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Arsene Lupin
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Arsene Lupin (Arsène Lupin #1)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  2,765 ratings  ·  173 reviews
The first entry in Maurice LeBlance's long-running series about France's hero-thief Arsene Lupin.
Paperback, 188 pages
Published September 11th 2003 by Borgo Press (first published 1907)
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Jeffrey Keeten
”It was, indeed, the famous necklace, the legendary necklace that Bohmer and Bassenge, court jewelers, had made for Madame Du Barry; the veritable necklace that the Cardinal de Rohan-Soubise intended to give to Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France; and the same that the adventuress Jeanne de Valois, Countess de la Motte, had pulled to pieces one evening in February, 1785, with the aid of her husband and their accomplice, Rétaux de Villette.”

 photo QueensNecklace_zps04aee73f.jpg
A necklace worthy of the very best thief.

The Queen’s Neck
Dan Schwent
This is a collection of short stories featuring Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Thief.
The Arrest of Arsene Lupin: A trans-Atlantic cruise ship gets a message saying that Arsene Lupin is on board, with a recent forearm wound and going by the name R-. The message gets cut off and hysteria grips the ship. Everyone whose name begins with R is suspected of being Lupin.

The writing is good and there are only slight hints that it's been translated from French. The story was well done and I'm a little ashamed t
I am re-reading this at the moment. This is the first time Penguin issued this particular edition. Arsene Lupin is a major French literature character - where he basically steals from the Rich ... and keeps the dough. Sort of a nicer version of Fantomas.

I have a serious collection of the works - through out the years there are many many editions and stories - but very few in English. But I got editons from the 20's, etc. I first discovered Arsene Lupin in Japan. Over the years he became a popul
The original gentleman burglar stories--first published in 1907 in French. I read the French version of book 1--the first in a long series by Maurice Leblanc. There are several short stories in each volume. It's a lot like Sherlock Holmes in that you're always trying to figure out how he did it, but the difference is that you are rooting for the bad guy.

I liked the story in which Arsene sends a note to a wealthy man and gives him a list of all the items in his house that he plans to steal, and
Mina Soare
This is better than Sherlock Holmes!

Just to start on the right note. As you probably deduced, I wasn't struck by lightning just now, so please lower your pitchforks, fellow readers, it is my opinion (yes, I did go there) almost against my will. Nonetheless, you might find it easier to empathize, after reading the last story(view spoiler) (which contains the scene that got the fifth star)

The main reason for m
Fun light reading. According to the introduction, Lupin is the french Sherlock Holmes. While I also get the sense, from his own review, that he's exagerating Lupin's relative importance, I can see how he makes the argument. Particularly as Leblanc went to a great deal of effort to make people think that way. He has a whole collection (of which only one is included in this book, thankfully) of stories in which Lupin outwits the great English detective Herlock Sholmes. It was originally Sherlock H ...more
I first read Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin many many years ago as a teenager. I remember enjoying it but it was anything to write home about unlike Doyle's Holmes or Christie's Poirot which I did enjoy and was something to write home about.

Fast forward to now. I think Lupin is more a grown up type of hero. He's not evil but he's not the white knight. I would compare him to the type of "hero" TV Dexter kinda is. In a less psychopath way, of course. The style is very much early XX century nothin
Michelle Wei
I actually finished a while ago... the ending was the same as the Arsene Lupin in the Eight Strokes of the Clock, but I liked both books.

I really liked the book in general. Arene Lupin is a very clever person and he is always messing around with the police. He lets himself get caught and escapes when he feels like it. People have said he is the equivalent of Sherlock Holmes. I can't say they are because one solves crimes and the other does the crime, but their IQ level is about the same. Each c
A wonderful wonderful read. Lupin has been compared to Sherlock Holmes a lot and I truly believe Lupin to be superior. He's witty, intelligent and charming and even though he's a bad guy, one can't help but love him.

In this book, each chapter describes a mini story, which is related and intertwined with the main story arc. As it is the case with most of collections, there were some stories better than others.
The first 4 chapters were HIGHLY entertaining. I really like the fact that sometimes, t
So, I'd never have picked this up if it hadn't been for one little thing: Hannu Rajaniemi's Quantum Thief. I was missing a thief in my life.

Fortunately, I enjoyed the taste of this French dish and especially enjoyed the aspects of the novel that were from Lupin's pov. From a pure story view, it was all standard pulp that reflected the late victorian era ending with a mild rivalry with Mr. Sherlock Holmes, himself.

I couldn't care less that there were copyright issues. Cameos are the pinnacle of f
Amelia Malory
Approfittando dell'offerta che il Corriere della Sera ha messo in atto, ho cominciato a collezionare i libri che narrano delle avventure di questo famigerato ladro. Così ho preso fra le mani quel piccolo libro dalla deliziosa copertina, che potete vedere nell'immagine.
Mi sono trovata davanti nove brevi storie, ognuna interessante alla sua maniera, sebbene le prime tre rimangano le più interessanti che sono state sottoposte alla mia lettura.
In ordine, secondo la lettura che ho affrontato, ecco le
Titanic Buff
A cheeky thief. A spoiled lady. A quiet assistant. A divided suitor.

A riot of characters come together to create a most unusual assembly that most solve the mystery of Arsene Lupin and his brilliantly executed plans that leave many a minds boggled.

I have heard a lot about Arsene Lupin but never read any of Maurice Leblanc’s famed stories. Once upon a time I had a spare time and no ARCs to read (that’s one for the books!) and decided it was time to chase down Lupin and see what all of the fuss wa
Madhulika Liddle
In a fictitious world peopled by brilliant sleuths, from meticulous policemen to mild-mannered old ladies and gentle Catholic priests, all hell-bent on upholding the law, there stand out some oddities: gentlemen burglars. Leslie Charteris’s dashing Simon Templar ‘The Saint’; EW Hornung’s Raffles—and Maurice LeBlanc’s Arsène Lupin.

The book in which LeBlanc first introduced Arsène Lupin, thief extraordinaire, a somewhat Robin Hood-esque figure, was this one. The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsène
Leblanc was inspired by the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, whose Sherlock Holmes series was printed in the newspaper first too. His series, containing 20 stories about the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin were published in the magazine ”Je sais tout” between 1905 and 1935. My collection included 11 of those 20 stories. The admiration of Doyle’s series led him to include Mr. Holmes in one of his stories. For rightly reasons Leblanc had to change the name into Herlock Sholmes, but still everybody can ...more
I read this mostly to practice my French reading skills, and found it to be fairly easy going. Almost too easy, in fact. Proust, here I come! (Not so fast, buddy, read some more light-weights before you get to the heavy-weights...)

Anyway, it was a fun read, not so much who-dun-it as how-did-he-do-it? And it wasn't predictably structured. The first story recounts Lupin's arrest, making you think, huh? are we starting at the end? In reality, we're starting at the middle, and the middle is where it
Arsène Lupin adalah karakter kelas dunia.


Sebenarnya saya menunggu-nunggu ada penerbit Indonesia yang menerjemahkan novel tentang si pencuri elegan Arsène Lupin ini. Sayang sekali sampai saat ini belum ada juga yang menerjemahkan novel yang pertama ditulis tahu 1907 tersebut. Karena itulah saya terperanjat gembira melihat Elex Media Komputindo menerbitkan Arsène Lupin versi manga. Saya tidak bisa berbahasa Perancis, jadi saya tidak bisa membaca novel aslinya, karena itu saya tidak keberatan memba

Monsieur Gournay-Martin adalah orang kaya yang terkenal di lingkungan kebangsawanan Perancis. Putrinya, Mademoiselle Germaine akan menikah dengan Duke Charmerace, Bangsawan muda yang kaya raya, eksentrik dan suka petualangan. Setelah sempat dikabarkan hilang dalam perjalanannya ke Kutub Selatan, Duke Charmerace kembali setelah perjalanannya selama 7 tahun. Pernikahan ini akan diselenggarakan secara besar-besaran, Sonia Kritchnoff, pelayan Mademoiselle Germaine bertugas menuliskan undangan yang b
Edward Smith
Arsene Lupin is the Gallican equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, except where Holmes is an eccentric and reclusive detective Lupin is a charming and witty Gentlemen-Burglar. He has a keen intellect, a master of disguise, locksmith, master of martial arts, and courting women. Lupin is not a sociopath like Fantomas, he is a good-natured person who just so happens to enjoy the thrill of thievery. Upright and decent folk have nothing to worry from him, as he only plunders from those of dubious character ...more
It is important to not that this is just an edited selection of Leblanc's stories about the Gentleman-Thief who turns detective. While, no doubt, the entire body of stories about Lupin might be daunting the changing tone and even style and narrators of these stories is easily apparent because the stories are chosen from different points in the series. While the stories are mostly entertaining the result of the selections is slightly dissatisfying because the reader feels the ellipses between Lup ...more
David Kao
Arsene Lupin series is my favorite detective series , unlike Sherlock Holmes Arsene Lupin is a thief who only steal stuffs from rich peoples and he solves cases like Sherlock Holmes , he is as smart as Sherlock Holmes , so people called him " Gentle Thief " , and many women is in love with him , but the one he truly loved was killed by Herlock Holmes ( It s actually Sherlock Holmes ) , in an accident .
When he was young he doesn't have a good childhood because his father died when he was young
Arsene Lupin is a master thief. He steals from the wealthy and obnoxious, after first asking courteously for them to hand over the works of art, jewels, or other items desired. Arsene is even thoughtful enough to notify his victim of when he will acquire the items in question, if the owner does not decide to go ahead and hand them over. He then takes those proceeds and gives part of it away to those who need financial assistance.

As this story develops one must try to figure out which character i
Federiken Masters
May 16, 2014 Federiken Masters rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: pícaros
Recommended to Federiken by: fama
¡Es un plato el Arsenio este!
Pensé en redondear con tres estrellitas porque no es un libro que me haya cambiado la vida ni enganchado de principio a fin; pero los momentos gratos son tantos, el turro de Lupín se hace querer tanto, y alguna de las explicaciones tan rebuscadas (a veces, a niveles casi jojescos), que sería muy mezquino de mi parte promediar para abajo.

Un Lupín leído... ¡Quedan 20 más!
Simply, the book was amazing. I loved Lupin and his characters. Thief, burglar, and those words seems not to be enough, but the word "gentlemen" adds up a bit. This book is a collection of different stories about Lupin and his works. Each story has different sub-characters and different settings; however, Arsene Lupin is steady in his thoughts and his actions. What he does is based on him being a "gentlemen."

This was my first time reading the book about Arsene Lupin. Yet, as a Japanese citizen,
Lianne Pheno
je dois dire que j'aime plutôt bien, il y a toujours un mystère à découvrir même si le fait que ça soit des nouvelles fait qu'il n'est jamais très gros bien sur ^^ On est beaucoup plus souvent dans la découverte de la personnalité de Lupin et dans la technique mise en oeuvre de ses actes, d'ailleurs on est souvent dans sa tête à lui donc on a pas trop ce travail de détective en dehors de certains détails qui s'expliquent toujours à la fin avec des exceptions bien sur, c'est difficile de faire de ...more
Anggita Sekar Laranti
Sayang sekali, saya agak kecewa.

Ekspektasi saya tinggi betul untuk buku ini. Soalnya saya penggemar berat Kaito Kid. Sementara Conan/Shinichi yang merupakan fan Sherlock Holmes, Kaito Kid ini sepertinya penggemar Arsene Lupin.

Sinopsis di kaver belakang menjanjikan kisah cinta(?) Arsene Lupin pula. Jelas saja, sebagai penggemar karakter antagonis, saya girang bukan kepalang. Entah deh, menurut saya kisah bad boy yang suka sama cewek begini imut sekali.

Saya kira, saya akan dapat kisah petualangan
One of the all time great 'gentleman thief' characters. Lupin evades the police, steals from rich jerks that deserve it and occasionally aids damsels in distress and/or various downtrodden types.

Being sauve, well dressed and just unbelievably cool, Lupin always wins.

Leblanc creates a great liitle world for Lupin and company and sets up a lot of entertaining mysteries and schemes.

Niconeko Sáez silva
Sabía que iba a terminar releyendo este libro, pero a la vez tenía miedo de hacerlo. Y es que Arsenio es uno de mis grandes amores de la adolescencia. En mi vida, el caballero ladrón es leyenda ¿Qué pasaba si, leyéndolo años después y con otros parámetros, moría la magia de mis recuerdos?

Pero la verdad es que lo subestimé. Pasmada como cada pobre personaje al que le toca interactuar con él, asumía que contra todo pronóstico el muy desgraciado me estaba robando. De nuevo. Y leí el libro prácticam
La Revistería Comics
Después de editar comics tan interesantes y distintos entre sí (como pueden ser las series infantiles Fede y Tomate y Escuela de monstruos, las adaptaciones a historieta de los cuentos de Horacio Quiroga: De amor, de locura y de muerte, o el más reciente volumen de Jim, Jam y el otro: Margaritas y chanchos), la editorial Pictus nos sorprende con tres títulos de su Serie Escarlata que surgieron de distintas épocas, diferentes géneros y autores con poco que ver entre sí pero que tienen una cosa en ...more
I'm reading the Indonesian version of this book, and I'm totally disappointed by the translation. It took me so long to finish a book that is considerably thin because I have to stop reading every two chapters in average. It is terrible.....ugh.

Note: This book is thrown away to the bookswap table at IRF 2014
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Maurice Leblanc began as a journalist, until asked to write a short story filler, and gentleman thief (later detective) Arsène Lupin, more gallant and dashing than English counterpart Sherlock Holmes.
More about Maurice Leblanc...

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Arsène Lupin (1 - 10 of 21 books)
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  • L'aiguille creuse (Arsène Lupin, #3)
  • Arsène Lupin in 813 (Arsène Lupin, #4)
  • 813 / Les  trois crimes d'Arsène Lupin (Arsène Lupin, #4.1)
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  • L'éclat d'obus (Arsène Lupin, # 7)
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  • Arsène Lupin in the Teeth of the Tiger (Arsène Lupin, #10)
Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes (Arsène Lupin, #2) L'aiguille creuse (Arsène Lupin, #3) Arsène Lupin in 813 (Arsène Lupin, #4) The Crystal Stopper (Arsène Lupin, #5) The Confessions of Arsène Lupin (Arsène Lupin, #6)

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