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Battlestar Galactica
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Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica Miniseries #1)

3.59 of 5 stars 3.59  ·  rating details  ·  279 ratings  ·  40 reviews
For forty years, the Twelve Colonies of Man experienced peace, united since the war against the man-made Cylons. The Cylons, mechanical beings created to perform the manual labor civilization required, were gone forever…or so humanity thought.

But in those years, the Cylons developed new Cylons that looked and acted like humans--with one goal in mind: to destroy all humani...more
ebook, 320 pages
Published December 27th 2005 by Tor Books (first published January 1st 2005)
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Lindley Walter-smith
The two stars are for the plot and characters, which are amazing and stunning - but the writing really lets it down.

There are far too many cases of showing not telling here, and not just that, telling over and over. The prose is extremely flat. What happens as a result is that scenes that were thrilling, or charming, or heartwrenching, just go over with no impact at all. One example - a CAG, watching his shipmates die around him as their ships go dead, waiting for his own death seconds away? "Hi...more
People read movie-to-book novels for two reasons. One, they curious about the tv show/movie and want to read to see if they'll like it; or two, they are in love with the tv show/movie and they want to read to keep that flame burning. I fall into the latter category, and as such, I hated this book. (I've been trying to think if I'd have liked it if I was in the first, but as I've rewatched the show so many times, it's difficult to say.) This book is based on the mini series of the tv series. This...more
Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries is one of the free ebooks I got off the site in its promotion for going live. It's pretty much what the title advertises: a novelization of the story depicted in the opening miniseries for BSG.

Carver does a decent enough job putting the story into prose, but it's a very straightforward translation; there's nothing added to the story here. When I read a novelization of a TV show or movie, I'm generally hoping for something new to enhance what I saw in...more
It's basically a retelling of the terrific mini-series with details fleshing things out for a narrative. It's on the dry side, not riveting like the actual broadcast. Biggest fact error: saying William Adama's call sign is "Husher" when we devotees all know it's "Husker".

But anything that brings BSG to more people is a good thing. So say we all....
Septima Severa
I must confess that I was disappointed a bit. It's been just about a month since I discovered that something like Battlestar Galactica existed at all. I even cannot remember properly how I got to the so-called TV show. But ever since the first moment, I've become a BSG addict. Junkie.
And I didn't want to admit it.
It's just natural to crave for more. I wanted to explore something beyond the borders of the screen - I wanted to know more about the individual characters. To know what would they be t...more
Ashlee Kiel
This was the first novelization of a TV show I've ever read so I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was vaguely disappointed by this book. As a blow-by-blow of the miniseries, it worked, but I wanted more background from the characters' perspectives, especially Starbuck, Adama, and President Roslin, and I didn't really get it. The writing was meh - repetitive diction made the most exciting parts of the story fairly boring, which was a letdown. It also took me forever to read because it just...more
Johnny Crespo
Best Show ever made by Man !
Crystal Starr Light
I know I'm not quite in the right generation, but I have read the old Battlestar Galactica book adaptations of the TV series (thank you, public library!) and have grown rather fond of them. I was a little perturbed about the new Battlestar (particularly how Starbuck is now a woman), but I am open to new ideas, so I bought this one with my birthday gift card.
PLEASE NOTE: I have never seen the actual miniseries, so this is just a review on the book, not on how the novelization compares to the mini...more
This was a fun, quick read.

I haven't seen the series (I still had too many fond memories of the original and I didn't want to see Starbuck as a girl), but this book has changed my mind.

Setting: I never really knew or cared about the setting of the original (I was fairly young and just enjoyed the story), but I liked how this set it all up and explained how the cylons came to be and why this battlestar was still around, and so forth.

Plot: Not very original or unique, but not horrid either. I wasn...more
Syahira Sharif
Mar 01, 2013 Syahira Sharif rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Battlestar Galactica fans and SciFi fans

As an avid fan of Battlestar Galactica, I devour the series in several days, just as the same enthusiasm I had with this book actually. Usually I dislike movie-to-books adaptation and they usually a bad reincarnation of the screenplays or the author is extremely boring. The last adaptation book I read (The Dark Knight Rises) was plain awful and it doesn't add anything to the enjoyment. However, despite all the subpar unglowing reviews that this book have, I felt this book does the miniseries tru...more
Daniel Cann
The television series 'Battlestar Galactica' captivated audiences worldwide and was even liked by the critics, something rare in television. With themes that ranged from apocalypse, survival, war and 'the enemy within' it was challenging and cerebral science fiction rather than the lightweight campy fare one is used to.

I was intrigued by this novelisation and wondered if respected sci-fi author Jeffrey A.Carver would manage to capture the atmospheric, claustrophobic and most importantly thrillin...more
Catherine Fitzsimmons
Yet another in the list of ebooks that I received from before said website opened. This is a novelization of the beginning of the new Battlestar Galactica TV series, based on the old 70s series. It is the story of the namesake warship, about to be retired and turned into a museum after years of peace, only to be thrust into combat again from the sudden attack of the deadly Cylons, the robots turned war machines that rebelled against humanity decades earlier. The attack devastates the twe...more
I usually don't like novelisations, as they tend to be one dimensional and disappointing after watching the film/TV. But this one was ok. It covers the story of the pilot mini-series, with all the characters introduced and the background filled in.

Humanity invents intelligent robots, Cylons, which are used to do all the jobs that humans don't want themselves. But when they turn on their masters, a long, bitter war is fought. No-one really wins, but both sides retreat into far space, keeping well...more
I really liked this book. I got it free from the Jeffery A. Carver website (free download), and now I'll have to find the next book. It seemed a little slow at the beginning, but that was for the intro to the characters ( a little confusing cuz there are a lot). But after the intro it was really good. I liked the action, suspense, emotions, characters, and the moral and tough decisions that were made. It really makes you think about how you think/feel. (i hope that was understood). Everything wa...more
I just want to start off saying that I will not compare this to the original novels or original TV series because for me they are very different, too different for a proper comparison. Now, moving onward.

I loved the 2004 television series. It is by far one of my favorite shows of all time. Keeping that in mind, Battlestar Galactica the novel is basically just the literary version of the show. As I read this book, I very vividly pictured the episodes unfolding beautifully before my eyes.

I notice...more
Sarah Sammis
I am old enough to have watched the original Battlestar Galactica. I watched it when it was new and I grew up watching it over and over again in reruns at my grandmother's house. It came on after The Twilight Zone, right during lunch.

When the new series started, I was asked to review the second and third books in the companion book series. I really wanted to read the first in the new series too, Battlestar Galactica by Jeffrey A. Carver. Recently I realized I could get the book via an interlibra...more
Why I read this book: It was the Tor free eBook on the day when we were going on a trip, so I downloaded it and put it on my Kindle.

This was an enjoyable read, though it had no major surprises for me; I've watched the miniseries more than once. The author did a solid, if not spectacular, job of translating (I presume) the screenplay to SF novel form. I didn't see anything new that wasn't in the miniseries except for the name of the diplomat at the beginning (Wakefield) and the revelation that Bo...more
David Schick
As a fan of the original TV series, I avoided the remake simply on the basis of Starbuck being changed into a woman. It just seemed wrong to me on some level that the womanizer was turned into a woman. I was still curious however, despite wanting to remain true to the original series, so I read the book based on it.

WOW! They changed a lot more than a few genders, and most of it was for the better. I doubt I will ever watch the series still, and I doubt I will read any stories set in the BG unive...more
Yeah, it's a novelization of the SciFi Channel miniseries that ran prior to kicking off Season 1, with all of the pitfalls a book like that carries with it like the proverbial albatross. There is no new content. No special peek inside the heads of Adama or Starbuck. Pretty much just a rote recitation of the 4 hour opening of the series as put together by a writer who had the script and a very thin thesaurus. Nothing special, but it keeps my appetite whet until the series conclusion in January.
Good book, bad translation, too many errors left in for lack of time for translator to finish, probably, miss this series so much, it faced basic philosophical questions of what it means to be human, was very deep in its own way, I 'm not watching anything else on celluloid until another just as gripping series comes along, this one was just too good, its the last I'm watching for now....what I wouldn't do to see them pick up where it left off....alas.

I read this book AFTER watching the entire series. However, it has been a couple years since then. To my (bad) recollection, the book mirrored the miniseries almost exactly. Seeing the show first, enhanced my enjoyment of the book. The show was amazing, and its visuals was one of the main draws for me. But the story lines gave the show its backbone. Experiencing the story in a literary form made my love for BSG stronger.
Feb 15, 2009 Gordon rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: bsg fans who don't read, quick airplane reads etc
This was a free download from Tor. As I haven't watched the new TV show (really?) I actually kinda liked it - I've caught the odd episode on cable over the years and this novel seems like it's basically as good setup/novelization of the start of the show.

Carver does a straightforward and enjoyable job of making a good fast read - many TV and film novels read like screenplays, this was _at least_ a novel.
Jennifer Wardrip
I got this book for my husband, who read it in record time (for him, that means about a week).

He's not as wordy as I am, but had this to say about the book: "If you like the show, you'll like the book. I just wish there were more of them, because the book is basically a set up of the storyline before the first episode of the TV show."

Hope this helps!
I read it via the Tor website and it was an easy enjoyable read.
Having seen the Miniserie way too much, and the author having retaken all the dialogues and actions happening in the Miniserie, it was as if I was replaying everything in my head.
The author did a very good job at transcritpting the characters feelings and expressions on paper.
I watched the Mini-series movie about 4 times & now that I read it, it really brought it to life the more... A Great Read & filled in all the nuances of what they was thinking & so forth. It explained a whole lot & gave way more context to the story... Mind you, the movie is really great & pulls you in & really worth watching over & over...
Erik Kalm
It was ok.
Sometimes it is fun to read a novelization of a movie or tv show to get a little deeper understanding of the plot. With all the depth and plot twists and turns in the series, you would think this would be a perfect example of what could be done in a novelization.
Well, it ain't.
Not bad, but nothing special.
I think I would have liked it better if it had been a stand alone universe rather than trying to rewrite the original Battlestar. There's nothing wrong with the story itself, I just remember reading the novelizations for the original series and I kept noting where this one went "wrong". :D
Being such a Battlestar Galactica fan, I hated to admit that I had missed the mini-series/opening episodes...SO! This let me see what all transpired in the beginning & I loved it. It was true to character, fast paced, and well written. Made me miss them all over again, wish it was still on!
This is essentially a verbatim telling of the brilliant 3 hour mini-series that launched the remade Battlestar Galactica. As such, the story is the same brilliant story, but with very little elaboration whatsoever, which was a disappointment. Watch the series!
Good book. Few surprises if you actually saw the miniseries. If you didn't and read the book instead I suggest watching the tv miniseries. It is worth it for the final scene with Starbuck and Apollo in Vipers (I won't say anything else and give it away).
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