Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob
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Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob

2.59 of 5 stars 2.59  ·  rating details  ·  46 ratings  ·  55 reviews
Combining elements from the popularTwilight saga with accessible pop psychology, a guide to finding eternal love. Stephanie Meyer's supernatural romance saga has inspired millions of people worldwide with its tale of a young girl torn between two apparently perfect loves. Many fans are now on the hunt for their own real-life Edward or Jacob. Luckily for all the Twilight fa...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published May 1st 2012 by Summersdale (first published April 4th 2011)
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Kat Kennedy
Dec 04, 2013 Kat Kennedy marked it as why-god-why
Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob

Alternative title: Thank You, Gullible Twilight Fans, For My New Sports Car

Alternative, Alternative title: Holy fuck the Scientologists were right. Psychologists are evil.

Because Louise Deacon is a psychologist as per her author profile.

My name is Louise Deacon, and Im [sic] a clinical psychologist and university tutor with 20 years experience in helping people who are facing a difficult point in their lives.

If, for s...more
curious little beastie

This just makes me so sad. What's happening to you, World?
Mar 02, 2012 John marked it as ah-hell-no
Seems to be Adornetto's editorial expended into a book (which to me means run far, far away). Sigh...what is the world coming to?

Mar 08, 2013 Vanessa marked it as no-just-no
Shelves: reviewed
Hey girls!

Do you want an emotionally abusive, frigid older man who is possessive to the point of wrecking your car engine if you want to go and see somebody else?

Or do you want a feisty, volatile animal of a man who tries to have your best interests at heart, but you completely reject him, and he ends up falling in love with your daughter?

Maybe you want a sweet gentleman who cares about you and your rights and doesn't try to make you into a caricature of a dithery 1950s housewife? Or into a blo...more
Sara Pauff
Jan 03, 2012 Sara Pauff marked it as to-read
I want to read this book simply because I cannot believe it actually exists. Also, my dream in life is to find a man who is part dog and has trouble keeping his shirt on. Since Matthew Mcconaughey is taken, this book is clearly my best bet.
What. The. Hell?!

At first, I blinked. Rubbed my eyes. Shook the screen. Fiddled with the mouse. But no...this is NOT an illusion this is REAL!!!

Wake up people. If you are reading this you need a life. No offence. But you need to realise that there is more to life than stalkish vampires who want to save you from being crushed by conveniently moving vehicles and werewolves with sixpacks.

And I am going to now go read a GOOD book and pretend I never saw this.


At all.

Jun 01, 2012 Bern marked it as not-even-if-jesus-begs-me-to
A little late for milking the Twilight Cow, don't you think, Louise Deacon? For a psychologist, you're sure crappy as hell when it comes to reading the masses... Why don't you try it again with Hunger Games, Real Or Not Real Love and You: Seven Secrets To Finding Your Own Deranged Baker or Perhaps The Sulky Rebellious Best Friend From Your Childhood?

Kids'll be all over that, you know?
Circus Princess
May 19, 2012 Circus Princess marked it as might-read-at-some-point
No fucking way. This is a real book?

I saw an ad for this on Meyer's website a while ago, but I thought it was joke, or spoof, or April's fools or something.

However, I think I'll try to read it for three main reasons: A) for the hilarity, B) because I like psychology, and C) because it looks like no one else is going to review this book, in fear of their brain melting dying in pain.

This kind of thing is like when you have one big pile of poo, then you poo another big pile of poo on top of the first poo.
Lazy Seagull
Apr 11, 2012 Lazy Seagull marked it as not-gonna-happen
Shelves: burn-it-now

JUST BECAUSE OF THIS, i'm making a "burn-it-nao" shelf. Thanks.

That's right, boys and girls. John Watson does NOT approve.
"Stephanie Meyer's supernatural romance saga has inspired millions of people worldwide with its tale of a young girl torn between two apparently perfect loves."

Oh, God.

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

I just...

I can't even....

(On the upside, maybe there will be a follow-up book! Twilight: Bringing Up Baby! If you've ever wanted your husband to gnaw through your stomach, girls, this is the self-help guide for YOU!)
Bella Grace
Apr 04, 2013 Bella Grace marked it as not-happening
Lord Almighty. When will they stop?

May 05, 2013 Vishous marked it as hahaha-no-no-no


Mar 08, 2012 Traveller marked it as ain-t-ever-going-to-happen
Shelves: what-the
Um... ???? Is this for real????? Scarry scary SCAAAAARRRRREEEEEYYYYYY
A nice quick and easy read for someone who's read the Twilight books and now feels let down by human males!

Some points in this are common sense, but sometimes that's what people need to be told. I found some parts slightly repetitive, but as it is classed as a self-help & popular psychology book it could be argued that the repetition is there to drive important points across.

What I liked most about the book was the stories about relationships and how they were referenced again in later chapt...more
Mar 12, 2013 Eryn marked it as will-never-read
Recommends it for: no one
Hmm, well, this review should be fun. If you're a fan of the Saga (and I'm honestly not surprised it's called that), I suggest you stop reading now.

Combining elements from the popular Twilight saga with accessible pop psychology, a guide to finding eternal love. Stephanie Meyer's supernatural romance saga has inspired millions of people worldwide with its tale of a young girl torn between two apparently perfect loves.

Did... did I seriously just read that? "Inspired millions of people"... to do...more
I can't believe so many people have gone to the effort of adding a negative review for a book that they haven't even read. Some of the comments are obviously based on prejudice towards Twilight rather than the book itself - and hopefully people can see through that when they read the reviews!

One of my friends recommended this book after I'd had a series of disappointments on the dating front and at first I laughed and said Twilight isn't my thing. Eventually I gave in and I discovered that it gi...more
♥ Innocent Lamb ~ Forever Reading ♥ - AKA Smarties
Aug 24, 2013 ♥ Innocent Lamb ~ Forever Reading ♥ - AKA Smarties rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one
Recommended to ♥ Innocent Lamb ~ Forever Reading ♥ - AKA Smarties by: No one. Recommending this to me probably equals an instant unfriend...

I can't believe this is actually a book. Even now, I'm kinda hoping someone will pop out and tell me I'm an idiot for believing this could be a real book...

IS THIS WHAT WE'VE COME TO?! I can't believe we're cutting down trees for this...
Apr 11, 2012 Wendy marked it as will-never-read
What the frack?

There are PLENTY of other reviewers who lay out reasons to stay away from this book.

WHO on earth thought this was a good idea???

**crickets chirping ***
Best book ever. It totally changed my life, and I haven't even read it yet. I laughed, I cried, I learned to love bombs and undercooked meat.
Twilight(pitch dark midnight),True Love(Deacon's version of it) and you(yes you, the extremely vulnerable human being,cough dumb reader, did you know you possessed "incredible powers of insight and perception,powers that set you above other species")Seven secret steps to driving away any good guy you meet(includes tips like developing "self esteem" "when placed on a dizzyingly high pedestal"
1.Edward and Jacob offer Bella unconditional love-BUT YOU READER ARE DOOMED FOREVER. No one except your...more
Andrea Newkirk (Dark Readers Blog)
First off, I want to give a little cover love- the cover is sharp, it is obvious that this book is in relation to the Twilight Saga, and caught my eyes right away :-) Twilight, True Love & You is a different genre book than I normally pick up to read. This book would probably be considered "lifestyle" or "health & well-being" genre and I tend to stay away mainly because I don't like that some books make you feel as though the author is preaching to you. This book though, isn't designed t...more
Terri Lynn
Someone asked me to read this (Note to that person: I will be hunting you down and killing you later.) and offer an opinion on it. I was so stunned by the stupidity of the book that I was actually speechless for a while. The author is what must be the most mentally/emotionally fucked-up, opportunistic (make money off of Twilight) or stupid psychologist on the planet. Maybe all three.

The Twilight series was, as horror writer Stephen King said, one of the most poorly written books on the planet....more
Shealea Iral
May 28, 2012 Shealea Iral marked it as you-re-kidding-me-right
As much as I hate to admit this, I'm reading - thoroughly suffering because of - the draft of Midnight Sun right now. Surely, you're asking why. Fear not, beloved ones, I'm not doing this out of the freedom of my own will. Far from it, actually. To simply put: I was bribed into it. Gasp.

Anyway, since I'll probably be losing an unfair number of brain cells due to this potentially suicidal attempt, book-wise (what with reading Twilight from a sadistic, condescending, whiny, immature, moody, masoch...more
Despair Speaking
Nov 13, 2012 Despair Speaking marked it as will-not-read
What has the world come into?

A help book in finding love with the help of Twilight?


Of all the things to use as a basis... if I ever use this book in finding my true love, my love life is doomed. Forever!!!

Besides, how can this help me? Finding my Edward or Jacob? Unless vampires and werewolves were real, which they aren't (and if they are, I don't know whether to be happy or scream in terror), this won't apply right? And I never liked Edward. Jacob was fine, but I didn't like him that...more
Patricia BookExhibitionism
Apr 07, 2012 Patricia BookExhibitionism marked it as keep-in-mind
Not sure if.. want to read because Bitch Please, this gotta be a parody. Or don't want to read because Holy cow, they killed trees for this.

*moved book from "nope-not-interested-dnf" shelf to "keep-in-mind"*

Update. Just read the excerpt.. and I think, though I am clearly not the targeted audience, there might be some people who could actually learn something from what this woman wrote there.

Yes, most of us will know why Twilight is popular and why it shouldn't be and blabla and why teenagers fee...more
May 13, 2012 Gabriel marked it as hell-to-the-no
I weep for humanity - and hell to the no, Lady!

Like being bombarded with the ghastly thing Twilight is wasn't enough, now we have to be run over by screaming teenagers who believe stalking and threesome dramas are the way forward in one's love life?

Excuse me, but what?

Exactly, Mr. Cooper! That was the face I had, too, when I saw the title.
The scary thing? This woman has a degree! And this book isn't here to make us laugh, but to understand why we all hunger after our very own Edward and Jacob...more
Jul 19, 2013 Evey marked it as ha-ha-nope
Excuse me... What... What is -this- thing?

So we keep on with the Twilight hype? Really interesting, huh

But this books isn't fiction, is supposed to be serious

Oh, you know what?

To da shame shelf, mah dear! See you in.. NEVER.
Jun 19, 2012 Bron marked it as seriously-they-made-this-a-book
Umm people....i dont know if you know these....but much as you want them to be...they arent real life and the will never ever ever ever help you find you matter what they say.

This is a certain waste of paper....and they say my generation wastes paper...well when they make books like this.....I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. WASTE OF TIME PEOPLE.
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My name is Louise Deacon, and Im a clinical psychologist and university tutor with 20 years experience in helping people who are facing a difficult point in their lives. I specialise in the area of relationships, depression and sexual health.

I have a partner and 2 children, and live in Surrey.

Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secrets to Finding Your Edward or Jacob is my first book."
More about Louise Deacon...
Brilliant Psychology: How to Understand Yourself and Other People

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