The Truth About Melody Browne
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The Truth About Melody Browne

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When she was nine years old, Melody Browne's house burned down, taking every toy, every photograph, every item of clothing and old Christmas card with it. But not only did the fire destroy all her possessions, it took with it all her memories - Melody Browne can remember nothing before her ninth birthday. Now in her early thirties, Melody lives in a council flat in the mid...more
Kindle Edition, 402 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2009)
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The truth is...
I found this boring.
Susan Mann
I haven't read any of Lisa Jewell's books before, but this hit several notes with me and it certainly won't be the last one I read either. This is her seventh novel, so I have plenty to keep up with.
Melody, lost everything so possessed in a fire at her home when she was just nine years old. This was so traumatic for her that she also lost all her memories up until that point. How horrible would it be to not remember a huge chunk of your life, I know you don't remember every little detail of you...more
Lisa (scarlet21)
This HAS to be Lisa Jewell's best book! From the first page I was sucked in. It was written so well, with such depth of feeling that it was as if you were reading an actual true story about a real person. Melody seems so real, like someone living just down the street or around the corner. All the characters are very strong with personalities that step off the page, they all have faults and you don't always like them but they make the story what it is. The way Melody's past and present is set out...more
I loved this, as with many of you on here I too could not put it down and read it in less than 24 hours.

Melody is an ordinary 'dinner lady' with a realistic character, not unlike myself, far from the usual early twenties Irish girl, living in New York, with a handsome successful business man for her love interest blah blah blah, as is the case in many other chick lit's, so it made what in some ways was an unrealistic story into a believable, heart rendering and beautiful account of a lovely lit...more
When I chose this book, I think I was expecting something else. My previous knowledge of Lisa Jewell was Ralph’s Party, a sweet romantic comedy about flatmates. Lisa Jewell has certainly grown up over the years and THE TRUTH ABOUT MELODY BROWNE proves it! This book is an emotional rollercoaster that really took me by surprise. The subject matter got extremely dark at times, and I am not afraid to say that I shed a tear or two more than once during this book, but overall I was left with what I th...more
Cleo Bannister
I have to start this review by saying I don’t know how I ever managed to miss reading this one but better late than never!

I love Lisa Jewell’s style of writing, the way she draws you into the story is fantastic and like her more recent books, despite the girly cover this is no ordinary chick-lit.

The story of Melody Browne concentrates on the life of a woman who has no memory of her life before she was 9 and rescued from a fire by her father. Then on her first date for years something happens wh...more
Ummu Auni
I read this book in such a hurried pace. Suddenly, I realise that I can read if I wanted to. Lots of commitments or excuses are delaying me in reading books.

The plot: Melody forgot everything before her house being burnt down. When she went for a date with a guy she met on a bus, the guy brought her to a show where she was being hypnotised. Bits by bits, her memories came flooding back. She remembers sketches of her life.

My review: For a novel, that keeps on going on and forth between the past a...more
Sharon Chapter One, Page One..
I read this book within a few days whilst sitting in the sunshine in my back garden – and it was a perfect feel-good book to read at this time! I enjoyed Lisa Jewell’s book, she managed to show how our childhood can be directly connected to building a secure, happy adulthood.
Melody had a real journey of discovery through this book, which all started after a disastrous first date to a hypnotist show. After being hypnotised and subsequently collapsing on stage, this triggered regular disturbing fl...more
Lisa Jewell has been called the queen of chick-lit but she's much better than that. Like a younger, female Nick Hornby , she writes deceptively simple prose and uses everyday details to anchor her images. I really liked Ralph's Party, her first book. Nothing else has quite matched that for me.

The Truth About Melody Browne is about a young woman who has lost the memory of her childhood and begins to recover it after an encounter with a stage hypnotist, only to find that it is full of terrible tra...more
This is a stealth good-read masquerading under a chick-lit cover. As do most of Lisa Jewell's books, it tugs at your heart-strings. I highly recommend anything that she writes. And I'm amazed that her books aren't as well known as those by Jane Green or Marian Keyes, because, in my opinion, they deserve to be!

* * *

If you enjoyed this book, you might wish to try Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro or Anybody Out There? by Marian Keyes.
Zoe King
Amazing book, so clever how it was written. I literally didn't want to put it down! Would highly recommend it. So heart felt and funny too in places.

Heat Magazine's review on the front of this book says'Life-affirming and uplifting...perfect', and, for once, I agree. The story takes you on an emotional journey as Melody recovers the memories she lost after being in fire as a child of nine. A mix of child memories and present day action really involve you and make you live Melody's history as she reclaims it. I read it from cover to cover in one day and felt cheated there was no more when I had finished it.
I wish I had more time right now to elaborate but let's just say this book exceeded my expectations and is one of the best books I've read in a very long time. It's a genuine intruiging novel that grabs you and doesn't let go. I had planned to just read the first few chapters but was unable to close it until three hours later, after turning the final page. It made me tear up on more occassion that one too - a truly gripping novel.
Absolutely loved this book. Lisa Jewell at her best. The writing is very fluid and entertaining. The story is lovely and credible. Melody Browne is a middle-aged urban heroin who finds in her long lost forgotten past a new found credibility in her unfulfilled potential. Just adorable.
A huge departure from her earlier novels. This is very sweet, despite being wildly unrealistic and a bit slow to start. I found the aspects of the story told twice (once by the direct omniscient narrator and the other as Melody discovers it) very clunky.

Still, I couldn't put it down.
Light fiction and easy reading, but Lisa Jewell just has a knack of writing books that have such likeable characters and twisty interesting storylines that you don't want to put them down.

The only issues I had were these: I would be very doubtful that Penny was educationally subnormal as they used to say (very un-PC term) as her language reasoning and replies just do not ring true. It just stuck out as not quite right

The other thing that was a little unclear until the end was that I thought Melo...more
This is a very sweet easy read about a young woman whose past is a mystery after a fire at her parents house. Now an adult memories of her past come back in bits after being hypnotized on a theatre visit with a new boyfriend. Gradually more and more unfolds. As I said this is a sweet read, the characters are well drawn but the plot turns soap opera with more and more bad things being remembered until redemption and happiness. The story goes from being sweet to twee and ultimately unrealistic and...more
This book is purely amazing. It presents the life of Melody Browne after she starts to discover the secrets of her childhood. I like the parallel action in the present and past. When I started to read this book, I was confused by a lot of things, but as I read further, the jigsaw was starting to arrange. Finally, Melody Browne (or perhaps Melody Ribblesdale) finds her real sister, discovers her real parents and her life until the age of nine. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes Chi...more
Since I have been blogging my reading experience has broadened and become a much more colourful and varied journey. Perhaps I should allude to my life as "pre - and post - blogging" not least of all because I have read books I would never have picked up before, especially as I began to find fellow bloggers with similar taste to mine and started to follow their recommendations. It was by doing this that I became a fan of Lisa Jewell.

The lovely Dot's at Dot Scribbles writes some great reviews. It...more
The Truth about Melody Browne-Lisa Jewell
Read 20 March 2014
Wow…the story of the book is really..utterly beautiful... A little bit sad, but satisfying and amusing at the same time.. It told with two time-frame, the first time-frame is the life of Melody on her current days (thirty something lady) and the second time frame was a story of Melody’s childhood (that made us know exactly how it was).
Melody’s childhood story is really heartbreaking, and still make me thought of her ill-fated childhood...more
The Truth About Melody Browne is Lisa Jewell’s seventh novel and is a complete departure from her usual works. Aged 9, Melody lost everything in a house fire – all of her material possessions.

But she also lost something more – her memory of the previous 9 years. Now in her thirties, with a teenage son, she goes out on a date one night to see a hypnotist.

After bringing her up on stage and hypnotising her, Melody collapses and it causes her memories to start coming back slowly and she begins to pi...more
Abi Holligan
I read this book because the back (blurb) really interested me, when Melody was 9 years old there was a fire at her house and afterwards she can't remember anything before she was 9. It's quite an interesting story as you would think her childhood would be pretty much straight forward but she actually has one of the worst childhoods ever. She lives on her own with her teenage son and while on a date goes to see a hynotist show and when he picks her out from the crowd the only thing she thinks is...more
I read The Truth About Melody Browne a few months ago and I think it is possibly the first book that made me cry while I was sitting in a packed train carriage!

The protagonist, Melody, is a thirty something dinner lady who is a single parent to a teenage son. As her son is preparing to come of age and leave home she finds her life to be in a bit of a rut. It is revealed very early on that Melody has no memories before the age of nine when her house burnt down but after she is hypnotised into act...more
Ich habe vor einigen Jahren bereits einige Romane der Autorin gelesen. Ich kann zwar nicht mehr sagen, wie gut ich sie fand, aber zumindest ist mir die Autorin im Gedächtnis geblieben ist. Als dann dieser Roman rauskam und ich den Klappentext las, wurde ich neugierig auf den Inhalt.
Und ich muss sagen "WOW". Dies ist wirklich ein spitzenmäßiger Roman. Das Buch zieht einen sofort in seinen Bann, so dass man es kaum mehr aus der Hand legen mag. Ich für meinen Teil bin von diesem Roman und der Auto...more
Another book that I picked up purely by instinct. I think this is the first book by the author that I have read so far.

Melody Browne is a single mother with a 17 year old son. She lives in Covent Garden in a council estate and works as a Kitchen Assistant(a fancy term for dinner lady). She goes out on a date(after years) with a lovely man she met on a bus. It takes her a lot of courage to go on a date at all. They go to a hypnotist’s show, from where her life goes a little crazy. She has flashes...more
Pardon me if I gush, but I absolutely loved this book. I think I've read everything from Lisa Jewell, starting back at Ralph's Party, but this one takes the cake. I was completely drawn in, completely invested in Melody and her search for the truth about her background. The slow but consistent unraveling of her memories and the secrets of her childhood was fascinating and heartbreaking. The long forgotten cast of characters (Ken, Grace, Matty, Emily, etc), the decisions that were made (for good...more
In the info about the author on the back of the book, Lisa Jewell is said to be a popular chick-lit author. Not being a fan of the genre myself, I didn't have high expectations; I had visions of shoes, bags, cheesy date scenes, make up, unpaid credit card bills...well, you get the picture.
But I was wrong
I was very wrong, because not only is the book not about that, it's actually pretty enjoyable and gripping.
It has a lot of twists to keep the reader interested and is filled with sadness (and hu...more
Nicky Foster
This has been at the back of a shelf on my 'TBR' pile for that long now that guilt has finally made me read it. I'm glad I did as it was a nice change. It's an easy sort of read that meanders along, slightly predictable and a bit undramatic but quite satisfying. I liked the fact that the story is revealed bit by bit and most of the time the reader knows more than Tiffany. This is the first I've read by Lisa Jewell and I will probably read more of hers when I'm in the right mood.
What an amazing story. So heart-breaking, but at the same time, amazingly written and told in such an intriguing way. This is not a typical romantic contemporary, but a story about a woman who is trying to figure out what was happening in her life before the darkness crept into her mind and took away a part of her life. I loved the way it was presented to us, the way we got to see what actually happened and how the story was put together, piece by piece. It definitely made me think about certain...more
Bev Taylor
so who IS melody browne?

story of a woman who has a gap in her memory from childhood. however words, scenes or even sense start to trigger memories that have long been buried

characters that u really care about and is surprisingly light hearted despite the subject matter. such as depression, theft of a baby ......

mistake r made - but don't we all make them?

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Lisa Jewell (born 19th July 1968, Middlesex, London) is a popular British author of chick lit fiction. Her books include Ralph's Party, Thirtynothing and most recently 31 Dream Street. She lives in Swiss Cottage, London with her husband Jascha and daughters Amelie Mae (born 2003) and Evie Scarlett (born 2007).

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