Het Achnaton avontuur (Kinderen van de lamp, #1)
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Het Achnaton avontuur (Children of the Lamp #1)

3.73 of 5 stars 3.73  ·  rating details  ·  12,043 ratings  ·  506 reviews
Mensen zijn gemaakt van aarde
Djinn zijn gemaakt van vuur

Bob en Roos Galjoen wonen in New York. Ze zijn normale kinderen die op hun twaalfde - veel te vroeg - verstandskiezen krijgen. Op de dag dat die kiezen eruit gaan, wordt Egypte opgeschrikt door een onheilspellende aardbeving.

Na het trekken van hun kiezen is niets meer hetzelfde. De tweeling begint snel te groeien, ze...more
Paperback, 348 pages
Published 2005 by uitgeverij luitingh (first published January 1st 2004)
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Ordinary Dahlia
Huaaaa...kalian bisa belajar banyak tentang dunia jin!
Misalnya kek gini :
- Jin baik namanya marid sedangkan jin jahat namanya Ifrit atau iblis *lirik lelembut hippo,rada2 mencurigakan memang!*

- Kalo jin masuk ke tubuh mahluk hidup, mereka harus menyediakan parfum karena pas balik ke tubuh semula, bau makluk hidup yang ditumpangi bakal nempel di badan (apalagi kalo u masuk ke tubuh unta, disarankan mandi parfum aja!)

- Kalo u berhasil mensegel ifrit (dalam hal ini memasukannya dalam botol ato kal...more
I found this an entertaining, quick-to-read adventure book, and the central idea, that some people in the modern day world are djinns of the ancient legends whose task is to protect the world, is nice enough. But the plot solutions were too facile and convenient, and so it was not really as exciting and fun as it could have been. However, what bugged me the most was the attitudes the author showed, through the narrative and the attitudes of the characters, towards, well, pretty much anything tha...more
What a really cute book. I will definately let my daughter read this book when she is older. I've seen some criticism's about the issue of smoking in this book. In the book, the reason why Djinn smoke is because they are made of fire and they like heat and smoke. But the character, Nimrod, clearly states in the book that smoking is fine for Djinn but terrible for humans.

"But isn't smoking bad for you?" Objected John.
"It's terribly bad for human beings, yes. But not at all bad for djinn."

Two american children find out that they are actually Jinn (or Genie) and set off to London to help out their Uncle, er, Nimrod.

Not a bad book, slightly action-adventurish, but spolied by stilted writing and a quite bizarre hatred for the French, which might be ment to be humerous, but instead comes off as quite xenophobic.

The former might be because the author tends to write for adults and was trying to write "down" for children - the latter, I have no explaination for, unless his English-Sco...more
Book Elf
Have you read the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan? It was like reading that but at the same time nothing fancy like that~ because i like this one better! I liked how it was written (I dunno, i really liked how UK writers write). It was like in the same boat as Red Pyramid, being Cairo and travelling in London and other parts of the world but not in a very hectic manner like Rick Riordan's throwing all information to you that you were sick of it and you cannot take it anymore.

This story was a fresh...more
The book is about twelve-year old twins named John and Philippa Gaunt.
They both live an upper class life in New York City,New York. But there lifes change when suddenly their wisdom(dragon)teeth are removed. After arguing to desire heat, they are sent to live with thier uncle Nimrod.
When they reach there, they have realized that they are djinns(genies). Then their uncle trains them how to use their powers before they take advantage. Nimrod, John and Philippa are trying to discover where the "Se...more
Danielle Parker
Though I’ve read thousands of books, the ones I discovered as a youngster are special. They’re like beloved relatives, worthy of a hug every time and fondly remembered. Yes, sure, now I’m too old for Journey to the Mushroom Planet. But it still gets a messy kiss from me. I can still vicariously enjoy the wonderful summer vacation of the children in Arthur Ransome’s famous Swallows and Amazons. E. Nesbitt and Edward Eager and their magic games. Alan Garner’s and Lloyd Alexander’s Celtic and Welsh...more
Semua hal yang tidak mungkin terjadi di dunia nyata dengan mudah terwujud di dunia fantasi. Tidak heran jika ratusan cerita bahkan mungkin saja kini jumlahnya mencapai ribuan bermunculan. Imajinasi setiap orang dengan dibiarkan bebas menciptakan karakter demi karakter yang dilengkapi dengan keistimewaan yang mengundang decak kagum.

Setidaknya semua yang saya tuliskan diatas ada pada karakter di buku ini. Lihat saja Layla, wanita cantik yang menikahi Edward Gaunt, seorang pria baik hati dan kaya...more
Ariel Marie
I remember this book. It's been years since I read it, but I also remember that it was a thoughtful gift from a friend. She said she knew I loved book with talking animals, but couldn't find any so she hoped this was alright. To be honest, I always been fascinated by 1001 Arabian Nights so this was a nice little discovery since it involved two children learning that they were djinns. The fantasy world opened up and expanded upon the usual locations of fantasy middle grade novels. Therefore, I co...more
Anda percaya jin? Percaya penuh atau separuh atau justru tidak percaya? Saya sih rada-rada tidak percaya, sebab belum pernah bertemu langsung dengan makhluk yang berasal dari alam gaib itu. Memang sih, dalam ajaran agama saya, Islam, keberadaan bangsa jin diakui. Malah ada yang menggolongkannya dalam 2 jenis: jin kafir dan jin Islam. Yang pertama itu adalah jin jahat yang tidak mau menuruti perintah Tuhan; sedangkan yang terakhir jin saleh yang selalu mematuhi penciptanya.

Jin yang saya ketahui h...more
Cheryl in CC NV
Ok, I've read the other reviews. The ones that are concerned about respect shown to other cultures shouldn't be. The dissing jokes are a special kind of British humor - think a very tame Monty Python. And besides that, at one point a character voices Kerr's plea that we respect other people, maybe starting by giving mummies a decent burial. And besides that, djinn don't have a lot of respect for people - any people, of any nationality. And besides that (!) there are other hints in the book that...more
The book, inspired clearly by Harry Potter if not Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books, was ok. The two protagonists, a set of twins who discover that they are djinn with magical powers, felt cookie cutter and never really seemed to break out of the mold.

To make things worse, there were a fair number of xenophobic comments spread throughout the book, the French receiving a good number of shots (hygiene being the number one thing attacked) though Egyptians were not far behind.

Coming at the book wit...more
This series was highly recommended to me by a couple of my library students several years ago. It was also recommended to me by a librarian friend. So this first book in the series has been on my to-read list all that time. I probably never would have actually read it if I wasn't participating in a challenge to read ten books this year that have been on my TBR the longest.

I'm glad I finally got around to reading this, and I did mostly enjoy it. But I didn't fall in love with it. I thought the i...more
Ary Nilandari
Dari segi cerita, jauh kalau dibandingkan Trilogi Bartimaeus...karakter Nathaniel dan Barty sangat kuat. Sementara John dan Phillipa kurang berkesan (atau harus baca lanjutannya dulu untuk mulai menyukai mereka?)

Tapi mungkin juga karena membaca edisi terjemahannya kayak melewati jalan berbatu. ouch ouch. Berkali-kali menemukan terjemahan yang membuat kening berkerut dan harus baca bolak-balik biar ngerti. Sering dengan mengira-ngira bahasa asalnya, aku malah baru ngeh maksudnya.
(terutama kalau a...more
I really enjoyed reading this book and after reading negative reviews on Amazon, it just strikes me as funny as to what I don't notice when reading a book or things I automatically pass over. Maybe I too am a racist and sexist individual but I thought that people would have larger issues with other subject matter than what they did. I enjoyed the book and felt that I got to know the characters enough to care about them and love experiencing their adventures with them. As a piece of fiction I see...more
When wealthy New York twins John and Philippa have to have their wisdom teeth removed rather young (they're twelve), it triggers a series of events that reveal to them that they are djinn, descended from a powerful tribe of djinn, and just coming into their powers. Sent to England to learn from their Uncle Nimrod all about being djinn, they are drawn into the age-old conflict between good and evil djinn, and travel with their uncle to Egypt to find the secret behind the disappearance of 70 djinn...more
Angelic Zaizai

Dari judulnya aja udah ketahuan ini pasti cerita tentang jin.. bedanya ini tentang jin kembar, masih muda dan sebelumnya dibesarkan sebagai manusia.
Kok bisa ??
Karena sebelum gigi geraham bungsu tumbuh, kekuatan mereka belum muncul.
Setelah tahu identitas mereka yang sebenarnya, John dan Philippa dibimbing oleh pamannya, Nimrod. Diajak bertualang ke Mesir, mencari makam Akhenaten ehmm tepatnya sih nyari jin-nya Akhenaten..

Gak terlalu suka sih sama ceritanya .. ga tau kenapa .. trus pas baca bagi...more
Ini kedua kalinya saya baca.. beberapa tahun lalu sudah pernah baca ebooknya. Karena baru dapet tiga buku seri Children of The Lamp maka saya merasa harus membaca ulang, karena udah lupa banyak.. hihi

Cerita ini menarik, saya ingat kesan yang saya baca beberapa tahun lalu, saya masukkan bintang lima..

Saya kurang setuju dengan epilog-nya.. jika saya kepo banget tentang fantasy pasti saya akan cari tahu sendiri tentang 1001 malam, mesir, dan hal-hal yang disebutkan dalam buku ini, jadi tidak perlu...more
I really wanted to like this o e,but it falls prey to the same trap Rick Riordan's Red Pyramid did. While there is plenty of action, having two main protagonists seems to divide the focus, even though they are never separated, and while this could. Be a good "coming of age/coming into their powers' tale, neither character ever feels or thinks anything about the amazing events happening to them. Fine entertainment for your ten year old, but this won't become a classic.
Historien er ganske udemærket og ideen med djinn eller genie er nytænkende i forbindelsen med kampen mellem det gode og det onde.

Men desværre er der en masse ting som ikke stemmer. Fx findes der alle disse regler for at djinn kan bruge deres kræfter så de kan ikke bare gøre en ting (som vil være en spoiler) men i stedet for gør de det på en anden måde som faktisk bryder reglerne endnu mere.

Der er en masse steder i bogen hvor en eller flere er i fare men det hele bliver bare fejet af vejen med et...more
I really enjoyed this book. It's a nice easy read and has such a good plot line. Phillipa and John are awesome and the whole interconnectedness between them (being twins) was also very cool. This is definitely a book that is aimed at younger audiences, but it is still very enjoyable even if you are an older reader.

The concept of the twins staying with their Uncle Nimrod who seemed a bit quirky, I particularly liked. I mean, who does doesn't have an uncle that they can't relate to Nimrod!? He's a...more
Awsome! We all enjoyed this story. A bit scary in parts but no more than the first harry potter book that we listened to in our last car trip. A bit long sometimes with overly complicated explanations that if i was reading i would have skimmed thru. Seriously... do we need a techinical explination of why genie's can survive in a bottle? just suspend your disbelif!
monigr(a.k.a. Monika)
Apr 17, 2008 monigr(a.k.a. Monika) rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who are interested in a VERY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!!!!
Shelves: awesomeness
When i first picked this book up, I thought`it looks interesting.` But boy was I in for an adventure. From London, to Egypt, this book tells about 2 young kids who discover that they are djinn(genies). They must fight the evilest djinn in the world, and defeat an evil ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Akhenaten (we learned about him in history this year.).
I just discovered this wonderful fantasy series about 12 year-old boy-girl twins who live in New York City and discover that they're djinns. In this first book they accompany their English Uncle Nimrod to Egypt to learn about djinn culture. I've always been a sucker for books that take place in Egypt and this one is very well written.
I literally just picked this book up one day when my class was in library and thought to myself "Okay, you know what? I'm bored and I need something to read. This looks interesting, so I'm giving it a shot." Boy am I glad I did! I can't wait until I have time to read the second book!
My grandpa bought me this book for Christmas as he had read some of Kerr's adult novels and while on Amazon he discovered that Kerr had written some books for children. Apparently it has really good reviews and I can see why! I absolutely loved this book.

The story is about two twins; John and Philippa, who discover that they are djinn (kind of like a genie, although the word genie is repugnant to the djinn). All the characters are well developed and extremely likable. The plotline is clever and...more
Horrible. In parts of this book the author tries to be funny by making fun of people (overweight people). I would not let my children read this. I don't mind frivolous books but this book has too much meanness.
This was a fun read with my nine year old daughter. The author includes a lot of fun puns, characters and situations in his writing. We're excited to read the rest of the series.
Mark A
I think that the author, P.B. Kerr is trying to write a fun but teaching story about children who find out that they are genies. Children of a Lamp takes place in New York in the beginning until John and Philippa Gaunt go to Egypt with their uncle Nimrod. The point of view of the story is third person omniscient. Children of the Lamp starts off with the twelve year old twins,John and Philippa getting their wisdom teeth removed. While they are under anesthesia, they both have a dream that they me...more
Marcella Chan
The name "Alan" means handsome and the name "Neil" means champion.
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Also writes as Philip Kerr.

Philip Kerr (P.B. Kerr) is a British author of both adult fiction and non-fiction, most notably the Bernie Gunther series, and of children's books, particularly the Children of the Lamp series.

Kerr was educated there and at a grammar school in Northampton. He studied law at the University of Birmingham from 1974–1980, achieving a masters degree. Kerr worked as an adverti...more
More about P.B. Kerr...
The Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp, #2) The Cobra King of Kathmandu (Children of the Lamp, #3) The Day of the Djinn Warriors (Children of the Lamp, #4) The Eye Of The Forest (Children Of The Lamp, #5) The Five Fakirs of Faizabad (Children of the Lamp, #6)

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