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I Heard That Song Before
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I Heard That Song Before

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  11,301 ratings  ·  740 reviews

Kay Lansing grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, daughter of the landscaper to the wealthy and powerful Carrington family. One day, accompanying her father to work, six-year-old Kay overhears a quarrel between a man and a woman that ends with the man's caustic response: "I heard that song before." That same evening, young Peter Carrington drives the nineteen-year-old daughter...more
Audio CD, Abridged, 4 pages
Published October 1st 2008 by Simon & Schuster Audio (first published January 1st 2007)
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This book had all the right ingredients for a good thriller — love, money, murder, drugs, blackmail… Instead it was a hot mess. Very choppy, very hurried in parts, characters you can’t relate to because you don’t *know* anything about them. Kay and Peter’s entire meeting, courtship, wedding, and honeymoon is covered in 4 pages, which makes it very hard to buy their devotion to one another. I finished it to see what the ending twist would be, but it wasn’t very enjoyable.
I haven't read Mary Higgins Clark in a long time. Years ago, I remember finding her books really terrifying and yet really clever. Perhaps I have become jaded or perhaps she is slipping, but this book was a bit ho-hum. The premise of a sleepwalker being charged with a crime was very interesting and the idea of the young girl marrying the older wealthy man who lives in a mansion was reminiscent of the old Gothic romance. I was hoping for a new twist on the type of book I read as a teenager. But i...more
لْاآ استطيع القول انني كنت متحمسةً للبدء بهذه الرواية.. في كل مرةٍ أعزم فيها على البدء بها أجدني أغير رأيي وأبدأ بغيرها.. ولكنّي ويا للمفاجأة أمسكت بالكتاب ولم استطع تركه حتى أنهيتها..
وقعت في غرام بيتر منذ الوهلة الأولى كما فعلت كاي، حينما سقطت نظارته في المكتبة..
في العادة.. عند قرائتي لرواية فيها جريمة استطيع تخمين القاتل من قبل انتصافي في الرواية.. لكن ومع هذه الراية كان الحال مختلفًا..
كنت أختار شخصًا ما. ثم أغير رأي لشخصٍ آخر.. في النهاية انتهيت الى الشك في شخصين مختلفين.. لكنني مع انتهاء ال...more
After a whirlwind romance (glossed over in a few sentences), librarian Kay Lansing marries extremely rich, high-society Peter Carrington who has had many tragedies in his life: his mother died when he was young, a girlfriend disappears after a party at their house and is presumed murdered, and Peter's first wife who is drunk and pregnant is found drowned in their swimming pool. Kay's own father, who was a landscape gardeners for the rich Carringtons, committed suicide in her early life. All thes...more
وردٌ شاميّ
قراءة خفيفة وجميلة.
أحب النمط الأميركي في الروايات، أحب واقعيته وبساطته، وذكاءه.
الكاتبة بارعة جداً وذكرتني بكريستي إلى حد بعيد.
I Heard that Song Before is again another recommendable book written by Mary Higgins Clark. It is about the Carrington Family – one of the US’s richest families. There are three murder cases and all characters try to figure out who the murderer is. In the beginning everything seems to point to Peter Carrington who was in a relationship with two of the victims. But is this notorious sleepwalker really capable to murder three people. And if yes, did he do it conscious or during one of his sleepwal...more
This book was really bad. The characters are so flat that calling them two dimensional would be a compliment and tend to do and think things that haveno basis in reality.
The story is predictable and written in such a way that I found myself thinking, after every few pages, "Ah yes, the author is trying to trick me into thinking xyz, but it won't be." It was done in such an obvious way that I actually felt insulted. This story is written from the perspective of everyone who has even thought of s...more
I have read almost every book this author has written and was excited to come across this fairly new story last week. As always it was a page turner... completely captivating and a very easy read. If you've read enough of her books you can usually pick out the murderer in the first couple of chapters... this time I narrowed it down to two and picked the wrong one (but I was close!)! Very typical MHC - fun to read, interesting plot, not a lot of character development but enough to make you want t...more
Claire Reyes
Ironically, as I read this novel and wrote this review, a murder re-trial is proceeding in my community. The convicted murderer and his girlfriend kidnapped a young man, drove 150 miles to a wooded area, and murdered him in order to steal his Mustang, which they then repainted. His lawyers argue that this was a crime due to automatism, that the murderer did not know what he was doing, that he was, in effect, on automatic pilot.

Clark builds a compelling case against Carrington. What would a murde...more
This is my second Mary Higgins Clark book. I didn't love the first one, but decided I'd give her a second read since she has such a huge following.

She has a way of introducing the mystery and dragging the reader in, but then it kind of drags and flops at the end. "I Heard That Song Before" was no different. I almost gave up in the middle, but endured on just to find out "whodunnit." It was predictable and not very climactic.

So, Ms. Clark, I've read two of your books and was not all that impress...more
Lance Greenfield
Just what one expects from a Mary Higgins Clark formula: a few possible suspects from the outset, some twists and turns, and a fairly predictable ending. This is her formula. I always enjoy trying to predict the killer within the first twenty pages. Occasionally, I begin to doubt myself as I turn the pages, but I am usually right with my initial prediction. But this is what makes these books such fun to read!

Almost two days of my reading time on the beach were taken up with this one, and I don'...more
There is no denying Ms. Clark's success as an author, but I was disappointed with this book. I read it because I finished my first book on vacation too quickly and I wanted something else to read. I came very close to putting it down early on but I hate doing that, so I pushed through and finished it. I was glad I did finish it but it wasn't easy. The book borrows heavily from "Rebecca" and the author's wanton usage of cliches, especially to close chapters, became annoying and repetitive. If you...more
Georgiann Hennelly
When Kay Lansing was only six she sneaked into the hidden chapel of the Carringtons ,new jersey manision and over heard a conversation between a man and a women that night 18 year old Susan Altrop disappeared .twenty two years later she is now married to peter carrington who is still being persucuted because he had given the girl a ride home.. the d.a believes he is guilty of the girls murder when her body is found 22 years later on the grounds of his estate. he is arrested. and tried for the cr...more
People who bought this book should be screaming… REFUND REFUND REFUND…From the beginning this was a waste of time. You figure out the killer before chapter 4…the story didn’t flow well at all…one minute Kate is meeting Peter regarding a fund raiser and in the beginning of the next chapter they are at their wedding and on their way to their honeymoon… like REALLY author…you’re just going to skip the entire courtship storyline between the two…and this was supposed to be a suspense…where is the sus...more
عندما قرأت النبذة خلف الرواية تشجعت على قرائتها
ظنًا مني أني سأشتعل حماسًا على غرار روايات دان براون التي أحبها

لكنني تفاجأت من أن الرواية تشبه كثيرًا روايات اجاثا كريستي وإن كانت أفضل قليلًا
فإن كنت ممن يجدون صعوبة في النوم ليلًا وتحب قراءة شيء خفيف وأنت ممدد على سريرك أعتقد ان رواية:" سمعت هذه الأغنية من قبل"
تعتبر جيدة حتى تشعر بالنعاس وتغط في نوم عميق

Weak. Perhaps MHC's age is affecting her writing? Nothing like her earlier suspense novels (which I loved). This one attempted to be updated with current name drops of television shows and restaurants... but the writing was still outdated. I'm pretty sure there was a line like, " I must do to you what I have done to the others." Please.
Connie Marx
I thought it was a pretty good book. I am a big Syndey Sheldon fan, and heard her style was like his. Her style being her own, I did find that she was easy to follow, and her characters were believable. I look forward to reading more of her work.
Okay, first time with this author and I liked it. Picked it up in the airport because I needed more than "People" magazine. I think she had a well-woven murder mystery with an element of love. Good. Easy.
I love MHC's book..they are really fun,suspenseful and quick reads. But I was quite disappointed with this one as the mystery in it wasn't exciting in any way. I didn't think the killer had a reason enough to murder the people who got murdered. Even if I were to ignore the quick whirlwind romance between Kay and Peter, her faith in a person whom she hardly knew for a short period of time, I still didn't enjoy the ending. The plot was very interesting, an old girlfriend's murder, Kay's father's s...more
What do you call a page-turner that you listen to on CD. Because that’s what this book was. I listened to it on my ipod as I walked and let’s just say my walks were longer than usual! The only Mary Higgins Clark book I’d read previous to this one was “Mount Vernon Love Story” about Martha Washington- not a mystery at all. I guess it was her first book, and after that she wrote mysteries. I really enjoyed that one. I’ve heard about her for years and wanted to try a murder mystery. It was pretty g...more
Excellent book! Good clean (no sex, violence, profanity) suspense! Page turner and it kept my interest! Well done Mary Higgins Clark!
I had high hopes for dear Ms. Clark, but unfortunately, I was let down. Hate is too strong of a word, and I wouldn't say that I even disliked the book, but it was just okay. The beginning felt rushed. There wasn't much time to become acquainted with any of the characters before being thrown into the middle of this murder trial. About two-thirds of the way through, I deduced who I thought was the murderer, and I turned out to be right. It wasn't exciting or nail-biting. The novel was a little bit...more
Mary Higgins Clark always delivers a good, suspenseful story and this is certainly no exception. Kay Lansing goes to see Peter Carrington at his suburban estate when she is looking for a place to host a library fundraiser. Over the course of their work together, Kay and Peter fall in love, but a dark secret threatens to ruin their relationship. When Peter is arrested for a murder that occurred many years ago. Kay makes it her job to clear her husband's name. I kept suspecting various people of t...more
"The more I learn the less I know"

This is what I found myself thinking after finishing this book. it is a breath-stopping thriller that will leave you in awe.
Three murders: Susan Althrop, Grace Meredith, Jonathan Lansing all committed presumably by the same man; the handsome millionaire Peter Carrington; who happens to have frequent episodes of sleepwalking...

From the beginning the writer will have you doubting each and every one until you'd think it would remain unsolvable. But by the end I f...more
Jesse Menoni
blech-- boring. i was relieved when it was done.

"لقد سمعت هذه الاغنية من قبل"
انها الرواية الاولى التي اقرأها للروائية ماري كلارك...
رواية فيها من الاثارة والغموض ما يجعلك تتمنى لو أنك تستطيع الركض بين صفحاتها لتكتشف الحقائق .
وانا اقرأ الرواية شعرت وكأنني أحضر فيلماً بوليسياً مليئا بالالغاز والاثارة ...كنت متحمسة لأشاهد نهايته لكي أعرف من القاتل، لا أنكر انني خمنته لكنني فشلت
اجمل ما في الرواية انها جمعت بين الاكشن والرومانسية، واعجبني ايضا نهاية الرواية بحيث بينت ماري كلارك الحياة التي تعيشها جميع شخصيات الرواية بعد معرفة القاتل..
لست نادمة نها...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
It was good, not as great as I was hoping it would be, but I enjoyed it. My rating is more of a 2 1/2

It wasn't till really later in the book when things start picking up, and the one thing I didn't like was the points of view from everyone. She just kept changing it up every chapter, and there were too many names to remember who's who.

And then I didn't really understand when the 2 (3) murders happened, that didn't really make sense...because in the beginning, Kay talks about how she lived in th...more
Kari Anderson
Kay Lansing remembers a trip to the Carrington Estate when she was a young girl. Her father was the landscaper at the home of the wealthy Carrington family. At that young age, she was a little curious and snuck into the sanctuary, which she was intrigued by. But after sneaking in, she realized she wasn’t alone. She overheard a conversation that, at the time, she didn’t think meant anything. But that night, a teenage girl died.

All grown up, Kay stops by the estate to try to persuade Peter Carrin...more
“I Heard that Song” before is the story ofKathryn "Kay" Lansing, a librarian who is passionate about literacy, and whose husband is suspected of murdering both an ambassador's daughter years ago and his former wife. Additionally there is the question of whether her fathers death and was a possible suicide. She remembers a song from her childhood that she heard before the first murder and wonders if it is somehow a clue in any of the multiple deaths

Kay plans a fundraiser to fund her literacy cau...more
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Mary Theresa Eleanor Higgins Clark Conheeney, best known as Mary Higgins Clark, (b December 24, 1927 in the Bronx, New York) is an American author of suspense novels. Each of her twenty-four suspense novels has been a bestseller in the United States and various European countries, and all of her novels remain in print as of 2007, with her debut suspense novel, Where Are The Children, in its sevent...more
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