Il vino della solitudine
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Il vino della solitudine

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Il vino della solitudine è il più autobiografico e il più personale dei grandi romanzi di Irène Némirovsky: la quale, pochi giorni prima di essere arrestata, stilando l'elenco delle sue opere sul retro del quaderno di Suite francese, accanto a questo titolo scriveva: «Di Irène Némirovsky per Irène Némirovsky». Non sarà difficile, in effetti, riconoscere nella piccola Hélèn...more
Paperback, Biblioteca Adelphi #569, 245 pages
Published March 23rd 2011 by Adelphi (first published 1935)
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Avete presente la seconda parte del incipit di Anna Karenina?

Ogni famiglia infelice è infelice a modo suo...

Irène Nèmirovsky alias Hèlène Karol questo lo sa molto bene...
Anche se crede che le famiglie infelici siano uguali esattamente come le infelici.
Ma la nostra Hèlène (esattamente come Irène) è una combattente.
E se è vero che "da un' infanzia infelice non si guarisce mai".
Tuttavia ci si può sempre vendicare di chi ce l ha resa tale in questo caso Bella (no no tranquilli Twilight non centra)....more
Debbie Robson
In The Wine of Solitude Helene is a troubled, neglected young girl with a difficult self obsessed mother, a mother who in a slightly different incarnation appears in Le Bal. It's hard not to wonder what Mrs Nemirovsy was like and how much her personality affected the young burgeoning writer that was Irene. Helene her counterpart in The Wine of Solitude is a fascinating character and very apart from those around her.
"She looked at the people around her. They didn't even see she was there, but to...more
D'un ton plus noir et amer que ces autres romans, Le vin de solitude de Némirovsky s'attache à l'histoire d'une famille juive, vivant en Russie, où la pauvreté et les pogroms, marquent son quotidien. Encore enfant, l'héroïne demande asile à des lointains cousins, eux bien installés dans leur confort et leur richesse. Et c'est là qu'elle tombe éperdument amoureuse d'Harry. Lorsque sa famille fuit la Russie, espérant trouver à Paris la promesse d'une vie festive et fantasmé, la jeune femme compren...more
Sally Wessely
This the second book written by Irene Nemirovsky that I have read. Having read "Suite Francaise" a few years ago, I was interested in reading this book in order to learn more about the author. Autobiographical in nature, I found the story Nemirovsky's early life fascinating in many ways. At times, I wondered how a child raised in such an atmosphere could ever emerge to become an author of such renown as Nemirovsky did. Upon further reflection, I decided that her childhood certainly gave her much...more
I think this book should've been called The Wine of Loneliness Which Leads to a Drunken Need for Revenge.

Catchy, non?

This might be my favourite Némirovsky reading experience. The descriptions (especially of nature) were beautiful. The cover says this is the most autobiographical of her novels. Which is sad, regarding what happens, but also makes me think she was writing with a sense of nostalgia. But she wrote in such a way that connected with some of my memories, so there were times I was feeli...more
Mr. Kovach
A depressing but very good book about a girl growing into woman-hood in Ukraine, Finland, and then Paris under an abusively neglectful mother and rich but gambling-addicted father. I like this author, previously read her posthumous Suite Francais. How tragic that this brilliant writer with so much to say about life died at the hand of the Nazis. One interesting thing about The Wine of Solitude is how, throughout, the weather replicates Helene's moods and life events. When an intricately describe...more
In English - The Wine of Solitude.
The book is about a girl growing up in a Russian jewish family that rises to riches before and during WWI and is forced to leave at the start of the Russian revolution in 1917. The family ends up in Paris after having spent some time in Finland. This text is an amazing piece of work. The story has several layers to it: the description of the character of a tyrannical and adulterous mother, the solitude of the girl who grows up without friends, the young Russian...more
Roger Pettit
Irene Nemirovsky was born in Kiev in 1903 of Jewish parents. Her family escaped to France in 1918. While living there, she became a successful novelist. She died in Auschwitz in 1942. A number of her books have been translated into English in recent years and have been published in the UK and elsewhere - to critical and commercial success. The Wine of Solitude is the latest such book. It is apparently a largely autobiographical novel.

The Wine of Solitude tells the story of young Helene Karol an...more
Originally published in 1935, this is Nemirovsky’s latest novel to be translated into English. Autobiographical in nature, it is very much a portrait of the artist as a young woman.

The Karol family (Boris, Bella and their daughter Helene) moves from Kiev to St. Petersburg to Finland to Paris as the events of World War I and the Russian Revolution unfold and force the family to flee. Told largely from Helene’s point of view, we see the life of a lonely girl whose only emotional stability is provi...more
Diane S.
3.5 Said to be her most autobiographical novel, the reader first meets Helene when she is only seven. The daughter of a narcissistic and extremely self involved mother and a father she loves but is himself addicted to gambling. He loves his wife to the point of self delusion. We follow Helene as she ages, learns to hate her mother, the only love in her life is from her governess Madame Rose. This is a novel about the quest for revenge against the backdrop of the Great War and the Russian Revolut...more
E. Chainey (Bookowski)
Irène Némirovsky tarzı çok değişik. buradaki helene'nin duyguları çok değişik hissettirmişti bana. sevgisiz bir ailede rusyanın savaş zamanında yahudi bir ailenin kızı olarak büyümüş, annesine beslediği nefreti kullanmış ve sonunda herşeyi bırakarak kendi özgürlüğüne ve yalnızlığına kavuşmuş ilginç bir karakterdi. güzel kitap vesselam. çok sürükleyici değil. dikkat ederek okumak gerekli.

not: yazar bu arada auschwitz kampında soykırımda öldürülmüş. fransız suiti adlı romanını da okumuştum. o yar...more
i like everything Irene Nemirovsky writes. honestly i would like to give it another 1/2 star ... i just can't bring myself to give it four. i take my rating very seriously! i gave both Dogs and Wolves and Suite Francais four stars and i just don't think The Wine of Solitude is the same quality. not that Nemirovsky's writing isn't still great ... it absolutely is .... it is the overall story. i was hoping the story would provide a better picture of the impact both w.w. one and the revolution had...more
Irene Nemirovsky was indeed a talented author; she died in Auschwitz in 1942 so we can only imagine what wonders she would have written if she had survived. "The Wine of Solitude" follows the childhood of a young girl born into a complete train wreck of a family, an mother who verbally abuses her and a father hooked on gambling and speculating as opposed to fatherhood. Her father leaves Kiev and makes a fortune in St. Petersburg eventually moving his wife and daughter there where they become par...more
A beautifully written novel that evokes a remote place and time a hundred years ago, and the girl growing up in it as she wavers between hope and spite. Wonderful descriptions and good reading.
Il vino della solitudine è un romanzo fortemente autobiografico.
L'autrice apre una luce sulla piccola Hélène la quale vive in un'ambiente di aridità affettivo. Il padre è un personaggio che si eclissa con la medesima facilità con cui la moglie spicca imperiosa. Lui è un uomo privato del lavoro, dell'amore della moglie, è un personaggio perdente, incapace a lottare, una vittima dell'estremo egoismo di Bella. Pur essendo presente in pochi sprazzi di tempo è impossibile non provare commiserazione...more
Zoë (In The Next Room)

The Wine of Solitude is the second book I've read by Irene Nemirovsky, a Jewish novelist born in the Ukraine who lived and worked in France and died in Auschwitz. The first book I read by her, Fire in the Blood, was in 2010, and this was nearly three years later (yes, I'm still catching up on old reviews). Honestly, I can't tell you why I haven't read more, because the truth is every word I've read by Nemirovsky has blown me away.

At the centre of The Wine...more
I liked this book quite a bit, but suspect that my response has such a personal basis that I can't review it objectively. I have family roots in Kiev; like Némirovsky's they fled Ukraine in the early 20th century, but to America rather than France; and as with Némirovsky France stands for me - rightly or wrongly, it doesn't matter at a certain level - as a symbol of freedom and civilization. The book hits all those notes and so for me it was a beautiful, meaningful read. I hadn't been terribly i...more
The author, who died in Auschwitz, has been rediscovered and found acclaim with her postumously published novel "Suite Francaise" that covers the Nazi invasion of France. This book is narrower in focus, and dramatizes another time of historical tumult. The story is told from the childhood point of view of Helene. Her family is dysfunctional and claustrophobic. She adores her father, a high stakes businessman who makes great sums and gambles them away. Helene hats her abusive mother, Bella, a sup...more
Dhanaraj Rajan
Irene Nemirovsky is a good writer.

I had read just a book prior to this book by her. That was LE BAL. And that story had the most different characters (A mother who cares less for the daughter and the daughter who seeks revenge on the mother) that I had come across till today. That story stunned me. Later I learnt that her book THE WINE OF SOLITUDE is similar and is told in an extended way. Moreover I also learnt that these both stories are almost autobiographical. In fact this novel is supposed...more
"'I'm not afraid of life,' she thought. 'The past has given me my first experiences of the world. They have been exceptionally difficult, but they have forged by courage and my pride. And that immutable treasure is mine, belongs to me. I may be alone, but my solitude is powerful and intoxicating.'

She listened to the sound of the wind and felt she could sense, within its raging, a hidden rhythm, solemn and joyous, like the rhythm of the sea. Its sounds, shrill, raucous and piercing at first, merg...more
Irene Némirovsky's story is a sad one: born into an unhappy family, fleeing the Russian Revolution, and left to die in Auschwitz. In The Wine of Solitude, she captured some of the happier (ish) moments of her short life.

Largely autobiographical, The Wine of Solitude lets Némirovsky live out her childhood frustrations through the eyes of Hélène, the precocious young girl caught between her love of her distant, weak father and tyrannical, self-absorbed mother. The tale is occasionally hurt by the...more
Di Irène, per Irène.

Ricordo ancora quando nel 2006 cominciai a notare "Suite francese" nelle librerie, nei supermercati, ovunque andassi che vendevano libri, al punto che chiesi anche a mio zio, "lettore forte" e punto di riferimento in famiglia per l'amore verso la letteratura, se l'avesse letto e se, secondo lui, fosse importante farlo.
Non sapevo niente della Némirovsky a quell'epoca, per cui, quando mi decisi dopo qualche tempo ad acquistarlo e successivamente a leggerlo, mi accostai al roman...more
Ritroviamo in questo romanzo alcuni dei temi tipici della Nemirovsky come l'infanzia infelice rovinata da una madre egoista ed insensibile e dalla totale indifferenza degli altri familiari, l'ipocrisia, la falsità e la sostanziale immoralità del bel mondo russo ed europeo della Bella Epoque, la paura della vecchiaia e della decadenza. Sicuramente questo libro è il più autobiografico e tra le pagine si percepisce il dolore e l'odio che la scrittrice maturò nei confronti della madre e che ha carat...more
The Wine of Solitude is the most autobiographical of Némirovsky's novels, and it focuses on the relationship between a daughter and her mother. Hélène Karol's family is fundamentally dysfunctional with her father working hard to earn money, then giving it to his wife (with a practically live-in younger lover) because he is afraid he will gamble it away. In turn, Hélène's mother is emotionally manipulative and in an early incident, Hélène discovers how deeply in denial the people are that surroun...more
I liked this book but I found it a bit disappointing. It's clearly very autobiographical, and Nemirovsky definitely captured the atmosphere of Russia and France at the time around the Great War, and of a privilged if painful childhood under the thumb of a poisonous mother. The story is of Helene Karol's journey from prickly, awkward child to ruthlessly independent young woman. Helene is not always likable. She is the kind of intense, imperious little girl who makes some adults uncomfortable--and...more
‘Vi de solitud’ es una novela de Irène Némirovsky profundamente autobiográfica. Es la historia de Hélène, una niña nacida en Russia, pero educada con una institutriz francesa, con una madre que sólo se preocupa por coleccionar amantes y en un padre que sólo se preocupa por ganar dinero y luego jugárselo a las cartas o en la bolsa. La niña odia a su madre e idolatra a su padre, aunque éste tampoco le hace mucho caso, así que crece faltada de afecto, porque la única persona que se lo da es su inst...more
Teresa Esteban
It's a very good book. It basically goes around the main character's childhood and teenage years , which are completely spoiled by an unloving family and a growing sense of loneliness. Through her clever eyes, she sees the world around her and depicts the various members of her family and their evolution throughout the years. This description is not only very acute, portraying all the complexities of human beings, but also reveals her own personality. Since the very beginning of her life, Hél...more
Nose in a book (Kate)
I suspect some of Némirovsky’s own life fed into this novel. It follows a family with a Jewish father who move from Ukraine to Russia to Finland to Paris in the 1910s and 1920s, so the background is the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the stock market rise and fall. Which is a turbulent, exciting and occasionally terrifying background for what is at heart the coming of age of a young woman.

But it’s not that simple. Hélène dearly loves her father but he has no time for her between his...more
The Wine of Solitude fashions a novel around the author’s early life (although told from “Helene” in the third person) in Kiev, Petersburg, a remote region in Finland and ultimately Paris.

The panorama of historical events provides a fascinating backdrop to her experiences and those of her family. Although growing up with a rare abundance of material wealth, Helene had a horrible childhood and it was almost palpable to see the hardening of her heart as the book progressed.

I could understand the...more
There isn't enough I can say about this author! Originally penned in French in 1935, & recently translated in English. It is hard for me to decide what I enjoyed more, the subject or the prose. This is an autobiographical novel, which is what makes it so powerful & creates such an impact with the reader. It is a dismal, very real novel. Not for someone looking for a quick weekend read! This is about pain that is endured for many years throughout a young woman's life without a happy endin...more
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Irène Némirovsky (born February 11, 1903, Kiev, died August 17, 1942, Auschwitz, Poland) was a Jewish novelist and biographer born in the Ukraine, who lived and worked in France.

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“When you love someone as much as that, you don't believe they can die. You think your love protects them.” 17 likes
“But she loved studying and books, the way other people love wine for its power to make you forget. What else did she have? She lived in a deserted, silent house. The sound of her own footsteps in the empty rooms, the silence of the cold streets beyond the closed windows, the rain and the snow, the early darkness, the green lamp beside her that burned throughout the long evenings and which she watched for hours on end until its light began to waver before her weary eyes: this was the setting for her life.” 7 likes
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