First Love
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First Love

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  3,547 ratings  ·  220 reviews
A group of middle-aged men sit together after dinner and the conversation turns to first love. One of them, Vladimir Petrovich, tells his story ... As a 16-year-old, spending the summer at his parents’ country house, he glimpses ‘a tall, slender girl in a striped pink dress’: the young princess Zinaida. She is five years older, impoverished and not particularly respectable...more
96 pages
Published 2011 by Folio Society (first published 1860)
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K.D. Absolutely
"I? Believe me, Zinaida Alexandrovna, whatever you did, however you tormented me, I should love and adore you to the end of my days."

This novella is about a 16-y/o Russian boy, Vladimir Petrovich of a rich family falling in love for the first time. The object of his affection is a 21-y/o princess, Zinaida Alexandrovna who has just moved to Vladimir's neighborhood. Zinaida's family used to be rich but her father squandered everything because of his vices. Zinaida is beautiful so she has many sui...more
kebetulan, saat buku ini baru kubaca setengahnya, aku mendengarkan sebuah presentasi mengenai gender di kelas.

kelompok ini mempresentasikan buku yang diangkat dari tesis dosen mata kuliah ini juga. Buku ini berisi analisis sebuah drama karya Arifin C. Noer yang berjudul Drama Mega-mega (ugh, ingatanku begitu buruk). Drama tersebut bercerita tentang seorang perempuan bernama Mae yang menjadi ibu bagi gelandangan-gelandangan di sekitarnya. Mae sendiri merupakan janda yang telah menikah dan ditingg...more
Avete presente la Ballata dell’amore cieco di Fabrizio de Andrè?

Questa: ?

Se non avete voglia di ascoltarla e non la conoscete*, vi dico più o meno di cosa parla. In realtà è molto semplice. Tutto viene spiegato dalle prime parole: “ Un uomo onesto, un uomo probo si innamorò perdutamente d’una che non lo amava niente. ” E poi va avanti dicendo di come la donna che non lo amava niente gli chiede continue ed estreme prove del suo amore, dimostrando di ess...more
I have to say I had an intense dislike for the way the novella was shaping up about a third of the way in but shortly after it took a turn for the better. Vladimir, a 16 year old boy has this obsessive desire to be near Z from the first moment he sees her, he fancies himself in love with her, this 21 year old, down on her luck princess. He’s in the heady throes of first love. He sidles up next to her, finds ways to get her attention and generally makes a fool of himself. But Z is a manipulative...more
Oh, I do like how Turgenev writes. He gets to the core of characters. You understand who they are, why each one acts as they do. He also has great ability to draw a place so it comes alive and you see it , feel it and almost smell it. Like a park at night....... and what Vladimir discovered that night!

Back track: this is about a sixteen year-old's first love. (Do you recall yours?!) He falls head over heels for a self-centered, manipulative, pretty girl. She knows she is pretty and she has her o...more
In this beautiful short novel, Turgenev creates within the reader the selfsame titular feeling—that diabolical mixture of hope, frustration, anxiety, and inevitable heart break—that visits on many of us in the guise of our first love. Perhaps, there's something to be said of reading this novel in spring (or whatever change in the weather precipitated your own first romantic embranglement). Additionally, my hat is permanently off to Sergey Rachmaninov for providing the perfect soundtrack in his P...more
I think the two things I was reminded from this novella is the reminder that life will not wait for us and that often we hurt the ones we love the most. An impassioned tale of first love and unrequited love in its truest form. What seems obvious to the reader comes as a great shock to the main character as he learns of the identity of the lover of the woman he most desires. I think it is fair to say that even in 1860 Russia a common theme in life is not noticing the faults in those you care for...more
Mirvan  Ereon
I have a thing for Russian novellas. I love how they do it so well in such a well-numbered book. The emotions are all so lovely and they seem to have a penchant for poignant emotions and exquisite details. I badly am desperate for more.

This one is one of the best I have read so far. I have a Penguin Great Loves edition of this. This book is short but the impact it will leave is unforgettable. I love the way it starts as a sweet story of a boy who fell in love with a girl. The innocence of this f...more
Victoria Patterson
Such a tragic story--Turgenev's descriptions of a sixteen year old boy falling in love for the first time ("I moved as if in a dream and felt all through my being a sort of intense blissfulness that verged on imbecility"). And the aftermath, the disappointment. An amazing example of how to write emotions through physical details. He leaves nothing out. Also, for structure. How does he pack so much in a short novella?

This edition is a disappointment: there were editing errors, which is a pet pee...more
Quân Khuê
Lại thêm một cuốn sách nên đọc sớm hơn, khi mười sáu tuổi chẳng hạn. Mười sáu tuổi, tôi đọc Hania của Sienkievich, và cuốn ấy mãi là một ấn tượng không phai. Chẳng hiểu vì sao thời ấy trong các thư viện và tủ sách quanh nhà không có cuốn này cho tôi đọc. Sách đọc muộn, vẫn thấy hay thấy đẹp, bằng chứng đêm qua thức đến một giờ sáng đọc cho xong, nhưng tôi đoán cái ấn tượng mà một cuốn sách như thế nay gây lên một chàng trai mới lớn phải là ghê gớm lắm.
Ivan Turgenev's story was a linear and controlled exploration of being in love at a young age. It offered a portrait of a transition from youth to adulthood: from the confusion and giddy puzzlement that accompanied the raw feelings of youth to a more luminous perception of reality as one gained more experience. The protagonist was a sixteen-year-old student, a young man of middle class background. The object of his affection was a young princess, his senior by a few years, who, with her mother,...more
I was not expecting a lot from this book because Turgenev has always been overshadowed by Dostoevsky and Tolstoy when this period of Russian literature comes up. But this was an amazing read. It was short (I read it in one commuting trip), but it really affected me with its powerful depiction of innocent love teamed up with overwhelming passion and a desire to be a martyr to the whims of the one you love.
This book begins with a few older gentlement sitting around a fireplace. The host asks them...more
Hacía mucho tiempo que quería leer algo de Iván Turgeniev. Al final he empezado con ‘Primer amor’ y me ha decepcionado un poquito, quizás sea porque he pasado mucho tiempo deseando leerlo pero sin llegar a leerlo y en todo este tiempo he ido engordando mis expectativas, que han acabado siendo demasiado altas. O quizás simplemente es que no he empezado con el libro adecuado para mí.

No me malinterpretéis: me ha gustado. Sólo que no tanto como esperaba. Narra muy bien el batiburrillo de sentimiento...more
Ein alter Mann erinnert sich an seine erste Liebe, die ausgerechnet einer borderlinigen Nachbarstochter galt. Sie hielt sich einen Kreis von Bewunderern, die um ihre Gunst konkurrierten. Wenn der Dichter unter ihnen wieder eigene Texte deklamiert hatte, "verlangte sie, daß er ihr Puschkin vorlese, damit, wie sie sagte, die Luft wieder rein werde." Einen anderen sticht sie mit einer Nadel "ziemlich tief" in die Hand und verlangt, daß er dabei lacht, was er auch tut.
Ausgerechnet der Vater des Erzh...more
Laala Alghata
This was my introduction to Turgenev. I was looking forward to the book, because he was Russian author I hadn’t read before, because it was about love, because it was novella and I needed something short at the time. I did enjoy the story, and I felt for Vladimir, but it didn’t engage me completely. I’m not sure why, as the story ties itself up beautifully, and a little heartbreakingly. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t sympathize with or understand Zinaida very much until the end, and then it was t...more
I haven't read this book, or any other Turgenev book, in something close to a decade. The perfect thing to clear my head after a run of difficult books -- I have an inexplicable weakness for 19th century romantic literature. Predictable until the end, Turgenev inserted a few final barbs to keep things from being too saccharine.

"Do you know what really makes a man free?"
"Will, your own will, and it gives power which is better than liberty. Know how to want, and you'll be free, and you'll be...more
I love this short story.

Here's a cool little quote from the story (well, it's cool to me):

"Grab all you can, but never allow yourself to be caught; to belong to yourself alone is the whole trick of living..."
Una novela corta, pero que contiene abundante pasión, amor, misterio y dolor. ¡Una obra maestra!
The "First love" is a frame story, which starts with a party where the guests are challenged to recount the story of their first love. When Vladimir Petrovich's turn comes, he tells the other men that he is going to write down his story. Now it's our turn to read about his memory.

The main character is Vladimir, a 16-year-old boy, who falls in love with the daughter of a princess, who just moved next door. The young princess's name is Zinaida, she's 21 and has a lot of suitors. She is not in love...more
Ali Çamur
15 August 2012, Ataturk Kitapligi &
«Kadın aşkından koru kendini, oğlum. Bize mutlulukla birlikte zehir sunan bu duygudan kork!» (Babanın oğluna nasihatı)

Turgenyev’in ‘İlk Aşk’ kitabında, 16 yaşındaki Vladimir’in ilk kez aşık olduğu gece doğa bile atalet halinden sıyrılır; gökyüzünde şimşekler çakar. İbn-i Arabi, Fusus Ül-Hikem’de atalet halinin sevgisizlikten ileri geldiğini belirtmiştir. Sevgi, hareketi ve arayışı ihtiyaç kılan şeydir. İbn-i Arabi’ye göre hicret de özünde Allah ve onun yara...more
Thom Swennes
A true love story in the old style! Published in 1860, First Love by Ivan Turgenev is a love story in its purest form. First loves are generally both tender and innocent and Turgenev relates both in this beautiful yet very tragic story. Very few first loves run the course of only love but they generally remain with someone forever. First loves are special loves and that was what Vladimir Petrovich had for Zinaida Alexandrovna Zasyekina. This novella may be small in size but it makes this deficit...more
This is a story of young love, the awakening of passion in a 16-year-old boy, with all its intensity, idealism, and irrationality, leading to a denouement as tragic as it is unanticipated. Turgenev shows exquisite sensitivity to the mind and heart of the young man, and he unfolds the story step by step, keeping the reader on tenterhooks of uneasiness, the reader fully aware that this love cannot turn out anything but badly. It is hard not to reflect on one’s own youth and loves as one reads this...more
Taymara Jagmohan
I loved how quickly I moved through these words uttered in the form of a tale told!
I loved it, because it was love without a hindrance. It emphasized the joy, and yet the sorrow with which love brings. Incredibly wonderful! :)

Sometimes, if every time there is the stubbornness of our minds which allows for our rules to be built! We build our hopes around colossal wrong, and we measure what is right- especially what is RIGHT in front of us. I continually live to avoid such mistakes, but I seem to...more
Mariano Hortal
Publicado en

En tiempos como los actuales, con tanta “sobreinformación” por tantísimas fuentes el éxito de un producto: película, libro, serie de TV, depende muy mucho de la expectativa que se cree en el posible “disfrutador” de dicho producto; antes, con un tráiler de una película era suficiente para la promoción, ahora es necesario hacer diversos trailers, teasers, virales… originando el “hype” en el consumidor, una sobrepromoción que causa que la expectat...more
The perfect autumn read - that undefined feeling of melancholy, of beautiful loss are all summed up in this novella. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a young man's total and innocent passion for a woman who's character is obviously (even to him) flawed. Quite true to life, I thought. It beautifully describes those moments of shock that a young person has when the people you adore turn out to be all too human.
Carrie M.
One of the best short novels from all times. Based upon Turgenev´s memoir, it represents an emblematic standard in Russian Literature. The scene in which the lover whips the arm of his young mistress with a riding crop and she kisses the fresh wound, as she would do with anything he would ever offer her, is one of the Strongest of Western Literature.
Togoldor Erdenebileg
This is a bittersweet love story of Vladimir, how he fell in love with Zinaida, an older girl who becomes his new neighbor.

I really liked Turgenev's narrative style, so vivid that you "almost" feel what Voldemar feels inside.I guess love makes people experience all the feelings on the earth such as happy, sad, jealous, hopeful and so on.
This is my first story by Turgenev, and an interesting contrast to Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. It lacks the strong moral viewpoint of these writers, but is a finely honed naturalistic portrait, at turns satirical and poignant, of a youth's first infatuation, and his shock at discovering the psychological depths into which he has so blithely strode.
Verhaal wordt terugkijkend verteld door de 40-jarige Vladimir over een periode jaren terug,(zomer 1833) hij was 16 jaar. Een jonge, fantasievolle jongen. Ontvankelijk voor alles om hem heen, zich verheugend op de toekomst vóór hem.
Hij vat een verliefdheid op voor de 5 jaar oudere Zinaida, een grillig, flirterig meisje met veel aanbidders die ze niet bepaald aardig behandelt. Dan verandert ze, wordt droeviger, koeler ook, trekt zich wat terug van haar aanbidders maar toch koketteert ze dan weer...more
First Love was my first Turgenev novel ever, and it wasn't just any other translation either but a pretty, Progress Publishers at that! Somehow, I wasn't as impressed as I expected to be. It could have been better, much better, though it did start off as a really promising story.

We come across a group of friends who start talking about their first loves when the narration changes and steps into first person, where this man recounts the story of his first love with a bankrupt minor royalty from...more
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Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev (Cyrillic: Иван Сергеевич Тургенев) was a novelist, poet and dramatist, and now ranks as one of the towering figures of Russian literature. His major works include the short-story collection A Sportsman’s Sketches (1852) and the novels Rudin (1856), Home of the Gentry (1859), On the Eve (1860), and Fathers and Sons (1862). These works offer realistic, affectionate portray...more
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