Somewhere in the World Right Now
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Somewhere in the World Right Now

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  90 ratings  ·  46 reviews
"School Library Journal" called Stacey Schuett's stunning authorial
debut "a book that is perfect for sparking an interest in geography,
emphasizing the amazing concept that at the same moment we are getting ready to
sleep, other people are starting a new day." And in a starred review,
"Publishers Weekly" added, "Schuett proves as nimble with words as with a
paintbrush." It'...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published November 1st 1997 by Turtleback Books (first published 1995)
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Ashley Williams
This is a great book that can be used in math, science or social studies. If used in math I would read this book before talking about different times zone. It can be used in grades 1-3 depending on how in depth you go on the topic. I would have the students pick a country and then compare the country to our time zone. I might give them mock times to focus on and then have them figure out the time in Paris if they are 6 hrs ahead of us.

For science I would also use this with grades 1-3. I would u...more
Jun 14, 2008 Janelle rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Janelle by: LeVar Burton
This is a great bedtime story, I could see it inspiring colorful dreams. It's a book about what's happening all over the world at the same time. What a wonderful, interesting introduction to time zones and the international dateline.

I also like the colors used - purples and blues - and the style of images overlaid on maps to indicate the different locations of the scenes.

Whether in light or darkness, the scenes discussed were mostly universal experiences, eating a meal, going to work, going to...more
Kelli Bratten
The illustrations in the book were wonderful and full of smooth colors. I would use this book in my fourth grade classroom to discuss geography since the book goes around the world at night and morning, and introduce day and night times around the world and why it is different. The activity we did in science was simple but really showed the students how day and night change throughout the year and you can do any city you want. We used the time charts from the military website and the students fo...more
Designed to be a bedtime story, the book also discusses the worldwide system of standard times and has a map at the beginning and end showing how time changes around the world in the 24 time zones.

But, the book is also a beatuiful lullaby about how people throughout the world are both different and similar. The repeated line, "somewhere in the world right now" serves as a guide through countless countries and across the United States looking at how people live at any one moment on the earth.

Hatka Prozorac
The book Somewhere in the World Right Now by Stacey Schuett can be used in Math, Science, and Social Studies lessons. This book can be used for lessons on time zones and telling time during the day(day and night cycle of Earth). This book can also be used for lessons on the sun and moon. This book can also be used for lessons on continents and different animals around the world. The is book can be used in 4th grade classrooms to teach lesson on the solar system. This book can also be used in in...more
Somewhere in the World Right Now by Stacey Schuett is a great book that can be used for a variety of lessons. It can be used in a science lesson to teach students about different time zones around the world which can lead to a great math lesson on time. It can also be used to teach young students about shadows and day and night. It can be used to teach students about the sun and the moon and why they appear in parts of the world at different times. This book can also be used in a social studies...more
Scott Roark
This book touches on the subjects of time (math), social studies and science. Different parts of the world experience different time zones and also introduces different phases of the moon. Children can point out where other family members live and what time zones they may be in. Also, if children have traveled outside of the US, they can mark it on the map and relate that time zone to ours. If children haven't traveled outside the US, then they can mark places they would like to go and the time...more
The first page shows a world map with time zones marked...which caught my kids attention right away. Then each page describes what someone is doing in different locations around the world. I really appreciated that they picked a few places that don't seem to be talked about as often (for example, Bhutan, Uganda and Jamaica..even the penguins in Antarctica). I also liked how the illustrations were placed on top of a map of that country/region. Fun story..and nice introduction to maps and the conc...more
Ashley Williams
This is a great book to read during the engage portion of a unit on time zones with 2-4 graders. I would first read the book. Then I would have the students pick a country that they would like to visit. We would look at a map that has the different time zones on it and discuss the different things that someone from the country they picked might be doing at the same time as someone in the US. I would like the students to understand that it is different times throughout the world. When we are slee...more
This is a great book you can use to teach many different things, math, science, social studies, language arts, geography or any lesson involving time. It can be used for grades k-4 and is perfect for introducing a new lesson. The time part can be used for math and science. Phases of the moon, time zones, the earth's cycles and night and day are just some of the topics you can cover in a science classroom. This text could be used to cultural differences as well. I shows how we are all connected,...more
Ali Hembree
Somewhere in the World Right Now is about how there are different time zones in the world. Even though it is night on one side of the world, it can be day on the opposite side.

I can use this book in a science lesson to teach about night and day as well as time zones. Also I can use it to show different parts of the world with social studies. My students will have to use math to figure out what time it is in one part of the world compared to the other part of the world based on the number of tim...more
grade: 4-5
topic: times of day around the world, time zones

I believe this would be a good read aloud for earlier grades, but to be used in a science lesson it would be best in fourth or fifth grade because they have more knowledge about the world and they begin to learn about time zones. With this book, one could introduce a lesson on time zones. Students can be asked to think about the time differences between where they live and other parts of the world they are familiar with.
I've seen this book and just never picked it up to read it. What a great story, can be used for a bedtime story, a study about time for younger students, a text to imagine someone else across the world doing something different while students are in school, etc. It is filled with beautiful illustrations of one action, like people going home on an elevated train, with the background of parts of maps, all in a whirl of color. It's gorgeous to see and sweet to read.
Jayetta Carter-mcfarlin
This book is good for a fourth grade class and across all grade levels in language arts. The author describes what is happening around the world at different times, because while it's daytime on one side of the world, it is night on the other side. There are many facts about day and night and the change in time zones, and it speaks to the young readers in the way that helps them form connectons to what they are learning, the real world, and their own observations.
Nancy Vu
This book travels the works and explain different time zones. This is good for math because the students will see what time it is in a different country. This book is good for science because there is inquiry of how the earth spins. There is also a day and night pattern that students can find. This book is interesting because because it tells us what people are doing at certain times of the day. This book is good for 1st-4th grade
So as I type this review, what time is it in India? This is an example of the thoughts that come to students' mind upon reading this book. Great source for discussion. Whether teaching the concept of time or places around the world or different cultures, this book is a good resource to have on hand. After reading this book, have students write an example of their hourly schedule and compare to another time zone.
This book talks about everything that is going on all around the world. It has vivid pictures of various cultures and what they look like. Food, housing, transportation, animals, and jobs are all mentioned in the text. It also discusses time zones and many of the different countries in our world. This is a great introduction to a Social Studies unit on various cultures in our world.
Kyle Greenberg
Somewhere In The World Right Now is a great book to read to primary elementary students learning about geography. At this point students will be able to make text-to-self connections with the story's point of "Somewhere in the world". This means that students will learn about the different time zones, places throughout the world, and be able to relate it to themselves.
Jessica Vu
Great pictures!

Science is incorporated with night and day.
Geography is incorporated with the differnt places on the map the book takes you. Give studetns a map and have them point to where they think that scene is taking place.
What connections do studetns have to other places in the world. What are kids doing there right now? Time change
grades 1-4. teaching time zones, geography and cultures.It teaches children how to understand the 24 hours and time zones. Another great thing to relate back to the common core standards. The students could also do adding and subject of tie zones to find out if it day or night. The students will also learn about other cultures and how they operate.
Okay, I'm not jumping on the five star wagon for this book. The concept is clear--each page has a look at different times of day around the world. Illustrations are a bit dark and I lost my 3 and 5 year old ravenous book readers quite early on. Maybe this is a picture book that appeals to adults who think that it would appeal to children? HMN.
Sue Pak
Great book to talk about the world and it's different time zones. I think this book is appropriate for children in 1st - 4th grade.

The idea of time zones is hard to digest myself as an adult. I think it is pretty cool how the author of this book gives so many things that people do all over the world as others are doing something different.
This book discusses the places, countries, and continents around the world and when the light shines on these different places. This story can be used in sequence with a math and/or science lesson. I would use this book for second grade to discuss the position of the sun and in relation to different objects on Earth at various times of the day.
This book is ideal for grades 1-3. It can be used to teach time. What is happening on the other side of the world at a certain time? It can be used to teach children about time zones, too. I would use this book in the Engage part of a 5E lesson plan and extended into Explain.

This is an integration of both a math concept and science skills.
Alexis Levine
Somewhere in the World Right now is a great book that can be used for math, social studies, and science. This book touches on geography and differences in time zones around the world. A lesson can be done on the phases of the moon, time zones, different locations, etc. Depending on the topic this book can be read to children in grades k-4th!

Autumn Yoon
This book would be great to use for multiple lessons - science, math, and social studies! With science, this book would be great for students to see what other people are doing at different times of the day. Students would have to use maps and other science tools.

Great illustrations and content. Good for grades 2nd-3rd.
My kdgr liked the book. He was excited to recall that some people on the other side of the world are sleeping while we're awake and vice versa. It seemed to get a little repetitive at the end. The pictures were great, but a little dark even for the scenes evoking a daytime activity. (my kids like brightness).
This is a great book for kids to understand that people and animals are doing different things at the same time in different places. Each page takes you to a different country and says what something or someone is doing. It explains that while it may be dark in one place it can be daytime somewhere else.
Janice Redding
This is a great book for the engage portion of a science unit on day and night. Therefore, this book can relate to the standard on day and night or the cycle of the earth. I can use this book to talk about the different places in the world. This would be a great read for Kindergarten and up.
Author: Stacey Schuett
Grade Level: 1-4
Content: changes that occur throughout time zones. Relates georgraphical content.

This book relates to the movement of the Earth and moon around the sun. Could incorporate a lesson of time zones and day length depending on location.

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Stacey Schuett has illustrated more than twenty-five picture books, many about strong leaders in American history. Some titles include Purple Mountain Majesties, Sisters of Scituate Light, and Liberty's Voice: The Story of Emma Lazarus. She lives in California.
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