappearance and her guilt at leaving the children in the apartment is evident and h ...more
Joanne Rathbone
I enjoyed Kate's book.

I felt sorry for her for the way the authorities have made the whole situation worse and find her strength incredible.

I don't believe you can condemn a person for a mistake, regardless of the enormity of it, it was still a mistake, an error of judgement. She clearly feels extremely terrible and guilty about what happened without the unhelpful finger pointing witch hunt. The only person responsible for this crime is the person who took Madeleine.

Had the investigations been m
I read this book as I wanted to hear the other side of the story. It gives a shocking insight into the freedom the press have to say what they like without the need for fact. It didn't help me understand any better what could have happened to this poor girl. I'm not glad I read it and I'm not sure why Kate published it (I understand why she wrote it...) other than to find the continued search which I suppose is a good enough reason in itself.
I find Kate McCann utterly confusing in this 'her account of the truth'. In this book she contradicts so much of the information the couple have already given as their account of the truth and firmly established independent truths. Surely there can only be one truth? It isn't as if she isn't directly involved in the story. How could anyone feel 'relieved' when their child is reputedly abducted and cadaver and blood sniffer dogs with impeccable records alert in many places in their holiday apartm ...more
I have always been interested in this story however would never have bought this book myself, I was given this as a Christmas present. It was interesting to learn more details of this case from Kate herself particularly regarding the judicial systems of both Portugal and the UK, and the work they have done for child alerts in Europe. My views have not been changed by this book, they made a mistake leaving their children that night and are paying the price for that decision in the most terrible w ...more
This was one of my most emotional non-fiction reads for a very long time! Kate's rawness in this book gave me a totally different picture to how I saw her portrayed in the media. Goes to show you should never judge by appearances or the picture the media paints. There is always far more than meets the eye!
One thing for sure that I felt to be so unfair is the judgement that she and her husband Gerry continually face! Kate manages to so vividly paint their horror and pain yet have such a tenderne
As a follower of true crime, it is only right that I read and reviewed Madeleine, especially as I have previosuly reviewed another book, Vanished by Danny Collins, also about the abduction. For those of you who have not followed the story, British 3 year old, Madeleine McCann went missing whilst on holiday with her family in Portugal in 2007. It is not known what happened to her, and she has not been seen since, the popular theory is that she was abducted from her bed, whilst unsupervised in the ...more
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