Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way (Monster High, #3)
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Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way (Monster High #3)

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  2,020 ratings  ·  138 reviews
•New custom iridescent wrap dress
• A pack of brothers but no date for her Sassy Sixteen
• Purple halter dress, gold L.A.M.B. ankle boots.

Always overshadowed by her six brothers and her fab friends, Clawdeen Wolf to finally strut her stuff in the spotlight at her upcoming Sweet Sixteen bash. But then The Ghoul Next Door video goes viral, and it's into the woods...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 20th 2011 by Poppy (first published January 1st 2010)
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Alyssa Thomas
Can I just say how much I LOVE the covers in this series? :)
Arjun Thakrar (Excellent Reads)
Let me just start with the fact that this book was purely amazing. I hadn't read the past two, though I had wanted to and I absolutely adored this one. I will definitely be getting the next one in the series if possible.

This book can be a stand alone because I understood every single bit of it and even started to gather some of what had happened in the previous book. This book is funny, quick, fast paced and something light and fresh that you can sent down to read after a hard days work. A breat...more
Dear. God. I feel like I'm killing brain cells by listening to even more of this series, especially since they DIDN'T CHANGE THE NARRATOR.... I don't even know if she's trying anymore. There were pages and pages of animal noises, which weren't so much noises as they were readings of the letters on the page. It. Was. Gruesome. But this book promised me Claude/Clawd and Lala/Draculaura cuteness and somewhat didn't disappoint. They had a fairly cute two or three moments, as seen through the eyes of...more
Clawdeen's parent's make her go into hiding at the family hotel, and many of the other monster's parent's make them leave town after the documentary from the previous book airs. Clawdeen is devastated and hopeful that things will blow over quickly so that she can still have her Sassy Sixteen party. Melody starts looking into her own past based on Manu's comment to her in the last book, there is definitely more to Melody then meets the eye. Frankie's parents are backing her up and staying but she...more
Elii Vela
Realmente amo esta saga porque me hace reír mucho, pero sobre todo porque esta muy lejos de ser un libro del montón. La prosa de Lisi Harrison es ligera, fresca, irresistible y vamptástica!

En esta tercera entrega tenemos a Clawdeen como el personaje destacado y eso ayudó mucho para que yo lo disfrutara pues se me hace uno de los personajes más carismáticos que existen en esta serie. Continuando justo donde terminó su predecesor, los RAD buscan la manera de desaparecer después de aquél incidente...more
Sonja Isaacson
What this book needs is a list of characters and who/what they are supposed to be. They are getting enough characters that I am starting to get confused.

Of course I had forgotten what happened in the previous book. What I also didn't realize was that in this series, each book starts about one minute after the previous ends. Unlike a lot of series where there are days/weeks/months between. Also, each chapter is from the perspective of another character. Which is interesting, but c'mon there were...more
Contains Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!1

Well that was a cute ending. Everyone got what they wanted and finally we got to see Billy for the first time!!! Hottie =)

I was glad that Billy found an invisible girl to be with. I did want him to get with Frankie, but I was okay with an invisible girl. I don't really like Brett. He's annoying. I knew that Melody was a Siren from the last book. It was very obvious to me and I figured that the women was her mother. It just made sense. I was glad that the monsters were...more
Lisi Harrison’s back with the third installment of her junk food-esque Monster High series, and it looks as though she’s finding her stride. Though there’s no denying that these books make Stephen King, the self-proclaimed “literary equivalent of a hamburger” look like the ten course degustation menu at Jacques Reymond, with matching wines, they’re the kind of guilty pleasure that you’ll indulge in after a tough day at work (and after which you promise yourself that you’ll atone for your bad beh...more
I'm a bit annoyed with Monster High, really (mostly Frankie. And Cleo. And Clawdeen. The only not-annoying person is Melody. Well, not really.)

9. Blue
Blue is pretty good, character wise. She's sensitive but fun and she loves to swim. Overall, I'd say she's the least annoying.
8. Melody
Gosh, I love Melody's story! She's obviously my favorite, but she's a bit.. ah, obsessive over Jackson. He's all she thinks about, honestly.
7. Cleo
Cleo is actually a really cool character, even though she's been ste...more
Soobie's heartbroken
It keeps getting better and better. I'm truly surprised by the Monster High series.

Clawdeen's voice was way more pleasant than Cleo's in Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door. I really liked the way she acted during her Sassy Sixteen party. Fur real Frankie's and Melody's were as good as always. And Billy's, poor Billy, I really like him. But I'd have liked it better if (view spoiler)!!

About Melody, well... her story was a...more
Maria Dar
Great as a mindless read. I mean, I started the first two books so I might as well continue to the end.

Actually, the one thing that really is annoying me is Ghoulia.

Why did the author decide to just show snipits of her life as opposed to the reason behind her chapters?

First there was the 1 chapter in book 1. I get it's kind of a 'fanservice' thing, but if you want her to have a major role in the story further on, it should show. All that chapter talked about was her wanting to go to the comic c...more

Monster High 3 had a perfectly timed release date. I've been struggling to find something to settle into and have spent the better part of the last week Goldilocking my way through books. I needed something light and fun and familiar. Where There's a Wolf There's a Way by Lisi Harrison released yesterday. I read it in one day, as per usual. Now I get to see if my brain is willing to settle on a new book. Groan.

This book centers on Clawdeen, werewolf girl and friend in the Merston High community...more
Jessica Day
The Monster High Series just makes my day. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved Halloween and these books are perfect for fans of the Holiday. MH is witty, creative and downright hilarious. As I’ve mentioned in the past, it also fits in well with the Anti-Bullying movement. Don’t judge someone based on their appearance etc. etc. Whether you’re looking for comedy, something spooky or something to bring your “spirits” up, Monster High is perfect for you.

Monster High 3: Where There’s a Wolf, Th...more
The newest edition of the Monster High series focuses on Clawdeen, as well as our usual narrators (Frankie and Melody). The monster documentary was released, but yet no faces were blurred. The RADs identities have been discovered and many of them are forced to leave town. This is basically the aftermath and what happens next, while developing some interesting relationships and putting twists into the plot line.

I liked the overall plot, yet I found it to be a little bit boring compared to the las...more
This book is about monaters that live on earth but hid themselves from humans for safty. Then there are all these different type of monster, one of them id Frankie Stein, Frankienstine's granddaughter. She wants to have equality and not be judged by how she looks but on what is in the inside that matters but problems come up as well when she has a crush on a human boy. Read more to find out about what happens.
I really enjoyed this book. I thought that it was amazing because of how the author, Li...more
Holly Letson
One girl is looking for answers. One girl just wants to party. And, all the RADs just want to be accepted. Once they are, they all have a reason to celebrate.

Melody Carver is supposedly a "normie", but she always feels most at home with the RADs. She finds out that her voice has the ability to persuade people into doing anything, or telling her whatever she needs to know.

But, Melody still needs answers. If she has this wonderful ability of persuasion, why is everyone else in her family so normal...more
This is the third book in the Monster High series, and this time around, readers get to see the world from Clawdeen’s eyes. Picking up hours after the final scene in The Ghoul Next Door, Clawdeen and the entire Wolf pack is in hiding from ramifications from Brett’s video. On lockdown thanks to the overprotective Alpha males in her family, Deenie despairs of ever seeing her friends again, let alone hosting her Sassy Sixteen birthday bash. In true Monster High fashion, there are the requisite misu...more
IzamaRi H. Fabela
Después de que el video “Monstruos de los más normales”, no saliera según lo planeado, los RAD tiene que huir de sus hogares si no quieren ser atacados. Los RAD adultos, creen saber que es mejor para sus hijos, por eso deciden llevárselos lejos, muy lejos de la incitadora Frankie Stein, a la cual, culpan por todo lo que ha pasado.

Por su parte, los Stein, deciden quedarse en sus hogares. No piensan agachar la cabeza como todos. Ellos tomaran lo que venga y ellos no son los únicos, hay otros RAD q...more
Me agradan los RAD porque son de esas personas que no pierden la esperanza, allá en su mundo, que en esta historia es el mismo que el nuestro.
La novata y luchadora Frankie Stein sigue haciendo de las suyas, ahora totalmente regida por el amor. No puede evitar seguir sintiendo algo por ese chico que todos creen los traicionó en Monstruos de lo más normales, al que todos guardan rencor y se ha marchado de la ciudad.
Pero en este tercer título de la serie Monster High nos encontraremos junto a Cla...more
Åååååh! :blussing: Er der en børne/tween-bog der er kommet til at stå mit hjerte nært, så er det jo Monster High-serien, som jeg er blevet stor fan af. Jeg synes den er fantastisk sød, har et fantastisk persongalleri og en god underliggende humor.

I den tredje bog om monstrene kontra menneskene, er det Clawdeen der er i centrum. Den unge varulv har visse problemer med at holde sin identitet hemmelig, ikke mindst da hendes fødselsdag nærmer sig, og hendes forældre nægter hende en fest, fordi de må...more
I gave the first two books of the series a higher score. While I did find most of the story trivial, it was a fun, mindless read. These books came in handy after reading especially soul-crushing books where I needed a mental vacation in literature. Having borrowed this book months ago, I decided to finally read it after Hunger Games and it took me forever to get through this.

My main problem with the first book grew exponentially in this one. I do not like brands, or name brands. This series is a...more
Yet again, another great book by Lisi Harrison. In this story, the RADs are forced to give up everything they know to leave town after Brett’s attempt to help them gain acceptance backfires, thanks to Bekka and an unscrupulous reporter’s documentary The Ghoul Next Door shows their faces. Now, the whole town knows who they are, and they’re on the run. Clawdeen’s family goes into hiding inside their restaurant/hotel, and Clawdeen wonders if she’ll have to give up her Sassy Sixteen party. Luckily f...more
Maritza Elias
Me aburrió, jamas avanzo la trama como los dos libros anteriores, la narración de Clawdeen era muy aburrida, cada vez estaba mas ansiosa por que Melody o Frankie retomaran la narrativa. A pesar de eso me gusto el detalle de darle un rinconcito a Billy, eran mis partes favoritas (n.n). La forma en como POR FIN se liberan los RAD es algo... tonta podría decirse... y eso le quita puntos. Sinceramente espero que el final de esta saga no me decepcione, ya que Lala me cae bien y no quiero sufrir de ab...more
Michelle Tempted By Books
In this book the Merston High gang are still struggling to "come out" to the Normies and fit it being who they are. The parents are in a panic and pulling the kids out of school thanks to the backlash from the Ghoul Next Door movie airing. Some of the kids are being taken back to Greece, Romania, Australia, and more. Hiding is the only options the parents know. The kids are being tormented by Normies, with only a few brave enough to stick around. Melody is figuring out that something is differen...more
Maria Eduarda
These books are... Amazing. In this book, Clawdeen gets her Wild 16nth birthday party. SPOILER

She's quite a powerful character, and her mum seems helpful, she has a quite... Silly blog on design, and only has seven followers but to her it seems as of she had seven billion. I like Clawd, with his fierce ways. I enjoyed meeting the wolf family!

Crazy, wild, cool. She went to Lady Gagas show and had to choose between Brett and Billy. Billy made a appearance, by maki...more
Apr 27, 2012 Drucilla rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: h
The author does another great job of winding together plot threads so that everything flows together nicely. There were a few things I wasn't happy with storywise. The reader still hasn't gotten even a glimpse of the RAD's history. (view spoiler)...more
Mel Raschke
Clawdeen the werewolf is supposedly the main character in this volume, but the book splits time between so many different viewpoints that I am not really sure if she actually does have the most page time. However the big build up in the book is Clawdeen's "Sassy Sixteen" birthday party. After all, who wants to be `Sweet'? The bigger story arc continues in that the normies are all aware of the existence of the monsters and most, but not all, have been outed. Many RAD families decide to move away...more
Kelly Stadel
Personally, I loved this book. I would describe the book as having sass, a pinch of humor, a dash of awkwardness, and all mixed together with high school students that are monsters. All this is baked into one great book. What I liked about this book that it keeps me interested, (meaning that it wasn’t like blah blah.) I think the most interesting character was Clawdeen Wolf; she is a werewolf because she is just the sass of the pack. She learns that it is okay to show off her fabulous fur. The r...more
Chelsea Gouin
These books are certainly fun, quick reads. I am surprised with the direction it took. The last we saw of our RADs they were fleeing as their secret was exposed. This volume offered a look into the Wolf family, but Clawdeen had the least amount of plot in the cast of characters. I tired rather quickly of both Clawdeen and Cleo's whining. Melody's story got a lot more interesting and Frankie fell completely flat. She became superficial and so not Voltage. But yay for Billy! We were introduced to...more
I thought this was a *GREAT* book.
Overall, This is a cute monster book and i'd reccomend it to most people under the age of 14 and over the age of 11. I really am in love with the drama and monster-normie relations. I would give this book 5 stars but there was some parts that i would change SUCH AS:

There was absolutely NO detail about the concert.
Clawdeen was ticking me off with her gullibulness and not listening to her brother, Clawd (Esp. when she threw the key for no stinking reason)
& Th...more
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i can't wait to read it! 2 4 Sep 28, 2011 07:04PM  
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Lisi Harrison is the author of the #1 New York Times best-selling series "The Clique". Lisi was born in Canada, and lived in NYC for a while at MTV. She now lives in Laguna Beach, CA.

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