Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love
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Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love

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Matt and Liz Logelin were high school sweethearts. After years of long-distance dating, the pair finally settled together in Los Angeles, and they had it all: a perfect marriage, a gorgeous new home, and a baby girl on the way. Liz's pregnancy was rocky, but they welcomed Madeline, beautiful and healthy, into the world on March 24, 2008.

Just twenty-seven hours later, Liz...more
Kindle Edition, 272 pages
Published (first published March 24th 2011)
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A terrible thing happened to Matt Logelin: his beloved wife died the day after their only child was born, 7 weeks prematurely. As he struggled to put his life back together and raise a baby on his own, he set up a non-profit foundation to help other men and women who found themselves in a similar situation. In the process, he grew somewhat as a person.

Hopefully, that precis will save you from having to read the actual book. Proceeds from its sale go to the non-profit mentioned above, but serious...more
In a remarkable coincidence, Matthew Logelin and I each lost a young wife, were left with a daughter named Madeline, and wrote a book about the experience. He and I are very different people but we both came to some very similar conclusions.
This was an emotional roller coaster for me. I really struggled to give this little memoir a star rating. So, everyone knows the premise: A 30 year old man is delighted by the birth of his daughter one day and loses the love of his life the next, what now?

A lot of the criticisms I've read here on GR are quasi-valid: The writing is so-so. He does come off like a music snob at times. His profanities are redundant; some argued crass. In response to this I would say: He never claims to be a writer....more
I did not read the entire book. Although I can sympathize with the situation, I don't think this should be a book. I could not force myself to read the rest of it. That is all I will say because I feel the situation itself makes it hard to say anything that could be perceived as negative after the suffering this family has endured. Although, maybe that's exactly how this book ended up published...nobody wanted to hurt anyone's feelings.
Tamara Taylor
I made the mistake of browsing through some of this book's GD reviews prior to reading it. A few readers said they felt that Matt was a snobby hipster douchebag. I wish that I hadn't peeked at those reviews as they coloured my perception of the author before I gave this book a chance (shame on me!) I did press on though, and I am glad I did. I came to the conclusion that the author is not in fact a hipster douchebag. He is a brutally, painfully honest real person. This book is the most accurate,...more
Lisa Factora-borchers
There are so many things one could say about this book. As a 32 year old married mother of a precious toddler, of course this book rang many bells in my head and of course it broke nearly every time Matt wrote about his lost wife. As a human, as a person who loves to feel and wants to be reminded how awesome it is to be in love with the Love of your life, this book spoke to me on different levels. I don't know how it could not.

Matt Logelin openly writes from a place of suffering and as a person...more
I have been following Matt Logelin for over two years, and I was thrilled when I was hooked up with a copy of Two Kisses for Maddy to read before it was released last week. From a literary standpoint, I found the story moving and easy to read if not heart-wrenchingly sad and difficult at times. While I love Matt's blog that is written in mostly in verse, the prose in this book filled in some gaps on a story that I already felt I knew quite well.

From a social, human standpoint, Matt, Liz, and Ma...more
First, I should say: the dismal rating I've given this book is not because of its content (and certainly not reflective of other Good Readers' repulsion of the language--at least not of the foul sort--my husband's been known to call me a pirate) and the story itself--it makes my heart go out to Logelin and his family.


The writing is terrible. Terrible.

There was so much cliche and so much that made me wonder: well yes, that is sad, but why did this become a book? (It should have just stayed a...more
I will make this a short one.
I know some of the reviews that came and will come will say that this is not a book worth your time. I go against it. Yeah, I just gave it 3 stars but just because I can't deny the lack of true literature. I give it to Mr. Logelin that he admitted not being a writer and believe him I do. But for those reviews that completely miss the bigger picture, I just feel sorry for them.
Maybe I just let myself guide for the tears I shed while reading but I'll admit it, I am a...more
**Warning: This author, even though he wrote a book in an "attempt to turn [his] sadness into something beautiful," uses a lot of coarse, vulgar language, and is quite offensive. I do not recommend it for this reason.**

This is the sad, true story of a young man who becomes a widower at the age of 30, the day after his daughter is born seven weeks early. He loved his young, beautiful wife deeply, and he writes about their love story, the birth, her death, and the year of grief and beauty that fol...more
My first real book review on here, and, boy, do I have a lot say about this one.

'Two Kisses for Maddy' is the story of a man who become both a father and a widower in the span of twenty-seven hours, and his journey to mourn his wife and live for his daughter. At first I didn't like this book: the writing is a little simple and full of 'fucks' and 'shits.' But it read quickly, and I came to enjoy how conversational the book is. The author is a blogger, too, after all.

The other hard part of readin...more
I've read Matt's blog so I knew how his story unfolds before I read the book. And that meant I was crying from basically the first page as he described how he and Liz met and fell in love. I don't think Matt's the best writer ever. (His blog drives me a bit crazy because he writes in blocky short sentences a la Rosie O'Donnell). But Matt doesn't claim to a be a writer. This was never his goal. He was thrust in to the literary world after suffering a horrible tragedy...the death of his wife the d...more
Sigh. I feel bad for this family, Matt especially, but this book was just not that great. 1) It's another People magazine/Reader's Digest article that feels blown up into a book, and 2) I know these are real people and not characters, but as people? I don't find them interesting. Even worse, Liz (the dead wife and mother) is the kind of woman that I probably would have disliked in real life. Ugh, and now I've spoken ill of the dead.

If you read Matt's blog at all, the story will pique your inter...more
Two Kisses for Maddy is a tragic memoir of a man's loss of his wife. Matthew Logelin lost his wife twenty seven hours after his wife gave birth to a baby girl. Matthew's wife Liz died of a pulmonary embolism that stemmed from being on bed rest for several weeks before the delivery of her daughter. The memoir in Matthew's voice is raw and heartbreaking and I had to put it down many times because it was too painful to read. Matthew Logelin shares his grief openly and gives much insight of the chao...more
I read Matt's blog for awhile, so when this ARC crossed my desk I had to grab it. And I read it in less than 24 hours. I enjoyed the full narrative instead of the haiku like blog posts. Matt is a great writer and his honesty in his writing makes this novel compelling. His love for Liz & Maddy shines on each page.

I laughed and I cried. Highly recommended.
Marianne Stehr
This is one of those stories that is hard to review. of course the story of life and death is heatwrenching and the story itself, unfortunately true, will certainly make for a great book. However this story did not sound like just another "regular" person having significant crisis. This is a very lucky, well connected and highly supported father who has lost his wife unexpectedly and as written in the book, he is far from the only person the experience this. so to me the book takes on a connotat...more
I was very interested to read this book as I have recently been reading about loss of loved ones. I didn't finish this book because of the repeated use of the course language. I am not sure if the author was trying to firmly establish his status as an everyman or what the thinking behind this move was, but the F word was prolifically used throughout the first 50 pages in very odd places. One might understand such harsh language after the point when the author loses his wife, but I did not actual...more
This is such a great memoir, covering a very sad situation but managing to be inspiring and uplifting instead of completely and utterly depressing. The author's wife died the day after their daughter was born, and this book chronicles his relationship with his wife and then his struggle to get through the first year of their daughter's life as a single parent.

The author has a very relatable writing style that drew me in almost immediately. I was unsure about this book before starting it, not wa...more
Samantha Smith
I have conflicting thoughts about this book. On many levels I found this book to be extremely captivating and interesting. It is a story that automatically draws in any reader or compassionate person. I'm a newlywed so I can only imaging losing my spouse suddenly and unexpectedly. I totally get how this would be a life changing and horrific experience.

I applaud the author for being willing to share his experiences and intimate details of his life with readers. I respect that he doesn't shy away...more
What a roller coaster of emotions. One moment crying and then the next laughing. This was a great read.

Matt Logelin is no writer and he says that in the the first "I'm not a writer." But under a horrible situation is became a writer. I enjoyed this book from the start to the finish. Matt has created a book that while I was reading it I felt that I times I was there with him or I was the fly on the wall watching him go through all this.

Matt and his wife are expecting their first baby. A sweet l...more
This is the memoir by Matt Logelin, who lost his wife, Liz, a day after their daughter Madeline was born. I heard it as an audio book, as read by Matt himself. His grief is raw, his words are haunting. The crass language was a bit much for me (probably because I was hearing it and not reading it), and it really detracted from the story. I get that this is how he talks, but it really is distracting.

I have to say, though, Matt really made me kind of dislike him. He expresses at every turn what a g...more
Selina Benware
One of the beat books i have ever read(and I have read thousands) so full of love, loss, and raw heartbreak, but so worth it!! I have cried many many times while reading this(bawled actually) but it has also shown me what it takes to be a ''better'' parent, and how your own child can not take the pain away, but make it just a little more berable! I can only hope that someday I will be as good of a parent as he is! AFter losing his wife suddenly only 24 hrs after their beautiful baby entered the...more
Absolute beautiful memoir! I cried (bawled the eyes out), I laughed (loved the stories from Maddy's 1st birthday party part 2), and felt the love that Matt poured into this book for his wife and daughter. This book has heart and will have you appreciating the time you have with the people in you life you love the most. Liz would be so proud of him! I have been a loyal reader of Matt's blog for the past two years and appreciate the creative way Matt writes and expresses himself. (so glad your edi...more
First off, I don't recommend the book to my friends. The foul language is unnecessary most of the time and even seems forced. In fact, in order to finish the book, I had to tell myself to just look beyond it and read the story. I really wanted to finish his story.
That being said, I give it four stars because it was engaging and truthful and kept my heart tied right in to his emotions. It could be just because I am overly emotional right now at my own loss, but I basically cried through the enti...more
I started following Matt's blog when Maddy was just about to have her first birthday. I don't know how I got to his blog but I know its changed my life. I know it's a big cliche to say something changed your life because your life constantly changes regardless of whether or not you want it to happen. I should probably say it made me reevaluate and appreciate everyone around me. It made me grateful. It made me want to reach out and hug my mom. It made me want to reach out and hug my dad. Heck it...more
When I selected this book I figured it would either be a tear-jerker focusing on the emotional cost of losing a long-term lover or a comedy of errors in which this guy has to figure out what to do with the business end of a baby, since he has no wife to teach him. It was neither. It was much more about Matthew than about Maddy, despite the title, and the writing style did not emotionally engage me. When I picked up the book, I knew his wife would die, and fully expected to shed a tear or two whe...more
Andrea Moran Brown
I'm glad I've completed this book, though I think I would've enjoyed it a whole lot more had I read it verses listening to the author reading it. A friend lent the audio book to me, and I was really grateful.

I went to school with Matt from 9th grade on, and I'd heard about his tragic loss. I clearly remember seeing his wife's obituary in the Star Tribune and thinking that this must have happened to some other Matt Logelin. That's super odd now that I reflect on that. It's not like his last name...more
Karena kamu, Ayah sanggup menghadapi seumur hidup kenangan.

Bagi saya yang seorang perempuan, punya bayi yang baru lahir itu memang butuh kesabaran ekstra, gak jarang kena baby blues, kadang jadinya pengen marah karena gak tahu itu bayi nangisnya kenapa dan kerasa capek. Tapi.... itu semua menyenangkan ketika melihat senyuman di bibir mungilnya lalu semua rasa lelah terbayar dengan kebahagiaan yang tak terkira.

Bagaimana jika semua itu justru dialami seorang pria? Seorang Ayah yang harus rela menj...more
I had come across Matt's blog after a People magazine article was written about his story and was instantly moved. I loved his blog, other than his format which required a lot of scrolling. I was often moved to tears as he would recount bittersweet moments raising his daughter without his wife. If someone hasn't optioned this story for a movie, they are missing out.

I finally picked up the book last week and I have to say it wasn't exactly what I expected, but it was wonderful. It was raw and rea...more
Erin Samiloglu
Here's a truth: we all have a story in us. Here's another truth: everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences the death of a loved one.Now, here's a myth: everyone's story about the death of a loved one deserves to be published and read by the masses.
I perhaps gave this book more leniency than I should have. Matthew Longelin did, after all, lose his wife one day after his daughter was born. But if death doesn't make martyrs of the dead, surviving doesn't make a douchebag lose his doucheb...more
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Born and bred in Minnesota, Matt Logelin was a project manager at Yahoo! until he left the company to focus on writing this book and raising his daughter, Madeline. The two live in Los Angeles, traveling often to see as much of the world as possible. Please visit them at
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