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Vagabond (Grail Quest #2)

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  6,942 ratings  ·  207 reviews
From internationally bestselling author Bernard Cornwell comes the eagerly anticipated sequel in his acclaimed Grail Quest series, in which a young archer sets out to avenge his family's honor on the battlefields of the Hundred Years' War and winds up on a quest for the Holy Grail.

1347: a year of war and unrest. England's army is fighting in France, and its absence encoura...more
Published November 26th 2002 by Harper (first published October 7th 2002)
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Jul 03, 2009 Ed rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Historical Fiction Fans
The second volume in the Grail Series, this story was not nearly as interesting or exciting as the first book in the series, "The Archer".

It opens with the 1346 battle of Neville's Cross in Northern England, which is peripheral to the main plot of Thomas of Hockton's search for the grail which is supposedly under the control of his family and has been hidden by his dead father. It ends with the 1347 battle of La Roche-Derrien in Brittany between the forces of Charles of Blois and the English occ...more
-Más ficción sobre el marco general de la Guerra de los Cien Años.-

Género. Novela Histórica (por lo menos, su trasfondo).

Lo que nos cuenta. En otoño de 1346, Thomas, su mujer (que no esposa todavía desde la perspectiva más cristiana del asunto) embarazada y el padre Hobbe se encaminan hacia Durham tratando de seguir la pista del Grial, que Thomas desea con fervor que realmente exista. Pero no son los únicos y además una batalla, que transcurrirá entre la niebla, se está gestando. Segundo libro d...more
Apr 27, 2008 Anthony rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Adults with an interest in historical fiction of fourteenth century England.
The Grail Quest series is a fascinating look at fourteenth century England and the Hundred Years War between England and France. Don’t let the name of the series dissuade you, the ‘Grail Quest’ ultimately proves to be a small part of the story. It serves more as a backdrop to illustrating the religious beliefs and climate of the era and is not the same worn out ‘Grail Quest’ you have seen a hundred times. As with Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles, the main protagonist is a fictional character, but man...more
This is the second volume of a trilogy of the life of Thomas of Hookton. The setting is the years after 1340 both in England and in France during the Hundred Years War. The book places Thomas on a journey to discover his past and what his late father, Fr. Ralph, played in transporting the Grail, if it even exists. Cornwall is great with battles. This book places Thomas outside Durham when the Scottish Army invade England while Edward III and his forces are outside the walls of Calais, across the...more
Naira Manougian
Jan 28, 2014 Naira Manougian is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
So far the story developes in an interesting way. I see too many unfamiliar names, such as names of places and towns. But I realize the action is taking place in 14th century England so I cannot know all the names of locations. Knights templar are mentioned and the motiv of the Holy Grail comes back, the existence of which remains to be uncertain. The central character of the story is Thomas and his wife Eleanor.

PAGE 42 - Starting to understand that the story evolves around a conflict between t...more
Nick Sheridan
A gorgeous cast of characters somewhat overwhelm the lack of plot that culminates in awesome final chapters that seem in a way too little too late. It should be called "The Battle of La Roche Derrien and how we all got there."
The second book in the Grail Quest series covers quite a bit of ground and does a great job of weaving The Battle of Neville's Cross and the Battle of La-Roche Derrien into the plot. Another very enjoyable historical fiction tale.
Gleich rein in die erste Schlacht, die eigentlich verloren ist und gewonnen wird. Dann geht es auf die Suche nach dem Gral, aber richtig glauben an ihn kann noch nicht mal die Hauptperson. Seine Widersacher sind aber einflussreich, morden und foltern, also ist irgendetwas dran an der Sache. Am Ende die zweite große Schlacht bzw. eine Belagerung. Auch dieser Kampf aussichtslos, aber es kommt die Wende... SO in etwa die Geschichte des Romans, Cornwell packt den Leser erneut sofort und sorgt für gu...more
In this second installment of The Grail Quest, Thomas of Hookton is back in England, facing a horde of murderous Scots, a fanatic priest and some truths about his father. He goes back to his ruined village to find an old clay cup, which he immediately discards as unimportant (wink wink) and a book written by his father, containing stories about the Grail. Some of the writings are in old Hebrew, but luckily Thomas has a Jewish friend from his time in France. So to France he goes - not for the Gra...more
I adore Thomas. I promise I do. But, I couldn’t fully fight my desire to beat him with his bow staff for most of the book.

I hated everything that happened to him, but I can’t help feeling that he’s the architect of his doom. I thought he was smarter. I thought he was stronger. I thought he was a better person than he was showing himself to be, and that disappointed me more than anything else.

He wants a simple life. I can understand that – he never asked to be saddled with an unbelievable quest,...more
Kelanth, numquam risit ubi dracones vivunt
Dopo la mia recensione sulla saga di Re Artù, recensisco ancora questo autore molto bravo che deve principalmente il suo successo internazionale per la saga di "Sharpe", credo arrivata al decimo o undicesimo libro, che ho in libreria ma che non ho ancora iniziato. Per tornare alla recensione di oggi, credo che tutti più o meno sanno cosa sia stata la "Guerra dei Cent'anni" (per chi non lo sa e vuole approfondire: ), che vide contrapposte l'Inghilterra e l...more
c2002 - The 2nd entry in the Grail Quest series. Another piece of solid writing by Mr Cornwell and now that the character of Thomas of Hookton (yay - Dorset!)has been well established, this read is much easier than the first book in the series. This book sees him joined by Robbie Douglas of Scotland who quickly becomes quite an endearing character. Baddies abound and Mr Cornwell has a knack of conveying the brutal with a certain straight forwardness that I remember from the Lords of the North se...more
This series by Bernard Cornwell consists of three books: The Archer's Tale, Vagabond, and Heretic. I'm just gonna lump them all together here since there's really not a whole lot to set them apart. By that I mean that they've definitely got the trademarks of an overly prolific author who just churns stuff out within his comfort zone (e.g., I got tired of hearing about how an arrow head "pierced mail and leather" after the fifth time in one book) so that you get largely the same story being told...more
I read the first book in this series a long while ago and so it took a chapter to refresh my memory but then I was away and immersed in the story. I like the main character; he has moral character without being precious about it and he's realistic about war and human nature, I like that. I also like that the 'baddies' in the book are not one-dimensional either, you can clearly see their descent into evil. I think the best thing about the book though was just the detail. Although there is a lot o...more
It did not take me long after finishing Archer's Tale (Harlequin) to pick up the next book. Usually I wait a bit before I begin reading the next in a series, reading a few other books in the meantime. In this case, I pretty much plowed right into it. Cornwell had me hooked.

The story picks up with Thomas of Hookton on the road to Durham, England along with Eleanor and Father Hobbe. Along the way, they encounter Inquisitor de Taillebourg and Guy Vexille, who are also on their way to Durham. The re...more
The second book of the Grail Quest series. It continues the quest to find the Holy Grail, but as seems to be the case with Grail stories, there are many other people after the same thing.
It continues the exploits of Thomas of Hookton an English archer, who has already fought for king and country against the French at the battle of Crecy, in the first book. He continues the quest and ends up at varying times fighting the Scots, French, Bretons, his own cousin, the clergy and sometimes the Englis...more
Bernard Cornwell has continued "The Grail Quest" trilogy with book 2 of the series, "Vagabond". This book continues the story of Thomas of Hookton, master archer in the English army, son of a "crazy" priest, and apparently, heir to the family burden, grail-keeper.
Book 1, "The Archer's Tale" in the U.S. (Harlequin in the U.K.), begins the story and the first battles of the hundred-years-war, but if you don't read the first book, you can still read "Vagabond" and be kept up to speed. This is both...more
Patricia Rodrigues
Neste segundo volume, continuamos a acompanhar Thomas, arqueiro inglês, a tentar cumprir a sua promessa.
Voltamos a rever personagens do primeiro livro, bem como novos personagens, bastante interessantes, como é o caso do escocês Robbie, no entanto temos também algumas surpresas, pelas quais eu não esperava.
Acho que o ponto forte destes livros é a caracterização quase brutal das batalhas, em que parece que estamos no terreno a combater como Thomas. É também um livro muito mais movimentado, ou de...more
Graemé Yager
Vagabond was a good following of the series in my opinion and did an excellent job following up the excellent historical background of The Archer's Tale. Bernard has done himself well once again with a historical fiction novel. The book follows his eye for historical accuracy and contains some good insights into a number of misrepresented cultures. Thomas's search for the grail becomes a true obsession and the plot seems far more focused than the first book on the grail and sheds the somewhat me...more
Hmmm. Das Buch hat einen recht zwiespältigen Eindruck hinterlassen. In diesem Band sucht der englische Bogenschütze Thomas nach dem Heiligen Gral, der kostbarsten Reliquie der Christenheit, die angeblich sein verstorbener Vater einst besass. Diese Suche ist spannend und abwechslungsreich erzählt, umso mehr, als es noch andere Personen gibt, die den Gral haben wollen und die dabei vor nichts zurückschrecken. Dabei sind da und dort kleine Stückchen Mythologie und Volksglauben geschickt eingewoben....more
Josh Glazer
In the Hundred Years war no one could escape war no matter what his quest is, so you might as well embrace the war. The Vagabond is a historical fiction novel which is a flash back to the past when we weren’t as civilized as today. There are killings left and right in the middle of this war and no one can trust anyone. This is a guy’s book in many ways; there are great battles, big explosions, and was all set in medieval Europe, during the Hundred Years War.
In the beginning of this book, we ar...more
This volume continues the story begun in "The Archer's Tale." Once again, this is vintage Bernard Cornwell. It's a terrific story, and a great piece of historical research as well. The primary historical aspects of the story revolve around an alliance between the French and the Scots to invade England from the north, while the main English army is campaigning in northern France. The main character, Thomas Hookton is joined by some characters mentioned in "The Archer's Tale," along with a cast of...more
Paula Lofting
I had started this reluctantly after reading the first in this series (unless I really hate a book I generally finish it and try to perservere with the sequel) after finding the battle scenes a bit too long and boring. Bernard Cornwell is a master at historical fiction but I found the first novel Harlequin uninspiring and boring in places, however as I said, I started the second book and it went on in a similar vein, recognising characters from most of his stories. But half way trough it I began...more
Ryan Loveless
As usual, the book is heavy on the well-researched battle porn (I don't know what else to call it). In this case, the book kicked off with it, so it took some time before proper attention was paid to the characters and the clever turn of phrase Cornwell does so well. Amidst the carnage, there are several truly amusing moments that keep the pacing manageable. Robbie Douglas was a nice addition to the cast, and the new bad guys are truly horrible. I thought it was interesting that while Cornwell p...more
Lisa Rathbun
Not my usual read. I picked this up for 25 cents at a library book sale before a trip (and I'm glad I did since my plane was delayed for two hours!)

The language was very blue and the violence very graphic, but the story very convincingly carries you back in time to the Dark Ages. The vicious battle scenes captured my attention immediately, but I felt my attention flagging after a bit, though I still finished the story. I was interested enough to look up the Cathar heresy on Wikipedia, and I'm i...more
I actually enjoyed “Vagabond” more than I enjoyed an “Archer’s Story.” Probably because there were less battle scenes and more intrigue. Don’t get me wrong, Cornwell writes the best battle scenes, but I enjoy reading about relationships more. There were a lot of things happening in this book, and Thomas is almost always on the move.

There’s one part in this book I will never forget. I won’t say what it is, but I was truly scared for Thomas. It was so weird too, because here I’m reading this book...more
The second book in the Grail series this follows Thomas of Hookton, as he returns to England in pursuit of the black knight and the Holy Grail. The Hundred Year war continues to rage across England & France, and Thomas is in many of the battles. Bernard Cornwell is very good at describing the details of battles and explaining battle strategy. Recommended.
Jean Poulos
This is book two in “The Grail Quest” series by Bernard Cornwell. The story takes place in 1346 to 1347 with Thomas of Hookton an English archer is seeking the Holy Grail by following a book his father wrote. Thomas’s father was a priest and was said to be the keeper of the Grail. He was killed by Guy Vexille, Thomas’ French cousin in book one. The book has great adventure, distressed damsels, armored knights, wayward bishops and beleaguered castles. Cornwell is famous for his meticulous histori...more
I would say that this book is definitely better than the first of the series. While "The Archers Tale" was a great read with great detail it failed to show an inner character for Thomas. "Vagabond", I believe, does a much better job at this. Seeing him suffer and grieve showed how much he does care, even though he tries to shrug it all off. The detail of the battles held up to Cornwell's name and didn't seem as long-winded as they were in "The Archer's Tale". the imagery is just unbelievable. th...more
I have a soft spot for pretty much everything I've read by Bernard Cornwell. To that end, I think that the Grail Quest might be the most compelling of the three series I've read from (this, Warlords and Sharpe'), mostly because I find the Hundred Years' war (and the Avignon Papacy) to be incredibly interesting parts of Western history.
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Cornwell was born in London in 1944. His father was a Canadian airman, and his mother was English, a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. He was adopted and brought up in Essex by the Wiggins family, who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict Protestant sect who banned frivolity of all kinds and even medicine. After he left them, he changed his name to his mother's maiden name, Cornwe...more
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“You're giving up the hunt for de Taillebourg?' Thomas asked. He had learned the priest's name from Robbie. 'No.' Robbie still had his head back as he stared at the magnificence of the transept's ceiling. 'I'll find him and then I'll gralloch the bastard.' Thomas did not know what gralloch meant, but decided the word was bad news for de Taillebourg.” 2 likes
“Does that girl work here?' Robbie asked, gesturing at the screen behind which Mary had disappeared. 'All her life,' Sir Giles said. 'You remember Mary, Thomas?' 'I tried to drown her when we were both children,' Thomas said.” 1 likes
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