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Wiener Wolf
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Wiener Wolf

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  295 ratings  ·  95 reviews
Weiner dog's easy life has lost its luster. And neither squeak toy, nor biscuit, nor TV can cure his ennui. So when the call of the wild comes, he answers! Weiner Dog becomes...Weiner Wolf.

A sweet, funny picture book in the spirit of Good Dog, Carl! and Martha Speaks!, Weiner Wolf is sure to appeal to the adventurous side of pets and their owners.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published July 5th 2011 by Disney-Hyperion
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Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
This is one of those rare treasures I stumbled across when I was sitting with my kids this past week waiting for story time at our local Barnes & Noble to start. I quickly snatched it off the shelf and read it to my kids. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, them or me. I have no idea how I hadn't heard of this book until this moment. Not only is Jeff a local author/illustrated, but this story is fabulous!

I fell in love with Jeff's illustrations before I even read the book. These are some of th
Ha! This book reminds me of kids today - they have everything yet yearn for something different. Thus is the plight of wiener dog, who is not satisfied with his boring life at home with granny. So, he sheds his little dog sweater and heads to the wild to hang out with the wolves. Now, in an alternate life, these wolves would've had themselves a hot dog snack, but fortunately for wiener dog, they let him run with the pack.
Kylee Myers
This fiction book is about a wiener dog that is sad because his toy has lost its squeak, so he wants something new; his life was too boring. He saw something on TV; wolves howling. This caught his attention and this is when he decided to go to the state park. He made friends with the wolves and he became a wiener wolf. Life with the wolves was exciting and fun. When the wolves started eating a deer, wiener wolf decided that this was not the life for him, so he went back home where he belongs.

Beth Wood
I have a huge fondness for wiener dogs, so I loved this book. The illustrations are wonderful, even to the dog's tongue hanging out and Granny's spilled coffee.
I am a huge dachsund fan so this grabbed my attention when I was at Barnes and Noble today. Read it instantly and loved every minute!
That darn weenie wolf shoulda just stayed home with granny!
Ahhhhhh! I love it!!! Of course, you have to remember that I have this thing about Wiener dogs. (Thank you, "Brave Little Toaster!") I loved the pictures. The humor is great. Probably best seen in a lap read because of the tiny details in the illustrations. But oh what a joy this would be in a preschool storytime! Imagine the kids howling along! And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't terrify them about the deer part--it IS off page. And if there is a worry there, well then bump the book up to school-ag ...more
Wiener Wolf, a nominee for the 13-14 South Carolina Picture Book Award, is a charming book that will resonate with both kids and adults.

Wiener Dog is bored with his hoe-hum life with Granny...until he sees some wolves on the TV. He decides to then become a Wiener Wolf! He ditches his sweater, his toys, and his cushy life with Granny and roams the woods with his wolfie pals, drinking from a stream and playing with wolf pups. It doesn't take long, though, for Wiener Wolf to decide that maybe his o
Wiener Wolf is a classic!

This is by far one of my all time favorite children's books about a wiener dog. The illustrations draw you right into the pages and take you on an adventure you never want to end as you follow along with Wiener Dog. I chuckled (seeing Wiener Dog upside down in his bed- little feet in the air), related well (seeing Wiener Dog snuggled in Granny's lap)and laughed out loud (seeing Wiener Dog trying to hitch a ride with his front paw held up with one little toe pointing stra
If you've ever loved a little dog that didn't believe he was all that little, then this is the book for you. Wiener Wolf by Jeff Crosby is a delightful picture book that explores the wild animal nature of a very domestic dog. Wiener Dog lives with Granny and wears a knit sweater, slowly dying of utter boredom until one day when adventure seizes him and he flees to the wild woods. There, he becomes WIENER WOLF, casting off his sweater to join a wolf pack and delight in his new undomesticated life ...more
Wiener Dog is bored with life. Then one day he sees on tv the exciting life of wolves and wants to become Wiener Wolf! He hitches a ride to the state park and makes some wolf friends. He's down with all wolf things until it comes to dinner time. When he sees what and how they eat, he high tails it back home to live with Granny again!

Okay for preschool storytimes.
This is my choice for the Caldecott award. The pictures in this book are simply outstanding. They are so unbelievably realistic and detailed, and many of them look like photographs. My favorite is early in the book when there is a photo of a state park. The detail in the trees is breathtaking. I think Crosby did a really great job choosing an appropriate color scheme. All of the warm colors really make me think of the woods. My only complaint with the book is that I'm not sure I love the format. ...more
Katieb (MundieMoms)
This is one of those books I picked up based on the cover, when I was at story time w/ my daughter at B&N. I was really thrilled to know Jeff is a local author/illustrator.

I fell in love with Jeff's illustrations before I even read the book. These are some of the best illustrations I've seen. I've never been a huge wiener dog fan, not that they're not cute, I'm just more of big dog fan, but this adorable story won me over. It's a fun adventure story about a wiener dog who yearns for a littl
Wiener dog leads a good but boring life with Granny. When he discovers the wild life of the wolves on television, he sets out to experience the great outdoors. With just the removal of his sweater, Wiener Dog becomes Wiener Wolf! And life is great with the wolves, until Wiener Dog realizes just what wolves eat; maybe life with Granny isn’t so bad after all.

The illustrations are wonderful. Crosby’s pacing of the story and dramatic reveals (such as the transformation into Wiener Wolf) are perfectl
Wiener Dog is tired of his "too tame" life with Granny and longs for something new. When he sees a television show about wolves in the wild, Wiener Dog takes off to find a wolf pack. He goes out into the wilderness and finds wolves and for the first time he has friends. Wiener Dog becomes Wiener Wolf and joins a wolf pack. Wiener Wolf loves being part of a pack, but in his heart he isn't really a wolf and finds some of the wolf adventures not to his liking. Wiener Dog goes back home to a Granny ...more
This is a wonderful book for small children and will get a laugh out of the adult who reads it to them
Mr. Crosby knows his wiener dogs. We had the pleasure of meeting him at a school visit this year. He is wonderful with children and his illustrations, even on the spot as they invented a story for him to draw, with each of the characters on each page (grandma, the wiener dog, and the wolf), were excellent. This book is really cute, about a dog who is bored with the daily life so he goes out to the wild, joins up with a pack of wolves, and discovers maybe the same old, same old day after day isn' ...more
Wonderful illustrations are a highlight of this storybook, which is sure to delight older children and dog-loving adults.

The story may be a little intense for tiny tots -- a little dachshund joins a wild wolf pack and only discovers the forest life isn't for him when the pack hunts and catches a deer. There's also the sense of fantasy needed to discern that lost pets aren't necessarily just outdoors having adventures.

However, readers old enough to appreciate the gag will love Wiener Wolf.
This book was a little bit dark for my baby. I mean that literally--the pictures were mostly done in dark colors that weren't high contrast enough to interest him--but I also mean that figuratively. At one point, Weiner Dog decides to go home after his new wolf pack friends chase down and kill a deer. You don't see the gruesome killing, but it is implied (and an older reader might clue into it). Not necessarily a problem, just not the most fun read for a baby.
I did thing the illustrations were w
Diane Jones
I own a Standard Smooth Black and Tan Dachshund and participate in a therapy dog reading program called "Paws to Read" at the Goleta, CA public library. Twice a week Channel City Kennel Club has two dogs (with their owners) for the kids to read to. I purchased this book to add to my collection of books starring Dachshunds to share with those young readers and can’t wait to share it with the kids in the new year. Love the art and the story- captures the essence of the Smooth Dachshund personality ...more
I love the picture with the silhouettes of a howling Wiener Wolf and the real wolf against the moon. And Wiener Wolf/Dog's eyes at the end of the chase (I prefer not to think of WHY they are so big ... just that it is funny he saw something that freaked him out).

On a totally unrelated note I think it is ironic the book description uses the word "ennui." Now, I can make a fairly educated guess from context what that word means ... but am I SURE? Would I EVER use that word on my own? Nope.
This clever little romp on the wild side cracked me up. In terms of storytimes, the dark, muted color scheme means that the pictures won't carry all that well but for individual reading or one-to-one sharing it's wonderful. The text and pictures complement each other perfectly and the dachshund is quite adorable. Understated and humorous text makes for a fun read. The (tasteful) end to the hunting scene might mean this isn't the best choice for the easily distressed.
Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
Wiener Dog thought life with Granny was too tame. He longed for adventure. One day, he snuck off to the state park when he made a group of new friends and became Wiener Wolf. It seemed like a good life, until he discovered what his new friends had to do in order to eat and suddenly he longed for his life with Granny again.

Paintings so real that they look like photos are the strength of this book. Kids will identify with Wiener Dog’s desire for adventure.

Wiener dog is bored at home. Then he sees wolves on tv and decides on having an adventure. He heads out to the state park and joins a pack of wolves. He is happy until they go hunting then he decides home may be the best place. Granny welcomes him back with treats and a new sweater and a walk in the park to meet new friends.

I like the idea of the wiener dog having an adventure and then deciding home was the best place. Cut illustrations and a fun story.
Not sure why I chose to have this book in my storytime bag. Perhaps the idea of a dog-gone-wolf was interesting and funny. I just remember seeing the face of a kid all scrunched up like...why is the dog going to be a wolf?! Where is his sweater?! There is a scene where the dog goes to play hide and seek with the wolves and then there's a chase...after a deer..I didn't see this until the 2nd reading of the book.
A wiener dog (Dachshund) runs away from home to join a pack of wolves and get in touch with his wild side. When they go hunting, however, he realizes that his place is at home with the granny who loves him (who knits him a new sweater when he returns). Detailed and colorful illustrations of the wild and carefree Dachshund will amuse kids and adults. How silly the domestic dog looks next to its wolf brothers!
I love this book because I am a sucker for wiener dogs and I love, love, love that the granny knits such charming dog sweaters. If not for these reasons, I would probably still give it 4 stars because the message is great for younger kids wanting to run with the older kids and the realistic illustrations capture the excitement of running with the big dogs.

Perfect for grade 2. Recommended for Grades 1 - 3.
Wiener Wolf grows on me with each time I read it. It is the story of a dachshund who has become dissatisfied with his daily life and takes to the woods to join a wolf pack until...This book is a good example of how pictures aid in the telling of the story. When the wolf pack is after the deer, it is a grand time to stop and ask a prediction question. Terrific story with an important moral to be learned.
My sister has wiener dogs. They're crazy. (She won't deny it.) She's always talking about how they think they're big, tough dogs. So I know this book is accurate. :)

He's big (he thinks). He's tough (he thinks). He could run with the wolves, no problem (he thinks). Until he actually gets the chance to run with the wolves (their food is disgusting).

Funny and cute with great illustrations.
Amanda Cone
I am a big fan of dachshunds, so I had to read this book. The illustrations in this book are fantastic! They enhance the reading experience and have many little details that I noticed when I took the time to study the pictures. I love the way the dog in this book is allowed to have his own experiences without his person holding him back. I would put this book into my library.
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