Batman: No Man's Land, Vol. 1 (New Edition)
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Batman: No Man's Land, Vol. 1 (Batman: No Man's Land Complete 1)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  346 ratings  ·  37 reviews
Gotham City: a dark, twisted reflection of urban America. Overcrowded, overbuilt, and overshadowed by a continuous air of menace, this gothic nightmare is a breeding ground for the depraved, the indifferent, and the criminally insane. It's also the object of one man's obsession. Forever scarred as a child from witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne has de...more
Paperback, 544 pages
Published December 13th 2011 by DC Comics (first published 1999)
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MINI REVIEW: this is the first of several volumes about a Gotham which has been mostly abandoned by the rest of the world. An earthquake hit Gotham and it was so horrific that most people left Gotham yet enough stayed for various reasons, creating a feudalistic setting in which gangs (and rare good groups) control different sections of Gotham. A lot of the Batman villains have stayed and make their appearances, especially The Penguin.

Where is Batman? Nobody knows and he isn't around at first but...more
The first volume in this mega-arc starts strong with Gordon and the remaining GCPD trying to provoke fights between gang factions to gain ground in former Gotham (now No Man's Land). Other points of interest include a mysterious new Batwoman, and the various kooks from Arkham carving out their own turf, including the Joker who is roving quietly like a jackal. Azrael is back with a new costume that's way too silly to take seriously (and sillier still, he fights an Irish dancer? Oy vey. This chara...more
A sprawling storyline involving Gotham being shut down from the rest of the world after a series of cataclysms, with this picking up a few months after the borders have been shut down. An interesting way to get Batman to have to operate in new ways--since gang warfare breaks out, his usual tactics just don't work in here. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that both The Dark Knight Rises and Arkham City used some ideas from here.

Fantastic character work in here--Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon a...more
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were some parts that seemed to drag a bit but I did enjoy it and find it worth the money. I am pretty upset that DC still did not include nor collect "The Road to No Man's Land" which, in my opinion, is a crucial part to the story line. You can read the story without it but I certainly enjoyed it a lot more. The story is about an earthquake that hits Gotham. All the buildings, except those own by Bruce Wayne, are destroyed. This story is about life afte...more
I'm not sure what exactly it was that kept me from enjoying this as much as I thought I would. I've loved all the other work by Greg Rucka that I've come across...ah. I see. The compilation of stories in this aren't all by Greg Rucka. That explains why it just didn't seem to mesh very well. Different writers, different illustrators; just didn't work all that much for me.

Gotham City has been hit by an earthquake. The government tried to evacuate the populace, but not everyone left...some couldn't...more
Heath Lowrance
Earthquake in Gotham. City sealed off from the rest of the world. Criminals take over. Bats and his crew take the city back, block by block.
This goes on for a year. Some good stuff from Rucka, some tedious stuff from everyone else. No Man's Land (all five volumes of it) contains a few gems, but honestly goes on WAY too long. Still, it's nice to see the status quo get shaken up from time to time, and No Man's Land certainly signaled the beginning of a solid few years of Batman stories after that.
I read a lot of Batman stuff, in fact most of the top shelf of my bookshelf is dominated by Batman trades (mostly paperbacks but I have scored a few hardcovers) and I would rank this amongst my favorites.

It was unlike any Batman story I have read up to this point. I found most of the book to be captivating as it wove the story of a post-quake Gotham that has been cut off from the world. The various gangs and factions, some led by various villains or the remnants of the GCPD, carving up the city....more
Shannon Appelcline
No Law & A New Order by Gale. I wasn't sure what I'd think of the non-Rucka stories, but this is an interesting start, helped in no small part by the Alex Maleev artwork. But more generally, this story sets an interesting foundation for NLM of warring tribes in a post-apocalyptic city and uses that basis to create a very different sort of Batman story based on ethics and morals. The introduction of a new Batgirl and the strong focus on The Gotham PD both add to the enjoyment of this story [7...more
Ariel Marie
The only reason I picked up No Man's Land was to read the introduction to Cass Cain's character. To my disappointment, I learned Vol. 1 wouldn't cover her character. Nonetheless, I was surprised to enjoy the collected issues in this volume as each fell into each other nicely. One of my favorite genres is slice of life, which was the focus of each issue. My favorite arc involved Helena just as Huntress rather than Batgirl as she handled a religious community who took in Scarecrow. The main highli...more
Lindsay Stares
Premise: Collects 21 Issues under 7 different titles that were part of the No Man's Land crossover. See Issue List at the end of the review. Gotham has been struck by a massive earthquake. Despite the efforts of Bruce Wayne, the government has decided to pull out of the city and evacate the population. Of course, not everyone leaves. These are the stories of those who stayed in No Man's Land.

For starters: yes, the premise is fairly silly. Furthermore, Batman is made somewhat ineffectual right at...more
Julia Naab
I first heard about this storyline from reading Batman and Philosophy and it sounded intriguing. I picked it up from my local comic book store and have not regretted it one bit. The main arc is really good. I like how a lot of if focuses on the female characters. Like the Huntress/Scarecrow arc. I also like the addition of Azreal's stories, but I know they're not for everyone.
I took down one star because I'm not that crazy about some of the artwork. This is unfortunate, as even the stories in t...more
Steven Brandt
First there was the Contagion, a modern-day plague that washed over Gotham City leaving its population decimated. Then came the Cataclysm, a massive earthquake with its center just miles from Gotham’s downtown. The government estimated that it would take $100 billion to rebuild the wasted city, a price tag they quickly decided they did not want to pay. Those who wanted out were evacuated but hundreds of thousands stayed, unwilling to leave their homes, or perhaps having nowhere to go. With the b...more
Ivan Leong
Gotham city suffers from an earthquake disaster. Now commonly known as the No Man's Land. This is like reading Walking Dead except there are no zombies just people with the mentality of survival of the fittest. The strong and powerful villains triumph, what can Batman do to save his city.
Sarah Grissom
In one of the longest batman storylines, Gotham city is destroyed in an earthquake. The US government decides to evacuate and abandon rather than rebuild. The people left behind are cut off from the rest of the world. It soon becomes a battleground with the mobsters, the gangs, the criminals, insane all fighting for territory and resources. Gordon and the GCPD, Huntress, Oracle, and Batman all have to adapt to his new world to save Gotham.

This graphic novel series is very different from any Batm...more
This is a really good collection of well written comics. The concept is very interesting and the plot is well thought out and even thought provoking at times. My only complaints with this first volume was the absence of Batman for half or more of the book which creates pacing problems considering some characters just don't take well to action (I.e-oracle, who basically tells most of the story in the first volume). Otherwise it is fairly well done though, because it is a compilation of several di...more
This is a great volume of Batman comics. The story is so original, but yet I'm amazed that they have never tried anything like it before. You get all the villains showing up, and a few of the random heroes like Azrael chiming in. A mysterious new Batwoman is in Gotham, tearing things up too. I just found the deeper aspect of this series so intriguing. With Gotham left to its own devices, what is the Batman to do? Times have changed, but has Batman changed as well? It's all a lot to look into whi...more
Tanmay Tathagat
This omnibus-style collection seemed like a good idea when DC announced it, but having just finished reading it, I'm not so sure anymore. The Batman and Detective Comics issues are quite well-written, in fact, they are very good. But the Azrael and Huntress issues suck so bad, that they bring down the overall enjoyment level greatly. There are parts of this book when you are just reading a few issues of Huntress and Azrael one after the other and it just makes you feel like you're reading the sh...more
After a cataclysmic earthquake, Gotham lies in ruins, abandoned by the USA to devolve into anarchy. Batman is missing and heroes and police alike battle to regain order against the escaped villains of Arkham and others who have turned in their desperation.

My main problem with this was that it was just.too.long. The characters just seemed to be climbing a never ending mountain, coming up against problems again and again. I understand this was a year's worth of story but where as at times you were...more
Edward Petersen
Artwork is best in the first half of this volume. The major arc (4 vols. in this edition) is fantastic, but many of the "related" issues are not that great. I'm not a huge fan of the Azrael: Agent of the Bat offerings, even though the character is tolerable and at times enjoyable. Oracle, Huntress, Batgirl (Cain), and Gordon are the reasons to read this series, and this volume specifically. Although, the issue where Two-Face helps people based on a coin flip, and the coin comes up "help" every t...more
Joshua Lemke
One of the best Batman storylines I've ever read. A great introduction to Cassandra Cain as the new Batgirl. Can't wait to read the next volume.
Quinton Baran
An interesting take on Gotham being decimated by natural disaster and then unaided by Federal force. The city is divided into fiefdoms, many controlled by super criminals from Batman's rogues gallery.
Geoff Derks
If I am rating volume 1 as a whole it would be a 3 star rating. The Azrael comics were terrible and seem not to have a large part of the main story involved. The other comics are written well but some of them drag on for several pages. Since there are several creative teams working on the different comics, there is not an even tone/style, but I understand it as a collarborative work so I can look past it. I can't believe there are 3 more volumes to get through!
I'm personally angry at this book because I bought it thinking it was going to be part 1 of a 2-part re-release of the NML storyline, previously released in the form of 5 trades. Sadly, this is an expanded version that, while cheap, is still part of a 4 or 5-part series. Because of the expansion to include other lines (like Azrael) it ends up being really uneven in the quality of the writing and art, and is overall just too damn long and winding.
I really enjoyed No Man's Land when I read the five trade version that was released years ago, so I was excited to hear that it was getting a re-release. The story is still very enjoyable, although the quality varies from issue to issue since so many different books are collected here. Despite the lower quality of some of the crossovers, it's nice to finally see all of the pieces that were missing from the original collections.
Based of pure volume alone this is excellent. 500 plus pages of Batman comics. the story is great as well, only complaint is Azreal. not a big fan of his. but overall great.
I'm enjoying it so far. The stories and artwork within are of good quality, though sometimes I can't help but feel It's a lot of concept and not a lot of story. Hopefuly in the next two books we see more story and less focus on the fact Gotham is a wasteland. I know Gotham is a wasteland already, now I want to see what Batman and co are going to do about it!
Ronin Ronin
A decent book, however I wish it had more of a lead up to No Man's Land. And I'm not sure about the continuity between issues. Like the Batgirls. From previous books I know two different women wore the cowl but it doesn't show the switch.

And some of the art is just...bad. But I don't regret buying the book, and already ordered Volume 2.
Absolutely devoured this 'event' book-it has everything, Batman against the odds, Arkham Asylum inmates galore, lawlessness and a hopeless situation resolved only by grit and determination...I know many Batman fans don't rate this highly but I loved this series and the same of Knightfall.
Derek Royal
A mixed bag. I enjoyed Bob Gale's main storyline, but many of the ancillary narratives were disposable. Not all, but many. And I hate to say it, but I wasn't even that excited about Greg Rucka's contribution...and I usually love everything he does.
Ariel Cummins
Lots of different artists and writers in this one -- which has some good, and some bad. Overall, I liked the different explorations of what was happening in Gotham after the quake; I appreciate seeing it from so many different viewpoints.
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Greg Rucka, is an American comic book writer and novelist, known for his work on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman: Detective Comics, and the miniseries Superman: World of New Krypton for DC Comics, and for novels such as his Queen & Country series.
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