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Confessions of a D-List Supervillain (D-List Supervillain, #2)
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Confessions of a D-List Supervillain (D-List Supervillain #2)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  2,454 ratings  ·  238 reviews
“Being a supervillain means never having to say you’re sorry … Unless it’s to the judge or the parole board. Even then, you don’t really have to. It’s not like it’s going to change the outcome or anything.”

Those are the words of Calvin Matthew Stringel, better known as Mechani-Cal. He’s a sarcastic, down on his luck armored villain. Follow his exploits as he gets swept up
Paperback, 164 pages
Published April 1st 2011 by Createspace
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So….Superhero fiction. This offering was fun and some time was pleasantly diverted but I still can’t help but feel a somber lack of fulfillment in the end product. I keep hoping some smooth writing word-smither will come along and write a costumed hero story that really “gets it.” To date, this is a small but growing sub-genre of speculative fiction (thanks to the successful movie franchises) that has not yet translated well into the ungraphic novel form, at least the several examples that I hav ...more
A book I want to talk about. I have been neglectful of this site and downright lazy when it comes to writing reviews but in all honesty, most everything I have read lately has not aroused my need to record how I felt. I read alot of books, a great deal more than I remember to list here, which sucks, as at times I forget if I have read something, something by a particular author, or how I felt about a book which might be continuing as a series. In those cases, I pop on here and glance at one of m ...more
It's books like this that made me get back into writing.

A day later and my mind is still running through the story. I'm still riding the emotional high off this book and can't stop talking and thinking about it. Bernheimer has created something amazing here with this book.

The characters are believeable, frustratingly so in some cases. Each character behaves as you expect them too and no one ever goes outside their character. They all evolve over the story, and their interactions drive the story
Thomas Taylor
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I am so glad my husband suggested I read this one. Once upon a time Calvin Stringel was a promising young mechanical engineer. After getting burned by employer, and several bad decisions and years later he is now known as the modest supervillian MechaniCAL. Only now the world finds itself being taken over by parasitic mind-controlling bugs and because of his metal suit, Cal seems to be one of the few people unaffected. After managing to save an A-list superheroine and enough of her friends to sa ...more
When Jim Bernheimer, the author, approached me for a review of this book, I wasn’t all that interested. I was more interested in his short story book Horror, Heroes and Humor (cause it had zombie stories!). So, I read the Horror, Heroes and Humor book first, which incidentally, had a novella titled “Confessions of a D-Class Supervillain”. That novella was great great great. After finishing the novella, I hurried to the “Confessions” book. Bernheimer made a few changes to the end of the novella s ...more
Vincent Bernhardt
Well, he's not Batman...

Then again, Cal isn't a good guy either. Not that Batman is a totally good guy... Hey, I'm not dissing one of DC's favorite sons, but Batman has his issues, doesn't he? Sorry. This isn't about Batman.
The fact that I am comparing the anti-hero of this book to Batman should say something, though.

Cal is a bad guy. He isn't very good at it, though. Sadly, he's worse at being a good guy. Yet when the chips are down and you're the guy in the metal suit that has to save the worl
Aster Brown
Best Superhero Book Available Right Now
I bought the hardback book direct from the author at the CarolinaCon a couple years back for the boyfriend. Read it before handing it over just to make certain it was good. Story has stuck with me and I borrowed it back last year to reread.

And I just bought the Kindle version and reread it this year.

I have been reading through a lot of the superhero stories on the market recently. Jim's story is by far the best, and I believe was the story which reactivated
Jennifer Hampton
Jim Bernheimer has constructed a marvelously demented reality in Confessions of a D-List Supervillian. This is a world where Bugs have taken over human will, the Olympian Gods are superheroes, and one snarky, somewhat geeky villain is the only person left to save the world. Calvin Stringer, a.k.a “Mechani-Cal” is a villain on the level of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible. Everything he does seems to work…almost. At odds with a super hero named Ultraweapon, Cal takes on the Olympians, the bugs, a dinos ...more
Holden Attradies
Funny, fast paced, had a plot that kept up the surprises and was both true to the superhero genre yet totally unpredictable. The plot twists that the story throw at you come silently and slowly upon the reader. The final one was the best, and it makes the end of the book REALLY good, even on later reads, because you can then see the little hints that are thrown out.

The pacing for the book was incredible. It was written so that you just jump right into the story and find out about their world as
This book was really fun, the author must have had a blast writing it.
I'm stepped out of my usual romance genre and decided to read something different. Maybe I'm on a high after seeing "The Avengers" this weekend, but I really enjoyed delving into a world of superheroes and villains. What I liked most about this book: the hero was an ass. He knew this, didn't apologize for it, nor did he let anyone really change him from who he was. While other characters hem-hawed around him, he kept true to himself. He is like other genius artist I've met--don't bother me unles ...more
This book was not what I expected. I was thinking I would find something funny and probably a little dumb. What I got was a hilarious story with non-stop action and great characters.

Calvin Stengel had high hopes for his life. He is a brilliant mechanical engineer, had a great job with a superhero's company and things were looking until. Until they fired him, stole his designs and blackballed him from the industry. His only option then was to turn to a life of crime. Calvin becomes Mechani-CAL, a
I got an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This book is an expansion of a novella included in Horror, Humor, and Heroes by Jim Bernheimer. The first part of the book is that same story, but it is expanded to look at events that take place after the end of the original novella.

MechaniCAL was a bottom of the barrel supervillain until evil mind-controlling bugs took over the world. Now he seems to be one of the only people with uncontrolled thoughts and is stuck
I loved the idea of this books, and I even think it was well written. And at first this was a clear 5er for me. Then I kept on reading and reading and reading. And even though it isn't that long, it felt too long. At the end I gave it a 4star, a weak one. But after thinking about I'm changing it to a strong 3. It just felt too long. I would recommend it to others, but I'm not reading it again.
Edward Becerra
I found this book to be hilarious!

The "let's see things from the bad guy's point of view" has been done before, as well as the "POV of a low-level mook." But this combination of the two is unexpectedly humorous, and the casting of "UltraWeapon" (to my eyes, a parody of Tony Stark/Iron Man) as a back-stabbing, womanizing, jealous glory-hound of a billionaire really made me smile.

There's a very entertaining "film noir" sound to this book, and it's one of the books I'll be happy to keep on my shelf
C.T. Phipps
Damn, we need more independent fiction like this.

That's my summary of this work. I put it up there with Soon I will be Invincible for 'best superhero fiction I've read.' I even put it above Brian Clevinger's The Atomic Age, which was funnier just left a sour taste in my mouth towards the end. Confessions of a D-List Supervillain is, by contrast, remarkably upbeat for a story about a career criminal.

There's some flaws in the book, don't get me wrong. I'm not a big fan of the cover and there's
This book was much shorter than my typical books, but was a compact book of excitement, world building and fun. The premise is the world has been accidently been taken over by a Supervillain's brain control worms (explosion at the supervillain's base causes the uncontrolled release of the worms). All that is left is a few folks who haven't been turned. One of which is Mechani-Cal, a self-proclaimed D-List supervillain in a power suit (think Lex Luthor) who ends up teaming with the most beautiful ...more
The best part about the book was the quips which Mechani-CAL gave throughout. The action sequences and the fighting style reminded me of Bartimaeus.

Highly recommended for fans of superhero genre esp. Iron Man. Can't wait for more books from Jim.
Calvin Stringel, aka "Mechani-Cal," is, as the title of his autobiography indicates, a D-list supervillain. He's that guy you barely remember who took up about 4 pages in issue #277 six years ago. Spider-Man beat him up once, and maybe he was part of a gang that got flattened by the Avengers during an ill-conceived plan to raid Fort Knox.

Mechani-Cal is basically, as he is repeatedly reminded, a cheap knockoff of Ultraweapon, who is this universe's Iron Man. As the story starts, however, the vill
Heather Faville
Technically 4.5, but rounding up for this one.

Calvin Matthew Stringel, or Mechani-CAL, is a villain who is down on his luck. He was on the bottom rung of the supervillain ladder and didn't seem to be heading upward anytime soon. That is until evil mind controlling bugs began to take over the world. Now this armored supervillain just might be the world's only hope against these superbugs set on world domination. But the question remains, will CAL remain the villain he longs to become or will the
Brian Foster
In Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, Mr. Bernheimer tells the story of Calvin Stringel, an electrical engineer who makes bad choices. After a employment dispute with one of the heavyweight superheroes, he decides to turn to crime, but he’s not very good at it. The world, as it’s wont to do, becomes endangered, and all the do-gooders have been converted to the dark side. It’s up to Mechani-Cal to save the day.

Why to buy this book: This novel is entertaining from start to finish, a true joy to
Chris Cline
Again with the Superhero novel? This was a late pickup for my pile of Superhero novels, one I only approached after reading another blog's review. The novel takes place in a world with lots of Superheros and Supervillians. However in this novel, the world finally decides to go to hell. An accident by either a Supervillian, or other unleashes an small apocalypse on the world, one were all the Superheroes get taken over, leaving one lone minor level Supervillian, trying to decide whether to save t ...more
I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this. And although I'm frequently glad the Goodreads rating system says "I liked it" rather than "I thought it was good", here's a book that I have trouble admitting I enjoyed.

The protagonist is a criminally misunderstood anti-hero who's a mechanical genius, more moral than his heroic colleagues and manages to get none other than the modern incarnation of the Goddess of Love to fall in love with him (technically more than once).

It's puerile, it's overly simp
It's basically what you want from a book of this type, a fun, quick read which keeps you turning pages with laugh or two as the author plays with some of the tropes of superhero fiction. Nothing profound and large parts are fairly corny, but it's still a thoroughly enjoyable read. I've read a couple attempts at similar books (like soon I will be invincible), and this is by far the best of the bunch.

A great book for a rainy day or a plane trip.

I also think this book really benefited from the eboo
It's cool to be a villain

great, I loved the story because you really get into his struggle and,by the end,you actually think he might be braver than the so called heroes.
Erik Larson
My Favorite super hero book yet!!! This book was a nice first person poiont of view from the Supervillian thats just misunderstood. Not really he wants to be a super villian but since he's the only non-mind controlled human left he has to do what he does best, Save his own hide. He is conflicted on saving his own hide and that of humanity, and this is where the humor and adventer begins!!! You can't go wrong with this book as the characters are very well developed and the book leaves you wanting ...more
Andrew Rose
One of the best prose superhero stories I've read. The main character manages to avoid being mentally taken over because he is really only one step above a minion. But when he accidentally captures one of the premier superheroes and nurses her back to health He gets a second shot a new career. He might have been a D-list supervillian but He can make an A-List hero if he can survive the infighting that comes with it.
Great characterization, a driven plot with lots of twists. I wish the author had
ABR's original Confessions of a D-List Supervillain audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The story begins in the middle of an all-out war with a swarm of insect-like creatures controlling the minds of everyone on earth. Calvin, AKA, Mechani-Cal was not infected because he is protected by his armor, which he lives in; he also lets us know how bad it smells in there. He manages to save Aphrodite, a stunningly beautiful superhero, who is being mind-controlled by the i
An enjoyable, but flawed, read. I thought the main character was good. He was flawed but not unlikable. The problem is in pretty much everything else. The secondary characters were woefully underdeveloped; Ultraweapon in particular needed way more depth than what we got. None of the heroes felt like heroes; these weren't good but flawed and human characters, these were petulant children. Almost all of the secondary characters hate the main character, in most cases it's because he used to be a vi ...more
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Jim lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife Kim, and daughters Laura and Marissa. By day, he works as a Systems Administrator on a government contract and runs his own side Information Technology consulting firm, EJB Networking, which can be found at

Blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with an overactive imagination, Jim has long been a fan of Science Ficti
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