Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré #2)
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Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré #2)

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With the Ring of Sorrows still missing, and the covenant between othernaturals and mortals broken, Chrysabelle's life outside the realm of vampire nobility is about to take another downhill slide. She's vowed to help the outcast Malkolm find a way to lift his curse, but that means returning to the home city of the vampire who's trying to kill her. The breaking of the coven...more
Kindle Edition
Published November 1st 2011 by Orbit (first published January 1st 2011)
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I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Rights, but sadly its sequel, Flesh and Blood, had some story elements I found exceedingly irksome.

Before we get into anything that resembles ranting, let's review the book's premise. Flesh and Blood takes place a few months after Blood Rights. Chrysabelle has yet to fulfill her promise to enlist the aid of the Aurelian for Mal, and this breach of her vow has created barriers between them. Tatiana is back and hunting the Ring of Sorrows. She's not the only one, either....more
A love triangle? Seriously, like that hasn't been overdone.

This book was one disappoint after another. Basically the disappoints just don't stop with this one.
1.) The love triangle. We are introduced to Creek who is some not quite human vampire slayer (hello Buffy rip off). Of course, Chrysabelle starts lusting for him right away and she just "wants to get to know him". In the first book I found her to be quite wishy washy, but whatev alot of female characters are like it, but now she's just a...more
This quote is the perfect example of why this book is getting one star:
She closed the door, confident of only one thing. She wanted Mal and Creek in her life. How she would accomplish that without destroying them both remained to be seen.
The emphasis is not even mine. Anyone who have ever read one of my reviews knows that I hate love triangles with a fiery passion. I don't understand why writers use them or what they like about them, but I accept the fact that they do. As long as they are upfron...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
*Rating* 4.0
*Genre* Paranormal Romance


Flesh and Blood is the second book in the House of Comarre series. The year is 2067, and vampires, varcolai (shifters) and fae are prevalent in all walks of life. Paradise City, Florida is located in what is now the Southern Union. Ever since the covenant has been broken, more and more othernaturals are suddenly appearing in public to the chagrin of the humans in charge who didn’t believe they existed before now.

It has been two weeks since the events...more
The story is interesting enough, but this one was a bit of a downgrade from the first. It's a trilogy and there are new people, new powers, new plots still being revealed. The introduction of the love triangle was disappointing to see, it's a stereotypical trope that I could have done without.

The cliff hanger ending at this book is heinous and insulting. The only reason I didn't grade down for it is because the third is due out in one month (Dec 1). I would have been very upset if I'd had to wai...more
Opinião do blogue Chaise Longue: http://girlinchaiselongue.blogspot.pt...

Tem experimentando os mais diversos géneros, desde à poesia ao steampunk, mas quando chegou a hora de escrever uma série foi na fantasia urbana que apostou, pois esta permitia-lhe a liberdade criativa desejada. Kristen vive na Flórida com o marido, antigo piloto da Força Aérea, e uma gigantesca quantidade de felinos. Era professora de Inglês quando começou a ser publicada mas anteriormente já tinha tido os mais diversos e d...more

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* If you haven't read Blood Rights, I don't recommend reading this review unless you don't mind spoilers!

I enjoyed Flesh and Blood even more than Blood Rights! Much more! I guess it could be because there was much less explaining of things. Painter just delved right on in.

This book takes place not long after the events of Blood Rights. Chrysabelle is living in her deceased mother's home now, and Mal is still living in his dilapidated b...more
See this review and others like it at Badass Book Reviews!

Flesh and Blood is the second in the House of Comarré series. It picks up about two weeks after the events of Blood Rights. I didn't find this book to be quite as strong as the first, but I still really enjoyed it and my actual rating would be 3.5 stars. One of the main reasons this book didn't work as well for me was the amount of POV changes. There seemed to be twice as many narrators in this book and the switches always occurred right...more
Yana (the duchess)
I have dilemma with Kristen Painter's books. While I end up speed reading through a whole book, when I finish I always wonder why. Don't get me wrong, her writing is good and I enjoy her characters, but I can't seem to shake the thought that the books are still missing something. Case in point, I just finished the second book and have the third one in hand but can't seem to be bothered to read it right now. When I absofreakinglutely love a book, I'll devour it and all the books in the series the...more
Okay, I know that people haven't read the first one, so again, I will do my best to be un-spoilery (yes, it is a word! I insist! LOL).

This book is, to me, geared more toward the PNR than the fantasy of the first book. So, the relationship of the main characters become a bit more developed toward each other. There is also the introduction of a new suitor, Creek who I wouldn't mind meeting myself. *fans self* There are also introductions to some minor characters which fit into what is going on. So...more
This second installment in the House of Comarre series builds beautifully on the events of the first book, returning us to a blindingly gorgeous pair of opposites who, for all their differences, are both struggling to escape the confines of a life not of their choosing. Ms. Painter is extraordinarily aptly named–an artist exquisitely capable of crafting characters who are carefully rendered studies in contrasts–wielding black type on a white page as opposed to brushstrokes on a canvas but creati...more
I gave it 3.5 stars

I love that these books are being released back to back. Book 1 BLOOD RIGHTS was released Oct 1, and Book 3 BAD BLOOD is scheduled to release Dec 1. I would recommend reading BLOOD RIGHTS before you pick up FLESH AND BLOOD so that you don't miss out on some important back story.

FLESH AND BLOOD picks up shortly after the events of BLOOD RIGHTS. Chrysabelle is back at home and trying to get over the loss of her mom. She has a promise to keep to Malkolm and is finally ready to he...more
Flesh and Blood, the 2nd book in House of Comarré, picks up shortly after Blood Rights left off. Malkolm helped Chrysabelle, but she's not yet ready to return the favor. She's given her word though, so he's trying to be patient. She's dealing with the recent changes and surprise revelations, but she hasn't forgotten her promise to help Mal find a way to lift his curse.

With the covenant (veil between othernaturals and humans) gone, "Paradise City was only beginning to wake up to the new reality t...more
I expected much more from this book and I was truly dissapointed!

In Blood Rights we read an original story but in Flesh and Blood the author uses two tools which I particularly don’t like a love triangle and cliffhanger .

Chrysabelle and Mal have a strong connection and the other part of the affair Creek isn’t a strong one to unbalance that no matter how much he tries.

Creek is a member of the Kubai Mata a secret organization to protect the humans from all the othernaturals, they are trained and...more
Christi Snow
My Review:
hmmm, book #2 in this wonderful series was....just as freaking good as book #1. If not even better because there was an intro to a yummy new character, a human Kubai Mata member, Creek. The Kubai Mata are a legendary group set out to defend humans from the vampires. Most people don't even think that they actually exist, but with the fall of the covenant (book #1,) they are re-establishing their place in this war. Creek's job is to protect Chrysabelle and locate the ring of sorrows. Thi...more
Em Fevereiro li o primeiro volume desta saga e , ainda que não tenha adorado, decidi ler este segundo volume porque havia alguns aspectos do mundo criado pela autora que me tinham agradado bastante. Ora, foram precisamente esses aspectos que foram suprimidos neste volume (sou mesmo uma rapariga cheia de sorte!!!).

Pelo que já consegui perceber no GR e nos blogues que sigo, não sou a única que pensa que este volume deixa muito a desejar em relação ao primeiro e àquilo que aquele prometia. A fluide...more
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
This review was posted at Under The Covers

Did I mention already how much I love the covers for this series? Yes? They are awesome!

Now onto the book. Chrysabelle has stayed away from Malkom since coming back to Paradise City and the events at Corvinestri. This annoyed me a bit. She had made a promise to him to go the Aurelian to try and break his curse but with everything that happened she can't go back to Corvinestri. Does she realize what he did for her? So she just sends him blood with Doc in...more
Read for Fun
Overall Rating 4.50
Story Rating 4.50
Character Rating 4.50

NOTE: I read this shortly after reading Blood Rights! While I liked this one slightly more where the story was concerned, it took a bit to get used to the number of POVs used. I think this will bother some people more than me as shifting POVs are a preference thing. Once I got settled in, this was a Kick *ss roller coaster ride.

What I Loved: The introduction of the Kubai Mata was fantastic. They are another layer in this alread...more
I'm really enjoying Ms. Painter's urban fantasy series, House of Comarre. This second book is just as good as the first and introduces a new love interest, setting up a love triangle. I'm not a big fan of love triangles in general, but it definitely works here.

The book is action-packed, and it'll keep you turning the pages. For some reason I find my mind wandering with the "Tatiana" (villianess) sections, but I think this is a personal failing, as I do the same with Ward's BDB series and the ba...more
Nicole Luiken
Good action scenes and world-building, but I didn't feel much forward momentum in this book from about p. 60 until the last hundred pages. I think it suffers a little from the 'middle book' syndrome where there is a lot of set-up for things further down the road (Katsumi, Aliza and Evie, and Preacher). Book one ended on a real things-are-worse complication, but the main plot of the ring of sorrows stayed more status quo at the end of book two, and I found the Doc subplot annoying. I liked Creek...more
I found Book 2 of the House of Comarre series to be a good read, one which shook up everything we knew about everyone we met in Book 1, opening up a wide range of possibilities for the future.

I was not frustrated by the lack of clarity in Mal/Chrysabelle's relationship, since they have some major issues to resolve and since I could see that they wanted each other, but were not yet in a place where that could happen.

The story line was interesting, though I hate being left in a big cliff hanger,...more
Amberly Reilly
This second novel was jam packed! It’s filled with action, curses, and loss. It presents new ideas of love, but that love comes at a mighty high cost. I had high expectations for this book after reading Blood Rights but it just trampled right over those expectations and kept on going! What a great author! The covenant has been broken, which means humans are in for some big surprises and some big changes: Hopefully they can overcome both! Chrysabelle still has the ring which puts her life and the...more
Alasandra Alawine
Not really liking Chrysabelle much in this book mainly because she is toying with Mal and Creek, who both have the hots for her. She is down right disappointed when the two stop fighting over her and form an alliance to protect her.

Creek is with the Kubai Mata and has been sent to protect Chrysabelle and to get the ring of sorrows and return in to the Kubai Mata, who claim Chrysabelle's former patron stole it from them.

Meanwhile Fi (Ghost Fi was killed in Blood Rights after she was returned to...more
While I liked the second installment in the series,I did not enjoy it as much as the first. I never really understood the attraction to Creek.While I like his character, I just didn't get the instant connection Chrysabelle felt for him.

For PNR fans,there is a kind of HEA but its for secondary characters.

I also didn't like the ending.It felt like the book just ended because someone decided the book was long enough and they should start another book.
Tjitske Wind
This book has many exciting and steamy parts. I really like the new characters and the new stories. I think this book is better than the first one. It started where it left off. Sometimes the book was so exciting I couldn't stop reading or didn't want to stop reading, while I had to. Chrysabelle has become a cooler woman than before and sometimes I could really relate to her. In this book Chrysablle has become more of a woman in my eyes than the young naieve girl I thought she was before. At fir...more
With the Ring of Sorrows still missing, and the covenant between othernaturals and mortals broken, Chrysabelle's life outside the realm of vampire nobility is about to take another downhill slide. She's vowed to help the outcast Malkolm find a way to lift his curse, but that means returning to the home city of the vampire who's trying to kill her. The breaking of the covenant has also activated an ancient organisation designed to protect mankind — the Kubai Mata.

And when Kubai Mata Thomas Creek...more
Belle Forcible
Chrysabelle. Is. Such. A. Whore. Screw her. But I pray for her signums. Depressing. And poor Mal, I can only love him moooooore... Creek, le fuck, why didn't he die yet? Bless Doc and Fi. Octavian is gay. And I would pay to see Katsumi get back on Tatiana.
Really a 3.5 for me. I very strongly LIKED this book....didn't love it as much as the first, but will go on to #3!
In one of my 'more-work-than-sleep' funks these days, so maybe it was just me.
Still really enjoy this series!
This book really tried my patience!

Various points of view, many of which I really didn't care for and the sheer of most of the characters actions at one point or another diminished most of my enjoyment over the originality of the plot.

Some of the little mysteries the characters had to figure out were too obvious to me and I felt frustrated waiting for them to catch up, while generally there was little resolved during this whole story.

I will not go into detail, but Chrysabelle's selfishness combi...more
Jessica (Step Into Fiction)
This is the second book in the House of Comarré series and its a great follow up. We continue the story a few weeks after BLOOD RIGHTS ends and if you're a fan of the first book, you're dying to know how Chrysabelle, Malkolm, Dominic, Doc and even the evil Tatiana are managing since we last saw them.

Some books you end up actually like the villian and some books you just down right hate them & wish nothing more than their demise. Tatiana falls into the latter category. I knew she was evil in...more
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Kristen Painter likes to balance her obsessions with shoes and cats by making the lives of her characters miserable and surprising her readers with interesting twists. She currently writes award-winning urban fantasy for Orbit Books. The former college English teacher can often be found on twitter @Kristen_Painter, Facebook at www.facebook.com/KristenPainterAuthor where she loves to interact with...more
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