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3.57  ·  Rating Details  ·  487 Ratings  ·  92 Reviews
Two Children,

Two Struggles,

One Battle...

One child is Sam Robbins, a powder monkey aboard HMS Victory, the ship in which Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson will die a hero's death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The other is Molly Jennings, an English girl transplanted from London to the United States in 2006, fighting a battle of her own against loss and loneliness.


Hardcover, 196 pages
Published July 1st 2006 by Margaret K. McElderry Books (first published March 2nd 2006)
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I went out of my way to grade this the way I would other books, so it got 3 stars. However, in terms of Susan Cooper's ability, this probably should have been on the one to two star level. She never accounted for the fantastic element in the midst of realistic fiction. If you're going to suddenly toss something completely unrealistic into a book written as though it is realistic fiction, you have to account for how it could happen if you want the story to be "believable". Even when reading fanta ...more
Jan 02, 2014 Melissa rated it really liked it
Shelves: books-i-own
A light and easy read, Victory is a book I know I would have enjoyed had I read it at the age Cooper intended the book for. The story is told in alternating points of view, going back and forth between Sam Robbins and Molly Jennings, which tends to keep things moving pretty quickly.

While there are obvious connections between these two characters, the more you read, the more you want to know just why their lives would be connected. In the end, while I suspected what was coming, no matter how impr
Eoin Cody
Nov 06, 2011 Eoin Cody rated it really liked it
Victory by Susan Cooper
This extraordinary book tells the tale of two very similar children who are both going through a difficult time in their life. However the twist to this story is that they both live centuries apart. Two children cross an ocean, two hundred years apart. One is Sam Robbins, a farm boy who was kidnapped and forced to serve abroad H.M.S. Victory, the ship in which Lord Nelson will die a hero's death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The other is Molly Jennings, a present-day
Maggie V
The book went back and forth between Sam (pressed into service on the HMS Victory) and Molly (modern day English girl who moved to America). While each had their separate battles (Sam has to become accustomed to ship life, and Molly adjusting to her new life), they are connected through HMS Victory. I had assumed the time travel would be more similar to "King of Shadows", but nothing happened until the end. I was more interested in Sam's story than Molly's and was frustrated that the connection ...more
May 16, 2014 Thelemon-isinplay rated it did not like it
This book was the most boring thing I have ever read! It was worse than reading an autobiography by William Shatner! Molly was the whiniest, most complaining and ungrateful character I have ever had to read about. And don’t you even get me started on how biased she was about Americans! Not to mention that every American she interacted with was fat. No stereotypes should be in multi-cultural books. It’s extremely offensive.
I liked Sam and all, but I do say that he deserved everything that came to
Lena Nieke
Gage D.
Dec 11, 2014 Gage D. rated it really liked it
Gage Deiser
Mrs. Toney
December 2, 2014
Periods 3 and 4
Review for Victory, WARNING SPOILERS!
The story of this book starts out in the home of the father and mother of Sam Robbins. He, after leaving with his uncle to go to London, begins to work in the dockyards of south London. After working there for a couple of weeks, Sam and his Uncle are forced into the Royal Navy. After he have been serving the Navy for almost two years, Sam Robbins is caught in the most famous naval battle of the 19th
Jun 08, 2015 Tathar added it
I enjoyed it. A very interesting look back into Britain in the days of sailing ships from the pov of an 11 yr old boy who is impressed with his uncle. I liked the girl's alternating pov sections also (present day, moved from the UK to the US when her widowed mother marries an American man). The only tiny thing that disappointed me was a wish that she could have had some effect on the story in the past, instead of just being drawn into learning more about it, and having occasional flashes of expe ...more
Sam Robbins is a young man who is forced into the service at the age of eleven on the ship Victory, under the command of Admiral Nelson, in 1803. The book goes on to tell of his experiences on that ship for the next three years.

Molly is a thirteen year old girl who has just moved to American from England, in 2006. She misses England very much. She finds a book in a bookstore and starts to have dreams about what happened to Sam Robbins.

I enjoyed the book, it was an easy and fast read. Learned so
Chris Dillon
Apr 16, 2015 Chris Dillon rated it it was amazing
Victory by Susan Cooper is the tale of two seemingly different children who face obstacles that test their toughness and ability to stay optimistic. The story follows the extraordinary lives of Molly Jennings and Sam Robbins. Molly is living in modern times when she is forced to move to America with her mother and abandon her beloved London. Sam’s adventure begins in 1806 with his recruitment onto the HMS Victory where he must learn to cope with seasickness, homesickness and the inevitable concl ...more
May 06, 2010 Amy rated it liked it
Shelves: young-adult
The is the story of Molly, who lives in Connecticut in 2006, and Sam, who lives in England, in 1803. Molly and Sam tell alternating chapters throughout the book, each concentrating on Admiral Lord Nelson and the HMS Victory, a ship that fought in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1806. The book opens with Molly. Molly's mom has recently married Carl, an American, and moved the family from England to Connecticut. Molly is miserable. She has no friends and school is about to start. She is terrified of st ...more
May 03, 2011 Becca rated it liked it
I really love most of Susan Cooper's books, which is probably why I'm so disappointed in this one. I really liked half this book and the other half was just a bit blah. Sam's storyline was very interesting and entertaining while Molly, as a character, just wasn't. Learning about Lord Nelson and the HMS Victory, especially through the eyes of a very young pressed sailor, was fabulous. Made me appreciate British history all the more and now I want to visit Trafalgar Square, the Victory, and some o ...more
Jul 27, 2010 Diviya rated it really liked it
It is the year 1805. 11 year old Sam is walking down the street with his uncle, when suddenly, he is knocked out. When he comes to, Sam finds himself aboard – a ship! Sam has been kidnapped and now is in the British navy. For the next so many years his life will be aboard HMS , under the command of the famous Admiral Nelson. He will even see battle – th4e most exciting se4a battle of all times – the Trafalgar War.
Meanwhile 100 years in to the future, an 11 year old girl is facing her own battles
Zach Miracle
Feb 09, 2010 Zach Miracle rated it really liked it
I am a big fan of Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" series, so I was very excited to see that she recently published a new historical fiction/fantasy book. "Victory" tells two compelling inter-twining stories, set 200 years apart.

One story follows the adventures and hardships of Sam, a young boy living in England in the early 1800's who is drafted into the British navy to fight against Napoleon. He serves aboard Admiral Nelson's famed ship, the HMS Victory.

The other story tells us about Molly,
Anna Richland
Sep 29, 2013 Anna Richland rated it it was amazing
Shelves: kids, travel, soldiers
Seeing Susan Cooper speak recently while on book tour for Ghost Hawk reminded me how much our family enjoyed reading this book out loud in 2012. It is two interwoven tales, that of a modern Connecticut girl who finds a talisman in a book at Mystic Seaport, and an English cabin boy on Admiral Nelson's ship before and during the Battle of Trafalgar. This was one of many books our son read prior to a trip to London and Belgium, and one of his favorites. It was key to successfully understanding the ...more
Jun 11, 2010 Isabelle rated it liked it
VICTORY is a book about a family who love ships, well at least one of the sons does. The 2 main characters in this book are Sam Robbins and Molly. Sam was part of a family that wasn't that wealthy, so he decided to go with his uncle to work with him. His dad loved that idea, because that meant that they could have more money. On the other side of the story(there are like 2books in 1) Molly gets a book about the Victory ship, which is where Sam is working at. This book goes on and on switching fr ...more
This book struck a chord with me.

I picked it up, mistaking this line, "Two lives across an ocean, two hundred years apart..." to mean it was an historically based time-travel romance. All the things I love best! The fact that it was not such a book should have disappointed me deeply, but seeing as I was charmed regardless, I know this is a worthy read.

History came alive. I was so captivated by the descriptions of life on board Lord Nelson's ship. So much so, that a tour of the HMS Victory has no
May 01, 2014 Derry rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2014, my-favourites
Very detailed book. I loved the story line and it shocked me quite a bit when... sorry, don't read any further because of spoilers!!! >.<

It shocked me quite a bit when Molly's great great great etc. grandfather was part of the battle of trafalgar... especially as important as he was. It was probably such a surprise as the smallest possible things at the beginning of the book all link to it!! Anyway, i will let you read the book to find out yourself :)

-Derry (sirscribble)
Sort of a fantasy, but not what I expected. Contrary to what I expected, this book is not about time travel. But for a historical fiction novel with just a hint of fantasy, the story was very good. The writing allowed me to understand the severity of loss Molly felt at her displacement to a new country, and I appreciated how Molly is able to develop a new connection to both her ancestors and her current family. The historical setting of the fictional Sam was interesting and reasonably compelling ...more
Sep 25, 2009 Karen rated it liked it
I really like Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Series so I thought I would try this one. Not my favorite book, but it had some very interesting things about what it was like to serve in the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. This book is about two different 11-year-olds from different time periods and how they are connected. Cooper writes one chapter about each, swapping back and forth. I didn't really get where the author was going with the connection between Sam and Molly until the end, ...more
A surprisingly good read.
Story is told in two parts, one in the present day and one from the past.
Sam is only 11 when he is pressed into the British Navy. He is assigned to HMS Victory, the flagship in the British Navy. Admiral Horatio Nelson is his leader. Sam's life is difficult but he soon grows to love the sea and sailing. The story gives great detail about sailing during the early 1800s.
The other main character in the story is Molly, a modern day English girl who has been transplanted to th
Apr 20, 2015 Sonya rated it really liked it
Moving back and forth from a child living now to a child living in 1800, you feel the connection, drawing and thirst for knowing. Cooper provides many details into the life on a ship, including the feeling, sights and sounds. The research spilled over the writing creating a scene that allows the reader to experience it.

My boys wished that I could skip the current day child's story, to stick to the adventure of another day, but they were rewarded by seeing the connection.
Oct 27, 2008 Beth rated it it was amazing
I read this book on October 26, 2008. I was HOOKED right away. I have loved Susan Cooper's skillful writing for a long time. Her book is POPPING with details about being British, Admiral Nelson, and life on the tall ships at the height of the naval war between England and France during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Cooper holds the interest of contemporary readers by contrasting 11-year-old Molly in Connecticut in 2006, recently uprooted from her home in England, with Sam, uprooted from his hom
Jun 28, 2008 whalesister rated it liked it
I love Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising sequence, this one not as much, though it was interesting and well-crafted. It was just a little flat to me. I learned a lot about British warships in Napolean's time (maybe too much), and she uses some interesting format, switching back and forth between two seemingly-unconnected stories, one modern, one historical, using past tense in the old, present tense in the new, and bringing the two stories together by the end. Honestly, I doubt the story would grab ...more
Aug 01, 2015 Loree rated it liked it
Victory by Susan Cooper was fast and interesting. I had read The Dark is Rising so Cooper's style felt familiar. Cooper changes the point of view from first to third and past to present tense to help the reader adjust to the change of narration. I found it distracting at first but then rolled with it. Pretty good read.
Jan 30, 2015 Linnea rated it liked it
I love all the history in it I learned a lot. I anxious to find out what they have In common it felt like it was gonna take forever. I also could never tell or understand if she was dreaming about Sam or if Sam was the main character for parts in a way it should have been a little more descriptive (sorry bout bad grammar an misspelled words an yea)
Jan 23, 2009 Alice rated it liked it
Susan Cooper is an excellent writer but I didn't think this was quite up to her usual standards. The time-link between the boy (past) and the girl (present) was a little tenuous. No real surprise twist to make the connection worthwhile.
However, a fine book if you are hankering for more of a young boy sailing the high seas on a British warship. (This comment is for those who love the Jacky Faber books: you will be sailing on the Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship!). Historical details abound, such
Miss Amanda
Jul 27, 2014 Miss Amanda rated it liked it
Shelves: gr-4-6
gr5-8 186 pgs.

1803-1805 HMS Victory / 2006 CT & England. The story alternates between two 11 year olds: Molly who is adjusting to her mother's remarriage and the family's move from London to the United States and Sam Robbins a English country boy who was impressed into the Royal Navy and is serving aboard the HMS Victory. Molly finds a book about Admiral Nelson and an inscription in the book made by a descendant of someone who served with him. Sam is present at the Battle of Trafalgar and wi
Christian Martinez
Feb 01, 2014 Christian Martinez rated it liked it
this book was historical fiction, and was 190 pages. I didnt really enjoy the book as much as i would have hoped for. The book was a little different to me when i read the back summary, so i thought it would have been better, but other than that i think it was worth 3 stars.
Holly dolly
Jan 26, 2013 Holly dolly rated it really liked it
I had to read this book for my school project and it actually turned out ok! I thought it would be a lot worse and boring,but you kno what they say, never judge a book by its cover!

This book is about a girl who has moved to america (after her mother re-marries) and she finds this book about Nelson in an old bookstore, she later finds a scrap of the 'hms victory's' flag in the front cover.The story switches between 2 points of view, molly's and sam's.

Sam was farm boy who was taken from his home a
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Susan Cooper's latest book is the YA novel "Ghost Hawk" (2013)

Susan Cooper was born in 1935, and grew up in England's Buckinghamshire, an area that was green countryside then but has since become part of Greater London. As a child, she loved to read, as did her younger brother, who also became a writer. After attending Oxford, where she became the first woman to ever edit that university's newspap
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