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Ritualmord (Jack Caffery #3)

3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  2,725 ratings  ·  247 reviews
Bei einem Tauchgang im Hafenbecken von Bristol findet Polizeitaucherin Flea Marley eine menschliche Hand. Als am nächsten Tag unter der Eingangstür eines Restaurants am Hafen eine zweite auftaucht, wird die Sache zunehmend makaber. Flea Marley und DI Jack Caffery stoßen bald auf Hinweise, dass die Polizei es mit einem Fall von Muti-Zauberei zu tun hat.
Published September 15th 2008 by Random House Audio (first published 2008)
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I've really been on a Mo Hayder kick lately -- and I must be getting used to her, because this book didn't disturb me nearly as much as the other ones. Ritual is the third to feature Detective Jack Caffery, and this time Hayder has skipped ahead a few years, moved him out of London, and introduced a great new character, police diver Phoebe "Flea" Marley. The discovery of a pair of hands -- sans body -- kicks off an investigation that involves drug addicts and ancient rituals from Africa. As usua...more
I'm sorry to say that Ritual was a disappointment for me.

Mo Hayder hit two grand slams with Birdman and The Treatment. These were two crime thrillers that stood out from such a thickly saturated genre. Quite the feat for a new writer on the scene.
My gushing reviews on these:

What made these great was how successful she was at engaging the reader
in not only the storyline of the crimes at hand, but the personal struggle...more

I'm not sure why everyone seems to think this book's so great. I found it very boring and very hard to get through. Reading it felt more like a task than a fun passtime. I tried, but I was unable to read this in its entirety.
Mo Hayder's return to the Jack Caffery series is a mixed bag. Definitely not on par with the hyper-gory Birdman or the disturbing The Treatment, it relocates Caffery to Bristol where along with a new soon-to-be recurring series character, police diver Flea Marley, he investigates the discovery of a severed human hand in the harbour.
The key problem is, the plot which is interesting though hardly outstanding hardly needs Caffery, who could have been substituted by any Detective. Marley's own bagg...more
I had high hopes for this book as it continues the character in the author's first 2 books (Birdman and The Treatment) which are some of my favorite all time reads.
This one started off well but the second half was not as compelling and it left me feeling frustrated re the lack of storyline to explain the details of the events between this book and the previous one.
As in the previous books the main character (DCI Jack Caffrey) has his own things going on which make a subplot to the current crime...more
The Wee Hen
I had the hardest time finishing this book. I only made myself read the whole thing because I made the mistake of BUYING it instead of getting it from the library and I am too cheap to not finish a book I buy. I didn't like one detective at all and the other I had a hard time feeling anything for. It's not like I only read cozies but this was just way too gruesome, vicious, nasty and horrible for me. Just more gore than I really need from a mystery. It barely even felt like it was set in the UK...more
A Mo Hyder é fabulosa. Adoro o Inspector Jack Caffery. É humano, com impulsos que, por vezes, colidem com o que se espera de um policia. Há passagens difíceis de ler, mas não conseguimos parar porque queremos saber sempre mais.
Hmm. Okay I felt this was definitely a step away from the last Jack Caffery book, but I'm just not sure if it's a step forward, or simply just a step to the side.

First and foremost, I have to say Hayder writes really compelling mystery plots. I love the central plots of her books. I love her writing, I love her dialogue, and I love how unapologetically guttural she gets. My issues stem from her main characters that I just don't like.

Jack. Oh Jack. I really want to like you. I want to root for y...more
Mo Hayder wrote two of my favorite crime novels of recent years — Birdman and The Treatment, both of which married the British police procedural to something so dark and gruesome and impossibly heartbreaking that I honestly imagine it impossible not to be affected by their impact. Since then, I've read several of her other novels, which have succeeded to varying levels... and Ritual, I fear, may be the least effective one yet. It treads ground familiar to those who've read Birdman or The Treatme...more
This is a really poor Mo Hayder book that gets off to a tortuously slow start. The characters names are awful: Flea, Mossy and Skinny...seriously? I kept getting Skinny confused with Dobby, the house elf in Harry Potter. I'm not squeamish, but I admit I skipped over the entire sections where The Walking Man's describes his crime in lurid detail. I don't see the point that Ms. Hayder is trying to make, other than to shock, by going into such graphic detail. I liked Birdman a lot, but I can't say...more
Didn't enjoy this one as much as the earlier Jack Caffery novels. I found it quite difficult going for the first two-thirds. Not a hard read, but not really holding my interest.

That all changed nearer the end though, where the action really steps up a gear and some of the gorier parts became quite hard to stomach. By the end of the book I was a little disappointed it had finished.

That last part really redeemed the series for me and I went straight off to download the next novel. Hopefully this...more
Gord James
This is the third Jack Caffrey book and by far less violent then the other two. Jack is still tormented by his brother's disappearance some 30 years ago, but angrier. He is investigating a mutilation case where only two hands are found. The story gets really interesting because not only does he have to find out who the hands belong to, but also who did it. It was a little disappointing to see that Jack has become even more negative and aggressive. I am looking forward to reading more Jack Caffre...more
What happened, Mo? If I hadn't read her two previous novels with Jack Caffery I probably would have liked this one. But she has lost her feel for Jack. The way she writes about him is different. He seems stiff and wooden now. I understand that in the intervening years life has been hollow for him, but I think it is more than that. And the whole Walking Man character seems like a cheap device.
I loved the first two Jack Caffery mysteries, BIRDMAN and THE TREATMENT. This one, the third, sees DI Jack Caffery in Bristol where he's transferred from the Met in London. He's running away from his demons of the old cases that involved the disappearance of his brother years ago. Now, he finds himself in a case with Sergeant Flea Marley, a police diver who discovers a pair of hands in the Bristol Harbor that eventually lead to African witchcraft and blood sacrifice.
Flea is running from her own...more
Gale Stanley
Pig Island was disappointing. I was thrilled to see that Ritual: A Novel brings back DI Jack Caffery in a chilling tale of occult practices and the drug underground. He and the other main character, police diver Flea Marley, each have their own set of baggage which they keep bottled up and reveal to each other in bits and pieces. On to SKIN...
Clare O'Beara
Perhaps too realistic - because unpleasant - this story set in Bristol involves severed human parts and the primitive religion called muti, usually outlawed in African countries but often still practised.

If you want to know about people who think it's good luck to bury a hand under a shop, or drive around with shrunken heads hanging from car mirrors, this book will get you started.

The detective is not a pleasant sort either, with no graces or talents to recommend him, and he goes off to visit...more
Set in England, african mutilation killings....hum. dark creepy, don't suspect who at the end....dark dark dark.
More like three and a half stars (but I always round up). Didn't enjoy this one as much as the Treatment.
Enjoyed it, especially the descriptions of and research put into the sections on cave diving, but felt the end was a bit rushed. The text touched on themes of racism and Western imperialism without really unpacking them, and, despite a host of minority characters ripe for exploration, relied heavily on the white, straight protagonists for the bulk of the character development and plot exposition.

There were some cool, very creepy ideas in this book, but overall it seemed unbalanced, like it was...more
Bizzare hallucinations

African superstition

I don't think there was anything I liked about the story itself however, the narrator was pretty good.

Again Mo Hayder deals with man's depravity; It seems to be a subject she's familiar with. In this one however, she took unnecessary liberties with crass language and some situations were tastelessly handled. It's severely cheapened the story.

I've never had much respect for Caffery but in this the third in the series, he descends even lower in my opini...more
This is a very creepy suspense novel with horribly damaged main characters: Caffery is still haunted by the disappearance of his brother Ewan when they were both still children--he is convinced to a moral certainty that Ewan was taken and killed by a pederast who lived nearby while Flea/Phoebe, a police diver, hasn't come to terms with the death of her parents while on a technical dive in Africa. It is not surprising that both characters feel there are people (or something) just out of reach tha...more
This is a thriller that involves 'muti', religious practices from various African countries that involve body parts, in this case human and detached from said human while still alive. Not as terrifying as you might imagine (the book, that is); I have a fairly low horror threshold and I was OK most of the time.

I kept getting annoyed in this book because various characters kept referring to others as 'African' or to muti as 'African'. All the 'African' characters were sinister. Flea, one of the ma...more
If you are new to Mo Hayder, then I wouldn't recommend starting with this book. Start with The Treatment where we are first introduced to damaged detective Jack Caffery. This is a stand-alone, but I think you'll enjoy it more with more background on the characters.
In this installment, Caffery has left London for Bristol and catches a case involving cut-off hands and head of the police dive team, Phoebe "Flea" Marley. She has some serious issues of her own and is surrounded by some very dark peo...more
While I enjoyed this one (I might generously round it up to 3.5 stars), it comes across as a transitional novel. In an afterword, Hayder admits that after The Treatment, the second of her Jack Caffery mystery novels, she had grown tired of her protagonist. So in Ritual it makes sense that Caffery, while ostensibly the main character, shares the spotlight with a new character, Phoebe "Flea" Marley, a police diver forced upon him by the circumstances of the book's grisly case. As with her first tw...more
Author Annette Dunlea
Ritual by Mo Hayder (Book Review)

Ritual by Mo Hayder is the first novel in her new Walking Man Series. It is a paperback published by Bantam Press and its ISBN is 0553820435. From the author who brought us The Birdman, Skin and The Treatment like the others it is a graphically scary novel not for the faint hearted. While I enjoyed it I felt it was not her best book. To be fair it is the first book in a new series and new characters and scenes are been introduced. This will be a good series. A se...more
PROTAGONIST: Police inspector Jack Caffery and police diver Phoebe "Flea" Marley
SETTING: Bristol, UK
SERIES: 3rd to feature Caffery; may be start of a new series
RATING: 3.25

Phoebe "Flea" Marley is the head diver for a team that supports the police force in Bristol, UK. The team is often called upon to investigate the murky local waters when crimes take place. Even after much experience in dealing with dead bodies, Flea is taken aback when she discovers one severed hand. It's clear that the mutila...more
April Schultz
The best book I read in 2012 was Ritual by Mo Hayder.

This is the third book in a series that follows the main character, Jack Caffrey. He's a troubled police officer who has just taken a transfer to Bristol from London. He has this whole tragic background that I won't get into because it spoils all sorts of interesting plot developments that make the tired trope of "troubled police man" worth while and overlookable. I just made up a word!

In this particular book we meet Flea Marley, a police offi...more
A pair of detached hands turns up in a Bristol harbor. The son of a policeman goes missing. We are introduced to a new character, “Flea” (Phoebe) Marley, a diver and sergeant in the Bristol police force, who feels more comfortable with life underwater than above. We also meet the Walking Man, an ex-convict who is now rich but decides to live homeless, but who mysteriously and miraculously has all these insights into Caffery’s psyche. And we have the return of Jack Caffery, who has transferred fr...more
Vor einiger Zeit habe ich bereits Tokio der Autorin gelesen und fand ihren Schreibstil wirklich gut und angenehm.

Polizeitaucherin Flea Marley findet im Hafen von Bristol eine einzlene menschliche Hand. Nicht weiter, nur diese Hand. Niemand scheint zu wissen, woher diese Hand stammt, wie sie in das Hafenbecken gekommen ist. Der Fall scheint ein einziges Rätsel zu sein und auch Fleas Zusammenarbeit mit Detective Jack Caffery, welcher nach Bristol gekommen ist, bringt sie anfangs nicht weiter.

Antes de mais, tenho que falar de Jack Caffery. Adoro-o! Quem tem por hábito ler policiais, já está familiarizado com a personagem do polícia atormentado e à beira da autodestruição. Neste género literário, são quase um cliché. Mas Jack Caffery é, a meu ver, mais extremo que todos os personagens, e é isso que gosto nele. É carismático, apaixonado, imprevisível… e sombrio. Carrega dentro dele uma raiva, um desespero, mas ao mesmo tempo uma paixão que o tornam único. Tanto é capaz de ser o polícia...more
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Mo Hayder left school at fifteen. She worked as a barmaid, security guard, film-maker, hostess in a Tokyo club, educational administrator and teacher of English as a foreign language in Asia. She has an MA in film from The American University in Washington DC and an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University UK.

Mo lives in Bath with her daughter Lotte-Genevieve.

* Jack Caffery
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