Liberator (Worldshaker, #2)
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Liberator (Worldshaker #2)

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Equality remains elusive in this stunning steampunk sequel to Worldshaker.

In the aftermath of the events of Worldshaker, the Filthies control the massive juggernaut, now called Liberator. Many members of the former upper class, called Swanks, have remained behind to help teach them how to operate the juggernaut and to build a new society together. But all is not idyllic ab...more
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published March 23rd 2011 by Jacoby & Stuart (first published January 1st 2011)
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Ranting Dragon

(This review contains spoilers for Worldshaker by Richard Harland)

Liberator is the excellent sequel to Richard Harland’s 2009 steampunk adventure, Worldshaker, and once again the majority of the story takes place on the huge mobile city, now renamed to reflect its liberated status. While you do have to have read Worldshaker to fully appreciate Liberator, I personally found the entertainment value alone of both books more than worth the few hours it took to...more
I thought the ending of the Worldshaker was it but it was good that it did and that Liberator was created.

It starts off with the attack of a saboteur and the power control within the Filthies.

I am not much of a fan of stories like this and I got bored at it and I feel like I was dragging myself again like in the first book about the happenings in this story, though there is one part of the story that got me interested. Right now, I just figured out that the entire story for me was like a rolle...more
Ty Durbin
If you want to read a book with steampunk aspects and action, the book Liberator by Richard Harlan is the book for you. This book show that if want something you can achieve it with a lot of help from others and when you fully believe in yourself.

The plot of the Liberator starts after the liberation of the "Worldshaker" ,the filthies have taken over and they face the challenger of a saboteur causing havoc and making everyone frantic while the other juggernauts are coming to attack. The main prot...more
Liberator picks up in the months after the first book in the series, Worldshaker, ends. The ‘filthies,’ the (for all intents and purposes) serf class that operates the mammoth ship has taken over, and the politics of their endeavor are immediately snarled. They’ve renamed their ship the Liberator, but their former rulers are living in ghettos on the ship, even though they helped in the revolt and encouraged the uprising. The action is certainly tenser than in Worldshaker, and the story begins wi...more
Also published under The Ranting Dragon:
Interview with author:

Liberator is the excellent sequel to Richard Harland’s 2009 steampunk adventure, Worldshaker, and once again the majority of the story takes place on the huge mobile city, now renamed to reflect its liberated status. While you do have to have read Worldshaker to fully appreciate Liberator, I personally found the entertainment value alone of both books mo...more
Tahlia Newland
This is a good book and well worth a read, but read the sequel, 'Worldshaker' first. In it you'll meet the juggernauts, huge machines on rollers or tracks that travel the world on steampower and use masses of coal. The jugernauts are basically cities on wheels and have a similar social strata as the real Victorian period.

The world Richard has created is quite amazing and well thought through. The machinery that runs these juggernauts are well described so that you get a sense of their enormous...more
Pamela Todd
As soon as I finished Worldshaker, I was more than eager to get my hands on Liberator. The story picks up three months after the revolution and the Filthies took control over the renamed juggernaut. Though they accomplished their goal, things for Riff and Col isn’t what they hoped. Tension is rife on the Liberator, with Filthies distrusting of the remaining ‘Swanks’, extremist Filthies pushing for more power and someone intent to bring the whole moving mountain to its knees.

The action is tenser...more
Adam Alexander
This was a fun read set in a steam punk alternate history where the action is set on juggernauts, city-sized ships that seem to be all that is left of 19th Century European civilization. "Liberator" is the juggernaut containing the remains of the British Empire. In this alternative timeline, she has undergone a Red October type revolution that has put the underclass in charge. Anti-revolutionary juggernauts are out to get her and the Liberator herself is riddled with class tensions and post-revo...more
Ian Wood
This is the complete review as it appears on my blog. Note that links in blog reviews are not reproduced here and any updates or modifications which are made on the blog will not be replicated here.


Liberator is the sequel to Worldshaker and it’s really the same title since the name of the ship in the first volume was Worldshaker, but it has now changed to Liberator. I love that for some reason! This novel is set three months after the initial story, and whereas the original novel...more
[Obviously this review contains spoilers for Worldshaker so, um, go read that one first.]

Worldshaker has been liberated, and the Filthies have renamed the juggernaut to Liberator. Col expects great and wonderful things from the union of upper and lower classes, but the new world isn't as perfect as he'd hoped. Instead of cohabitation, the Filthies are taking over. They're persecuting the "swanks," as the upper-class is now called, just as the swanks persecuted them. And then other juggernauts le...more
Col, a Swank, was the future leader of the juggernaut Worldshaker when it was taken over by Riff and the Filthies, who worked in the Below of the ship keeping the engines and boilers running. Col and Riff are now working together to unify the Swanks and the Filthies, however a fanatical element within the Filthies is determined to eliminate the Swanks. In addition, there is a Swank saboteur on the loose who is not helping matters any.
Lots of action, adventure, and intrigue. As a sequel, it stand...more
The sequel to "Worldshaker" picks up a few months after the events of the first book (go read it first, or yes, you'll feel lost). Once again, Mr. Harland keeps the writing tight, and allows his characters to experience pain, grow, discover things about themselves and each other... and kick some butt to boot!

I will confess that the "Dune" nod was perhaps a bit too much for me (I won't give details, for fear of spoilers). However, it wasn't nearly enough to ruin the book, and appeared sparingly....more
You don't have to be a young adult to feel actual physical distress at the opening turns of events on the newly renamed juggernaut Liberator. Richard Harland delivers a (for me) very painful reminder that there are no quick fixes to entrenched inequality, and that being oppressed is not ennobling. Victims can become perpetrators as easily and unthinkingly as anybody else.

And I loved following the juggernaut on its adventure to Botany Bay to load coal.

With the same short chapters and whirlwind pa...more
Kate Forsyth
Liberator is the sequel to the fabulous steam-punk adventure, Worldshaker, which I read and enjoyed immensely last year. Richard Harland really knows how to construct a page-turner. The books are set on board a giant metal juggernaut that rolls over the world, carrying an entire city on its back. In Book 1, the juggernaut was driven by down-trodden and maltreated menials called Filthies. With the help of Col, one of the Upper Deck aristocrats, they rise up and seize control of the juggernaut. Li...more
This brilliant sequel to Worldshaker follows the changed fortunes of Col and Riff as the juggernaut rolls on. Now the Filthies are in charge, and it's the Upper Decks people who are victimised and reduced to a ghetto-like existence.
The battle continues as the Filthies take over the juggernaut Worldshaker and rename it Liberator. A world of deception and betrayal ensues as the revolution turns radical. With Col now in the minority with his Swank friends, what will happen to his relationship with...more
It is great to see Col growing into a bigger role and taking initiative in 'Liberator', a nice contrast to Riff taking on a leading role in 'Worldshaker'. Harland handles the relationships, the action and the Filthy-Swank tension so intricately that I would reread this book in a heartbeat. It has a well-written and elaborate plot even with so many rich characters and side missions leading up to the climactic action-packed scenes. Amazing read.
The class struggle is upon us! The Filthies, the slave underclass of the Juggernaut Worldshaker, overthrew the ship's aristocracy and instituted a Revolutionary council on the renamed "Liberator." All is not well as tyrants arise and manipulate the new government to their own ends. Col & Riff return for a new adventure in this alternate-history tale of 19th century colonialism (and really big machines!)
This book frustrated me, but in a way that made me keep reading, even though I really was mad at the characters through most of it. I won't say too much to make any spoilers, but characters I trusted from the first book didn't stand up for each other like I thought they should, not until it was too late. In the end though, I did enjoy the book. Again, it could be a bit shorter but has a lot of action.
Sue Bursztynski
Lovely steampunk! You do have to have read Worldshaker, to which this is a sequel, but go read it if you haven't! In this novel, we get some more information about why this alternative universe is different from the one we know.

Full review will be up on my blog, The Great Raven, in the next day or two, or when I get back from swancon if I can't do it before then.
Liberator is the follow up action packed sequel of Worldshaker by steampunk novelist Richard Harland. I found it to be more interesting than the first book as I loved all of the fast paced political intrigue. Machiavellian politics are right up my alley. Still puzzled about the role of Antrobus in everything but time and a potential sequel will reveal all...
Alma  Ramos-McDermott
Col and Riff have survived the takeover of the steamship Worldshaker, and have renamed it Liberator. Col is expecting things will run smoother between them now that they’re all on the same side, but it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong. Read the rest of the review on my blog: http://shouldireaditornot.wordpress.c...
Scout The Dog
I really enjoyed Liberator, and World Shaker, too. I think these books deserve a higher fan base. In my opinion, they weren't as great as other steampunk books I've read, like the Leviathan and Airborn trilogies, but still...Worldshaker and Liberator were awesome. I wish I'd never read them, so I could experience reading them for the first time all over again!
Pam Saunders
The sequel to Worldshaker again sees Col and Riff doing battle as rebellion continues within the Liberator and beyond as the other Imperialist juggernauts suspicion about life on Liberator threatens their empires too.

Steampunk fans will soak this up.

(Australian edition has a different cover to the one pictured here)
Brin Kime
This was a really great sequel and i was happy with it. The beginning kind of frustrated me in that i was just like what the heck is going on seriously! but i really liked the ending even though one of the parts was a little far fetched even for a fiction book. Overall, a great read!
Loved it ! What can I say ? I loved Worldshaker, and this one too, there are wonderful ! Nothing else to say, expect that I WANT ANOTHER ONE !!!!! I haven't ever read books like that I loved it.I want to live with Riff and Col on these giants boats !
Sequel to World Shaker is a fantastic read from start to finish. The writing style is light and keeps you turning the pages. In the fast expanding world of steampunk fiction, Liberator stands as a great example of how it's done right!
I'm very glad I took the time to read this. The character arcs were awesome, and concluded well along with the actual plot. Well done.
It was an excellent sequel, but not as brilliant as the first! Like, the plot twists were cool... but they weren't as clever and amazing as they could be. overall, love the language and such :)
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My latest novels have been my big international breakthrough, published in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Brazil. They're all steampunk fantasy: WORLDSHAKER, its sequel LIBERATOR, and now SONG OF THE SLUMS (same world, new story) appearing in May 2013.

SONG OF THE SLUMS is about the invention of rock 'n roll - 100 years before Elvis Presley! In a world enshrouded with fog and smog, the...more
More about Richard Harland...
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