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Fairy Bad Day
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Fairy Bad Day

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  2,934 ratings  ·  337 reviews
While most students at Burtonwood Academy get to kill demons and goblins, fifteen-year-old Emma gets to rid the world of little annoying fairies with glittery wings and a hipster fashion sense. She was destined to be a dragon slayer, but cute and charming Curtis stole her spot. Then she sees a giant killer fairyNand it's invisible to everyone but her! If Emma has any chanc ...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published June 1st 2011 by Speak
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For a book devoid of any projectile-delivering weapons, there sure is a lot of "shooting" going on in Fairy Bad Day. You can find it nearly anywhere there's extended interaction between characters, but let's just look at two sections of the book for a few examples:

169: Emma shot her friend a grateful smile
170: Loni shot her an apologetic look
172: Emma shot her friend a doubtful look
178: Emma shot her a sympathetic glance
181: She shot Curtis a grateful look
182: he shot her a rueful smile
206: Emma
Oh goodness, this just was pure fun. Yup, not too much other than that but you know what, at the time it's what I needed and if you can put a smile on my face you're golden.

There is nothing in the world that Emma wants more than to be a dragon slayer. Basically, failure is not an option. She has worked her butt off at the Burtonwood Academy and her mother was a dragon slayer, so it seems she's destined to fill this role. Unfortunately for Emma the Academy choses somebody else; they chose the too
Amanda Ashby did an awesome job with this standalone book, because she introduces you in a new world of slayers of supernatural creatures very smoothly, just flowing with the story telling.

It felt fantastic to finish for once a book knowing everything that was loose at the beginning is tide up by the end. There're still a couple of not too tight tied endings that could open again, but for now Emma's story is closed. I'd love to read more adventures starring such wonderful, charismatic and funny
Amelia, the pragmatic idealist
Okay, right away when I read this book back in April, I knew it was going to be something special. Seriously. The storyworld here is very dynamic, very detailed, and beautifully simple. It's like Hogwarts lite combined with a non-mythology version of Camp Half Blood. In this world, kids like Emma attend a boarding school (and just the fact that it's a boarding school that doesn't reek of the "Gossip Girl"/House of Night/every-juvenile-delinquent-activity-you-can-think-of- that-allegedly-happens- ...more
This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.

The dragon slayer designation obviously belongs to Emma Jones, what with her top combat exam scores and famous dragon-slaying mother’s legacy. No one can dispute that fact until Curtis Green, the relative newbie at Burtonwood Academy, snatches the coveted title right out from under her nose. Assigned as a fairy slayer instead and humiliated with the job of chasing these little winged critters around shopping malls, Emma is quick to jump to
3.5 stars

While most students at Burtonwood Academy get to kill demons and goblins, fifteen-year-old Emma gets to rid the world of little annoying fairies with glittery wings and a hipster fashion sense. She was destined to be a dragon slayer, but cute and charming Curtis stole her spot. Then she sees a giant killer fairy - and it's invisible to everyone but her!

What I didn't like?

- Plot holes Even if there aren't many of them, it still manages to irk me. I would say the worst one is actually a p

Okay, real quick. Who here thinks that she should be holding Skittles on the cover; not a sword?

Cute and fun and fluffy.

Emma is positive that she is a dragon slayer, like her mom. There's no way she can be anything but a dragon slayer. Until she's pegged as a fairy slayer, that is.

I must interject here: If she is the first fairy slayer EVER, how does that work? Why was there even a test for it?

So she's a fairy slayer and fairies are a nuisance but it's not like they ever do anything really bad.
I loved this book, it was so fun, and clever. I gave it four instead of five stars for the language, other than that I loved every minute of it.

Moral Note: Language about a handful of heck, dang, and omg. Clean romance, a little violence in killing fantasy creatures.
Joan{missing the vampire bunny slippers!}
This book was great! I would love to see a movie version!!! :D

So Emma is waiting for the principal to call her into his office and tell her what her what elemental she 'll be responsible to slay. But when Emma is sure that she will be assigned Dragons -it is after all her legacy since her mother was the greatest dragon slayer of all times- she ends up because of some stupid test stuck with Fairies! The least dangerous of all elementals! Her whole world comes upside down and now she is stuck in t
♥ Sarah

The story centered on Emma, who aspired to be a dragon slayer. She’d worked for that title her whole life and besides, it meant so much more to her because her mother was a famous dragon slayer before she passed away. It was a legacy left behind for her. Yet she gets assigned as a fairy slayer... But maybe it was meant to be; because a huge demon-dragon-like evil fairy is on the loose, and Emma’s the only one who can see it.

I expected pure fluff from this book, but was pleasantly surpr
**Spoiler alert**I think Emma made a stupid decision, how can a character spend 3/4ths of the book whining that they made the wrong choice about her career then when they hand it to her on a silver platter say 'hmmm, no thanks I like this better.' And anyway how does she even know there even are anymore fairies for her to take down hmm???? Before she killed the one she did there weren't supposed to be any in the first place. So yeah, her decision was STUPID.

This was more of an okay read for me, considering that I didn't enjoy nor dislike it. I felt this book was supposed to be light and funny, but I didn't really get that vibe while reading FAIRY BAD DAY. Sure, jokes were made and funsies all around, but it didn't really faze me as funny, really. More annoying than funny.

The overall plot was a little fuzzy and a bit stereotypical of many books and movies. When reading books, I'm always looking for originality and specia
Sakura Yue Michaelis
It is supposed to be an YA book, but it is written like it is for a younger audience. The funny parts may be funny for teens; the romantic part may be romantic for teens; the mystery as not a mystery; the magic part... MEH. All was very conveniently done and was so predictable.

Emma is 15 years old, but she behaves like a little brat. When the Principal tells her that she won't be a dragon-slayer, but a fairy one, she throws a tantrum. Then she decides she hates Curtis with all her guts (the guy
Rating: PG

May I just say that this was twice as better as Ashby's other book, Zombies of Newbury High?

This was a very light fantasy book, with average characters and average romance. I feel the romance fell flat and, while I didn't fall in love with this book or characters, I did enjoy it and it entertained me. The plot wasn't too very shocking or surprising. Basically, this book didn't surprise me too much. The one thing that really stood out to me was that there was the whole fairy slayer thin

If you are looking for a fun, feel-good type of read, look no further because Amanda Ashby’s Fairy Bad Day is the book for you. Full of frilly entertainment, delightful romance, and plenty of intense fight scenes, this book is nothing short of addicting.

Fairy Bad Day starts the day Burtonwood Academy’s sophomores are receiving their slaying assignments, and for Emma Jones, this is no biggie, as it’s basically a given she’ll be given the assignment she’s been working towards since she was b
Review originally posted at:

Fairy Bad Day is a charming story full of humor and general hilarity, leaving us thoroughly entertained and earning itself a place on our shelves among those stories that are go-to reads when we need a big smile on our faces. The characters are all adorably quirky and have sharp wits they put to good use on a regular basis, their antics making for a fun, light read that succeeds in being memorable despite not being a
Karen (BookishWonders)
Although this story took me a while to get into, I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to look out for more of Amanda Ashby’s novels.

The writing was good; I was engrossed with this story the whole way through. Fairy Bad Day has some pretty good twists in it. Ones that I had never thought were coming. The characters were well-rounded and quirky. Oh and I love Ashby’s version of fairies!

Emma is a confident young girl that believes that she wants follow in her mother’s footsteps, as a dragon s
I loved it!

Emma is desperate to follow in her late mother's footsteps as a successful dragon slayer but instead finds herself assigned by Principal Kessler as the world's first fairy slayer- oh the humiliation. Especially as the very yummy Curtis has been given Emma's beloved dragon slaying spot thus making him Emma's declared archenemy.

I laughed out loud at Emma's attempts at slaying fairies, these are very up to date fairies who hang out in malls, read OK magazine for celebrity gossip and drin
Emma goes too Burtonwood Academy, a school for people gifted with the sight (ability to see demons, goblins, dragons, etc.) Emma's mom was an amazing dragon hunter and Emma has sought after that position since her mother's death five years ago. When the assignments are made at the beginning of her sophmore year she finds that she is to be a ..... fairy slayer?? Is there such a thing?

She spends the next few weeks hating Curtis, the boy that is assigned to be the dragon slayer. All that does is g
I wanted to read this ever since I saw it appearing around the blogosphere and I am so glad I won a copy from the lovely Lesley at My Keeper Shelf! This was so much fun and is the perfect beach read. (Okay, I read it by the pool, but the holiday read label still applies!)

Emma and her friends are training to be elemental slayer – each year there is only one Dragon Slayer and Emma is sure she will be chosen. Instead she is given fairies – small, annoying, mall-haunting, skittle eating fairies who
Fairy Bad Day is overall a humorous book that remains humorous throughout the entire book. Sometimes it gets serious, but the characters remain rather silly despite how dreadful or terrifying the book gets. I can't really absorb myself into the book because I hate how 'this, this, this' the book gets. It's difficult to get into a book like this.

This book's universe is insane. Apparently you can kill fairies by shoving Skittles into their open wounds. Go figure. (I shudder to think of what those
Allison Leslie Gepte
I feel terrible for giving this book such low rating. I'm usually a generous rating-giver and the idea of the story is impressive, but...

The inconsistencies of the plot was terrible.

The darkhel is about the size of a dragon and grew even bigger when it regained its soul, I can't see how possible it is for the darkhel to flip pages of a book especially when its talons are so mighty sharp it could have punctured the book in one grip-oh yeah. I forgot, maybe because the book is MAGICAL. Watev.

Why I read this: I can't resist a good paranormal YA that involves both fairies and dragons.

Plot: Emma thinks she has dragon slayer in the bad as her designation for Burtonwood Academy. But she's surprised to find out she is now going to be a glorified slayer of fairies. Unfortunately, she's caught in a explosion as she's finally about to slay her first fairy and becomes the laughingstock of the school. To top it, a cute guy has taken her dragon slayer spot and she's steamed at him and when she
I only wanted to sample this book and maybe put it away for later but it drew me in. The pacing is good. All the characters are pretty distinct and interesting. While the plot isn't terribly deep and unpredictable, it's not bad either. Yes, of course the heroine will show everyone how awesome she is and of course there's the romance and obviously it's with the guy who stole her spot, but it's a pleasant read, none the less.
It's a bit more on the juvenile side, I felt, and mostly predictable, whi
Stacey O'Neale
This review was written by Camille Morales, staff reviewer with the Fantasy Book Addict.

Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby was a surprisingly good read, full of never-ending humor, relatable characters (at least most of the time!), and a decent plotline.

First, I’ll start by saying that I don’t usually enjoy books told in third person as much as books told in first. I feel like I can connect more to the character when they’re talking in first person. However, this book was thoroughly enjoyable even th
Samantha Haviland
An insanely entertaining novel, Fairy Bad Day was a quick, fun read, but it also contained levels of depth that you wouldn't expect from the first glance at its perky cover. Emma is a kick-ass heroine, who is sometimes hell-a annoying (Yes, I'm a Californian.), but she is always lovable. Curtis is a smoking hot dragon slayer who is a fantastic sword fighter, even when his whole leg happens to be encased in a plaster cast. Both Loni and Tyler are extremely detailed secondary characters who play a ...more
I love this book, espesscailly the charecters. You can't hate them, even how much the main charecter might dislike them you just can't. the faires are hilarious, who knew how much damage sour skittles can do, and here i thought they were a perfect snack but wow, they are deadly.
I love how the dad and Olivia support her, that is so cute. Like in the begining she totally couldn't stand beging in the same rooom but the end she understood them and Olivia doesn't mean any harm and the dad admits he
LOL. Fairy Bad Day is one of my new favourite books, mainly because I love Emma and her fighting spirit. She wants to make her mom proud and show everyone that her mom is still the best by continuing her legacy. She would do anything to protect her family, even if they don't always get what she does. Emma is feisty and she doesn't give up when she sets her mind to something, not even in the face of death. Emma is a survivor and the best fairy hunter there is. She should probably write a guide on ...more
Fairy Bad Day was okay, for a YA book, barely. That's about the strongest endorsement I can give it. There's nothing about it that stands out as bad, but then nothing about it stands out at all. The characters have no depth, making it impossible (at least for me) to get emotionally invested in them at all, and the plot was thin and predictable, removing any interest on that front as well. Basically, this book is only good for chewing up time, and even then there are better options. I'd give it a ...more
The cover of this book drew me in, because I found it kind of amusing. I actually ate the book up, I found it a fun, easy read. Emma was upset that she was given the task of trying to slay fairies instead of dragons, and was doing everything in her power to get her desired task back, even after she started seeing an evil fairy no one else could see. For a somewhat lighthearted story, it had a good, strong plot, and a nice conclusion. Though I didn't completely like Emma's choice in the end. If y ...more
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