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Two girls have recently disappeared near the town where Stephanie lives. She is concerned but is sure that it could never happen to her. But then it does. Tied up and alone far from home, she manages to escape her captor and run for her life. But she is i
ebook, 176 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by Orca Book Publishers
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Alia Morris
This book....was amazing. It was incredible. It scared me at first, because I honestly don't like horror or mysterious books. This can actually happen in real life. Like, you wouldn't think it would be you, then BAM it is !! That's what scares me the most. This book actually helps with situations like this, when you don't know what to do. I think she worried a little too much in the book, but in other ways it felt like you were her. It felt like that was happening to you because you are so addic...more
Shivani Bieber ♥
This was an AMAZING book. The plot line was extremely creepy, and unimaginable- I don't what I would do if that happened to me. Stephanie has so much experience with camping and hiking, so that was the reason she survived in the the woods fort so long. I f I was in her position, I would SURELY die within the first week, if not the first DAY itself. After reading this book, I have become so paranoid- I've even told my told my mom that I'm never walking anywhere alone again, no matter if it's in b...more
Laura bayfield
I chose to read Taken written by Norah McClintock because Rachel recommended it to me as she found it thrilling and exciting.

This book falls into the category of a novel of my own choice.

My favourite character in this novel is the brave main character Stephanie. I think she was my favourite character to read about not only because the book was based on her but because she showed a lot of courage. Stepahanie was put in a complete freak out situation and she managed to stay calm and get out alive...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Emma T.
Que faire quand, en rentrant chez soi, quelqu'un dont on ne voit pas le visage nous agrippe, nous drogue et nous emmène dans une vieille cabane perdue au fond des bois ? Surtout quand on est une jeune fille de dix-sept ans, ayant le même profil que d'autres victimes enlevées quelques jours plus tôt... et retrouvées mortes ?

C'est ainsi que débute Taken. On ne sait rien de Stéphanie, la narratrice, mais on apprend à la connaître au fur et à mesure qu'elle apprend à se connaître elle-même. Il ne s'...more
I found this book on a recommendation from Goodreads, and I was immediately "taken" with the cover. I had to have it - so I immediately went to my local library website where I was delighted to find it on the shelves and available to check out. I had to wait two days before I could get to the library, and the anticipation mounted. Finally, I picked up the book where I discovered it was a very short novel. I opened it and got started. What I read was good. The narrator was smart and savvy with wo...more
Steph, a fourteen-year-old girl, is kidnapped on her way home one evening and wakes up to discover herself tied up in a neglected cabin in the middle of the woods. The rest of the book centres around her escape and the wilderness training her grandpa imparted on her before his death.

Frankly I figured out the ending within the first few pages, not that I'm particularly clever, but just that I read a lot of from the mystery genre and the plot wasn't complicated.

My only real complaints about the bo...more
Sandra Stiles
I was so thrilled to get my ARC of Norah McClintock’s book Taken. From the minute I he plot was well thought out and well written. The following is my review.

Stephanie and her mother have not gotten along since her father passed away and her mother started dating Gregg. Her father was a well educated and refined man in her eyes. Gregg, her mother’s new boyfriend is slovenly and a loser. It is obvious that he does things to make Stephanie irritated, except when her mother is around. He even remar...more
Karen Phelps
This book is about a girl named Stephanie and she would've never though that she would be taken by a serial killer after he took 2 girls that looks exactly like each other. One day when she had to walk home by herself a person came up behind her and drugged her to fall asleep but when she woke up she ended up in a cabin. Since the kidnapper wasn't she took useful objects for her journey but she was stranded in the woods having to worry about a kidnapper, pack of wolves or bears catching her and...more
From what I understand ORCA specifically publishes books for reluctant readers -- stories with quick plotlines meant to be exciting and uncomplicated for those who might otherwise not enjoy reading.

So, needless to say -- I am not the target audience here.

I always have an aversion to these types of plotlines -- the ones where you can identify the culprit right away -- the ones where everything is just *too* convenient and the protagonist just overcomes every obstacle *way* too quickly and easily,...more
Jaime Huff
Stephanie is your typical teenager. Full of angst, especially after her father passes away unexpectedly in a car accident and her mother begins dating Gregg, who Stephanie can't stand and feels is substandard compared to her father. Stephanie and her mother have arguments that seem to further aggravate the tension at home. In a small, rural community, they town is rocked with the disappearance of two young girls. One which was found "not alive". Of course, our protagonist doesn't think it could...more
Bücher aus der Sicht einer Entführten gibt es haufenweise. Da ich die Gedanken und Gefühle der jeweiligen Protagonisten jedoch bislang immer interessant fand, hat "Zwei Schritte hinter mir" sehr schnell mein Interesse geweckt.

Allerdings ist dies auch stellenweise recht schnell wieder verflogen. Das Buch an sich wird zwar zum Großteil spannend erzählt, aber leider treten vermehrt Wiederholungen auf, die mich im Laufe der Geschichte immer mehr genervt haben.
Es ist klar, dass eine Entführte Angst h...more
Stephanie was walking home alone when suddenly she was kidnapped by someone. She woke up in a cabin in the middle of no where. With the survival skills Stephanie had learned from her grandfather, she tries to survive and get home with the tools she took from the cabin. As she tries to get home, she realizes that she shouldn't had treated some of the people around her poorly, because you don't really know how important something is to you before you lose it.

I picked this book because the title t...more
Title: TAKEN
Author: Norah Macclintock Publisher: Orca Book Publishers, 2009 # of pages:173

Stephanie been kidnapped and taken to an isolated place where she tries to escape and go back home.

As Stephanie is walking home after shopping with her best friend, she takes a shortcut home, lonely place with only trees. Stephanie felt hands covering her mouth and a needle going into her skin that makes her fall and sleep. She wakes up in the middle of nowhere with two options, escape or stay there.

When s...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadToo.com

The disappearance of two girls from a small town has the community on high alert. When one of the girls is found dead, parents are issuing strict words of caution to all teens about traveling in groups and not staying out after dark. Those words of caution go unheeded when Stephanie, angry at her mother, decides to take a shortcut across an empty field.

The next thing Stephanie knows, she is waking up in a deserted wilderness cabin w...more
Michael Denzel
When someone comes across the book “Taken” written by Norah McClintock, one might think that this book is solely about abduction. But as the book progresses, Stephanie, the girl who was kidnapped, must survive from escaping a kidnapper and the woods that surround her. However, she has developed many survival skills from spending time with her grandpa. This book deals with kidnappings and surviving in the woods, two reasons why this book was compelling to me. Another thing that intrigued m...more
"This book starts about fifteen minutes before the protagonist (Stephanie) is kidnapped, and rushes right on through the rest of the story at breakneck speed. It pauses only long enough for exposition-heavy internal monologue, as well as pages of Stephanie freaking out, then telling herself to stop freaking out. There's very little character development, and I found it to be quite predictable. (Stephanie doesn't like mom's new boyfriend, but then realises that maybe he's not that bad, when she's...more
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Truth be told, I pretty much hated the messages of this book, although I can understand why some tweens and teens might like it. As evidenced by the popularity of "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent", kids are still as interested in survival skills as ever. However, whereas once upon a time, kids used to be enthralled with "My Side of the Mountain" and the idea of willingly going out into nature to test themselves, we now have to entice them with plots involving serial killers and noxious potentia...more
Two girls recently disappeared near Stephanie's small town. One is found dead in a field, the other is still missing. The police suspect a serial killer. Stephanie's mother constantly reminds her to be careful walking anywhere alone, as she is very similar in appearance to the two missing girls. Despite her mother's warnings, Stephanie decides to take the shortcut through the field on her way home from the bus stop and halfway through the field, Stephanie is grabbed from behind and drugged. She...more
This book had so much potential. It was the female version of Hatchet. A young girl gets kidnapped and quickly escapes into the wilderness, where she has to survive and find help without any water and only an empty canteen and plastic sheet.

It read quickly (but obviously not as good as Hatchet, but a comparable readalike) and I enjoyed the story, but the ending was wretched. There was a bit of detective work to help discover who kidnapped our main character, but the rest of the ending was forced...more
Quick read, good for younger teens and reluctant readers. The story concept was good, the action and survival skills kept me interested, but the ending was predictable and abrupt.
Stephanie has been hearing about two girls that have been kidnapped from small towns near hers. One was found dead, the other still missing. Still, after warnings from her mother and the police, Stephanie decides to not only walk home one night after dark by herself but to cross a deserted field. Needless to say, Stepha...more
Shonna Froebel
Stephanie lives in a small town, and two girls in the area near the town have disappeared lately. There is talk around a serial killer. Stephanie is having issues with her mother over her mother's new boyfriend. She has run away a couple of times lately. But one night, Stephanie is herself kidnapped. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself bound and alone. As she struggles to survive both physically and mentally, she falls back on the strengths she has been taught, and forces herself t...more
I hate to criticize a McClintock book but this one wasn't up to her usual standards of awesome. It was very rushed with almost no previous character development. We don't learn much about Steph as a person before she was kidnapped except that she fights with her mom and her mom's boyfriend. (view spoiler)...more
ugh. I wanted so much for this book, but nothing after the first 20 pages was very exciting, and the writing style was so unrealistic, so fake. Not much of a mystery either. If the ending surprised you, then you're six, or you are in Special classes.
Ashlee Levy
Simple, but amazing I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a shorter and easier novel.It is very well written, yet still easy to understand. I am very glad to have read this and will keep an eye out for other books written by her.
A very quick read. Not a book that I would share with students in class, although some students might wish to read it on their own. Book feeds already overhyped fear among adolescents that they could be snatched by a "creepy" serial killer. Doesn't help the stereotype of creepy stepdads, either. Fortunately, the book does not dwell on the more sordid elements of a kidnapping of this sort. Instead, much of the book is devoted to the way in which Stephanie uses her grandfather's teachings to help...more
Becky Lenhart
This book is a mystery about a girl who has been abducted on her way home. The young girls journey home has made her have a new out look on the life she lives. She uses the teachings taught by her grandfather for her survival.
Stephanie is utterly unconcerned about the fact that two girls have been kidnapped and murdered near her small town. She is just a normal girl, who fights with her mother about all sorts of things, and really doesn't like her mother's boyfriend/fiance. But then she gets taken. She wakes up alone, tied up in a cabin. Thankfully, she has all sorts of wilderness survival skills taught to her by her grandfather during the summer she stayed with him, so she manages to cut the ropes binding her and he...more
The book started off really well, and I liked the character, but it wrapped up too quickly and didn't have enough suspense towards the end. Quick read.
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Norah McClintock’s fascinating mysteries are hard to put down. Her Chloe & Levesque series, Mike & Riel series, and Robyn Hunter series, all published by Scholastic Canada, have been popular with readers in many countries. Norah has also written several crime novels for reluctant readers in the Orca Soundings series from Orca Book Publishers,

Norah is a five-time winner of the Crime Writer...more
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