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I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean
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I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean

4.07 of 5 stars 4.07  ·  rating details  ·  3,775 ratings  ·  211 reviews
When a giant squid takes inventory of all of the creatures in the ocean, he realizes that he?s way bigger than most of them! Of course, there are bigger things lurking around . . . but maybe this giant squid with a giant touch of hubris doesn?t really care? First-time author-illustrator Kevin Sherry is sure to garner fans of all sizes for his perfect-for-preschool read-alo ...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published May 10th 2007 by Dial
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We've had to check this one out from the library twice since we discovered it. Lachlan likes it that much.
The cartoon style pictures are simple and funny but convey a lot of humor. I love the bravado of the Squid who spends the first many pages of the book telling all of the other creatures in the ocean that he's the biggest thing in the ocean--bigger than you, or him, or her, or that. When he finds himself suddenly swallowed by a whale, his bravado barely flickers before he comes back with a w
If you were a Giant Squid, you might start feeling pretty proud of yourself, too. I mean, long blue tentacles, lovely saucer-like eyes, and such length! You might even get a bit cocky. Start thinking things like: "I'm big. I'm bigger than that crab. I'm bigger than those fish! I'm even bigger than that octopus!!! In fact, I'M THE BIGGEST THING IN THE OCEAN!" But pride cometh before a fall, my friend.

Still, even when this Giant Squid finds out that maybe, just maybe, he's not the biggest thing i
Kevin Doyle
Apr 21, 2014 Kevin Doyle rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: boys or girls, any age, especially if they love the ocean
When you are a giant squid, you are - possibly - the biggest thing in the ocean. So naturally, you go around telling everyone. If you do that enough then you'll probably (**SPOILER ALERT**) get eaten by a whale. But, through the power of positive thinking, you then realize you are the biggest thing inside the whale!

This is a short, simple, cute book. I'm not sure if confidence and positive thinking are the messages we are supposed to get from the story, but we parents can easily spin it that way
At the last minute, I found out that the school family literacy night I was attending had an "Under the Sea" theme, so I quickly grabbed some sea-themed picture books. I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean skews younger than the crowd I had (they were K-3) but it still works well. It's about a giant squid who thinks he's the biggest thing in the ocean ("bigger than these clams!" and "bigger than these shrimp!") but then, in a wordless spread, gets swallowed by a whale (eliciting a few delighted gas ...more
While the illustrations are great and the overall story line is cute, I'm not really sure who the audience for this is. It was enjoyed in story time, although I'm not sure the preschoolers got the end joke. And older kids (who would get the joke) might find the simplistic text a bit boring. At the end of story time, the kids picked up all the other books I brought and looked them over but showed no interest in this one. I wouldn't go out of my way to read it again.
The giant squid is big. Very big.

She's very proud of how big she is. She even thinks that she's the biggest thing in the ocean - bigger than shrimp, clams, and crabs. Even bigger than jellyfish, turtles, and octopodes.

But she's forgotten that everything has to eat and that even giant squid have predators. Along comes a sperm whale and gobbles her up. Now worries though, optimist that she is, the squid realizes that she's the biggest thing in the whale!

Kevin Sherry's delightfully playful I'm the
Man, this was one of the best story times for excellent books I've done in a long time. Such a perfect perfect book -- few words, GIANT pictures that reach all the way to the back, hilarious punchline -- this was the perfect way to end my fish story time.
Wt's the biggest thing in the ocean?
A squid??
No matter how big u think u r
there will always be something bigger(:
Funny story
I think my 10 year old found this more humorous than my six year old. Great fun!
Mhm Storytelling
This book is about an octopus that quickly figures out he is a lot bigger than the other creatures in the ocean. He likes to let everyone he meets know about it, too. But there are other creatures that are bigger than him that he has yet to meet.

Great Features: Fun colors, introduces other creatures in the ocean

Themes/Topics: Ocean, Octopuses, size

Red Flags: None

Opportunity for Interaction: Children can act out differnt ways that certain creatures or fish get around the ocean. They can also look
If you’re an adult who enjoys clever children’s books, or if you know or even are a child who likes clever books, you will surely enjoy this one. In the vein of Jon Scieszka (and not just because it has a squid in it), this book takes familiar characters and gives them a fresh personality and humor. Squids have never been accused of being particularly funny, but Sherry’s blue giant squid is exactly that, even though he doesn’t necessarily mean to be. The Squid prides himself on being the biggest ...more
Used for Under the Sea Tons of Fun program for 2nd and 3rd graders. This was definitely too young for the 2nd and 3rd graders - it might work better for the preschool crowd; they'd relate better to the repetitive "I'm bigger than this. I'm bigger than that. I'm bigger than this other thing," but I'm not sure they'd get the joke. The illustrations, done by the author, are cute enough and the punchline's fine, but there's just not enough to the book. It ends up feeling slightly boring or like it w ...more
This picture book could work for toddlers discussing size concepts. 'Is the giant squid bigger than these turtles, fish, etc.?' They won't catch onto the humor at the end but preschoolers will. Very little text per page - great for lasting for the attention span of a little one. Full color illustrations in a large, visible book size. Would really work with preschool storytime.
This book has been fairly popular at all the libraries I've worked at, but I've never picked it up and read it. Today, though, a copy got turned in that had slight water damage, so I had to read it to see how extensive the damage was. :) I loved it. The giant squid in this book could be best friends with Baby Hocky from The Happy Hocky Family, so it made me happy.
Sarah Herrington
This book *is* really simple, but I love the bright and colorful illustrations and it has a fun story line. The squid is sure he's the biggest thing in the ocean until (spoiler!), he's swallowed by a whale. At that point, he decides well, he's the biggest thing in the whale's belly. Sounds just like my stubborn, but sweet, little girl (who also loved it!).
This is a really fun book about a squid who think he's the biggest thing in the ocean. He tries to prove his point by comparing himself to all the animals in the ocean that are smaller than him, like the crab, octopus and turtles. Little does he know that there is an animal bigger than him, a whale, in the ocean which comes and eats him. But then he has the satisfaction of knowing that he is the biggest thing in the whale's stomach when he sees the other animals in there too.
This is a great sto
Wiggles: Splish Splash the Big Red Boat
Take a Trip Out on the Sea

All the fish are swimming in the water, swimming in the water, swimming in the water...bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, splash!
The great big fish...
The little bitty fish...

(Sung to Wheels on the Bus)
The waves on the sea go up and down, up and down, up and down, the waves on the sea go up and down, all day long.

The shark in the sea goes snap, snap, snap...
The fish in the sea go swish swish, swish...
The boats in the sea to toot, toot,
Jun 23, 2010 jacky rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: preschoolers, primary schoolers
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This giant squid is sure he's the biggest thing in the ocean. He's bigger than shrimp, clams, jellyfish, a shark (shhhh!) and even an octopus. The illustrations of the squid seem to support his claim because he barely fits within the pages of the book. There's even a fold out, tri-page to show how long his tentacles are and how many types of fish the squid is bigger than. But is he really the biggest thing in the ocean? The squid remains undaunted when he discovers he may not be. Cut-out collage ...more
Kendra Wheeler
I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean is about a squid going around the ocean comparing his size to the other creatures that live in the ocean and being proud that he is the biggest thing in the ocean. The squid soon finds out that he is not the biggest thing in the ocean but will become the biggest thing in the “room.”

This book uses fun cartoon style illustrations that are simple but are full of color. This book lists a lot of different sea creatures that I could incorporate in my lesson.

This boo
Simple, cute book about a squid that is proud to be bigger than everything in the ocean...until a whale swallows him up! Then he's the "biggest thing in the whale." The kids cracked up when they realized that the squid was inside of the whale.

Good for storytime.
Ha ha ha! At first, I was a little nervous about how the kids would take this book. But that ending--fabulous. I must try this on a preschool group at some time. See how well they'd do with it. A great choice for a lap-read.

10/24/12 & 10/25/12: Used this as the opener to the BIG things preschool theme. It was great! The kids loved it. I had them use their hands to imitate similar motions of the sea creatures. They loved seeing the squid get swallowed. The parents and the older kids got the e
Reta Pyke
I laughed aloud when I got to the last line of this book. My older sister, listening to me read it to her two children laughed too. The kids, well, they didn't get it at first. I'll have to improve my delivery I'm using it in storytime this saturday.
LeAnn Forystek
The story is very cute and yet very simple. It is definitely for a very young age group. The blue squid thinks he is the biggest thing in the ocean is very proud until he gets swallowed by a whale, then he realizes he's the biggest thing in the whale.
The giant squid is delighted to inform readers that he is "biggest thing in the ocean." He is bigger than the shrimp, the clams, a crab, and a jellyfish. He continues on comparing himself to various other ocean-dwelling creatures until he comes up against something that causes him to change his statement, but only slightly.

This book presents itself as a great read-a-loud. The kids can guess at the upcoming animals as they get bigger. The illustrations are bright and colorful and not too busy, pe
Dena (Batch of Books)
Love this book!

The giant squid starts pointing out all the things that are smaller than him. But of course, there are some things that are bigger than a giant squid.

I have to admit that I was shocked when the squid got eaten. I was not expecting that. My kids seemed equally as shocked, but the next picture is of the squid inside of his predator, so that rectified any initial reaction my children and I may have had.

This oversize picture book boasts bright, cheerful illustrations with tons of p
A hilarious read that is perfect for aquatic or under the sea story time. Great for both a large group or one-on-one session but watch out for the fold out page, it can rip easily!
This was a silly book we used for a kindergarten oceans unit. The kids laughed, and that's about all I can ask for when the day is long and their attention spans are short.
Lisa Carroll
This is a wonderful concept picture book for young children. This teaches the concept of bigger than/smaller than. Kevin Sherry keeps his words to a minimum, but he is able to get his point across through his bold and exciting artwork. Everything about this book is Big! The book is big, the colors are loud, the print is big etc. The words are at a minimum, so if this book was read a few times, the children can eventualy "read" it themselves. This is a fun story to read to children and the squid ...more
A whimsical squid brags that it is bigger than shrimp, clams, etc. until it is swallowed by a whale. Then it brags that it is the biggest thing in the whale.

If using this in a pre-school library story time have everyone stand up and sing (to the tune "I'm a Little Teapot")
I'm a great big whale (stretch arms wide)
Watch me as I swim (put hands together and make fish swimming motions)
Here is my blowhole (point to top of head)
Here are my fins (put arms against sides and wiggle hands back & fort
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