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Firestorm (Destroyermen, #6)
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Firestorm (Destroyermen #6)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  1,509 ratings  ·  62 reviews
"I cannot recommend Taylor Anderson too highly." -David Weber, author of Out of the Dark Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker find themselves caught between the nation they swore to defend and the allies they promised to protect. For even as the Allies and the Empire of New Britain Isles stand united against the attacks of both the savage Grik ...more
Hardcover, 422 pages
Published October 4th 2011 by Roc
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The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)
This book allowed for more depth of character as we get to know Silva better... and that's what we call an adventure right there... we get to know more about the supporting cast. Anderson's series is spread between Hawaii, as far north as Japan and China and as far south as Indonesia.

The technology boom in Baalkpon is in full gear and the hairy scary lizards (who really aren't lizards) are in retreat. Jim Ellis has a chip on his shoulder and the army is growing, training and able to kick some
Loren Foster
"Firestorm: Destroyermen" USS Walker might not be a Texas Ranger, but she would do Chuck Norris Proud!

USS Walker sails full steam ahead into deeper dangers despite Dominion Doms dastardly duplicitous deeds dealing death and destruction right back into the new menace facing them, flying Grik's grimacing faces.

The alliance grows, but in doing so it needs to protect and cover expanding territory, extending its protection and spreading its forces to the breaking point.

Forces beyond control force a
Kat  Hooper
2.5 stars Originally published at Fantasy Literature:

Firestorm is the sixth book in Taylor Anderson’s DESTROYERMEN series about the WWII navy warship USS Walker that was hurled into an alternate Earth during an electrical storm. (If you didn’t know that, you should probably stop here and go back to read the first book, Into the Storm, and the subsequent volumes before continuing on.)

In Firestorm, our heroes are spread out across the world trying to stop e
This series, although I enjoyed it at the start, is now more a how-to manual than a story. I would prefer more worldbuilding--and no, Mr. Anderson, I don't mean more emphasis on how the Church that's developed in this alternate Earth is so bad and so horrible and is nothing like the Real Catholic Church. I swear, every mention of it is followed or preceded by one of the main characters announcing that of course, this Church is corrupt and evil! Because that's never been done in an AU, noooooo. I ...more
The main story threads continue to multiply. Silva, Princess Becky and Sandra Tucker are shipwrecked and presumed lost. The invasion of Ceylon begins. The invasion of the British Empire held Hawaiian isles by the Dominion is in full swing. On the home front in Baalkpaan, the industrial buildup is really hitting its stride.

The pacing could well have suffered due to the more fragmented story, but Mr. Anderson makes it work. The actions on Ceylon and New Ireland especially are well written. Our he
Emily Karn
In a parallel universe Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of USSS Walker find themselves caught between the nation they swore to defend and the allies they promised to protect...

The Allies and the Empire of New Britian Isles now stand united against the attacks of both the savage Grik and the tenacious Japanese. But Designated Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces Matt Reddy has a new foe to contend with: the Holy Dominion, a warped mixture of human cultures whose lust for power ov
Daniel Shellenbarger
If you've read any of the Destroyermen books (and there's no point in beginning with this book if you haven't read its predecessors), then this is everything you've come to expect from the series. In fact, I haven't bothered to review books 2-5 largely because the quality, tone, and general feel of the books doesn't vary much from one to the next. The biggest change is that while the first few books reminded me of Burroughs and his lost worlds (with their focus on the U.S.S. Walker's efforts to ...more
Kathy Davie
Sixth in the Destroyermen military science-fiction series. In our Earth, it's the start of World War II and ships from both sides occasionally go missing in action. What both sides don't know is that not all their ships are destroyed. Some pass through a squall into another world, a parallel Earth where humans are not the dominant species.

My Take
It's a terrifying read what with the Grik attempting new ideas, the Japanese commander helping them to recreate his technology, and the treachery of t
This has been the weakest entry of the Destroyermen series thus far. It very much feels like a running-in-place, mostly-filler addition. There was precious little plot or character advancement and the one big surprise of the book is spoiled by the cover illustration. Dunno what they were thinking. It was okay, but towards the end I was skipping most of the descriptions and really hoping for more interesting stuff. All the really good stuff happens in the last five pages.

Hopefully this slow-bubbl
Brett Boerner
This is another very good installment in the series. We are learning more and more about the enemies that Matthew Reddy and company are facing on both sides of the "known" world. Unfortunately for the characters (but fortunate for the reader!), the advances of the Allies are often met with advances of their enemies, which keeps everything in a pretty good balance.

I like the way Taylor is able to write each of these books without me feeling like he's picked some arbitrary stopping point at which
You could easily retitle this book "And then." For example:

-And then...they sent an expedition to South Africa!
-And then...there were Dominion troops hidden in the woods!
-And then...they mounted guns on their reconnaisance planes!
-And then...ZEPPELINS!!

The zeppelins are especially important, because now we really know it's alternate history.

I know that "and then" could be used as a description of the way any plot-driven book is structured, but Firestorm really brings it to the fore. It mostly se
This will probably be a shorter review for a book in this series. It is the sixth book and picks up where the previous book left off. The AEF is now facing a 'two-front' war with the New British Empire joining the alliance. In the West the Grik are trying new tactics in an attempt to determine if they can hold what they have or must continue to trade land for time. In the East, the AEF is helping the British marines to retake New Ireland as well as defend the colonies on the 'American' mainland. ...more
A continuation of the "Destroyermen" series. Some characters in the plethora of characters, developed more fully as the story moved on--slowly. At one point three battles raged simultaneously and it was difficult to track progress in all of them or to understand the strategic import as the gore continued. No plot limes concluded and the author might as well have cut out some text and combined a few books. Nevertheless, I read/listened to all of it.
Fantasy Literature
2.5 stars
Firestorm is the sixth book in Taylor Anderson’s DESTROYERMEN series about the WWII navy warship USS Walker that was hurled into an alternate Earth during an electrical storm. (If you didn’t know that, you should probably stop here and go back to read the first book, Into the Storm, and the subsequent volumes before continuing on.)

In Firestorm, our heroes are spread out across the world trying to stop evil in its several guises. There are the Grik — the lizard-like horde that eats peopl
Dan Churchill
Interesting story and intriguing world. I have not read any of the other books in this series (this is #6) so was perhaps more confused than I might otherwise have been in trying to keep track of the large cast of characters, but that confusion is the biggest reason I'm not giving this more than 3 stars. I'm interested enough that I will (someday when I've worked off my backlog of purchase-but-not-yet-read books) go back and start the series from the beginning, and see how that alters my experie ...more
Can things get worse? For the crew of Walker and her allies, the only answer is yes. Now solidly engaged in a two front war against opponents that individually outnumber the entire alliance, the scope of this story continues to grow (my biggest concern is that every books seems to be making the scope bigger! There really doesn't appear to be an end in sight).

Now forced to stave off an attack by the Holy Dominion while simultaneously continuing to strike at the Grik, the story is steadly expandin
"Firestorm" is #6 in the Destroyermen series. I liked it. I'm not tired of it at all. This is a big story and the author is telling it well. I'm unhappy in the way he portrays Catholics. I am not a Catholic but it makes me feel uncomfortable. The author makes it clear that this is some distorted misconception of Catholicism that isn't Catholicism at all, but knowing that intellectually does not help how I feel. I wish he would have called it anything else.

Nevertheless I'd read this book again an
Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk
I've read some real criticisms of this book and I can honestly say that I don't understand them. This is, beyond any doubt, a thrilling and entertaining read. Taylor Anderson's Destroyermen series just gets better and better! He has managed to create a dangerous world with all sorts of perversions (the homicidal Grik, the twisted religion of the Dominion) but it is a world which is not too unfamiliar in a strange sort of way. The furry "Lemurs" have developed into a ferocious fighting "peoples", ...more
Chris Bauer
Good, solid entertainment. Another excellent book in this series, "Firestorm" focuses on the cultural expansion, new allies and new enemies which are discovered in the strange new world the Destroyermen find themselves. The science and sociology is right on track, the characters are interesting if not incredibly deep - this is more of an action / conflict driven series. A quick read as well. After creating a diaspora of sorts for the main characters, the author is bringing them back together onc ...more
Steven Bragg
This book covers too many topics for its own good. There are enemies galore and in so many places that the author is essentially reduced to describing an ongoing series of battles, with a little descriptive work in between to link the battles. The result is lots of great fighting sequences, but character development has essentially vanished. Also, there is little discussion of how an essentially agrarian society somehow brings itself up to the level of World War I fighting capability in about tw ...more
This series is transitioning into the middle stages of a world-wide conflict, and it shows as the narrative becomes dispersed over several theaters. The book is entertaining as always, though the enemy has not yet achieved complete parity against the 'good guys'.
Aug 27, 2012 Gordon added it
Shelves: destroyermen
WOW, just wow.

The air ships on the cover is a nice spoiler but I would have liked to see them sooner in the story but man what a story. We've been introduced to a large number of new characters these last few books and they have grown considerably in Firestorm. The story grips you from the beginning and doesn't disappoint; finally getting to 'see' the P40's in action after 3 books is nice too.

Lots of different things happen in this book over a very short period of time, take your time and read i
The Destroyermen series just keeps steaming along. Taylor Anderson keeps expanding his world, and just when you think it's gotten too big to handle, he brings in another level.

Good read. Well thought out characters. Exciting narrative.
Anderson again cranks out an entertaining and very complex alternate universe at war. And what a war it is. The Americans (Lemurians and Japanese included) now in alliance with the British are on a two front war with The Dominion while the Americans, Lemurians, and Japanese are battling the Grik and Japanese alliance in Ceylon. How this guy keeps all of this straight, along with an ever growing list of characters is really a sight to be seen. So far, six books in, there has yet to be a disappoin ...more
Dale (Aus)
Great book, the best so far with the intensity really lifting, I really enjoyed the multiple plot lines with a world wide feel about the conflict in the book. Love the way we have new characters and ideas flowing into the story and the constant refresh of the plot lines in each book.

Parts of the plot I could relate to with experiences my father went through in the second world war, so I found myself relating to those in particular.

Great book and I look forward to the next one. Thanks Taylor Ande
Michele Maakestad
I really like this series, but this book tended to get bogged down a bit in the battle details. Wasn't as character driven as earlier books, which I felt dragged it down. Cover is pretty misleading. Kept waiting for the dirigibles to show up, which doesn't happen till the very end, and is pretty anti-climatic considering it's prominence on the cover. Also kind of spoiled the "surprise" of their appearance in the book.
Szetong De
I liked it, but I think Anderson may be milking the series a little bit too much. I would have been perfectly content with ending the series at Maelstrom. Still interesting, but still....
The ending really shocked me. That's why I like Taylor Anderson. Every time I think I've got the general idea of the plot down, something new comes along and hits me like a truck. For that, bravo, but beware of taking a great series too far.
Ryan Rauber
6th book in the Destroyermen series, which sees a new front opening up in the East as the Alliance faces a new power in the unknown Dominion. This book offers little in the way of character development, but plenty of action. Longtime fans of the series should be pleased. The book cover unfortunately reveals a spoiler that happens at the end, but this just makes me want to pick up the next book in the series.
In the 6th volume in the series has the crew of the Walker and HIMS Achilles enroot colonies of New Britain in North America to prevent there being over run by Dominion navel and land forces. This book follows the Growing threat from the Dominion and the Grik / Japanese alliance and it’s new super weapon. Also the arrival of the destroyer Hidoiane, Mizuki Maru and a tanker through the Squall.

This started out as a 5 star for me. As I continued to read novels from other authors, I started to drop the rating. Hopefully it will not drop further when I read more of this series. The book has a very unique plot. Really enjoyed that aspect of the series. What I can't stand are the names. Just a bunch of gibberish. Every time I see an indigenous characters name it looks like: Plxz3#uittaka.
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