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3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  2,022 ratings  ·  144 reviews
Genre: Erotic Contemporary

Having all of her is the only thing that will satisfy him...

Shawn Griffin and Rachel Cooper have been best friends practically since birth, thanks to their families’ close relationship. But for the past few years, Shawn has been fantasizing about getting his best pal in his bed. When she announces she’s taking a trip to reconnect with an old lover
Kindle Edition, 247 pages
Published February 15th 2011 by Loose Id LLC (first published January 1st 2011)
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Sophia (FV)
Originally posted at Fiction Vixen

Every time I read a Cari Quinn book I have the same whiny complaint. I wish it would have been longer, I wanted more. I really enjoy her style but I always feel like I just don’t get enough time with her really fun, sexy characters in her novellas. I’m pretty sure she finally got sick and tired of my whining wanted to please me and wrote a full length novel just for me. Because you know, most authors write solely to make me happy right? What? Well, in my world t
A Solid 5 Star Erotic Contemporary Romance

30 year old Shawn Griffin is an esteemed architect and the only child of the Griffins who own an architecture firm known throughout the West Coast. Born and bred in Calvin Bay of California, Shawn is blessed with surfer good looks, feline green eyes and golden hair from his mother and a laser-like focus and intensity from his CEO father. Shawn’s only regret in life is the fact that he had turned down his best friend’s proposal that they become intimate
Olga NNikolaidi
Insatiable is the beautiful love story of Rachel and Shawn who have been best friends their entire lives.
Their parents have been best friends too, and Shawn and Rachel have always been supportive and caring to each other. Shawn has always been deeply in love with her but has never expressed his true feelings to her. When Rachel’s ex-boyfriend invites her to New York City in order to attend his book premier party, Shawn follows her in order to finally make his move and win her love. It’s now or
I stopped at page 94...I disliked Rachel so much that I cannot read anymore of this book. I usually love friends to lovers, but this just did NOT work for me.

Rachel was an immature bitch that wouldn't know a good man if he bit her! As unlikable as she was, Shawn was that likeable. However not enough to keep me reading. Skipped to last page and they lived HEA; too bad Rachel ruined the journey....
Mandi Schreiner
Favorite Quote: “You’re hard!”
He didn’t even have the courtesy to look ashamed. Actually he appeared amused. “You don’t say.”

Shawn and Rachel have been best friends for their entire lives. Their families, both very wealthy have always expected the two of them to end up together, but so far it has just been platonic. Rachel has purposefully led her life away from her family’s money, becoming a middle school music teacher. Shawn on the other hand has taken interest in his father’s building busines
Guilty Pleasures
WOW!!!! First time I've read this author. I saw a glowing review from a reviewer on my goodreads friends. So good I didn't put it on my TBR, I bought it and started reading it as soon as I got home from work.

The sex is hot, Shawn is SEXY, SWEET and DETERMINED.

What I love about this book is besides the smoking sex, the characters are strong and you get drawn into their emotions. I wanted to cry in frustration for Shawn and I wanted slap Rachel at the same time I totally understood why she was l
Were I to rate it for its cover,I would have given it 4 stars.I like the cover very much....But it has little to do with the two friends...You would think these two are Shawn and Rachel....Guess again!!

First of all I disliked Rachel.I haven't disliked a character since forever....She really got on my nerves and she should thank her luck I wasn't in Shawns shoes b/c I would have gotten really violent and not in a sexy way....She was being childlish and annoying and many other not flattering adjec
Tessamari ♥Many Waters...♥ ~ Sweet Spot Book Blog
I got about 60% in and I couldn't go through with it. Rachel, the heroine, was getting on my last nerve. Shawn, our hero, was just too stupid to let it all out. I'm normally a huge fan of long time friends becoming more, but for some reason, this one wasn't cutting it. I found myself skipping pages, just so they can get to the point. Not good. It had so much potential, but, alas, it fell way short.
Words cannot describe my mad love for this book! Adored it!

Rating: 10 out of 10 - PERFECT READ!

First line:
She had a choice to make. To go or to stay. To have an incredible adventure or to stay snuggled in the soulless crypt of her comfort zone.

Memorable Scenes:
- Shawn’s skills with handcuffs > clever thinking there ;-)
- Every.Single.Sex.Scene > pages could’ve easily caught fire is all I’m saying! And the best thing is I wouldn’t have noticed as I was enthralled by the sexy, sexy scenes!
Taryn Elliott
I just finished this for the what? 3rd time? As a friend and crit partner to this lovely lady I get to read these things before anyone else. But understand this...I always read them one more time after the editors and copyeditors get their hands on them. Right after I get it on my Kindle I crack my knuckles and settle down because I know I won't be going anywhere.

This one was a real treat for me. Some of you may not know that this is actually the very first book in Cari's arsenal. You can
If you want hot, romantic, fun and emotional this is the novella for you. Cari Quinn will take you on the sexiest roller coaster ride of your life when you get sucked into two best friends longing for each other, but who will make the first move?

Shawn Griffin is an architect who was born in California. Not only is Shawn is blessed with good looks, amazing green eyes and golden hair, but his father is the CEO of the company he works for. Shawn happens to have only one regret in life, which is the
Not so much that I hated this book, but more like I felt shortchanged with the way the story unfolded. I was looking forward to a story that would have more character development, something that delved deeper into the relationship of the main characters, however, this proved to be one need that would forever remain insatiable for me. Ironic, isn't it?

Sure, it is full of steamy scenes, but at some point, it feels like that was all it was offering. I don't know about the rest of the world but I pr
JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko
Rating Clarification 2.5 Stars

This book was just okay for me. The story was alright however I never felt like I completely connected to the characters. They were a bit pretentious for my liking. I just never got into it like I hoped. Maybe it was that I read it over a period of time while I was doing other things. Just didn't work out for me. Oh well on to the next one.
A very excellent read! Lots of couple angst between Shawn and Rachel, but no one got too stupid. I did like how they pretty much faced things quickly without letting each other run too far. The whole best-friends-for-life-turned-lovers was well done.Hotness level was very high but still tasteful. The ending will throw you, then worry you, then delight you...bittersweet but joyous.
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Glad it's over.
Honestly, Rachel, our "h" was absolutely the most frustrating, annoying, PITA ever. Why Shawn, our "H", even bothered to pursue her is beyond me.

I get it. They've been best friends for almost 30 years, and you can't help who you love, but Rachel was seriously just super annoying, selfish and infuriating.

It took what happened in the end to shed some light on admitting her feelings for Shawn.

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Lashuri Chan
Well this is not what I expected. For the most part, it was great and good. I came across this book sometime last week and was just itching to get it when I got some money. Brought it yesterday and finished it today.

It was not until chapter 15 when I got annoyed and fed up. Honestly too much sex to the point it was annoying and I could not be bothered to take my time and continue reading word for word. I found out this book had only sixteen chapters and for six bucks for kindle? Kind of a rip of
The BookWhisperer
Okay, let me get this off my shoulders and then I can praise this book. I really hated the character Rachel in the beginning. In fact, I didn’t like her until very close to the end. There it felt like she grew up and got her head screwed on tight. But other than this rant, the book was really good.

Shawn is in love with his best friend and she is far from realizing it, so when she goes off to New York to meet up with an old flame, Shawn follows her with the intent on making her feel what he feel
Heather in FL
Another great feel-good (after angst) story from Ms. Quinn. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite themes, and in this one, they've been friends pretty much since the womb. Their parents are best friends. They're not too far apart in age. Their parents have sort of expected that they'd get together, but so far it hasn't happened. Back in their hormonal years, Rachel had a huge crush on Shawn, but Shawn didn't want to change their relationship. Plus he sort of wanted to sow his wild oats. He kne ...more
Christi Snow
My Review:
This is one of my personal favorite kinds of story lines. Shawn & Rachel have been bf's their entire lives. Their parents have always been best friends and with Shawn and Rachel only 18 months apart in age, they have always been there for each other.

Over the years, they have each considered what it would mean to have a deeper relationship, but neither was willing to risk their friendship by pursuing that avenue. That changes when Rachel's old boyfriend, Ryan, invites her to NYC to
Shawn loves Rachel but Rachel only sees Shawn as her best friend....Shawn reveals his hand to Rachel......Rachel resists but Shawn persists....they have hot sex, words of love are exchanged, tragedy strikes but love triumphs.

As far as a plot goes this one is pretty standard and predictable lacking a degree of originality.

However, I didn't mind this at all.

Perhaps it was because I am experiencing sadness in my personal life that I just needed a bit of a predictable and comforting adult fairy tale
This book was a fun, although, at times frustrating read, I was tempted to give it a 3-star rating, but that's only because I wasn't really into the main characters- there was nothing wrong with the story, I just wasn't all that excited about it. There seems to be a spate of books out with the 'you discover you're in love with your best friend' theme (I'm reading three in a row to compare them), This was the hardest one to get through because it went back and forth with the acceptance and reject ...more
I love Cari Quinn. She's one of those authors on insta-buy for me. I enjoyed this one. It was sweet, but it was very romantic and I can't believe I am saying this... but I think it could have been shorter. I did have a point where I got bored and put it down to pick up something with some action and adventure. So pick this one up when you are in the mood for an old fashioned love story romance.

Shawn and Rachel have known each other since birth. Their parents are best friends and the two were rai
This was a pretty good freebie. I liked the plot and the characters. Although through most of the book I wanted to smack 'Rach' upside her head and knock some sense into her, it wasn't in a completely bad way. I loved Shawn and was sympathetic towards him. Definitely worth that. ;) This had emotions, was written well and pulled me in (but not completely submerged), plenty of sparks, good side characters, touching parts, a few steamy scenes and a good sweet ending. This is definitely something I ...more
Christine Stanley
ARC received from Net Galley for honest review.

This is the first time I have read a book by this Author and I have to say I was kicking myself for having waited so long.

Within the first chapter I was hooked and unable to put this one down! The plot takes off right out the gate and leaves you unable to stop reading and I just love when a book sucks me in like that!

I have to say it took me a while to warm up to warm up to Rachel as I really just wanted her to get over all her issues and jump at Sh
Note: This ebook was provided Fido Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Shawn Griffin has been in love with his best friend ever since they were teenagers. He and Rachel Cooper have been together from the time they were babies and if their families had it their way, they would be married and popping out babies right about now. Unfortunately, Rachel has never seen him as anything more than her best friend and the proof is in her openness when it comes to sharing her private l
I love the friends-to-lovers theme ... so I was really excited to read this book: Rachel and Shawn were friends forever and although everyone keeps saying they are perfect for each other, they never tried. This is untill Rachel goes to NY to visit her ex and Shawn decides, he has waited long enough.

the plot sounded really good and I was so looking forward to reading this. but I had some troubles with it:

first, Rachel is not a very likeable character. I admit, that the female characters have a ha
Shawn and Rachel's story was an emotional one. Shawn Griffin and Rachel Cooper have been best friends since basically birth. They are very close and everyone already assumes they are more than friends, they are a couple. The truth is not so simple.

Shawn has known he has been in love with Rachel for at least 6 years. It has been hard acting like a normal best friends, sharing love stories of other partners with her. Having movie nights and more. Now, with word of her going back to her ex who live
*Net Galley Copy*

I'm not even sure where to begin on this review. Shawn Griffin and Rachel Cooper have been best friends since birth. Their parents have been best friends for years, and hoped that one day, Rachel and Shawn would wake up and realize that they are meant to be together forever.
When Rachel and Shawn are in their late teens, Rachel confesses that she has feelings for Shawn, but he didn't reciprocate them, so she ran to another man.
Cut to years later (and the actual start of this stor
"Insatiable," by Cari Quinn is a stand alone book.
What frustrated me: The conflict in this book is too contrived. Stories have to have conflict, I know, but it needs to feel relatable or naturally occurring. The same relationship roadblock kept coming up over and over. It was tedious. I kept wishing the main male character would accept the situation and resulting heartbreak, and move on--which isn't a very good attitude to have when reading a romance novel. Also, I was frequently confused about
Black Butterfly
Jul 14, 2013 Black Butterfly rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: ADULTS
Recommended to Black Butterfly by: GOODREADS MEMBER
Shelves: erotica, romance
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USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn wrote her first story—a bible parable—in 2nd grade, much to the delight of the nuns at her Catholic school. Once she saw the warm reception that first tale garnered, she was hooked. Now she gets to pen sexy romances for a living and routinely counts her lucky stars. When she’s not scribbling furiously, she can usually be found watching men’s college basketba ...more
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