Caleo (Leech, #1)
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Caleo (Leech #1)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  195 ratings  ·  58 reviews
Every High School has their social outcasts. The band nerds, the math geeks, the chess club, the girl that chews her hair, but at Butler High, even the creepy nose picker in the chess club is more popular than Caleo Anima. No matter what he did, his pale skin, snow white hair, and piercing blue eyes always made him an easy target. He used to think that the only way things...more
Kindle Edition, 294 pages
Published April 29th 2011 by James Crawford
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Beautiful cover but it's a shame what's inside doesn't live up to it. This book is under-developed and definitely not ready for publication. The editing is appalling, especially the first 40%. Incorrect sentence structure, mixing of tenses and various other grammatical errors. It was like a rough first draft. It's a paranormal tale that has a relatively interesting premise, Leeches (humans with unique powers who feed off normal humans) are in a battle with two opposing forces. Caleo is the young...more
Feb 13, 2013 David rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
I normally don't read young adult gay literature, but I was tired of reading about beautiful straight people falling in love with other beautiful people of the opposite sex. So I set out to find something of quality for gay YA reading. I'm happy to say I found a good book to quench my interests.

Initially when I was scrolling through some crappy selections, I couldn't find anything worth reading, but just as I was to give up hope I saw the cover for Caleo. And though I hate to say it, I definitel...more
Feb 05, 2014 Deeze marked it as come-back-to-maybe-one-day
I tried but this just didn't work for me. The was no realism in the characters. The outcast that is best friends with 2 of the coolest kids yet they don't stick up for him except wait yes they do?.

The school announces the president is dead by class then tells them all to go to the auditorium to watch the news? wouldn't it of been better to call them all into the auditorium and told them together?

And the teacher ducking into a bathroom to have a quick smoke? Why? played no role in the story as...more
Bonnie Bernard
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review...which is to say my copy wasn't fully edited yet. Still, I give it five stars because the story engaged me enough that the few errors I encountered didn't faze me.

Caleo is one of those teens many of us can look back on in our own lives and relate to - the lovable misfit without a sense of belonging anywhere. In Caleo's case, the misfit-aspect goes like this - he's unnaturally pale, an orphan, and he's gay. Not exactly a go...more
Lynn Worton
Review 6******

WOW! This is a fantastic story! I loved it!

Caleo Anima is a wonderful character! He is a warm and loving eighteen year old boy, but because of his pale skin and snow white hair, he is seen as an oddity and is shunned by most of his peers. I think this is very sad! I would love to meet him in real life! Maybe because I'm a bit of an outcast myself, I understand what he is going through! Caleo is a teenager with the usual teen problems (bullies, being ostracised and being (possibly)...more
Micah Incredible
*Detailed but Spoiler Free review*

Have you ever read a book that has a good enough Premise, the characters SEEM interesting and you are excited to read but as you read the writing just bothers you? That would be Caleo.

After reading multiple 4 and 5 star books, Caleo is 2.5-3 star book at best.

1. Characters
Caleo is the title character and the Lead Character.....As you can see by the cover and by the premise, he is a bit albino looking which of course gets him teased mercilessly. However, Caleo is...more
For a first time author that pubbed his own book, I was impressed. A few editorial errors, but after I started really getting into the story, those just seemed to disappear with each chapter into this facinating world that Mr. Crawford has created.

A 17 yr. old that has led a hard life b/c of his appearence finds out he's decsended from an ancient race that, when in a life threatening situation, have powers that save their lives. But Caleo is born with these powers thus making him the "Angel" or...more
Jan 11, 2014 Bookwatcher rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Bookwatcher by: Cdmr9816
A cliffhanger end!!!!!
No wait, book 2 is already out! No need to despair! Starting Jack Jack (Leech, #2) by James   Crawford NOW!!

Some words about Caleo, book 1 of the Leech series
How many times did you got a book and fear it would be not well written, or have a poor plot? Well, I can tell you this indie writer not only surprises me, but let me spechless!

The plot is sooooo complex you will not understand a thing before 35% of the book. You will know everything from Caleo's point of view.. And it's weird... Ve...more
Will Lutes
First off: I LOVE THE SERIES as a whole. Can't stress that enough. The characters are engaging and each has a solid voice that rings true to the reader. The premise is a good one and unique as well. The post-apocalyptic tone to the book allows the characters to never feel they have a solid footing so the drama plays well against the backdrop.

While I love the relationship that Caleo has with Jack (the two are obviously meant for each other though they struggle with it) I can't help but also feel...more
Ann Snizek
I completely enjoyed this book. The character dynamics were powerful and believable, the action was constantly pulling me through the book. I don't remember any spots that really dragged at all. The worst part of it was the ending. No, I'm not going to spoil it for you. I was just upset that it ended.

I will say that if James Crawford hadn't ended it the way he did, I would be hunting him down like a Blessed!

I can't wait to read the next book!!!
A young adult story that has been written by a young adult, which makes a refreshing change. The prose is inexperienced and immature, BUT that adds to its charm, as there are no long winded, over-descriptions. The story is pure brilliance, and while readers will find it similar to recent movie storylines (X-men etc.), the difference is that Caleo himself stands out in a crowd and is not part of a group that stands out from the rest.
The character is gay, but you don't really get that until over...more
Aaron Varner
I loved this book! While I do enjoy books that deal with being gay, coming out, controversy, etc. it was refreshing to read a book where the main focus was just on the story and not being gay. It was fast moving and I could barely put this book down. I am looking forward to the next in the series!!!
Dallas Vinson
Excellent book, had trouble putting it down. Can't wait to read book 2.
Mandy*reads obsessively*
Free on amazon at the moment.
Jamie Deacon
At seventeen, Caleo has never had what might be termed a normal life. Orphaned as a baby, he has been brought up by his eccentric grandmother at The Purple Rose bed and breakfast. He doesn’t fit in at school, bullied equally for his unusual pale skin and white hair as for being gay. However, when a stranger turns up to inform Caleo that he is part of a supernatural race called leeches, magical beings who steal the energy from those around them in order to fuel their gifts, things get a whole lot...more
Paul Berry
4.5 Stars
This beautifully written paranormal novel by James Crawford is Caleo!

I will start off with the beautiful cover as I am drawn to them and the cover for Caleo was so well done, one of the best covers I have seen! Caleo Anima is not a very popular seventeen year old student by any means. Even the major school outcasts are more popular than he is. His white hair, piercing blue eyes and his very pale skin make him stand out almost instantly and didn't help him when he became the target of o...more
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith
I liked this book very much. The action is fast paced and exciting, the world view is original and creative and the characters well developed and likable. The issues around homosexuality, or rather acceptance of homosexuality, gave depth and dimension to what could so easily have been just another action novel, and were handled sensitively and with great maturity.

The work could have been a little more polished and, I felt, could have done with slightly more rigorous editing, particularly in its...more
The cover is what pulled me in then the book kept me hooked!

This book was intense! I loved reading it and by the time last page came around I was screaming for more!

At first I thought that Caleo was a very confused frightened angry, yet deeply honest, passionate, funny boy. I still think all those things, although I would have to add brave. I enjoyed reading about him and how he changed and grew and discovered more of who he is.

I went into this book after reading the blurb having missed the...more
For me the cover sold the book. I loved the colors and that it focused solely on Caleo and his power which is frost. Reading the story it more than met my expectations.

There is so much action and drama packed into this book it's insane. A good insane :) The story starts off when Caleo was a baby. Even then he was different. Frosty white but with the bluest eyes. He's not albino he is much more. His life changes when he saves his own life by taking his father's but inadvertently takes his mother'...more
Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Caleo has always been a social outcast, bullied and ignored he has just one friend, Jack, but sometimes even that doesn’t help. Caleo’s life changes the day that a strange man shows up and starts talking about powers and a hidden society of magical people, but it gets worse when his hometown is bombed. The power struggle between The Blessed and The Rebels is tearing society apart as they hunt for a powerful wea...more
Rhys Ethan
Caleo is the story of a boy with special powers, whose world as he knows comes to an end when he learns his true origins.

James Crawford has come up with a brilliant, dare I say original, concept for his story and has written something different. The writing is clear and concise, the action is clever and graphic. James has the ability to paint some of the scenes with such visual accuracy you can see them happening in front of your eyes. I did find however that he was too harsh with some of his ch...more
The plot sounds a bit like Silver Diamond (manga) to me mixed with a bit of Betrayal Knows My Name (manga). It a really fun read with humor, fun banter between characters, a touch of grief and frustration. There was quite a bit of tears in this one and it did bother me a bit that the MC's were crying so much but then again they had a lot to cry about.

I have to say I don't think Caleo is a a character that learns from past mistakes. He seems to just keep making the same mistakes and puts himself...more

Just finished the book, and I really don't know how to feel. The editing mistakes continued throughout the entire novel, which I really blame on the editor of the book, because I know the writing process can leave some mistakes as things get changed along the way. But there were sentences with no endings, sentences that contained parts of other sentences in the middle making...more
Kimberly Schaaf
Ok - so I've had this book on my TBR list for quite some time now. I bumped it up on my list once I found out that the author was from my neck of the woods. I'm always one to support local people, so I dove in.

I do have to say, when Caleo first started, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to stick with it. It was a little slow to start, but I understood that characters needed to be defined, settings needed to be set....we needed some background.

I love Caleo. Hands down one of my most favor...more
Terri Kinckner
This was a wonderful story! This book proved that family is more than blood. Jack and Jillian we as close to siblings as could be, and the very best friend Caleo could have. His grandma loved all three with everything she had. His grandma, Jack and Jillian defended and loved Caleo so much!

The whole leech idea was very cool. I loved imagining what Nolan looked like when he used his water powers, and when Caleo used his ice powers in the lake, it gave me a chuckle. It wasn’t hard for me to imagine...more
I absolutely love the premise of this book. A leech is a "vampire", but not at all in the way we think of them. They take peoples energy so that they can use their gifts, which vary from leech to leech. Such a fresh idea for the very popular world of para. I was beyond excited about this book before it even was through edits, so I had very high expectations. I think that was why I found the beginning a bit slow. Once it took off, however..... what a ride. I never knew what was coming next. I rea...more
I have looked at this book many times and thought it was not for me after reading the product description...Leeches? I downloaded this book simply because it was free.

Caleo was a joy to read, it has a very good storyline which grabs your attention from the beginning, there is no putting this book down once you start reading, that's for sure! The main characters I absolutely loved, they went through so much together you could feel just how much family meant to them and staying together was there...more
Although,as many others admitted, the book cover sure played its part in choosing this novel, surely this book didnt disappoint me. It ran fast, leaving me unable to put the book down. Caleo's species is an interesting one, and a very good alternative to the now overplayed and tiring Vampire genre. Leeches come in many flavors and shapes, any power is possible, from mastering weather to changing the way they smell. But doesnt matter how useless a leech's power might be, all of them are lethal. I...more
For some reason, I never reviewed this book after reading it..

I have done James a complete disservice in not reviewing it..

I am sorry James.

I read the original release of this book before a re-edit was completed. I really have to say it was one of the two most original story lines I've read in the last 3 or 4 years.

It had a whole heap of welcome elements from adventure factor to the drama factor. and then there was the emotional response factor which pulled a few strings a couple of times.

As t...more
Caleo is definitely different. I took in the Series name for what I know as a leech but quickly changed my tune. It totally made sense to me after reading the first few chapters. James has the story dive right in and holds you there. There are some twists that throw you for a loop and sides quickly changed for me. First I was all about Steve until Nolan came in. Caleo's 2 besties are awesome! Jack and Jillian are definitely forces to keep an eye on with Mickey AKA Stinky, by their side. This fir...more
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