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Jon Whitcroft hat es schwer. Seine Mutter und ihr neuer Freund schicken ihn aufs Internat nach Salisbury. Strömender Regen, dunkle Gemäuer, enge Flure, fremde Gesichter und ein Zimmer, das er sich mit zwei Mitschülern teilen muss. Jon ahnt nicht, dass dies bald seine geringsten Sorgen sein werden. Denn in seiner sechsten Nacht im Internat erscheinen plötzlich drei Geister...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published August 2011 by Dressler (first published 2011)
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What a fun and cute little story.

I am so glad I got my hands on this one, Cornelia Funke has really done it again.


Jon is an eleven year old boy who is being sent away to boarding school for the first time, and he feels like it's a way for his mom to get him out of her hair. She has started dating a man who Jon calls "The Beard," a man that Jon loathes.

Once Jon arrives at the boarding school he becomes plagued by a pack of ghosts who seem bent on killing him. The thing is, no one...more
Er sah so wunderbar aus. Genau wie die Ritter, von denen ich geträumt hatte, wenn ich in unserem Garten auf die Brombeerranken eingeschlagen und mir dabei vorgestellt hatte, gegen Drachen und Riesen zu kämpfen, mit einem Schwert, das unbesiegbar machte und einer Rüstung, die vor allem schützte, was einem mit sechs Jahren Angst macht - ältere Kinder, bissige Nachbarhunde, ein Gewitter in der Nacht oder die Frage meiner kleinen Schwester, wann mein Vater endlich zurückkommen würde. Ich brachte ein...more
Our hero and first person narrator is a ten year old boy whose mom has a new boyfriend, and who is being dumped in a boarding school for the first time. Once there, he is plagued by ghosts, and he meets a girl who believes in ghosts and helps him solve his problems.

The Ghost Knight, proudly proclaiming to be an English ghost story, was written by German children's author Cornelia Funke - but you'd not be able to tell that the author is not British from the book alone. I never know whether she ha...more
What begins as a boarding school story soon delves into a story about a ghost bent on revenge. Jon really doesn't like his mother's new boyfriend, so when he is sent off to boarding school it is "The Beard" that is to blame. Shortly after arriving Jon encounters four ghosts who in no uncertain terms let him know that they are out to kill him. Lucky for Jon, his new friend Ella's grandmother is a local expert on ghosts. Jon and Ella begin to unravel the mystery as to why these ghosts want to see...more
LH Johnson
Please note that this review refers to the Orion edition (October 2012 - 978 1 4440 0823). You can see a picture of this edition here and I very much recommend you do take a look - the front cover is just gorgeous and the overall look is probably one of the loveliest packages I've seen for a while.

And now, down to the review!

Cornelia Funke is one of those names that needs very little introduction. She's an international standard bearer for children's literature and fantastical adventure in part...more
Sarah Horgan
I am probably a bit biased when it comes to books by Cornelia Funke because she is one of my Favourite Authors. I am 16 years old so the way I see this book would be a bit different than the way it was meant to be perceived by the demographic.

I really did enjoy this book. I found the writing lovely, not living up to the standard of the Inkheart Trilogy's writing, but still lovely. Reading from Jon's perspective was great. He made funny comments and had a brave personality.

The Illustrations were...more
A very good book but kind of scary
Ms. Yingling
Jon doesn't want to go to boarding school-- he blames The Beard, his mother's boyfriend, for making him go. When he gets there, he finds out that the ghost of Stourton, who has spent generations hunting down members of Jon's family-- and now he and his ghost henchmen are coming after Jon. Luckily, Ella, a girl in his school, takes his haunting seriously, since her grandmother gives ghost tours, and the two seek the help of a dead knight, William Longspee, who is buried in Salisbury Cathedral. Th...more
This book has restored my faith in Cornelia Funke as a writer of future classics! Ghost Knight is a delicious ghost mystery that is set in and around Salisbury Cathedral using a lot of local history and with two appealing protagonists who work brilliantly together.

I have to admit to a bias for books set in real places that use real historical characters and events. I put it down to a childhood spent reading Rosemary Manning, Alan Garner and L.M. Boston. There is nothing more exciting than readi...more
When I was younger I really liked to read fantasy books set in a medieval era. This book was an interesting blend of fantasy and contemporary that was actually pretty well done.

Reasons to Read:


Jon is one of those boys that is very misunderstood. He gets into trouble a lot for various reasons, and adults seem to instantaneously hate him. I liked that he was the narrator of the novel because then we got to see into what he was thinking, and why he did the things he does. I liked that he was...more
Jon Whitcroft ist elf Jahre alt und wird von seiner Mutter auf ein Internat in Salisbury geschickt. Sein Vater ist tot und mit dem neuen Freund der Mutter, einem Zahnarzt mit Vollbart, verträgt sich Jon überhaupt nicht. Sein Vater war bereits Schüler des Internats, dennoch fühlt Job sich abgeschoben. Die Ereignisse überschlagen sich aber schon bald, so dass Job gar keine Gelegenheit für Heimweh oder Trotz bleibt. Er wird von einem Geisterritter verfolgt, der es mit seinen Gefolgsleuten auf ihn a...more
Naomi Schmidt
Well, I finished the entire book in one day, so I must have liked it. But it is short, and the whole way through I just felt like I was trying to get to the end to get it over with. I love Cornelia Funke, and there was no way I was going to give up on a book by her before I got to the end.

I think part of my disappointment was in finding that the book, despite the lovely, medieval-looking picture on the cover, takes place in the present day. I was hoping for something similar to Igraine the Brave...more
I have waited some time for Cornelia's new novel, Ghost Knight. This follows young Jon Whitcroft as he sent off to boarding school. He has an extreme dislike for his mother's soon-to-be husband Matthew, or more commonly known as, The Beard. Not long after he arrives to his new school does he start to see several ghosts, and his later main enemy, Stourton. He also meets his heroin friend Ella Littlejohn, and her quirky, high-spirited grandmother (as well as her many toads), Zelda. These ghosts be...more
Ana Luisa
Un cuento corto que cumplió con lo que prometió, no más.

Es un relato muy interesante, de "chiquillos", pero eso lo hace encantador y muy divertido. La historia es completa porque cuando piensas que ya acabará conecta con un giro en la trama y no le quitas el ojo hasta que lo acabas.
Es muy corto y, por lo tanto, lo puedes terminar en un día. Es mi primer contacto con la autora pero me agradó mucho su estilo de escribir y, probablemente, lea Corazón de Tinta cuando tenga la oportunidad.
Es un rela...more
I wanted to like this book so much more than I did that I'm really rather heartbroken. Jon, dealing with a lot of angst and resentment over his mother's newly-serious relationship, gets packed off to boarding school. Once he gets there he discovers that the challenge of meeting new friends is not nearly as pressing as the challenge to stay out of the clutches of a trio of vengeful marauding spirits that seem to have a personal grudge with him. Because this is Cornelia Funke, after all, the world...more
Jon has been sent to his father's old boarding school in Salisbury, to get him out of the way of his mother's impending marriage.His sisters, he notes, would have loved the idea, being fans of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Jon doesn't like the school but he really dislikes The Beard, his new step-father, and since everyone knows how much he hates being sent away, he can't really tell anyone when ghosts start threatening him. Luckily he meets Ella, strong and practical, with a grandmo...more
Quite good, although the pacing felt strange in places. In one case, a whole episode felt too rushed, but it turned out to be a deliberate plot point.
After fighting with his mother's new boyfriend, a serious enough relationship that they might marry, Jon is sent off to a boarding school to cool down and to separate him from his potential stepdad. Unfortunately, his mother, never a student of family history, has sent him to a place where his family had a long history, and some of the local ghosts...more
Claudia Noemi
Funke nunca me decepciona. La amo, es grandiosa. Y lo mejor de todo es que gracias a que los capítulos finales de este libro son la mar de interesantes, me hizo olvidar el sustote que me llevé ayer con el temblor :S
Si si, leer me ayudó a tranquilizarme, y qué mejor que fuera con una novela de Cornelia :D
I have mixed feelings about this book.
On one hand, the story was pretty interesting at times.

However, I had some real problems with this book. First off, the main character is very whiney for most of the book. It got extremely annoying after a while. Also he meets this girl and in two days he's practically in love with her. For crying out loud he's 11! Overall I also did not really enjoy the writing style of the book. It was very juvenile and unsophisticated and I probably should have realized...more
Yuska Vonita
This book is a BOMB! 5 star-entertainment. Totally engrossing!

I'm officially a fan!

It's a complete package: humor, adventure, horror, and romance. Such a heartwarming ending.

Ghost night is a scary book. It's about a young boy called Jon, who goes to boarding school because of his step father, "the beard". During his time there he becomes friends with Ella and "the beard" is actually her uncle. Four ghosts start haunting him and Ella and her grandmother try to help him banish them.

It has a lot of adventures including meeting a Knight who helps fight the ghosts, the ghosts come back and the Jon sets about finding the Knights heart. You can get really stuck into the st...more
Mary Ann
Likable but not particularly memorable. Good adventure ghost story for younger set. But Funke's other works are stronger.
Aug 10, 2012 Mari marked it as stopped-reading  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: juvenile, ghosts
I have SO many books to read, and I just couldn't get past the whining. Oh, well.
Dominic Tiberio
Nope. I'm not sure what it is with Cornelia Funke because it doesn't seem to be the actual translation from German that hurts her works but just the way in which she goes about telling a story. They always feel hollow and devoid of any real spark or life. I also always seem to find myself about halfway through just wanting it to be over, and this was no exception. It is just so formulaic and boring without any edge or hook that there is no reason to care, and I didn't. There are much better book...more
Emily White
Taking place in and about Salisbury, England, this tale is told around the premise that a young man is related to a whole line of people from the past who have been murdered by a particularly nasty ghost. This boy is at boarding school and discovers some ghosties threatening him outside his dorm room window one evening. He teams up with a school friend and her grandmother (a very odd bird) and together they unravel the threads of this centuries-old mystery. I enjoyed the telling of this tale. Fu...more
Serendipity Reviews
Cornelia Funke is one of my favourite international children's authors...EVER! I have yet to read a book by this author that I haven't loved and Ghost Knight will sat happily on my book shelf next to the author's other books which I have loved.
This book is an excellent ghost story written for the 9 to 12 age bracket, set in the stunning surroundings of Salisbury; inspired after a visit to Salisbury Cathedral on a book tour. Considering that Cornelia does not live in England, her writing portrays...more
I love Cornelia Funke. Her books are a magical mix of the everyday, fantasy, & just the right amount of creepiness. Jon is extremely unhappy to learn he's being sent to his late father's alma mater, a boarding school in Salisbury, right at the time when his mother has introduced a new man into the family - one Jon hates deeply & refers to only as "The Beard." He feels he's being kicked out to make room for someone new. Upon reaching his new school, though, Jon's bitterness is quickly for...more
Shanshad Whelan
This was a decent middle grade ghost story set in Britain. Jon is being sent to an old boarding school against his will because he's making things difficult for his mother and her new boyfriend (aka "The Beard") at home. He's prepared to hate the school and everything about it, but what he doesn't expect is to discover that ghosts actually exist, and that one of those ghosts has it in for him! The only way to stop one ghost may be to summon another, a ghost knight to be precise.

I thought the be...more
Cheralaine Cole-Johnson
Jon Whitcroft is an eleven year old boy who has been "deported" to boarding school by his mother's new boyfriend "The Beard." His first night there he looks out his window to find three very menacing ghosts looking back. More alarming, he seems to be the only one who sees them. What follows is the story of what the ghosts want and how to get rid of them. To do so he gets help from a girl named Ella and a long dead knight.

The story is full of great characters, who I hope we will see more of, and...more
Title: Ghost Knight.

Author: Cornelia Funke.

Genre: Fiction, Ghosts, Legends, England, History, Children, Knights.

Plot: Eleven year old Jon Whitcroft is miserable. Sent away from home for the first time and for the longest amount of time in his short life, all he can think about is the horrible things he would like to do to his mom's new boyfriend - code-named The Bread. When the train pulls into the rainy little town of Salisbury where he will be attending boarding school, Jon has no idea what he...more
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Cornelia Caroline Funke is a multiple award-winning German author of children's and YA fiction. She is best known for her Inkheart trilogy. The Inkheart books have gained a variety of attention, and critics have praised Funke as the "German J. K. Rowling". Her books are very popular in her native country, and many have now been translated into English. Her work fits mainly into the fantasy and adv...more
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Inkheart (Inkworld, #1) Inkspell (Inkworld, #2) The Thief Lord Dragon Rider Inkdeath (Inkworld, #3)

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