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Midnight and the Meaning of Love
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Midnight and the Meaning of Love (Midnight #3)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  1,406 ratings  ·  158 reviews
Sister Souljah, the New York Times bestselling author of The Coldest Winter Ever and Midnight, delivers her most compelling and enlightening story yet. With Midnight and The Meaning of Love, Souljah brings to her millions of fans an adventure about young, deep love, the ways in which people across the world express their love, and the lengths that they will go to have it....more
ebook, 416 pages
Published October 11th 2011 by Washington Square Press (first published November 2nd 2010)
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Brya Shonyea
After reading the posts, I have to say that it's obvious that a lot of the people who read Midnight, were offended by the depiction of American women because they saw themselves in the characters. The black characters in the book weren't put downs, they were very realistic of people we all know and see everyday. Don't get mad at SS if you had sex with half your neighborhood, fight and make fools out of yourself in the street, and disrespected yourself. We all know that not every Black woman acts...more
Quit around the first half of the first book.

I think the author is trying to teach some lessons here, but I don't think they are ones I need. Trust, mainly.

I cannot wrap my mind around the idea that the main character is, what? 16? He's married and seemingly lacking in flaws while maintaining humility and also is highly desired by every lady in the world. He Knows What To Do. Apparently.

It's like . . . she's writing this book to prove a point. That's what it feels like. It's all right to do that...more
I did not enjoy this story. I hung in there and completed it because I like Sister Souljah as a writer and was curious about the character Midnight. The Midnight that I admired in The Coldest Winter Ever differs greatly from the character in Midnight and the Meaning of Love. He comes off rather hypocritical, obnoxious and vain. The storyline was not believeable either. It's obvious that Sister Souljah cared about this book and its characters. She also did a ton of research. I honestly felt like...more
Angelica Epps
I think she showed her complete writting skills in this book... I was on a journey from day one... I must admit I didn't read "Midnight: A Gangster's Love Story" right away... I was told that the book had nothing to do with "Winter." I wasnt disappointed tho because I went in reading that it was a completley different book. I fell in love with the character instantly because of his beliefs... he made me look at myself as a woman and not change me but he gave me a reflection of myself in some cas...more
So this is one of those books i recommend for the urban 16-25 demographic. But really anyone of any ethnic background and any age and read it an enjoy it. It's long, so if you're not a reader it might take you a while to read it, but i read it in a day (what can i say your girl likes to read). Starting with the cover i knew this was a book that i was going to like. I also read the first Midnight book, and i've read every book by Sister Souljah she has four altogether and another on the way. Some...more
Ryan Johnson
I'm not going to go into all of the reasons of why I did not like this book because it would take more time and this book has already robbed me of to much. Simply put, the book was to long, 200 of the 613 pages were just not necessary. There is a such thing as a author being to descriptive. I do not enjoy reading five pages about a river or things that have nothing to do with the characters. But the main reason I dislike this book is because after reading both books I am no closer to knowing how...more
I read this book last Summer and I have to say that it is simply amazing!!!I had to jion this discussion after reading the other reviews smh I am so disappointed. No Direspect (pun intended lol) but seriously? I can understand not liking the book but to insult Sister's Souljahs writing is just's insulting. Any one who appreciates literture will clearly understand the accomplishment and growth that was acheived by S.S with this FICTION novel.It is excactly what fiction is suppose to be.....more
You have to check your cynicism at the first page if you are going to enjoy this book all the way through. To have a young man be as flawless as Midnight stretches credulity to the point of extreme humor. When you see how perfect this young man is it moves the book into fantasy and takes away all suspense and tension. Souljah can be very descriptive in her writing and while this is normally a positive, she manages to annoy the reader with excess detail about minutiae. The things that Midnight do...more
Crystal Belle
wow, where do i begin? this book was even worse than the first (if that is at all possible). way too long for absolutely no reason and the entire story took place in japan and korea which did not fully make sense. the novel begins with backtracking from where the last book left off for over 100 pages! come on! there are so many issues i had with the book from the sharing of midnight between 2 wives as well as the justification of it due to the islamic faith. it seemed to come out of left field....more
*Now that I've sat with it for awhile, I'm changing my star rating...

I struggled with this book. Not in the way that it is written, that's fine. But in my reactions to the title character. In Midnight, I instantly fell in love with him. His strength, intelligence and strong loyalty to family were refreshing. There are not many Black male characters, especially one so young, represented in literature today that have such a sense of right and wrong. If you've read my post about that book, you know...more
Stacey Marie Robinson
This book. I swear.

If I didn't remember what literary inspiration felt extraordinaire Sister Souljah reminded me yesterday when I finished reading her novel "Midnight and the Meaning of Love." I felt great. Refreshed. Pensive. Motivated. Thankful. I probably sat silent for a good 15 minutes after reading the last words, just taking in the essence of the story, the power of her words, and the extreme level of gratitude for the fact that I was able to read a novel that would make me...more
Sister Souljah knows how to put her whole soul in a novel! I love this BAB cover-to-cover. From her explanations of the Muslim religion, which I have been extremely curious about, to Midnight's definition of love, this piece is jam packed with a great love story and information that makes readers admire her main character even more.

Of course, there is much scrutiny because Midnight is a 16 year old African male and some find his beliefs far fetched, over exaggerated, and/or unrealistic. I'd chal...more
I'm currently reading this book and I stopped at the point where they were on their way to Korea. Lets see...I'm loving this book while I'm disliking Midnight more and more. I have no doubt in my mind that if these women knew his internal thoughts, how he saw them, and was subtly manipulating them and their interactions with others, their admiration and 'love' would disappear with a quickness. Even though he doesn't see women as sex objects only, imo he his still objectifying them by treating th...more
Well its been a minute and I have been super busy and also reading this epic tale of love, loss, compromise, revenge and descriptive travels to the mystery and beauty of Asia..I know I know I know...if you read my review of Midnight: A Gangster Love Story you would think I would never read this book ever and you'd be right (ha)...but after writing that scathing review I actually met her..., yup at book signing at the DC public library and basically told her I hated Midnight the fourteen year old...more
Danielle Wilson
This Book shifted my soul and changed my life, it opened my eyes to how a REAL MAN that truly beleives in the women that created him will also know how to love a woman, who identify a woman who makes her self seem less of a woman and turn awwy from it, although he is only 16, and although there MAY. Just MAY not be (deep in my heart I think there is) a man on this earth that would do the things that midnight would do, we do crazy things for love, our american have just influnced us to show love...more
I'm just not sure what to make of this book. I went into it thinking it'd be really great Young Adult Lit for/about black youth and Muslim youth in America (or elsewhere) because I'd heard about Sister Souljah a while ago and vaguely recalled people singing her praises. I think she came to my undergrad to speak or something while I was there... I might be making up this memory, but I do recall students reading her memoir and speaking highly of it. So I had high expectations.

Unfortunately, my exp...more
I appreciated this book more toward the ending. The cultural references and statements of wisdom made this a wonderful read. The brief appearance from Santiago was enough connection to Coldest Winter Ever. The ending definitely leaves you wanting more.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book.

"No one can remain married today because they are not married to the one they love, they are married to their sacrifice."

"A mother will sacrifice all that she has for her gift from God, including h...more
I just finished reading this book, and wow.....I am very dissappointed in both Midnight/and The meaning of love. the books wr, at times borring, and complete fantasy. It lacked a lot of the "realness" from TCWE. I cant understand y SS wnt all the way back to whn Midnight was 14, and y she felt the need to make him such an annoyance. In his stories he was arrogant, materialistic, self rightous, and just an all out smart ass who has no flaws. I think we wr all drawn to TCWE because of its realness...more
I had to read the midnight series for a class I was in last semester and I have to say, they were possibly the worst books I've ever read. it was the only time I've ever sent an author hate mail. the books just made me mad. at times, they can be likened to porn novels and at others they're more like really bad fan fiction.

but my real problem was the lack of research that went into these books. it was like souljah just sneezed it out without thinking. a good example is the Harajuku chapter of th...more
I picked this up from the library on a whim. i couldn't resist the bright yellow spine with "Sister Souljah" in big letters. i felt dumb for not even knowing she's been writing novels. this is actually her third, so i have no idea how it compares, but after reading this one, my reaction is essentially one of ambivalence. in some ways the story was believable because it was about teenagers. but that's precisely what made it totally absurd as well. mostly i only really liked the part that took pla...more
The meaning of love was refreshing and adventurous.The love was pure and true although they were young it's something we all wish to experience unconditional love. A love worth fighting for and keeping. Midnight was wise beyond his years and devoted to his religion and family.I was so caught up into the rapture of his love page by page truly it was unpredictable from Brooklyn to Japan to Korea. I found his attraction to Akemi absolutely beautiful no words just an physical vibe but I found his l...more
Dijorn Moss
I want to first start off by saying that I believe Siser Souljah is probably the best street lit author in the game. She can write street lit in a way that is both gritty, provocative and sophisticated. I have met countless authors, both accomplished and inspiring who have said that the Coldest Winter Ever was the book that inspired them to write. I give respect where respect is due.

Now into the review. Sister Souljah has made Midnight the ideal male. He has a thug side, an intellectual side, a...more
what an excellent book or should I say books. This is the 2nd book of the midnight series and its very intricate story line based in Japan and Korea. sister Souljah has been gifted with the talent of telling a very great story line. It amazes me the amount of detail this author put to into midnight's actions and feelings. The detail doesn't drag the plot down it enhances it and makes the story so believable. Ok so I read some of the comments about Midnight being 14 is too young to have such inte...more
I agree that you have to be a Souljah fan to really have the patience and effort to enjoy this read. I enjoyed of the book overall. I had waited since the 1st Midnight and preordered it before it was released. Just like in the first, I was offended also that not even the Sudanese girl was "good enough" for Midnight. He is hypocritical in many ways but I do believe he was sincere and steadfast enough or at least more than many, in his religion and beliefs. The most important lesson, this book can...more
I was hesitant to buy this book after reading the first Midnight,so I read the entire thing in Barnes and Noble. Glad I didn't buy the large paperback, might get the small one if I remember. This one had even more useless and boring lectures and descriptions about subjects other than what the story is about than the first. I felt annoyed most of the time because truthfully, I kept having to skip pages where S.S. was describing in detail some kind of ninja move or something else mundane. The firs...more
Jama Jack
Had to complete this one before the year runs out. It's probably my last piece of fiction for the next six months.

I loved the story, loved the twists and the adventure-laden tapestry Sistah Souljah produced. However, I stick to the prequel, "Midnight: A Gangster Lovestory" (see my review) as my favorite of the two. Where Book 1 presented an adolescent working his way through immigration into a new culture and assuming his role as head of his family, consisting of his mother and younger sister,...more
OMG! I just finished and I realized this isn't the end of Midnight's story. I honestly don't want to wait on more. I want to know now how he ended up locked up as was indicated in the first part of the first book. Please tell me there's more coming. Does anyone know? This book was so deep and opened up some new thoughts in my mind about love and one's capacity to love. Souljah is a powerful writer. Her writing is only improving in my eyes. I feel she gives just the right amount of depth to each...more
I'm almost done this book even though I have like 200 pages left of it ._. it's really boring compared to the first one (the first one was boring also). this book does teach me some things about the Muslim religion but it's really hard for me to get through it.. but I just can't up and quit reading a book till I'm done.. *sigh* I won't recommend this book to anyone though..

{UPDATE} - so I just finished this book - this is the only book that took me a long ass time to finish.. umm.. my opinion on...more
Dene Prince
I throughly enjoyed the book. My mind drifted to how great it would be to be pampered,nourished protected and loved by a man that held himself to such a powerful standard. His convictions of faith are what he lives by and it influences his daily life> Powerful.

My fave chapter was the conversation amongst Akemi, Chiasa and Midnight. To have them each talk about their viewpoints and expectations is a great key in any relationship. Akemi was strong and vocal in her disapproval of how Chiasa cam...more
George Richardson
The book "midnight and the meaning of love" is the follow-up to "Midnight a gangsta love story" book and it is still as captivating as the first. Midnight's wife akemi is kidnapped and taken back to Japan by her father whom did not want her and midnight to become married. Angered by this Midnight travels to Japan to get her back. midnights is a devout black muslim who is very strong can pretty much swoon any female he comes in contact with.
This book should probably read by people 17+ just for...more
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Sister Souljah is an American hip hop-generation author, activist, recording artist, and film producer.
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The Coldest Winter Ever Midnight No Disrespect A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story The Sister Souljah Collection #1: The Coldest Winter Ever; Midnight, A Gangster Love Story; and Midnight and the Meaning of Love

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“No one can remain married today because they are not married to the one they love, they are married to their sacrifice, and pretending to love is too damned painful. Love and build, love and work, love and fight. Always love first. Anything placed before love will fail.” 23 likes
“Those that trust no one, usually end up trusting the wrong person."-Umma to Midnight” 21 likes
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