Flee (Codename: Chandler #1)
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Flee (Codename: Chandler #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  498 ratings  ·  81 reviews

She's an elite spy, working for an agency so secret only three people know it exists. Trained by the best of the best, she has honed her body, her instincts, and her intellect to become the perfect weapon.


Then her cover is explosively blown, and she becomes a walking bulls-eye. Stalked by assassins who want the secrets she holds, and those who'd prefe...more
Kindle Edition, 256 pages
Published April 29th 2011 by Joe Konrath (first published February 22nd 2011)
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How does one assign stars or ratings to such a book. Candy for the mind with double the normal dose of sugar. The book has no character development, no intellectual stimulation, precious little humor**, but goodness what a rush. I stayed up all night to see what was around the next corner.

An operative, Carmen, whose real name we don’t know but who has numerous identities has had her cover, and that of her controller, Jacob (although we’re not really sure what they’re professional relationship mi...more
This is a hard one to rate. The story is intriguing and action packed with suspense. However the execution of that story could use some work. Written in first person and it is very difficult to distinguish between the voice for the two main characters. At first thought you might think that is acceptable, but they have such different personalities, motivation and character that it just seems absurd that you aren't able to tell the difference until a name is dropped. Loved the cameos by Jack and H...more
Fast, fun, and furious. The kind of book you probably won't be able to put down between chapters. There were a few typos and proof-reading misses, but it wasn't significant and wasn't enough to pull me out of the story. The switches between first person POV past tense (for Chandler), third person POV past tense (for Fleming) and third person POV present tense (for the bad guys) was a smidgeon distracting, but then I really don't like reading books written in present tense, and that may be why. A...more
May 17, 2013 Katy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: adrenaline junkies, fans of thrillers, high-octane stories, JA Konrath
Shelves: ebook
Book Info: Genre: Spy Thriller
Reading Level: Adult—explicit sex scene
Recommended for: Fans of high-octane thrillers
Trigger Warnings: violence, murder, sexual assault, statutory rape

My Thoughts: I read the first Jack Daniels book several years ago and really enjoyed it. I've been slowly building up my library of J.A. Konrath books ever since, and am a bit aggravated that I have to read this book before I completed it and was ready because of the new Terms of Service with Vine running me on Three,...more
T.T. Thomas
Flee by J.A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson is a non-stop thriller on enhanced steroids with the wildest combination of sexy women, nasty women, nasty guys and enough weaponry to start a war. This has to be the fastest moving novel I've ever read---indeed, the pacing of my own work in progress picked up speed just by osmosis! Konrath's own ever popular female star Jack Daniels makes a sweet cameo, but the heroine of this sexy beast is another female named Chandler, who finds herself in the unenvi...more
Michele Mai
A surprisingly good book. Granted, the characters were a bit flat, the plot was kinda flimsy, and the jumping from first person point-of-view to multiple third person storytellers did give the book an air of frustration. Push all that aside and gosh darn it, this book was a true thriller. I caught myself a few times actually gasping at the things Chandler was able to pull off. I never knew of Konrath's other literary character Lt. Jaquelyn "Jack" Daniels. Now that I do, you can bet I'll be obtai...more
Joan Reeves
Flee by J. A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson is the second collaboration between these two talented authors.

Combine all the action of a Bourne movie and a Jason Statham flick, make the action star hero be a woman, and you've got Flee! Now in the Bourne trilogy and The Transporter franchise, the heroes occasionally have slower-paced scenes of rest and recuperation. What a bunch of sissies! The heroine of Flee could teach them a thing or two about fighting, advance preparation, and just plain stayi...more
A pulpy, implausible, page-turner. Complete mind candy of the nonstop action variety. Seven identical twins with the same fingerprints? A cell phone that can launch nuclear weapons against anyone in the world? All of the action happens in about 24 hours? The lead character gets her shoulder dislocated first thing then spends the rest of the day fighting with people and falling out of 100-story buildings? Not likely, of course. Impossible, really. But if you just want to give your brain a little...more
I received a complimentary copy of the book for review, and would first like to say thank-you for the opportunity to read it.
Basically the plot line revolves around a highly trained female special ops type spy on the run from assassins. The action is literally non stop from start to finish. Violent, raw, sexy and gut wrenching all at the same time. It will really get your heart pounding.
Started February 06th, 2014.
Got this and the 2 following books in the series as an Amazon-EBook-Daily-Deal cheap and started two days after buying them, to take break from The Maze Runner.
Instant non-stop action, a bit much without a chapter break (there are only 3 chapters for the whole book as far as I can see), backstory is well integrated in the narrative.
The non-stop-action does not work for me, with reluctance I give 3 stars, for the first book in a series, but that may not be the case w...more
Fast-paced action thriller. Way over the top.
Some really humourous parts. Loved McGlade - he's an idiot.

Would really love to know what parts Ms Peterson contributed.
As I could not detect any real 'romance' from the romantic suspense author. Read pretty much like a bloke's novel.
Radcliff Lance
There was a time when this book would've gotten four or five stars from me. Guess my tastes have just gained some depth, as much as I hate to admit it. Flee kicks off with action and doesn't let up until the very last page. What a ride it is. This kind of book is a guilty pleasure for me, like low budget action movies or kung flu flicks.

What's missing? Any kind of character development whatsoever. Sometimes I don't care about such things. Like when The Expendables came out, and critics complain...more
Nikki Wilde
What a good freaking book! I actually slowed myself down while I was reading just to make it last longer. It was amazing. I will beg for more books with Chandler. It was so good.

It's about Chandler who's a super elite spy for the government. There are only a handful of people who know about her. All of a sudden life turns upside down for her. She's been compromised and being pursued from all different sides.

This was an intense page turner. I've been a huge fan of Konrath for awhile now and this...more
Frank Errington
J.A. Konrath, Ann Voss Peterson, or their publisher, did a pretty smart thing here. They made "Exposed - A Codename: Chandler Novella" available for free. I downloaded it and then realised I wanted to read the origianl novel, "Flee - A Thriller", first. I hate to read sequels, even if they're stand alone stories. Fortunately, I was able to pick it up using my March Amazon Prime Lending Library selection.

At one point, I was a fan of the spy novel, having read all of Ian Fleming's, James Bond boo...more
Michael Hicks
"Flee" is one hell of a page turner, but not without flaws. An early subplot involving an escaped convict struck me as a bit contrived and sorely lacking in effective resolution. It was too extraneous to the overall plot and was an unnecessary addition that, in retrospect, appears to have been created simply to help the main character get out of a jam. In some ways, it seemed as if the writer's had begun the story with one idea, but changed tracks as it evolved and couldn't quite figure out how...more
February 1, 2012

Chandler is a woman who has been trained to be a weapon used by the government. She is given a new identity and a new life as an undercover operative. She can also "kill a man eighteen ways using just her thumb "and has an amazing and very handy sense of smell. Chandler's cover has been blown and the worst day of her life has just begun.

Someone is trying to kill her and she must "flee". The action begins immediately as Chandler evades assassins approaching her apartment. She lose...more
This review has been written in exchange for a complimentary copy of the book through Bookrooster.com.

'Flee' by J.A. Konrath & Ann Voss Peterson is a full speed rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Seriously, it never lets up.

Chandler is a regular girl with a difficult job that makes it hard to meet men. Or is she? Within the first 10 pages, Chandler's cover is blown, she is nearly killed & manages to kill before she can escape her apartment block & from that moment on she is f...more
I received a complimentary copy of the book “Flee - A Thriller” by J.A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson in exchange for my review. At first, I did not like this book at all. I have to be fair and tell you that thrillers are not really my cup of tea. And I’ve never read these authors before, but I decided to give this book a chance and surprisingly found that I was actually kind of enjoying it towards the end. It is a very fast paced, exciting read.

Chandler is a spy who learns a lot about herself...more
Book Blurb:


She's an elite spy, working for an agency so secret only three people know it exists. Trained by the best of the best, she has honed her body, her instincts, and her intellect to become the perfect weapon.


Then her cover is explosively blown, and she becomes a walking bulls-eye. Stalked by assassins who want the secrets she holds, and those who'd prefer she die before talking.

Now Chandler has twenty-four hours to thwart a kidnapping, stop a psychopath, uncover the...more
Breathtaking. Phenomenal. Two thumbs up!

Wow! This was such a ride faster and more thrilling than a supersonic bullet! If you thought The Da Vinci Code was jaw-drop-worthy, wait until you read FLEE! It'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

blank stare
This could be your emotional reaction when you're through reading.

FLEE's protagonist is an elite super-spy known only as Chandler. According to the book's blurb, she works for a government agency so secret only three people know it exists (guess who they are? On...more
Joshua Simon
Great Book!

This is both my first time reading a JA Konrath novel and also the first time I've read anything in the thriller genre. Needless to say, I'll be trying out more by Konrath, especially within this series.

Here are my basic pros/cons:

- Very tight and well written POV.
- Fight scenes seemed believable and thought out.
- Pacing was great.
- I can actually envision this book being a huge hollywood blockbuster film.
- Tons of conflict. Konrath and Peterson are definitely not kind to th...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Angela Deakin
What a great story, the pace never let's up and you never know what will happen next. Chandler is an elite spy who works alone and only has contact with her handler over the phone, then everything changes and she finds herself hunted, unsure which side they're on or why they're after her she attempts to flee and then she makes a shocking discovery about her would be assassins. Contains the same wit and humour as the Jack Daniels series but with a very different heroine and a very different type...more
Amber Adamchuk
Let me start by saying I am a huge Konrath/Killborn fan. This book is action packed from the first paragraph and doesn't stop. Literally, there are no chapters, which for me I like having a spot to stop easily and move on, however this does not weight in on the review. I feel this book would make a great movie with all of the action and fight scenes in it, but didn't make for great reading. At times I got lost on who was doing what to whom, and had to sorta do a re-read on a few spots to make su...more
A high-octane thriller, Flee was hard to put down. I found the story read just as quickly as the action happened, burning through the whole book in just a couple days during breaks at work.

The story is centered on a young spy whose intrigue-laden life goes to hell as her identity is compromised and she is under attack from two directions. As she struggles to survive, she uncovers the mystery of who she really is. Along with saving the world, she puts herself on a path to redemption.

There were a...more
Given that his endless ebook evangelism is part of what made me finally get a Kindle, I figured I owed Konrath a read. So I picked up Flee. And, well--it's about as advertised.

Non-stop action (to the point where it almost got monotonous). Little to no character development or background, with the little there was concentrated in a short flashback section towards the middle. Mostly competent writing, if a bit rote and obvious. The little jokey references and cameos from his other books were cute,...more
Ty Hutchinson
The title is appropriate because Chandler is on the run the minute you crack open the spine. It's non-stop and you feel like you're fleeing right along side this bad ass fighting machine. And each time Chandler thinks she's over come the worst...bam she's faced with another life of death scenario. She can't catch her breath. I couldn't catch my breath. Peterson and Konrath have captured the essence of page turning and attached a tank of nitro to it. There's no shortage of action. With each turn...more
Laz the Sailor
This is a high-octane thriller featuring a young woman with unusual skills as an assassin with a heart. The premise is a classic taken to the nth degree. With two or three interwoven plots, it's hard to figure who are the good guys, cuz they all look like bad guys. The action is intense if occasionally over the top, and the Chandler's feelings are presented openly without having her get childish. Her heart makes promises that her rifle can't always keep.

Non-stop shoot-em-up in Chicago - gotta lo...more
Chandler is an elite spy. Only 3 people know of her existance. She has minutes to escape her apartment when her handler, Jacob phones her. She has spent her life honing her body and her skills and works as an assasin. Suddenly, she no longer has contact with Jacob. It seems other assasins are on her trail. and Cory, a psycho she was involved with as a teenager reappears, an escapee from prison. The one person, Kaufman who she thinks dearly of, has been kidnapped by Cory. This books had lots of t...more
This book moved so fast that I was finished with it before I knew it. I love that about it. The story intrigued me and I would have loved some deeper character development but that may occur in another book. Chandler was hard and yet had a soft side that she could not keep 100% at bay. One question though.....did she ever tell Jack that her "good" sister was in a wheelchair? If not, then you really cannot be sure at the end which sister is actually alive. I loved the cameo appearances by Jack an...more
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JA Konrath writes the occasionally amusing and often frightening Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels thrillers, available in hardcover and paperback from Hyperion and as a spoken word from Brilliance Audio.

The books are a mixture of the humor of Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, but with the scares of James Patterson, Thomas Harris, Patricia Cornwell.

Basically, JA rips off everybody.

In o...more
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