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Fatal Boarding
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Fatal Boarding (Adrian Tarn #1)

4.02  ·  Rating Details ·  1,096 Ratings  ·  84 Reviews
“I have never believed in going strictly by the book. My six-foot-two frame has an assortment of scars and marks that readily attest to that. It’s the main reason I’ve never been offered a higher position on a big-draft. But, when things really go to hell, I’m always the first one to get the call. They trust me with their lives, but not their jobs.”
--Adrian Tarn, Chief Sec
Nook, 0 pages
Published April 12th 2011 by E. R. Mason, via Smashwords (first published April 8th 2011)
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Milli Linnea
May 02, 2012 Milli Linnea rated it really liked it
I was pleasantly surprised by this free ebook download. Some of the free books I've read, haven't been all that well written... However, despite some typos, I found this book a very entertaining read. My late dad was a huge SF fan and I grew up reading SF classics, but haven't really found much modern SF that I liked (with the exception of Connie Willis' time travel books). This story was well written, interesting and at times really creepy. The characters are not quite as good at the plot. Like ...more
Lindsey Brooks
Feb 28, 2015 Lindsey Brooks rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I know that many people think reading free books from Amazon is a waste of time, and that is all too frequently true. But not in this case. Yes there are a few typos and the misuse of the occassional word - "hews" for "hues" and "tenants" for "tenets" come to mind in this case - but they are few and far between and don't take away anything from this fast-paced, page-turner, which mixes sci-fi and a mystery to great advantage. Any science fiction fan will thoroughly enjoy this story just as much ...more
May 25, 2015 John rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: sf-fantasy
Enjoyable hard SF. Mason has the science and the techno-speak DOWN, doesn't impede the action with a lot of explication or angsty rumination, is good with the banter and crafts intriguingly alien aliens. Sad to say, the women are all bitches or whores or, at best, objectified by being subject to long lascivious descriptions of their bods, so there is room for improvement in the casting. Still, I'm happy to have a new author to follow.

Lots of typos, though (my favorite is one about running the "g
Melinda Brasher
I love the general feel of this novel, a classic space adventure reminiscent of Star Trek. It was an interesting read, with some very exciting parts. A few sections were a bit confusing, due partially to the “tech,” and I felt there were some info dumps that could have been worked in more smoothly, but I really liked all the details about the problems with gravity and weightlessness, and some of the other sciency stuff. MINOR SPOILER: I did wonder about one of the solutions they employed at the ...more
Thibaldo Manrique
Great science fiction

I am a fan of the genera, and have seldom had the privilege of.reading a book like this.

Very well thought out, does not try to convince you of the scientific advances by making up stuff, rather deals with faster than light travel and artificial gravity as every day things, pulling you into their world to worry about the character interaction and the perils of space and keeping you there for the ride.

Excellent plot, a fresh take on a fist contact situation, with a familiar fl
Apr 12, 2015 Brendanh rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I picked this up as a free Kindle download with very low expectations and was extremely pleasantly surprised.

It does take some time for E.R. Mason to settle into a comfortable writing style, the first few dozen pages are a bit clumsy and don't flow very well. Once he does start writing more comfortable prose the story starts barreling along at a great pace.

The story never has any pretense of being anything more than a thrill-a-minute, creepy, pulp science fiction adventure with the character de
Mar 07, 2012 Mike rated it liked it
Many of the free books that I have downloaded are not well done at all, but this was an exception to the rule. I enjoyed the plot, the characters and the writing style. All kept me interested throughout. what brought it down to 3 stars were the many word errors and typos. Also there were places where quite a few pages were taken up with descriptive material that was totally extraneous to the story line. I think a little editing in that regard would have been helpful too. But on the whole, I will ...more
Joe Vella
Nov 07, 2015 Joe Vella rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Just Right

If you enjoy humor along with your danger as in Iron Man or Star Trek this will be a good read for you. I enjoyed the fiction, science, and group of heroes working together for the greater good.
The author mixes in his knowledge of the military without saying all answers are best served from that mind set.
Those that are seeking cowboy individualism will find leadership that takes different forms.
So here is a well edited easy read. Enjoy.
Jim Dressner
This is a light, enjoyable read with standard adventure characteristics: a highly capable hero who doesn't think too much of himself, a loyal sidekick who doesn't get the recognition he deserves, thick-headed superiors, a puzzling predicament, overcoming near impossible odds against a superior foe, and a romantic tangent. Well-paced with good plot trajectory. Better than the first sequel.
Worth more than I paid for it; i received this book as a free download.
Jan 26, 2016 Kevin rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
First book in the series - quick read. An alien species that takes over ships looking for life forms that it uses to feed on. Tends to forget about characters once they disappear - which is fine most of the time but sometimes you want to know what happened. Seem to be a number of stupid humans in this book. worth the read.
Pamela Dodd
A Mystery in Space

This yarn takes a bit of patience, but it is a good story. The characters are never fully fleshed out, but the plot is very good and quite suspenseful. If not for the vast number of editing issues, this could rank four stars, but as it is, three is a generous number.
Sep 04, 2014 Jim rated it it was ok
Monotone, all the way through. Too bad. The author can write some good lines, and inject a little comedy here and there. After reading the first two paragraphs, I was hooked--for a while--until I realized it rambled--to the end.
Nov 17, 2014 Maureen rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Surprisingly good little sci-fi adventure. The plot was good, the characters believable, and the author had me hanging in there wanting to see what happened next. Will definately read the follow up, Deep Crossing.
Gary Tarulli
Dec 09, 2014 Gary Tarulli rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Well-paced and interesting. If you like science fiction, there's no question this is a good read. If sci-fi isn't your thing, give it a try anyway. The author created an exciting story, believable characters, and writes well-crafted dialogue.
Kevin DeMello
Mar 10, 2017 Kevin DeMello rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I was pleasantly surprised by this free book on Amazon. The characters are real and believable, and the book is well-written. It held my attention and kept me wanting more. As far as science fiction genre, this book contains elements of hard sci-fi, including dealing with issues of gravitation and language barriers between species. However, it does incorporate more fanciful elements, like faster-than-light travel and highly evolved/ascended beings. It's not space opera but it presents a great fi ...more
Jun 06, 2017 Jessie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

Great book! Keeps you interested and wanting to read more. I would recommend to others! I'm planning to read the other books in this series.
Mar 23, 2017 Manusboyle rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Good solid sci/fight

Space travel at its most exciting.
Good solid space tale, a hero ,sinister alien
Beings.definitely worth a read ,a page turner.
Kyle E Poe
Feb 26, 2017 Kyle E Poe rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
A pleasant surprise.

I got this book at a bargain, (free) and received much more than I expected. The story was fresh, the characters interesting, and the pace was good. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend it.
Jan 10, 2016 Westley rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
An excellent story overall. Highly recommended. The science is well thought out and makes sense. I look forward to his other works. Only one caveat: this is obviously an unedited file, so wait for the update before purchasing.

As an editor, I don't start reading at the beginning of the story -- I start with the cover and work my way through the front matter. As such, I was happy to see a proofreader listed who obviously has had some sci-fi background (as his website claims -- the only issue is th
Oct 22, 2013 Les rated it really liked it
Another of those surprises that comes along one in a while and a book that gave me a lot of enjoyment. I received an email from a friend about this book which is a free giveaway at Smashwords. He reckoned it was pretty good, so I decided to have a look. It turns out he was right.
In this great story, the faster than light starship Electra encounters a derelict alien vessel floating inert while cruising on a regular charting tour of space. It's told first-person from the perspective of Adrian Tarn
Jeanine Berry
Feb 16, 2015 Jeanine Berry rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Pure enjoyment

I love this book from beginning to end. From the opening page, you knew you were in the hands of a great storyteller. In the beginning of the story reminded me a little bit of the movie Alien with the professional but slightly sleazy space crew and the derelict spaceship. There was the same sense of mounting terror as things begin to go wrong.

Interesting plot twists keep the story moving along, where the book really shines is in its interesting characters. This book has the abilit
Feb 21, 2015 Alix rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Sci-Fi Fans
A Kindle Freebie, this book starts out great! It reels you in and you want to know what the heck just happened back there. But no, now you're stuck in a spaceship that's going nowhere fast and a plot line that just smacked itself on the bulkhead and did a face-plant on the deck. Or so you might think. Mr. Mason is busy weaving the story, give it a couple of more chapters. At first one might think that all the technical problems and cabin fever are just wearing on folks trapped in a tin can with ...more
Oct 25, 2015 Dawn rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Sometimes I read a review on here that is so full of grammatical and spelling errors it is almost incomprehensible. I always think, how can someone who reads enough to be on a site like this and post reviews on a site like this not have absorbed even basic grammar rules? Now I know: they must be reading books like this. The copy-editing is horrendous. Every time I read "your" when Mason meant "you're" I wanted to hurl it across the room. How can someone be able to write a book and not know the d ...more
Jan 02, 2016 Shelley rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: sci-fi, space, 2016
A very enjoyable Sci-Fi read. Mason has the ability to easily mix the science and technical speech without long explanations. You get the science bit with a very well paced story, which has deep space, aliens and mystery all bundled into one.

From the very start you know you are in the hands of a good author, and the descriptions are so good that in parts I felt I was on the craft myself, part of the action, and there is plenty of action.

The main character Adrian Tarn, is head of security on wh
Jul 29, 2015 Phillip rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fiction
This is an interesting tale that keeps you wondering. The author has created a insightful character; an out of the box get it done kind of guy that you want to keep following.
There are consistent typos but not so many as to distract. One particular section, one chapter, became far too monotonous, boring, too slow, but I got through it. It is a good sized book.
Science fiction is so overdone. I wonder if this story and its insights are from the imagination of the author or from him being extremely
N.M. Gillson
Nov 19, 2011 N.M. Gillson rated it really liked it
Fatal Boarding follows a security officer Adrian Tarn aboard the Earth Ship Electra. The ship discovers an alien vessel stranded in space and board her to find survivors. Following an explosion, a spooky lift and a forgetful trip back to the Electra, the ship's crew begin to experience strange happenings, eventually rendering themselves stranded in space.

Awesome novel from beginning to end. ER Mason has written a well planned story, with twists and turns at ever corner. Despite several typos tow
Mrs P.M.Anslow
Feb 07, 2017 Mrs P.M.Anslow rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Excellent read

Action and human story from beginning to end.. It was so compelling it was hard to put down. Good read
Apr 12, 2015 Paul rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: sci-fi
I've read the whole series a couple of times now and enjoy it every time I come back. The setting has a wonderful casual and grittiness that makes it believable - it's not a shiny future. It's silly but I like the way things like check-lists and process inspectors and filing flight plans get mentioned. That could have easily made it a dull read instead its just enough to add to the realism, after all piloting your spaceship is not going to be like jumping in the car and heading down the supermar ...more
Jan 08, 2014 Amy rated it it was amazing
Actually read this book after I had read Deep Crossing. Realizing I was reading the series out of order I was afraid book one would be "ruined" for me. It wasn't at all. There were a couple of relationships formed in book one and discussed in book two. I actually preferred the more emotionally charged recap of events in book 2 to how they were actually played out in book one. I think that if I had read them in the right order, I wouldn't even have noticed the difference as much as I did. Overall ...more
Dec 02, 2014 Kay rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I didn't have high expectations for this because it was a free ebook, but I was pleased to be surprised by it. True, there are some typos that have been missed during editing which is a little frustrating, but the story moves at a good pace and reveals information like a thriller; I was trying to guess what was going to happen right up until the end. I thought it was well written and I enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to read the next installment!
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